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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI)


  1. UserName


    4 minutter siden

    4:01 when i see this Vehicle i wanna slam some C4 on it

  2. Juan Tamad

    Juan Tamad

    4 minutter siden

    Good bye warzone

  3. Visit Qatar

    Visit Qatar

    26 minutter siden

    We know which map we're most excited for!

  4. SnickersMachtDichGeil QDH

    SnickersMachtDichGeil QDH

    28 minutter siden

    All the battlefield 3/4 references so sweet and then the jet kill 🥵

  5. blade.


    36 minutter siden

    The soldiers in this rolling around remind me of Titanfall ai

  6. AGTGRagheed


    45 minutter siden


  7. Stankovic


    53 minutter siden

    When will this trailer come out in theaters? Just asking.

    • AGTGRagheed


      44 minutter siden


  8. العربية


    Time siden

    Please region lock China and report all ips that bypass the great firewall to the chinese government. Thats would show that you care about us. Deal with the cheaters.

  9. ALI 88

    ALI 88

    Time siden

    Let's goooo

  10. Anil Babu

    Anil Babu

    Time siden

    3:19 yeah മോനെ പൊളി വേറെ വേറെ ലെവൽ ഐറ്റം

  11. yodef 682

    yodef 682

    Time siden

    This trailer is so good that everyone has forgotten how they trolled us with that hour long countdown.

  12. Stefan Ciganovic

    Stefan Ciganovic

    Time siden

    Rendezook must become achievement!

  13. 王富贵


    2 timer siden


  14. Joshua Steven Marcelino

    Joshua Steven Marcelino

    2 timer siden

    madara kurang jahanam

  15. John Andrio Sumampong

    John Andrio Sumampong

    2 timer siden

    the animation is godlike i hope the gameplay as well.

  16. Freddy Freddy

    Freddy Freddy

    2 timer siden

    When does it come out

    • Muhammad Ridz

      Muhammad Ridz

      Time siden

      22 Oct 2021

  17. River Peters

    River Peters

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  18. Lukas Aleksandr

    Lukas Aleksandr

    2 timer siden


  19. Anakin NJP’s R US

    Anakin NJP’s R US

    2 timer siden

    Please… Bring back gold dog tags for 100+ service stars on vehicle/kits! Easy and everyone loved it in BF3

  20. Mark Vlabimirovich

    Mark Vlabimirovich

    2 timer siden

    Normaly game

  21. Migixkem Jord

    Migixkem Jord

    3 timer siden

    The graphics are literally better than my the real world now

  22. Bradpete07 Vlogs

    Bradpete07 Vlogs

    3 timer siden

    on my opinion pls... no hackers

  23. Bruh Bruuh

    Bruh Bruuh

    3 timer siden

    gotta admit best 5 minutes of my life.

  24. Peter Chudyba

    Peter Chudyba

    3 timer siden

    Marketing: We require the most epic and extreme trailer for a video game NOnet has ever seen. Video and Music Departments: We gotchu.

  25. Terry Harrow 3

    Terry Harrow 3

    3 timer siden

    Never expected for an fps to have a Motley Crue song in it's trailer lol

  26. Hailey


    4 timer siden

    3:15 yes, it is what you think it is.

  27. Keshawn Dancer

    Keshawn Dancer

    4 timer siden

    Cool storms🔥🔥💪💪👈🖤

  28. Idd Qd

    Idd Qd

    4 timer siden

    1 сцена - американцы пафосно сбегают с атаки на их базы криворукими русскими. 2 сцена - американцы пафосно с роботами штурмуют русских. 3 сцена - американский абрамс пафосно пробивает на вылет русскую арматку. 4 сцена - американцы устраивают засаду на русских и всех расстреливают. 5 сцена - америкацы пафосно штурмуют арктические базы русских. 6 сцена - американцы пафосно защищают взлет своей ракеты от косых русских. 7 сцена - американский кукурузник пафосно уделал 2шт Ка-52 глупых русских. 8 сцена - американский кукурузник пафосно расстрелял несколько десятков русских на крыше здания. 9 сцена - американский летчик пафосно уделал косолопого русского Су-57. 10 сцена - американцы пафосно со всех сторон теснят русских. Жалких русских добивает торнадо. Русофобия? Не, не слышал.

  29. Dr. Deadpool

    Dr. Deadpool

    4 timer siden

    This trailer got the same amount of views Battlefield 5 has in a week

  30. serry ciok

    serry ciok

    4 timer siden

    they made their future setting look made it honestly really convincing

  31. Kennard Romeo Delos Reyes

    Kennard Romeo Delos Reyes

    4 timer siden

    That rendezook tho! It gives me goosebumps.

  32. Kevin Adriyan

    Kevin Adriyan

    4 timer siden

    🇮🇩 KEREN 😱 🇺🇲 COOL 😱

    • serry ciok

      serry ciok

      4 timer siden

      setting for a battlefield game, but if you read this, let me know what you think

  33. Atlantis Wade

    Atlantis Wade

    5 timer siden

    Not buying this game for at least a few months after release. Don't want another BFV disappointment.

  34. Atlantis Wade

    Atlantis Wade

    5 timer siden

    That's all nice BUT......... what about the CHEATING?

  35. Takenshi Yuzurihara (Passion)

    Takenshi Yuzurihara (Passion)

    5 timer siden

    Kickstart My Heart brings back childhood memories of playing Gran Turismo 3 with my father. We eventually got into the BF franchise with BC2 and loved everything until I lost interest after BF4 and my father not able to successfully control due to his disabilities. 2042 is bringing my interest back into the franchise, my father would be happy to see BF return. Unfortunately he passed away in December 2020 at the age of 57 due to an esophageal hemorrhage due to drinking Drano at 5 years old, his 43k Saiga kills in BF3 and 38k DBV-12 kills in BF4 will always make me smile.

  36. Danny Knows

    Danny Knows

    5 timer siden

    This is grat

  37. Zeuske1


    5 timer siden

    YES DICE YESSS BRING IT BACK 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  38. Smol Can

    Smol Can

    5 timer siden

    I haven’t been this excited for a battlefield game since battlefield 1 (2016) we are going back home bois ❤️

  39. Stalin 12_78

    Stalin 12_78

    5 timer siden

    Battlefield is here!!!!

  40. Myron D'Costa

    Myron D'Costa

    5 timer siden

    I haven't seen this type of trailer in my whole life This was amazing 🔥

  41. Favscripts


    6 timer siden

    Sad that they don't have the F-22 in this, oh well

  42. MC_NutellaBro


    6 timer siden

    Best fan service of the century

  43. Red Baron

    Red Baron

    6 timer siden

    Still wish they used the Battlefield theme. Then this trailer would have PERFECT.

  44. DLC 007

    DLC 007

    6 timer siden


  45. Kill Nuggets

    Kill Nuggets

    6 timer siden

    meu pc ja sofreu com esse video

  46. TokeyTheBear


    6 timer siden

    This better hold up I some ways I know there will be differences in way...but this should be good from what I'm seeing

  47. Shivam Singh

    Shivam Singh

    6 timer siden

    3:17 Real Jet pilots: Hmmm🤔..

  48. Gary Redfield1

    Gary Redfield1

    6 timer siden

    Idea if they add a campaign mode A faction has created a device which makes the weather change drastically, the army is sent to hunt down that faction, specifically 1 person, you play as a character who is basically broken, that's why he joined the army, he has committed many crimes, but has always gotten away with it, he is the best soldier on the battlefield, and you are sent to the special forces team, who are the ones that are always on the front lines, and you will also play as a member of the other faction, who isnt well trained, you sneak in a base, and get a briefing on a mission, after that you plant a bomb, sneak out but get discovered, and there you get your first introduction to the combat, you get outnumbered, so you run away on a jet, but get followed by other enemy jets, so you get introduced to flying mechanics, you destroy them and continue your way, just when other jets are about to take the bomb explodes, and you escape, you get back to the base, tell them their next attack, you switch perspectives to the other faction, where they are preparing for the attack, as they still don't know about the explosion, you get a more detailed briefing, and you go prepare for your mission, you arrive at where the mission is gonna be, and learn to use the weather changing device and you are given several choices of weather and you have to choose the most tactical for the mission to be easier or harder, but the army which they didn't know was there starts to attack, you and your team try to push back, but fail, forcing retreat, but you get to see the army taking a prisoner, but decide to leave him behind, your team decides to try and attack the transport where the prisoner is, so you go to where you think he is being transported and shoot one of the wheels of the transport, you finish off the remaining enemy forces, but one escapes, but you get to shoot him, but you didn't get to see if he died or not, you and other member of your team try to find him but he's gone, so you just hope that he bleeds out, you and your team get the prisoner back, changing to the perspective of the army again, you get to the base but have a severe injury on your arm which cannot be recovered from, so you get a robotic arm with a grapple hook, in the next level you go to one of the enemy bases where the prisoner is being held, as the Intel team may have figured it out, you go there and it is the base, in this level you get to use your grappling hook to transverse trough the level, and you can choose to do the mission stealthy or all guns blazing, you clear the base, and get the prisoner back, you interrogate him and he gives in, he reveals that the faction is planning an emboscade to the most populated city of the world, as a prove to the army of what they can do, so they plan the attack, and this leads to the final mission, where you can choose if you want to be with the army or with the faction, if you choose the army then you can use the grappling hook to go trough the level more easily, if you choose the other faction then you get the weather changing device so that you can make the battle more easily, if you choose the army then you get there and evacuate the civilians before the other faction appears, then there is a battle on the biggest map, with both armies, and no matter your side, you can also make a squad to help you, you can choose to fight in land of air, with different vehicles or on foot if you die or there are very few people left on your team, then you get 1 ending, if you win, you get another, you can also order to retreat when it starts to be very few people on your team, and you getthe neutral ending, if you choose the other faction then you get there, surprised that there are no civilians, but see the army and the battle begins Yeah, that's it, I know it's not too good, but I have done other stories, and I couldn't find an appropriate setting for a battlefield game, but if you read this, let me know what you think

  49. Shivam Singh

    Shivam Singh

    6 timer siden

    Now I'm gonna watch this trailer everyday.. until I get this game. 😂

  50. Ames_817


    7 timer siden

    3:16 🔥🔥🔥

  51. X-Factor 2999

    X-Factor 2999

    7 timer siden

    Me: Loves BF1 with a passion and finds it a masterpiece with all trailers BF2042: Allow me to introduce myself Me: Proceed with caution, but hell it is good to see you

  52. Jalen Hazelwood

    Jalen Hazelwood

    7 timer siden

    Just follow me on Instagram

  53. HaiqalZ 13

    HaiqalZ 13

    7 timer siden

    Okay, jokes aside, I just want to ask, is this games have story or just multiplayer games

    • HaiqalZ 13

      HaiqalZ 13

      7 timer siden

      @Synd1cate so I will never bought this game

    • Synd1cate


      7 timer siden

      Multiplayer only

  54. Dillroy


    7 timer siden

    remember, no preorder

  55. MightyGoat5


    8 timer siden

    Pretty good, but still doesn’t live up to the Battlefield 1 trailer

  56. Spectre slicer nelson

    Spectre slicer nelson

    8 timer siden

    Best trailer in the world oh my God so good

  57. NoOne Important

    NoOne Important

    8 timer siden

    The coming race war shall be glorious.

  58. M A

    M A

    8 timer siden

    cant wait 😊

  59. Shu'ulathoi


    9 timer siden

    EA? Theres gonna be lots of Micro-Transactions isnt it?

    • Muhammad Ridz

      Muhammad Ridz

      Time siden

      I think. I heard there will be battlepass like Fortnite and Warzone

  60. 11Blunt


    9 timer siden

    Me: Dies in WarZone to a hacker Also me: So when’s the new battlefields release date?

    • Aditya Shreeyan

      Aditya Shreeyan

      2 timer siden

      @Makrateli from what I've read and seen it seems at least this time they're taking it a bit seriously and putting more resources into it.. but we'll see

    • Makrateli


      3 timer siden

      Man are you gonna be disappointed lol. Bf is loaded with hackers and cheaters of all kinds, dice doesn’t do anything about it and it is forbidden to even talk about it on official platforms lol

  61. Yuzu Mitsu Tv

    Yuzu Mitsu Tv

    9 timer siden

    another 100+ gb game... but it's so nice

  62. AeroDog


    9 timer siden

    This is the first time I’m excited for a battlefield… DO NOT DISAPPOINT DICE

  63. Gergő Szabó

    Gergő Szabó

    9 timer siden

    cant wait to die only to vehicle campers

  64. McDoTavish


    9 timer siden

    Imagine you just killed by a player and then activate his wingsuit and he type in the chat that say's Y O U J U S T G O T V E C T O R E D

    • Boltpoke


      9 timer siden


  65. GFAN54


    9 timer siden

    They just have to confirm c4 launching, then it will be the best battlefield ever

  66. Dybala Mask

    Dybala Mask

    9 timer siden

    When Ghost and Friend react this

  67. Gromit Mug

    Gromit Mug

    9 timer siden

    Why does the first 21 seconds sound like something out of transformers

  68. NeoLoboX


    10 timer siden

    Alguien mas vino por lo del caza y el RPG?

  69. Massimo Migliaccio

    Massimo Migliaccio

    10 timer siden

    I just cant stop watching this

  70. Nabucho Donozor

    Nabucho Donozor

    10 timer siden

    Oh my god.. I'm stoned right now. Please be better than warzone!

  71. Ghost


    10 timer siden

    So We Got Both the Tesla and Space X in The Same Trailer

  72. Humphrey360 Money moves

    Humphrey360 Money moves

    10 timer siden


  73. Kaiser Restrom

    Kaiser Restrom

    10 timer siden

    So what's next after this game tho, Battlefield The Forth Coalition

  74. Sgt Pot

    Sgt Pot

    10 timer siden

    BF Sound FX has written Enforcer all over it. Love it!!!!!!

  75. KayzenTV


    10 timer siden

    Looks like a little bit like Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4, so that talking to me, love it!

  76. KayzenTV


    10 timer siden


  77. Venture Pictures

    Venture Pictures

    10 timer siden

    My god. I havnt been this excited about a FPS since Modern Warfare came out. This is truly a fan service game. We thank you.

  78. PeerBr


    11 timer siden

    Impressive collection of cut scenes

  79. skedar23


    11 timer siden

    Sigo con la ilusión de que vuelva el battlefield 2142... Aunque este se ve bueno

  80. Popsibra


    11 timer siden

    this trailer is so cool everyone is the main character

  81. Lord Shrek

    Lord Shrek

    11 timer siden

    Looks like they learned their lesson from Battlefield 5's trailer.

  82. snoopy owen

    snoopy owen

    11 timer siden


  83. Душан - Dušan

    Душан - Dušan

    11 timer siden

    Does EA know that the F35 was deemed useless recently lmao

  84. Mert Beşiktepe

    Mert Beşiktepe

    12 timer siden

    Battlefield bollywood

  85. Savage Gaming

    Savage Gaming

    12 timer siden

    Rendazook !!! I freaked out over that one part

  86. Andy Anderson

    Andy Anderson

    12 timer siden

    what da dog doin?

  87. ִ


    12 timer siden

    All aboard the hype Tuk-tuk!

  88. Vex


    12 timer siden


  89. Starman Crusader

    Starman Crusader

    12 timer siden

    Why does Battlefield make some of the best game trailers

  90. Blessed Yo

    Blessed Yo

    12 timer siden

    Only the real ones have seen the jet kill already 😏

  91. Mitchell Stock (MCGaming)

    Mitchell Stock (MCGaming)

    12 timer siden

    Remember no preorders

  92. nate dog75

    nate dog75

    12 timer siden

    If you know the jet kill scene u a og

  93. Mr. Nobody

    Mr. Nobody

    12 timer siden

    A lot of Men Soldier, A lot vechiles, A lot of variation of environments and a lot of explosion... This might be as good As BTFD3

  94. LimitIsIllusion


    12 timer siden

    I'd honestly rather see a movie than play the game.

  95. Faze Plays

    Faze Plays

    12 timer siden

    3:04 Pilot: want see me do a trick shot

  96. Mr. Mad Man

    Mr. Mad Man

    13 timer siden


  97. S F

    S F

    13 timer siden

    Woooww 👏

  98. QQER z

    QQER z

    13 timer siden

    3:26 Is that su57 and F35?

  99. Kickassman3


    13 timer siden

    This is possibly the best Trailer, I have ever seen. I am beyond excited for this game to release! Refine everything Battlefield and do not hesitate to make things feel powerful, Explosions and the Jet Scene, You KNOW they love their fans... The future is now people...

  100. Hatter_


    13 timer siden

    Трейлер прям до мурашек, просто охуенно