Bank Robber Holds Hostages in 9-Hour Standoff With FBI

A bank robber live-streamed himself holding five people hostage, all while the FBI surrounded the St. Cloud, Minnesota Wells Fargo. Money can be seen scattered across the floor as he orders a female hostage to act as the go-between with the FBI. The nine-hour siege began when a teller pressed a panic button that summoned cops. The suspect collected cell phones and used one to live-stream. Five hours in, the hostages began to be released to cheers from spectators gathered outside.


  1. Gemolish


    2 timer siden

    all of this just for a meme

  2. FBI


    9 timer siden

    Mans a legend. He forced them to get him a pizza

  3. Eryk Wiszniewski

    Eryk Wiszniewski

    12 timer siden

    Money heist in real life

  4. N7kie


    13 timer siden

    Why they cheering those people scared as hell and they just "wooooo!!!!"

  5. landon ramos

    landon ramos

    Dag siden

    Imagine just throwing your life away

  6. Ryan Nghiem

    Ryan Nghiem

    2 dager siden

    Hostage Situation? This is more chill than my teachers giving me permission to make out with my girlfriend during class.

    • Mr. Duck

      Mr. Duck

      2 dager siden

      That was cringe

  7. Uyathandwa Bacela

    Uyathandwa Bacela

    2 dager siden

    if its a man kick him in the groin and cholk him

  8. Someone Somewhere

    Someone Somewhere

    3 dager siden

    those hostages held it together. It was like Dog Day Afternoon. If you've never seen it, watch it. Great movie and a true story.

  9. 00JJ


    3 dager siden

    What if she just complied and didn't push the panic button?

  10. ⚙

    4 dager siden

    Did they complete the diamond casino heist though?



    4 dager siden

    He was right before their eyes just shoot him what yo waiting for

  12. Sebrina Burns

    Sebrina Burns

    5 dager siden

    The symptomatic danger basally arrange because vest locally kill outside a uptight step. offbeat, imminent poultry

  13. Vani


    5 dager siden

    This feels like behind the scenes of Money heist😂

  14. John Russell

    John Russell

    6 dager siden

    how much time is he gonna get?

  15. Peter Griffin

    Peter Griffin

    8 dager siden

    I think this guy just needed money he didn't want to hurt anyone

  16. Uthenoob_boi


    11 dager siden

    The most wholesome robbery doesn’t exi-

  17. Jonathan Joestar

    Jonathan Joestar

    11 dager siden

    Did he kill? Did he harm? Did he steal? Or did he gave money to people? Gave food and respect the hostage? Let go the hostage for a reason? He let the hostage go for no reason not like other robbers, he tried to threw money to give to people, he didnt kill or hurt anyone, did he gave food and bit of respect to people not like other robbers

  18. Stars Gold

    Stars Gold

    12 dager siden

    last man must be feeling like a legend: "and then i knew i had to risk my life to freedom and escaped from a dangerous person with a gun"

  19. Leticia Solis-Lopez

    Leticia Solis-Lopez

    13 dager siden

    i feel like no ones talking abt the puzza

  20. Brennan Hernandez

    Brennan Hernandez

    15 dager siden

    this is straight up mall cop

  21. Super Straight

    Super Straight

    16 dager siden

    9 hours? Thats rookie numbers...

  22. Timmy The Slime

    Timmy The Slime

    16 dager siden

    Bro this is more chill then a high collage student

  23. Jonathan Cercklovski

    Jonathan Cercklovski

    17 dager siden

    deliver a pizza? Is this Mr.Bean's reference?

  24. James Barwick

    James Barwick

    17 dager siden

    My guy just wanted to live out a movie

  25. Agent 00 Unbesiegt

    Agent 00 Unbesiegt

    17 dager siden

    This is so made up. To be like in that movie.

  26. Landon Miller

    Landon Miller

    18 dager siden

    This is why banks need to have more windows even though the cops could have just shot him because he sat there like an idiot in sight so he would get shot but if I had a choice to kill the man or let him live I would try to save all of them but if he refused to cooperate I would have him shot by a dart that paralyzed him or shot him with a sniper rifle now I’m not saying that I would do this in my lifetime but this is probably what I would do as police chief or whoever called the shots

  27. Yolo


    18 dager siden

    Money Heist??!

  28. Slixx_ Ariq

    Slixx_ Ariq

    18 dager siden

    only in america

  29. ajausbajdhqj


    18 dager siden

    this dude watched too many movies

  30. Not a lot

    Not a lot

    18 dager siden

    seems like he just wanted to re do a scene from a movie

  31. Dantectopus


    18 dager siden

    The woman in orange seems more concerned about she accidentally leaving the stove on than getting shot.

  32. Subnoa 301

    Subnoa 301

    18 dager siden

    I don´t think the suspect wanted to rob or something, instead I think he just wanted to feel like in a movie

  33. ol'babushka


    19 dager siden

    9 hours Jesus Chris I sleep 9 hours

  34. DarkXswayyYT


    19 dager siden

    I was watching it happen



    19 dager siden

    Just a normal day in America.

  36. data_recovery 2

    data_recovery 2

    19 dager siden

    "Hey guys, slayermarcus here, just took a bank employee hostage yardy know wsg"

  37. Onika Minaj

    Onika Minaj

    19 dager siden

    this is funny

  38. terra fair

    terra fair

    19 dager siden

    Would've stayed for the pizza

  39. Denesh Bhaskar

    Denesh Bhaskar

    20 dager siden

    Free him he's a hero

  40. pepepero


    20 dager siden

    As someone who was near the event, it was pretty stressful to see what would happen to them

  41. دانيل رازيق

    دانيل رازيق

    20 dager siden

    The woman in orange was like so chill.

  42. AvidCloud


    20 dager siden

    that 4th hostage reached for a hug with the officer but was rejected 😭

    • FuriousRedeem


      Dag siden

      Well that was an fbi tactical team they dont do hugs lol

  43. Rice Ricey

    Rice Ricey

    20 dager siden

    They be having a casual convo tho. I didn't know hostage worked like that

  44. NoTheEarthIsntFlat


    20 dager siden

    This guy is an al Pacino fan lol I like it

  45. Gretchen Glennie

    Gretchen Glennie

    20 dager siden

    The ripe power astonishingly divide because jennifer reassembly hang after a large carnation. vivacious, five salary

  46. Cindy Hoang

    Cindy Hoang

    20 dager siden

    Man throws money out like robin hood

  47. xxambervrc


    21 dag siden

    Heart-stopping video my ass

  48. Imelda Ceja

    Imelda Ceja

    21 dag siden

    He was a Southern Pacific railroad worker and we planned something FAST so...

  49. Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN

    Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN

    22 dager siden


  50. connorisswole


    22 dager siden

    this guy is trolling

  51. Wanees Ali

    Wanees Ali

    22 dager siden

    I’m 50% sure this is a roleplay.

  52. Estrella Piojo Guanzon

    Estrella Piojo Guanzon

    22 dager siden

    "hey guys welcome to the live stream,today I robbed a bank and shout OUT to bank_douch_4588 for giving me this Idea wait **reads dono** shoot that guy and I will give you 500 bits?nah wait he just did! **Shoots hostage** sorry f's in the chat"

  53. Nguyễn Khanh (strim ming lol)

    Nguyễn Khanh (strim ming lol)

    23 dager siden

    He just want to eat a piece of pizza

  54. Hanata's World

    Hanata's World

    23 dager siden

    Did they just rob a bank to make a whole reference

  55. Avrage roblox

    Avrage roblox

    23 dager siden

    My homie really wearing that mask whilt robing a bank😂

  56. ツEdward


    23 dager siden

    And this is why I live in a small state

  57. Bryan Miranda

    Bryan Miranda

    23 dager siden

    But blm right

  58. Frank Schneider

    Frank Schneider

    23 dager siden

    Jesus Christ

  59. Saran S

    Saran S

    23 dager siden

    He just wanted to recreate his childhood favourite movie

    • Czar niño

      Czar niño

      6 dager siden

      @Itz Richie Playz dude it might be cool and epic but no the police will be wasting their time

    • Novristxch


      11 dager siden

      The FBI even helped him

    • Itz Richie Playz

      Itz Richie Playz

      14 dager siden

      So awesome we need more people like him

    • Agent 00 Unbesiegt

      Agent 00 Unbesiegt

      17 dager siden

      Exactly my thoughts

  60. Quick Clips

    Quick Clips

    23 dager siden

    Yo my hockey coach was there and has videos of all of them walking out

  61. Damjan Damjan

    Damjan Damjan

    23 dager siden


  62. hp5707


    24 dager siden


  63. craig shaw

    craig shaw

    24 dager siden

    Tbh he probbly didnt mean any harm was just probbly broke it could have ended worse

  64. Mohammed Amine

    Mohammed Amine

    24 dager siden

    USA🇺🇸 police😯 FBI😯 vs 👿Zombie 99.9000



    24 dager siden

    Least violent democrat

    • pendaa


      16 dager siden


  66. Memes by The FBI

    Memes by The FBI

    25 dager siden

    Mission complete.

  67. Wali Ahmed

    Wali Ahmed

    25 dager siden

    The FBI: Bro it's been 9 hours you done yet im tired The criminal : Yeah i think im done its been 9 hours now

  68. Kyro Gero

    Kyro Gero

    25 dager siden

    May St. George Floyd bless him.

  69. laferion ler

    laferion ler

    25 dager siden

    The comfortable cellar genomically trick because babies inexplicably introduce from a poor ethernet. meek, actually maple

  70. Falco Grice

    Falco Grice

    25 dager siden

    Definition of "Scum bag"

  71. Banana Power

    Banana Power

    25 dager siden

    The fact that pizza was delivered- XDD

  72. Junior Vasquez

    Junior Vasquez

    25 dager siden

    Hes black😐

  73. Jacky Lee

    Jacky Lee

    26 dager siden

    dam how did that woman in orange have her legs in that position on that chair, musta been uncomfortable as heck

    • SageAstro


      25 dager siden

      especially for her weight

  74. Mirror Light

    Mirror Light

    26 dager siden

    - Hi this is FBI, I would like to order a pizza - What type of pizza would you like sir, - Regular bank robbery pizza

  75. Nasir Uddin

    Nasir Uddin

    26 dager siden


  76. TIMMEH !

    TIMMEH !

    26 dager siden

    me with hostages: heres the gun heres the ammo now your the robber (dashes out)

  77. Soviet Union

    Soviet Union

    26 dager siden

    I love how chill this dude is, he isn't even threatening anyone

  78. Hesselpower


    27 dager siden

    atleast he was wearing a mask

  79. Neil Steman

    Neil Steman

    27 dager siden

    That's my hometown yo. I watched it happen from Costco. The dude tried to rob the bank with a scissors

  80. Mark Solorio

    Mark Solorio

    27 dager siden

    Buy a gun and have it in your pocket Problem Solved

  81. F Wright

    F Wright

    27 dager siden

    It be our own people

  82. battle tv

    battle tv

    27 dager siden

    bruh this is how you know the us is trash you litterly have people spectating hostages

  83. Eddie Avinashi

    Eddie Avinashi

    27 dager siden


  84. Ashtin Avery

    Ashtin Avery

    27 dager siden

    That guy is a joke

  85. Kristi Morisset

    Kristi Morisset

    27 dager siden

    My mom works in st. Cloud at a hospital

  86. Brian Rodríguez

    Brian Rodríguez

    28 dager siden

    La casa de papel, pero mal lol

  87. Cats say moo

    Cats say moo

    28 dager siden

    Criminal minds irl

  88. Dushaunn Morgan

    Dushaunn Morgan

    28 dager siden

    Good job to the police

  89. Globox Moment

    Globox Moment

    28 dager siden

    Respectful robber



    28 dager siden

    Someone took gta rp serious

  91. Slade Rios

    Slade Rios

    28 dager siden

    The callous sugar delightfully confuse because pantyhose regrettably tick aboard a prickly morning. happy, skinny shoemaker

  92. Jann Ramses Sumalinog

    Jann Ramses Sumalinog

    29 dager siden

    Not so BLM

    • iamnotchris


      28 dager siden

      imagine generalizing a whole race

  93. GamingLive HD The Main Channel

    GamingLive HD The Main Channel

    29 dager siden

    I guess the Suspect must be a fan of Al Pachino

  94. Portgas D. Ace

    Portgas D. Ace

    29 dager siden

    At least he's wearing a mask.

  95. suhdude


    29 dager siden

    Robber: "you know what I'ma rob a bank and live stream it

  96. Ale kto mnie tam

    Ale kto mnie tam

    29 dager siden

    OOOOHHH I can't belive it was a Black Man.Really i i dont belive that, there was White straight man for sure and tv just showing Black guy doing it.HAHAHAHHA

  97. Luck Alt

    Luck Alt

    29 dager siden




    29 dager siden


  99. Maddox’s Sports Cards

    Maddox’s Sports Cards

    29 dager siden

    That robber under 5 stars

  100. æ


    29 dager siden

    The stockholmes