$50 VS $5000 Blindfolded Alcohol Taste Test

Can we tell the difference between expensive and cheap alcohol? Let's find out!
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  1. squffd


    7 timer siden

    Should use a subscriber as a guest aha, ofc legal and in Australia because off covid 🤣. I'll take the challenge 🤣

  2. Acheronian Rose

    Acheronian Rose

    15 timer siden

    XIII is 13 not 8 lol :P

  3. 3li 5trait

    3li 5trait

    2 dager siden

    You guys should start a podcast this is funny content.

  4. Cookies N’ Cream Gaming

    Cookies N’ Cream Gaming

    2 dager siden

    Shoutout to when Scott slugged a 5000 Dollar bottle of Whiskey across the room

  5. John Laverty

    John Laverty

    2 dager siden

    U two are tooo much keep up

  6. Devin T

    Devin T

    5 dager siden

    me powering chocy milk down my throat mm im alcoholic

  7. Tesseract556


    5 dager siden

    "Louis the 8th" (Shows Louis the 13th)

  8. Omēga Z

    Omēga Z

    7 dager siden

    3:12 you’re welcome

  9. Benji


    7 dager siden

    Plastic hat gang wya

  10. Destin H

    Destin H

    7 dager siden

    Aye smogden speak!!



    8 dager siden

    5:04 the way the 2 and the 2 sync up is 😩



      8 dager siden

      shit’s bussin’

  12. Virtuous Knight

    Virtuous Knight

    8 dager siden

    Chads advice is horrible

  13. Youness Rour

    Youness Rour

    8 dager siden

    plastic hat all day

  14. ssapli


    8 dager siden

    10:12 IM SORRY MANNN

  15. Marcy


    8 dager siden

    “Please no more Scott i’ve had enough!” Scott: “The ride never ends :)”

  16. Lasse Manninen

    Lasse Manninen

    9 dager siden

    Damm......U have my glases.

  17. benjabby


    9 dager siden

    Imagine taking pride in lacking the ability to get enjoyment from something unless it costs excessive amounts of money

  18. 402


    9 dager siden

    I don't even know why they got the bundy one wrong... Legit golden shower vs Moot

  19. Nexxxon


    9 dager siden

    Imagine spending 10000$ on alcohol for a youtube video....

  20. JustAFilthyChild


    10 dager siden

    2:40 😂😂😂

  21. tryfryDoge 8

    tryfryDoge 8

    10 dager siden

    Crystal bee

  22. Manuel Garcia

    Manuel Garcia

    11 dager siden

    Louis 13 not 8

  23. ElegronTV


    11 dager siden

    50$? Cheap? Listen buddy...

  24. Andreas


    11 dager siden

    The expensive cognac they drank contained liquid that was more than 100 years old and they drank it like it was bottom shelf brandy haha

  25. Isabella Rodriguez

    Isabella Rodriguez

    11 dager siden

    take a shot every time they say pepsi max

  26. Mauricio Valdez

    Mauricio Valdez

    11 dager siden

    6:48 did anyone notice the strawberry lol

  27. Pill Cosby

    Pill Cosby

    11 dager siden

    They don’t know what silver tequila is

  28. Race Monster

    Race Monster

    12 dager siden

    I hope you guys never stop posting your funny keep up the hilarious content guys

  29. Sydney Larkin

    Sydney Larkin

    12 dager siden

    15:51 that’s the same 1000-yard stare you get watching a head-on collision on the freeway

  30. Cloudy Quesadilla

    Cloudy Quesadilla

    12 dager siden

    11:54 The _Cheapest_ lol ye *takes a shot of Hennessy VSOP*

  31. Antichrist Thule

    Antichrist Thule

    12 dager siden

    40$ for regular Smirnoff????? It’s literally not even 10€ in Germany.😂 glad about it, though

  32. Nero


    12 dager siden

    Smirnoff,Gordons tbh here in germany these are lower middle class spirits. We have the real "Fusel": Kaliskaya,Borisov or Korn (wheatvodka) which only costs like 5-7€ (9Aus$) Thats the real bottom shelf stuff

  33. Zoobie Loobie

    Zoobie Loobie

    12 dager siden

    There guys are fucking hilarious

  34. Nathaniel John

    Nathaniel John

    13 dager siden

    Got an ad for the cheap wine as they were tasting them. I live in Canada.

  35. Mosky


    13 dager siden

    13:38 killed me

  36. AverageJoePaintball


    13 dager siden

    Louis the “eighth” Lolol so close

  37. ijk


    13 dager siden

    topson lol

  38. Jason Kirsten-Matrone

    Jason Kirsten-Matrone

    13 dager siden

    "my name's deez"



    13 dager siden

    im complaining

  40. caleb mundle

    caleb mundle

    14 dager siden

    “Silver” tequila implies that the vodka is clear, cmon fellas

  41. Riqardo Neves

    Riqardo Neves

    14 dager siden

    Less shouting, please.

  42. Color Stoned

    Color Stoned

    14 dager siden

    Lewy the 8th cognac lol

  43. Bryce James

    Bryce James

    14 dager siden

    Jesus loves you

    • earl


      14 dager siden

      @Bryce James shut up

    • Bryce James

      Bryce James

      14 dager siden

      @earl no, Jesus is the truth, so therefore I will spread the truth

    • earl


      14 dager siden

      shut up

  44. Hugh Janus

    Hugh Janus

    14 dager siden

    can you put this on the reddit

  45. Josh Is gay

    Josh Is gay

    14 dager siden

    I worked out how much they actually make per mount and year off of there patron Per month = 68,124 per year = 817,488

  46. Love and Faithfulness

    Love and Faithfulness

    15 dager siden

    Galatians 5:16-26 I say then: Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh, and these are contrary to one another, so that you do not do the things that you wish. But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law. Now the works of the flesh are evident, which are: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness, idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, envy, murders, drunkenness, revelries, and the like; of which I tell you beforehand, just as I also told you in time past, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law. And those who are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking one another, envying one another.

  47. ominousvibes


    15 dager siden

    bro I get that in Russia for a thousand dolla

  48. Zaine Crawley

    Zaine Crawley

    15 dager siden

    My boy max lookin like a skater boy Walter white

  49. Legend


    15 dager siden

    When it comes down to tequila most of the time the most expensive bottle is the cheapest tequila and the cheapest bottle is the best tequila .

  50. NumbHermit


    15 dager siden

    Hitler from germany

  51. BlaBla BLA

    BlaBla BLA

    15 dager siden

    Bro I get that kn Russia.. for 1 thausend dolla

  52. Jared Henderson

    Jared Henderson

    15 dager siden

    1942 is brown you toad

  53. angel almaguer

    angel almaguer

    16 dager siden

    “U remember this old motherfuckers , put them on the label” 🏷 😂

  54. Alex Delarge

    Alex Delarge

    16 dager siden

    Good Alcoholic Morning

  55. Jonathan Bloxham

    Jonathan Bloxham

    16 dager siden

    Duke nukem 64 playing in the background makes it even better.

  56. Wine For The People

    Wine For The People

    16 dager siden

    God I love seeing people mess up tastings as much as we do. Also Loki's cock ring? Im in.

  57. Escobxy


    16 dager siden

    Plastic hat for sure. You can put salt in it man

  58. amr shallan

    amr shallan

    16 dager siden

    when you order Topson from Shopee .....stop messing with us dude how you got him drinking with you

  59. Mandy Jordan

    Mandy Jordan

    16 dager siden

    crystal bee

  60. Stupid Webcam

    Stupid Webcam

    17 dager siden

    I feel like I'm having expensive shit when I have Jack Daniel's instead of Iron Mask

  61. Raymond DeLeon

    Raymond DeLeon

    17 dager siden

    Smirnoff is not $37?!

  62. Smooth micky

    Smooth micky

    17 dager siden

    Red cap

  63. Emilio


    17 dager siden


  64. Typical Guardian

    Typical Guardian

    18 dager siden

    Here's the thing.. if they said one glass of wine wasn't full because they ran out obviously means that was the expensive one.. the full glass must have been a cheap bottle that you have easy access to

  65. Rickshi and Moku

    Rickshi and Moku

    18 dager siden

    Please don't drink it's terrible for you

  66. Bryce Hamm

    Bryce Hamm

    18 dager siden

    Hey max cab I have 10000 dollars, thanks bro.

  67. Thicc Biscuit

    Thicc Biscuit

    19 dager siden

    Silver tequila is clear ya dumbos lmao, love you tho

  68. Mr. Hatman

    Mr. Hatman

    19 dager siden

    9:43 scogs got some fucking smug mirk e_e 13:21 Chad immediately screaming no and Max's confusion makes me laugh without fail 15:45 The genuine shock was hilarious, Chad seemed genuinely pissed while Max seemed too drunk to fully process the situation

  69. Isaac Rodriguez

    Isaac Rodriguez

    19 dager siden

    I want novelty plastic hat pls :3

  70. MiniePixie


    19 dager siden

    Cant go wrong on gordons gin

  71. G.syiT.p


    20 dager siden

    15:47 I'm honestly surprised Max was able to dodge that bottle considering how fucked he is.

  72. Илья Ефремов

    Илья Ефремов

    20 dager siden

    Why this guy lool like topson from dota team OG

  73. Jacob


    20 dager siden

    The expensive rum’s cork/handle thing looks like a massive ring pop

  74. your best pall shawn

    your best pall shawn

    20 dager siden

    Ya gotta love the Smosh references mannn.

  75. joseph romeo

    joseph romeo

    20 dager siden

    Silver = clear tequila

  76. Allthenamesaretaken


    20 dager siden

    i got that in russia for one thousand dollar

  77. Hunny Badger

    Hunny Badger

    20 dager siden

    chad out here wearing joe dirts second wig.

  78. Nicholai Nissen

    Nicholai Nissen

    21 dag siden

    My heart broke in unison with that bottle of fiddy 40 that went on the floor

  79. Leyman Vlogs

    Leyman Vlogs

    21 dag siden

    I played this once and my theory made me win. The liquor with more flavor is usually the cheaper one because it taste better for the non drinkers

  80. -Insertnamehere-


    21 dag siden

    Here's to never seeing half of the bottles irl 🥃

  81. Brosef Edwards

    Brosef Edwards

    21 dag siden

    Please send me that glenfiddich 🥰😘🥰😘

  82. TheUnderDog


    21 dag siden

    Their cheap drinks are more expensive than my expensive drinks 😂

  83. josh mulligan

    josh mulligan

    22 dager siden

    Crystal bee

  84. XenoKoob


    22 dager siden

    Crystal hat yess

  85. taco pig

    taco pig

    22 dager siden

    Bro I get that in Russia for 1000 dollar

  86. Qzijvx


    22 dager siden

    Max loses his accent when he’s drunk

  87. HighTimeTv


    22 dager siden

    Bro the like to dislike ratio is craaaaazy

  88. Whats Up?

    Whats Up?

    22 dager siden

    My IQ dropped by 40 points watching this

  89. K.O.P


    22 dager siden

    omg this was released on my bday ayeeee

  90. Clarity Effects

    Clarity Effects

    22 dager siden

    I knew the jamo as soon as I seen the color



    22 dager siden

    Why this blue t-shirt man looks like topson ?

  92. Marcus Hawtin

    Marcus Hawtin

    22 dager siden

    I want to complain for not being able to complain please.

  93. Jayke Ferguson

    Jayke Ferguson

    22 dager siden

    i liked this

  94. Janam Magar

    Janam Magar

    23 dager siden

    Deez already look like drunk 😅

  95. mntnrder


    23 dager siden

    “Bussin” is the most regrettable phrase maybe ever. Covid brain

  96. mntnrder


    23 dager siden

    What’s weirder Australian copying African American culture or Australians not knowing about Yellow Tail?

  97. mntnrder


    23 dager siden

    Australians don’t know about yellow tail 😳

  98. Lord Tachanka

    Lord Tachanka

    23 dager siden

    "Halo grunts are just space minions"

  99. Raaanch


    23 dager siden

    Louis the 13th, Scott...

  100. Juan Elizondo

    Juan Elizondo

    23 dager siden

    Is louis 13