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Automatic pool stick vs. strangers

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An automatic pool playing robot - how hard could it be? Turns out harder than I thought. It took me quite a while to work through all the difficulties of this project but when it all finally came together is so worth it. To my surprise the most interesting aspect of this project is using the cue to play real games of pool over the internet. Let me know if you think twitch plays billiards would be worthwhile...


  1. SmarterEveryDay


    Måned siden

    Meat servo cheats... (By the way you should totally support Shane on Patreon, like I do: )

    • herbert164


      13 timer siden

      except i got banned from patreon for making an account 3x.

    • darcy stabler

      darcy stabler

      15 timer siden


    • Gizno Fux

      Gizno Fux

      Dag siden


    • Dave Chapman

      Dave Chapman

      Dag siden

      @haythem khrayfi No such thing as an "air hydraulic", hydraulic means Fluid (hydra - hydro), air is pneumatic (pneumo), so the proper terminology is Pneumatic. Just helping!

    • Two Dogs AndaMan

      Two Dogs AndaMan

      3 dager siden

      Don't forget, Smart people ruined the World. I will eat many smart people come Chaos.

  2. Antieverybody


    5 minutter siden

    plus the angle the stick is in matters

  3. Blaze Ace

    Blaze Ace

    30 minutter siden

    Waifu salty

  4. mike mitchell

    mike mitchell

    Time siden

    Robots are better than humans? Wrong I will play against your robot any day of the week

  5. mike mitchell

    mike mitchell

    Time siden

    Ok so you are smart enough to build robots. But you can't understand the geometry to be good at pool Edit. Also my man I didn't see you put in any way to change the English of the the cue ball?



    Time siden

    that wife mode was awesome

  7. Ellery Saunders

    Ellery Saunders

    Time siden

    You should check out if you can get it to jump balls reliably.

  8. Neil Barnett

    Neil Barnett

    Time siden

    "So, there's something wrong, but I don't know what it is." I say that for an LED not lighting, I haven't reached the point of saying it for an automatic pool cue. Yet.

  9. Lee Samuel

    Lee Samuel

    Time siden

    See you on Mark Rober’s channel soon 😉

  10. Lee Samuel

    Lee Samuel

    2 timer siden

    “I challenge you to find an online pool game with a more realistic physics engine than this one” 😂

  11. Kenn Palsing

    Kenn Palsing

    2 timer siden

    This actually make you FEEL like a pooler. It has a little something for everyone - 9/10 - IGN

  12. Tyler Manary

    Tyler Manary

    2 timer siden

    Use a laser guide on tip of pool che then make cue ball clear

  13. Kaiber55


    3 timer siden


  14. Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf

    3 timer siden

    What the fuck is this equations

  15. Tony Harris

    Tony Harris

    3 timer siden

    I need your help with a project, is that something you would be willing to do?

  16. RocketGator PlayZ

    RocketGator PlayZ

    3 timer siden

    This guys intelligence is so high it makes mine look like a Neanderthal

  17. lauv lonely

    lauv lonely

    4 timer siden

    calling yourself an idiot is kind of insulting me

  18. LAM LAM


    4 timer siden

    can not believe there are 5.4k dislike, please go and become the next inventor of our life like Elon!

  19. LAM LAM


    4 timer siden

    holy fxxxk!

  20. Sachin Mesta

    Sachin Mesta

    4 timer siden

    Necessity is mother of all inventions !!!

  21. SoMeThInG xD

    SoMeThInG xD

    5 timer siden

    "What's a fancy word for mistake?"

  22. Frogsical Stick

    Frogsical Stick

    5 timer siden

    3 words, my brain hurts

  23. Faisal Hussain

    Faisal Hussain

    5 timer siden

    which softwares are used

  24. sickaholic


    5 timer siden

    This is very impressive!

  25. Piaf


    5 timer siden

    6:45 bruhh😂😂😂😂😂

  26. The-Random-Tech-Lad


    6 timer siden

    Might try n see if I can do this 4 my diso

  27. Irwan Omar

    Irwan Omar

    6 timer siden

    smart guy for this world

  28. vanhetgoor


    6 timer siden

    An automatic pool stick has to be able to float.

  29. Guimmik


    7 timer siden

    You are a big nerd

  30. Kevin M

    Kevin M

    7 timer siden

    This just absolutely blew my mind.

  31. Nathan Urban

    Nathan Urban

    7 timer siden

    imagine being this guy and calling yourself an idiot, lel

  32. Jake Talbot

    Jake Talbot

    7 timer siden

    Almost as cool as my iron farm on minecraft

  33. R0jiv4


    7 timer siden

    A for effort.

  34. Souhaib Benchaker

    Souhaib Benchaker

    8 timer siden

    Micro center seriously need you to remake their app btw

  35. Corvin Shaw

    Corvin Shaw

    8 timer siden

    Next video title “Honey I shrunk the kids!”

  36. Legalize Adam

    Legalize Adam

    8 timer siden

    i wanna buy one

  37. Damien Marin

    Damien Marin

    8 timer siden

    A legend !

  38. Souhaib Benchaker

    Souhaib Benchaker

    8 timer siden

    7:18 "I wanna enjoy the game of pool the way it's meant to be played" 😂😂😂

  39. Akshansh


    8 timer siden

    what do u think about a free giveaway of copy of this setup

  40. philippe arcand

    philippe arcand

    8 timer siden

    "Getting this thing done was about as hard as labor" xD

  41. Mauricio Burgos

    Mauricio Burgos

    8 timer siden

    Saw "Gets Beaten By Wife" and immediately assumed dark edgy memelord stuffmadehere was playin

  42. philippe arcand

    philippe arcand

    8 timer siden

    dude this guy is so smart

  43. ManamedMars


    8 timer siden

    lol, wife mode.

  44. Tarik Hacialiogullari

    Tarik Hacialiogullari

    8 timer siden

    What is the name of the app on the Ipad?

  45. Tarik Hacialiogullari

    Tarik Hacialiogullari

    8 timer siden

    Wife mode xd

  46. j n

    j n

    8 timer siden

    Pretty darn amazing. A machine that can hit MLB pitches would be very interesting

  47. JeredtheShy


    9 timer siden

    Ah yes, linear algebra, simple stuff, yes.

  48. Julio Rodriguez

    Julio Rodriguez

    9 timer siden

    This guy definitely needs to meet up with Mark Rober and build something together.

  49. Tee Nguyen

    Tee Nguyen

    9 timer siden

    Super smart dude

  50. Greatest Ever

    Greatest Ever

    9 timer siden

    how is your wife so un-impressed? do you do amazing isht like this monthly or something? like she's getting sick of how intelligent, focused, and driven you are

  51. Colby Dylan Via

    Colby Dylan Via

    9 timer siden

    Subscribed and liked💯

  52. WaskiLautaro :D

    WaskiLautaro :D

    9 timer siden

    u are a genius bro

  53. PriusOmega


    9 timer siden

    Next up: A rail system surrounding the table hoisting the cue into place to make the calculated shots. Step after that is to try to play a perfect game after a random break!

  54. Φραηκ Ζιηαηι

    Φραηκ Ζιηαηι

    9 timer siden

    Hi, I randomly saw your video and enjoyed it. The part that catched my attention was the ingineering part. I'm interested in robotics and I want some guidance. The skills that you displayed on the video got me fired up. I would like to connect with you if of course want to.

  55. lyonheart


    9 timer siden

    this is the most giga-brain project I've ever seen. I need to call work and tell them I'm not an engineer anymore Im MONKE

  56. ali101819


    10 timer siden

    i think you are the smartest person alive if there is anyone smarter than you i really really want to see them

  57. Fish _

    Fish _

    10 timer siden

    you are the most badass youtube

  58. Cam Ross

    Cam Ross

    10 timer siden

    Almost 6000 downvotes? I don't get it, but okay.

  59. Miguel Angel Salas Ramirez

    Miguel Angel Salas Ramirez

    10 timer siden

    This guy *trying to make an automatic pool table*: I am an idiot Me *got an E on my exam*: I am a genius

  60. Semiotichazey


    10 timer siden

    Your online version reminds me of Isotopium Chernobyl

  61. VI James

    VI James

    11 timer siden

    It would be amazing if the cue could calculate the precise shot to pot multiple balls. Like f it could hit a ball into anther to pot both, or if the cue ball could spin off one ball into another and do both. Idk, I would just wanna see some incredible trick shots done with it!

  62. ThatboyIV Foe

    ThatboyIV Foe

    11 timer siden

    Meat Servo lmmfao!!!

  63. Mrs. Obama’sBirthdayBash

    Mrs. Obama’sBirthdayBash

    11 timer siden

    Wife vs Doug Doug twitch chat

  64. Kyler Yackle

    Kyler Yackle

    11 timer siden

    I feel like he’ll take over the world with robots😂

  65. jamesTBurke


    11 timer siden

    They don't have those stores everywhere. I've never seen one

  66. Caleb Mingle

    Caleb Mingle

    12 timer siden

    What drawing app are you using on your iPad? Great video! edit: after some more research, it looks like Concepts!

  67. José Enrique Roca

    José Enrique Roca

    12 timer siden

    You are the smarter child of NOnet

  68. Noah Griffin

    Noah Griffin

    12 timer siden

    It just show he just being lazy to be a master skill....

  69. Caleb Thompson

    Caleb Thompson

    12 timer siden

    Jeez I do hvacr and that duct work is hideous

  70. jamesTBurke


    12 timer siden

    I could easily make that robot miss. Where's my money?

  71. Matt Bunch

    Matt Bunch

    12 timer siden

    Haptic feedback within the handle would remove the need for a projector.

  72. La Cai

    La Cai

    12 timer siden

    a rotor and then a tilting arm could had done it all simple? :D Ya have amazing projects!

  73. sinocaig


    12 timer siden

    haha best statement ..."I want to enjoy pool the way it was meant to be played" haha right

  74. Jim 83

    Jim 83

    12 timer siden

    Why are you holding the cue off the centre line and getting the head to move to an extreme angle like you did at the start? It makes no sense 😂

  75. sam Love

    sam Love

    12 timer siden

    your really smart man don't stop

  76. Daniel Millward

    Daniel Millward

    12 timer siden

    Florida man

  77. Cody Wang

    Cody Wang

    13 timer siden

    0:23 @china 👋

  78. docbrockyt


    13 timer siden

    seriusly, wtf, i drink beer u smart

  79. True


    13 timer siden

    “I wanna play pool the way pool was meant to be played” *Builds whole robot so he can never miss*😂😂

  80. srendy


    13 timer siden

    Me watching random Videos while I got 8 homeworks due 👁️👄👁️

  81. BP Randomised !

    BP Randomised !

    13 timer siden

    Please can everyone take a second to go and claim the free sd card. Let's see how many we can get.

  82. Luis Vega

    Luis Vega

    13 timer siden

    Wow he does all that while filming and then edits your crazy man

  83. aydin2005ozdemir


    13 timer siden

    Smartest guy ever

  84. GhanBuri666


    13 timer siden

    L o L! You are bigger nerd than TBBT characters xD Nice work! Great job!

  85. Pedro Poleto

    Pedro Poleto

    13 timer siden

    Baianinho de Mauá is the only human able to defeat this robot

  86. Hannah Moss

    Hannah Moss

    14 timer siden

    Next is an around the table pool stick mount that will move around the edge of the table

  87. Hannah Moss

    Hannah Moss

    14 timer siden

    Sell your on the table projection system for professional pool players training

  88. Mike


    14 timer siden

    Uhhh yeah that’s exactly what I would do.

  89. Zen R Us

    Zen R Us

    14 timer siden

    Hearing the smart guy call himself an idiot 🙄..... Somehow hurts my feelings 😥

  90. Daniel Gould

    Daniel Gould

    14 timer siden

    I am surprised that the camera can see the cue markers with enough precision. If the camera is 2000x1000, and the table is 2m x 1m, then it can see the markers with ~1mm error. The cue extension is about 100mm long, so its angle can be positioned with an error of ~1mm/100mm = 0.01 radians. When aiming for an object ball at a distance of say, 500mm, the strike position will have an error of ~5mm. So yes that is probably good enough for a table of this size with big pockets.

  91. Eastafrican Hair

    Eastafrican Hair

    15 timer siden

    Bro why waste time and brain on NOnet? Go help Elon Musk

  92. Max NG

    Max NG

    15 timer siden

    Watches Intro: 'that sounds really difficult' Watches rest of the video: 'that was really difficult'

  93. Austin Wallace

    Austin Wallace

    15 timer siden

    Make it better then challenge a pro

  94. Devon Knowles

    Devon Knowles

    15 timer siden

    Could you make me a part for so money

  95. Henry


    15 timer siden

    He lives the dream of every nerd 😍

  96. The stinky bit

    The stinky bit

    15 timer siden

    Blah blah blah zzzzzz....

  97. Prob_io


    15 timer siden

    What about a 3d space engine? I mean the ball can also jump..spin..etc.

  98. Double Oh 7

    Double Oh 7

    15 timer siden

    As soon as you said "robots are better than us" I stopped the video to make this comment. See ya 😂😂😂

  99. SCM 20

    SCM 20

    15 timer siden

    Meanwhile I still using calculator in engineering college to make sure than 1 + 2 is 3

  100. AGM M

    AGM M

    16 timer siden

    7:16: " I want to play pool the way its supposed to be played" Also him: makes a robotic pool stick that always gets the shot.