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Battlefield 2042 | Battlefield Portal Official Trailer


  1. Enema


    28 minutter siden

    Vietnam is the only One missing. Bad Company for ever

  2. E T

    E T

    2 timer siden

    Will it be available on ps4 too since you cant get a ps5?

  3. ADA Coin Squad

    ADA Coin Squad

    3 timer siden

    The bad company two grenade made me shed a tear, I really wish they would made the third one. I loved the outfits/appearances for each class especially the sniper. Well I’ll see you guys in October !

  4. Kairos


    4 timer siden

    These comments make me so happy

  5. Juan Juan H

    Juan Juan H

    7 timer siden

    Finally!! Panzerfaust and RPG in one battlefield

  6. Jacob Lang

    Jacob Lang

    19 timer siden

    Loving the return of bf3

  7. Nitin Vyas

    Nitin Vyas

    19 timer siden

    @ponylionhd, where are you?

  8. Ensar Genc

    Ensar Genc

    20 timer siden

    Not gta 6 but Battlefield 2042 does. F*** Rockstar Games.

  9. Ensar Genc

    Ensar Genc

    20 timer siden

    Rockstar games launch not gta 6 many year later but ea launch Battlefield 2042. F*** Rockstar when come out gta 6 ?

  10. Gustavo Christian

    Gustavo Christian

    Dag siden

    1:25 surely the Germans lost the war as America can revive its soldiers...

  11. 2qrank


    Dag siden

    Looks like they just put skins over bfv weapons

  12. Root Tootin Stoolin

    Root Tootin Stoolin

    Dag siden

    If you can team up with your WW2 counterparts as a modern unit, that would be super cool

  13. Setesh


    Dag siden

    there's something I didn't see before. the defibrillator paddles have cables. they didn't have that in previous games. talk about a step up.

  14. Gabriel141_


    Dag siden

    I would buy the game just to play portal

  15. Julian Seguin

    Julian Seguin

    Dag siden

    Never bring a gun to defibrillator fight. *BRING A KNIFE*

  16. Evan Syiem

    Evan Syiem

    2 dager siden

    Germans are more smart then the morden solider because they just thew a car at a helicopter thing

  17. Non Stop Playing Games

    Non Stop Playing Games

    2 dager siden

    С каждой частью градус безумия все больше с каждой частью и это очень круто !

  18. ꧂dark꧂


    2 dager siden

    Believe me Ea will ruin this game because of money I hope not

    • angry man in a panda mask

      angry man in a panda mask

      Dag siden

      What do you mean bfV had zero pay to win it barely had anything to pay for this game will be fine less ea cancles it half way

  19. Yosef Andre Almonia

    Yosef Andre Almonia

    2 dager siden

    Ww2 soldiers vs modern era what a incredible cross over

  20. Рокки Запискин

    Рокки Запискин

    2 dager siden

    Че за херню тут показали?

  21. Jason Ryals

    Jason Ryals

    2 dager siden

    This is beautidul

  22. Sebastian Yuen

    Sebastian Yuen

    2 dager siden

    Please make getting placed into the ww2 team equivalent to drawing the short stick, please don't give them modern bulletproof vests.

  23. William dabill

    William dabill

    2 dager siden

    I think im going to cry

  24. Mahdi Razavi

    Mahdi Razavi

    2 dager siden


  25. burper2000000


    2 dager siden

    I hope they later integrate bf1 into this

    • Gamer Beginner

      Gamer Beginner

      Dag siden

      It update of source

  26. dark_unit


    2 dager siden

    Lore: massive portals from around the world were unleashed in 1942 causing people to disappear, only for them to appear in 2042

  27. Admiral137


    2 dager siden

    Really hope we can see somethings from BF:2142 cause this is amazing

  28. Doktor


    2 dager siden

    0:33 America when they find a country with oil

  29. Rizuki Realiman

    Rizuki Realiman

    3 dager siden

    This is so Battlefield

  30. Hello Jello

    Hello Jello

    3 dager siden

    the main gamemode and gameplay of BF2042 is for the new kids, this portal gamemode are for the old kids

  31. Keiけいです


    3 dager siden

    Ahh I can’t contain my excitement

  32. Andreas Cristian

    Andreas Cristian

    3 dager siden

    This game is actually insane, take my money

  33. William Côté

    William Côté

    3 dager siden

    2:05 German engineering at its finest… or as a certain german soldier would say: BAKA MONO GA! DOITSU KAGAKU WA SEKAI ICHI! Why did Von Stroheim had to be so awesome that you actually felt bad that he died at the battle of Stalingrad? (As well glad he died there since he didn’t have to see the country he loved so much loose that war weirdly enough)

  34. Unavailable User

    Unavailable User

    3 dager siden

    I hope the colours a good. Whoever did the colors for bf5 I hope got fired. Everything looks like a brown smudge... Terrible.

  35. Aaron Lom

    Aaron Lom

    3 dager siden

    Just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!

  36. ImFunniGuy


    3 dager siden

    This is sick

  37. x SDE

    x SDE

    3 dager siden

    all battlefield needs is a ranked playlist someway and it will be a master of all

  38. MarkusPl4y


    3 dager siden

    1:15 Good old times

  39. PogPasta


    3 dager siden


  40. EazyPeazy


    3 dager siden

    **Time travels to the past and tosses one pebble** The future:

  41. Tekaruki


    3 dager siden

    Oh no Battlefields 3 4 1 5 Flashbacks "flying car passing in the background"

  42. Working Prole inc.

    Working Prole inc.

    4 dager siden

    I em so ready for this game.😎

  43. German Sauerkraut

    German Sauerkraut

    4 dager siden

    Ah yes the RPG-7 homing missile

  44. Albee


    4 dager siden

    0:39 pure epicness

  45. Bad Player

    Bad Player

    4 dager siden

    They finally understand that they are not a tactical shooter, they are a multiplayer action movie.

  46. willio356


    4 dager siden

    2:05 * insert Erika here *

  47. andron bryce S. lozada

    andron bryce S. lozada

    4 dager siden

    World war 2 versus modern vs future let's go oooooooo

  48. PAIN GOD


    5 dager siden

    In real life all we have to do with are modern technology is constantly bomb them No men needed Just heat speakers and all and I mean all types of missiles

  49. Hi


    5 dager siden

    Gotta bring the blimp too

  50. Saf


    5 dager siden

    That's it I'm buying the game

  51. Reptile XI

    Reptile XI

    5 dager siden

    Such a shame it won't have a campaign, therefor no buy for me

    • Michele Big G

      Michele Big G

      4 dager siden

      Nobody wants a campaign at Bf 2042😎😎

  52. Collateral Damage Gaming

    Collateral Damage Gaming

    5 dager siden

    Love it. Also love to see BF Bad Company reference

  53. 37A


    5 dager siden

    1:57 This part is beautiful. WW2-Era soldiers sent to the future and one staring at the burning city being fought with futuristic looking weapons they never seen before

  54. Orion Smith

    Orion Smith

    5 dager siden

    Cant wait to use ww1 era weaponry against modern day soldiers

  55. Mirza Khalid

    Mirza Khalid

    5 dager siden

    Should have been named BATTLEFIELD HELL - where soldiers throughout history come into one place to fight against each other for eternity

  56. Cee


    5 dager siden


  57. DaRulez Lulez

    DaRulez Lulez

    5 dager siden

    The german soldier at the end should've screamed "TELEFONMAST"

  58. FreakyDude


    5 dager siden

    i know where i am going to play now... i will be in portal all the time...

  59. SL Legend

    SL Legend

    5 dager siden

    Battlefield 2042 delayed until 2022 February 22

  60. wtf bbq

    wtf bbq

    6 dager siden

    People are acting so hyped for Portal, and it's a cool idea for sure, yet nobody plays on any servers that have mods/tweaks as it is. Hell, there aren't even servers running the supported game modes that are included in BF5 (Squad Conquest, Domination, Airborne, Outpost, even Grand Operations is super rare) it's 90% Conquest and 10% Breakthrough games. I just don't see it happening where there's multiple full servers of 128 players playing some random game mode that some random dude invented. Maybe in the first month or two of launch, but give it 6 months and the only *populated* mode will be nothing but Conquest again =/ Just like nobody played Halo with player-made Forge maps/tweaks. Less than a year after release the only mode you could get games in was the standard multiplayer queue. (Unless you had a group of friends to fill your server who wanted to play your custom mode ofc, but I'm talking about open servers running tweaks/custom settings... nobody joins.. much less 128 players)

    • wtf bbq

      wtf bbq

      5 timer siden

      @Gamer Beginner ?????

    • Gamer Beginner

      Gamer Beginner

      Dag siden


  61. Ramon Fortunato

    Ramon Fortunato

    6 dager siden

    i love WAR!

  62. umloucobr


    6 dager siden


  63. Claudio Rapadura

    Claudio Rapadura

    6 dager siden

    Qdo vai sai a versão pra Android

    • pikachumbo


      5 dager siden

      O bf2042 e seus modos portal e hazard zone n irão estar disponíveis para celular. É o bf mobile q estará disponível para celular

  64. HAlmeida777


    6 dager siden

    What’s with the delay DICE?!! I paid for early access for the ultimate edition. This is unacceptable, if you want to win the gamers that have been playing battlefield from the very beginning, supporting your franchise GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!!

  65. ThaAlumniMusicGroup


    6 dager siden

    This means DELAYYYYYY

  66. 6666


    6 dager siden

    Wow nice trailer, Delay 1 month

  67. Gamboa


    6 dager siden

    cant wait to light some azzes up love battlefield games!!!!

  68. Urban Expansion

    Urban Expansion

    6 dager siden

    Someone pls explain whats going on

  69. yyzGarth


    6 dager siden

    IDLES make this trailer

  70. Hugh Jassoul

    Hugh Jassoul

    7 dager siden

    I’m just imagining that all the parts of the timeline are all canonically connected by a portal, and that’s the meaning behind the word.

  71. LT. Panzer Faust

    LT. Panzer Faust

    7 dager siden

    This needs vietnam

  72. DJT C

    DJT C

    7 dager siden

    Dice are idiots

    • DJT C

      DJT C

      6 dager siden

      @TheKidFromDevon I think you should go back to school buddy. Lol. It's They're .. "Their" means possessive.. as in "their" orange or their apple.

    • TheKidFromDevon


      7 dager siden

      No their not

    • F Aditya

      F Aditya

      7 dager siden


    • BakerTheDavid


      7 dager siden

      Care to explain?

  73. PureAmerican


    7 dager siden

    I didn’t think this was battlefield until the launched the vehicle with c4 in to a quadcopter

  74. aiboyswich


    7 dager siden

    Which old original game are you going to remake? Dice: *yes*

  75. south killa

    south killa

    7 dager siden

    I think bf is dead

    • zeuWinder


      6 dager siden

      Yeah i think bf is dead too , you know why ? because they are ded.

  76. Mikhail Preiman

    Mikhail Preiman

    7 dager siden

    Отлично, именно об этом я мечтал - столкновение эпох, особенно WW2. / Excelent, that's exactly what I dreamed about - encounter of epochs, especially WW2.

  77. Greg Marcial

    Greg Marcial

    8 dager siden

    Wow this is cool, from mid WW2 to Modern day

    • Greg Marcial

      Greg Marcial

      8 dager siden

      Or to the future

  78. Awoken Strasserist

    Awoken Strasserist

    8 dager siden

    I've never been happier with a game developer in my life. Stop trying to sell is on realism your a video game go wild be creative this is amazing.

    • Awoken Strasserist

      Awoken Strasserist

      7 dager siden

      Ik its not. but my point is I think video games started taking them selves to seriously.

    • Tayfun Öksüzoğlu

      Tayfun Öksüzoğlu

      7 dager siden

      Bf is nowhere near realistic though...

  79. Kemar Hammond

    Kemar Hammond

    8 dager siden

    Hmmm would be nice if weapons customization was sort of all out, like being able to use long barrels with suppressors, and changing the stock etc. From the vids i've seen doesn't seem to be the case though sigh

    • Gamer Beginner

      Gamer Beginner

      Dag siden

      Why you care :/

  80. Sebastian Sromek

    Sebastian Sromek

    8 dager siden

    okay we're mid way into September can we just get a dam date for the beta - yeah 22nd I saw the leaks but what about the general public that would be interested in knowing - I'm sure letting there be time to spread the word would be beneficial...

    • Pickle


      6 dager siden

      @lixan Pac is dead. Micheal K. Williams, the voice actor of Irish, is dead.

    • lixan


      7 dager siden

      Bro If you seen exodus short film than you knew that Irish is dead

  81. Rafael Gonzalez

    Rafael Gonzalez

    8 dager siden

    But I don’t have a PS5 yet…

  82. :$lash


    9 dager siden

    I want Battlefield to be offline cause the same people made offline for star wars battlefront Please make it happen

  83. James Aurora

    James Aurora

    9 dager siden




    9 dager siden


  85. Antonio6579


    9 dager siden

    Damm, those bad company 2 maps give me so much nostalgia.

  86. the letter 56

    the letter 56

    9 dager siden

    Feel so blessed to see a supermarine spitfire make an appearance, sucks some American shot it or something. But in all honesty that's one beefy plane to catch up to what I think is an f22 which should be going roughly 7 times as fast

  87. Matty Ice

    Matty Ice

    9 dager siden

    from 0:06 deadwood should start

  88. DrumtotheBass Woop

    DrumtotheBass Woop

    9 dager siden

    64 vs 64 is just going to be utter pandemonium :0

  89. text to speech

    text to speech

    9 dager siden

    No one : History channels in the morning:

  90. Vice Admiral Cole

    Vice Admiral Cole

    9 dager siden

    This is gonna be amazing

  91. Chi121


    9 dager siden

    ZiPang looking really different

  92. RedXD 8

    RedXD 8

    9 dager siden

    Cant wait to launch a tiger tank onto an ac-130

  93. Don't you dare go hollow

    Don't you dare go hollow

    10 dager siden

    1:42 that was soooo cool. Imma try that on my cat. Edit: my cat went back to Hell, I'm grounded and have no Xbox anymore.

  94. preston Gaming

    preston Gaming

    10 dager siden

    So the amount of customization I just saw gave me a heart attack especially that there’s backpacks now? I think that’s pretty cool I always love the World War II games and now there’s modern era games as well all in one

  95. Julian Seguin

    Julian Seguin

    10 dager siden

    Dice abandoning realism? *THIS MEANS WAR!*

  96. DANZX FF


    10 dager siden

    need for speed undergroud remake please

  97. Bingus supremacy

    Bingus supremacy

    10 dager siden

    I just searched "ww2" and this pop up

  98. Günter


    10 dager siden

    Idk why are there Germans in the 19s and modern weapons

  99. Doughboy Productions

    Doughboy Productions

    10 dager siden

    Legit the history channel at 3am

  100. Shirou


    11 dager siden