British Plugs Are Better Than All Other Plugs, And Here's Why - tomscott - ALL THE ELECTRICS I USED WERE UNPLUGGED. DO NOT DO THIS.
Yep, I'm going all patriotic again. And while I'm willing to bet that a good number of British folks know the first half of this video, there's one thing about slack in here that I only just learned myself.


  1. rekaSHADE


    15 timer siden

    So all I need is 2 screwdrivers? Noted

  2. Falk Schakolat

    Falk Schakolat

    18 timer siden

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think our "continental" plugs do have the same features... I used to hate the fact that you guys have different outlets, but that changed as I learned how to use them with my devices, without a pricy adapter. An SGI chief-engineer told me.^^

  3. Mr Purple PancakeOs

    Mr Purple PancakeOs

    Dag siden

    Honestly no idea why but this was interesting.



    Dag siden

    we have the same in india

  5. Adrian lambert

    Adrian lambert

    Dag siden

    I always said it strange that other countries didn't copy our plugs!

  6. BARTMAN88


    3 dager siden

    Thanks for this one learned something with the ground wire length 👌

  7. Clive Mitchell

    Clive Mitchell

    3 dager siden

    One of the great things about a ring main was it was relatively simple to add an extra socket pair. Too many devices on the ring main and the fuse box trips the whole ring. With individual cables from socket to fuse box, each socket is expensive to fit so you end up with few sockets and a lot of daisy-chained multi-gang extension leads.

  8. Clive Mitchell

    Clive Mitchell

    3 dager siden

    The fuse is to protect the appliance's flex. Different appliances have different thickness cables, depending on the current they draw. Having 13 amps going down a 3 amp cable to a faulty desklamp turns the cable into an electrical heater and the house into an inferno.

  9. natimami


    4 dager siden

    the title sounds american

  10. Justuraveragewhovian


    4 dager siden

    Can Tom Scott go on QI? You sir are a genius

  11. NightSkyACC /\

    NightSkyACC /\

    5 dager siden

    Step on it 😂😂

  12. NightSkyACC /\

    NightSkyACC /\

    5 dager siden

    Not true f

  13. NightSkyACC /\

    NightSkyACC /\

    5 dager siden


  14. Bob


    5 dager siden

    *glad that the UK ruled Malaysia*

  15. Malcom Dryer

    Malcom Dryer

    5 dager siden

    ..."because that's the colour your trousers will go if you accidentally hit yourself with it"...... How delightfully British

  16. Mokongthe3


    5 dager siden

    How to know your baby is a genius Google: By test Bing: Give them British Plug

  17. Dolki


    7 dager siden

    gonna fricking pick the plug to kill myself

  18. Diogo Carvalho

    Diogo Carvalho

    8 dager siden

    European plugs combine the British pros with the American pros and are superior to both

  19. the tessellater

    the tessellater

    8 dager siden

    You failed to mention that 240 volts will probably kill you, whereas 110 volts probably won't.

  20. Bradley Ryan

    Bradley Ryan

    9 dager siden

    I got an American amp and live in Ireland and I cannot find an American to Irish adapter for my life (Irish and British share the same plugs)

  21. Sam


    9 dager siden

    Why doesn't all countries have this? It's honestly so annoying that there are even different plugs in different parts of the world.

  22. Nelson Roy

    Nelson Roy

    10 dager siden

    I agree with you, but the British plug is ugly. Well, not a good argument I guess.

  23. Satria Sutena

    Satria Sutena

    10 dager siden

    British electrical plugs were designed to kill smart babies

  24. Lordimass


    10 dager siden

    Had a lesson on plugs at school today, absolutely distraught this didn't get played, they played a crappy 70s video instead.

  25. Вы ничего не видели

    Вы ничего не видели

    10 dager siden

    In your face US plugs 👊

  26. Macaroni Cheesecake

    Macaroni Cheesecake

    10 dager siden

    this is my comfort video i love it sm

  27. Dubya H

    Dubya H

    11 dager siden

    It does seem that British plugs are the best....but wtf? Not everything had a plug until 1992? It’s like Britain went from being one of the most dangerous to being the safest!

  28. shubham dwivedi

    shubham dwivedi

    11 dager siden

    We have the same mechanism here just different socket type😅

  29. Teun Noordkamp

    Teun Noordkamp

    11 dager siden

    As dutchman I think the dutch and german plugs are the best. Not as bulkie as the UK plug and you are able to rotate it 180°. On base of safety for childeren there are plastic things available that you can put in the socket to close of the life and neutral, to put a plug in you need to make a 90° twist to open up the holes.

  30. Pit Pat

    Pit Pat

    11 dager siden

    Never saw a socket in europe where you can put the plug halfway in and touch the pins. Standards requires that sockets are sunk. Also standards here requires RCD for nearly all circuits. So safety shutters are clean design, but not necessary at all.

  31. APeachOnAHill


    12 dager siden

    3:46 why is it on fire

  32. Xanthe


    12 dager siden

    We still learn how to wire plugs in school. I learnt 2 weeks ago how to do it in physics.

  33. Jemimah Rajakumar

    Jemimah Rajakumar

    12 dager siden

    The last one isn`t a disadvantage either! Its just the plug reminding you to store it with the respect it deserves or it teaches you a lesson you won`t wanna repeat.

  34. Kai Ling Ang

    Kai Ling Ang

    12 dager siden

    As someone from a country who took alot of things from the British from colonial rule, including this, I genuinely didn't know that other plugs existed until I started going on the Internet more.

  35. Terence


    13 dager siden

    Must have gone through school at the same time as that's exactly how I was taught at school, how to change a plug! xxx

  36. Merrick


    13 dager siden

    Except that it’s huge

  37. cariusx


    14 dager siden

    A European schuko plug is my favourite. Can't be tempered with, stronger, more compact, better sockets (don't come loose from the wall), you can flip them round.

  38. Fimy32


    14 dager siden

    : )

  39. Roman P.

    Roman P.

    14 dager siden

    normal european plugs are also impossible to touch when inserted only halfway. The three-pins ones cannot be touched because they are inside the wall in this moment and the two-pin ones have insulation like you have shown.

  40. 0000song0000


    14 dager siden

    how do i get an electritian to change all my wiring to British standards? 😲

  41. BananaBox


    14 dager siden

    I once caused a spark shower at my school by connecting the two live pins with a metal thermometer. If only the American outlet predicted someone could be so stupid.

  42. ZIPPER


    15 dager siden

    As an American I have to reluctantly agree that our plugs are very poorly designed. They have been in dire need of a redesign for many years now. I'm hoping someday it'll happen. On top of our plugs being a bit on the dangerous side, they're also kind of fragile which irks me deeply.

  43. kris wilkinson

    kris wilkinson

    16 dager siden

    I live abroad, in Asia, and the two pin plugs here are appalling. They don’t fit snugly into the socket, they jiggle and wobble and can fall out of being connected through gravity. British plugs are way better

  44. May


    16 dager siden

    In Australia, the kid has to be very intelligent to 1. Manage to fit a fork or knife into our sockets because they are narrow and non linear, and 2. Actually turn on the powerpoint. Yes, we have switches that turns on and off the electricity to the socket, it’s much safer than just having it constantly be live Edit: unless you have a very narrow, thin screwdriver, they won’t fit either. also if the prongs of the plug is damaged (bent, warped), it physically won’t fit into the socket either. Also we have insulation on the actual plugs itself much like Britain does on theirs. Our switches aren’t massive either, they’re little, rounded and concaved and requires a bit of force to turn on, so a baby who knocks it or has small fingers won’t be able to turn it on unless they force it down (flicking up is much easier, as it means “off”)

  45. Puremindgames


    16 dager siden

    I have a theory that our plugs may have been designed by LEGO.

  46. hvwees


    17 dager siden

    You can’t touch the live pins on a European plug either.

  47. The Geordie Weatherman

    The Geordie Weatherman

    18 dager siden

    TREMENDOUS! I was taught the brown - right, and blue - left, many years ago. I'm glad it's still being taught 👍🏻

  48. Joppe


    18 dager siden

    Are you totally crazy. Scandinavian plus are the only one that should be used all over the world.

  49. Vento


    18 dager siden

    laughs in type N plugs

  50. Healthy Addiction

    Healthy Addiction

    18 dager siden

    South african plugs are like that and you cant put them in upside down with most brands ( well known brands ) . Similar look as well just the pins are more round

  51. Warren Postma

    Warren Postma

    18 dager siden

    Britain still has coin operated electrical meters in 2021. So they ain't all that advanced, y'all.

  52. Wico


    18 dager siden

    They're not better, it's your description of the EU plug that's flawed. The live holes are protected similar, but the mechanism requires both pins to be inserted simultaneously. This is much harder than simply turning around the UK plug as you did. It also works for plugs without ground. The isolation for the live pins are in the socket rather than the plug, which makes for slightly more complex socket but simpler plug with the same safety.

  53. n5sdm


    19 dager siden


  54. the sharkwarrior856

    the sharkwarrior856

    19 dager siden

    Next headline be like smartest baby kills himself by british plug

  55. Damian Matras

    Damian Matras

    20 dager siden

    I love it! :-D

  56. Jonny Jonjon

    Jonny Jonjon

    20 dager siden

    Above this video is a "Mr Beast" one with 26 million views after only 6 days. I hate people 🤣

  57. tepiart


    21 dag siden

    Britain is developing country when talking about tech and building houses.

  58. Jay Livingstone

    Jay Livingstone

    21 dag siden

    AWESOME, made me chuckle a lot :D

  59. Bart


    21 dag siden

    The Insulation on the Pins, if you just plug in the Plug a little bit, is standard on the most Euro or so called Schuko Plugs.

  60. TheLasagne


    21 dag siden

    they're the ugliest too.. but indeed very nice engineering

  61. Phil M

    Phil M

    21 dag siden

    I'll buy that as true. What I don't understand is how the plug is so well thought out and Lucas automobile electrics are so bad that your cousins across the pond call Lucas the Prince of Darkness?

  62. ukkonoa


    21 dag siden

    Shukos are way suprior

    • ukkonoa


      19 dager siden

      @girlsdrinkfeck and your reason is what?

    • girlsdrinkfeck


      20 dager siden


  63. Mar Tijn

    Mar Tijn

    22 dager siden

    Now please do an episode on everything that is wrong with the US plugs

  64. Andreas Andros

    Andreas Andros

    22 dager siden

    I guess you are not an electrician. Do you think that in country where there is no fuse in plugs they run a single cable for each socket and each socket have a fuse? Fuse protect the cable not people and the cable that you want protect is the main cable. It make more sense to have 1 fuse that protect always the entire circuit than have several fuses of unknown characteristic. In the socket circuit there is one (or two depend on the home geometry) main cable, not looped (copper is expensive), that start from a thermal protection (and since 1990 from a differential switch set on 0.003 A) the cable reach several boxes where is split to reach each plug in the room. So sockets in a room are, usually, is serial connection. Sockets of different rooms have parallel connection. lights are on a similar, separated circuit. German plugs do not have insulation on phase and neutral but the socket is deeper in the wall so you cannot touch it. Italian plugs have insulation as the UK The only interesting feature is the safe lock on earth. UK plugs are very bulky and use a lot of copper.

    • girlsdrinkfeck


      20 dager siden

      no one cares peasant

  65. Red Dwarf

    Red Dwarf

    22 dager siden

    British plugs also fit into the socket better. Nice and secure, especiall for heavier plugs such as a charger. Moreover, the sockets are standard across the country (unlike the country I now live in).

  66. Brett Carter

    Brett Carter

    22 dager siden

    Kid with 2 screwdrivers: ⚡👁️⚡👄⚡👁️⚡

  67. Bernard Lévrier

    Bernard Lévrier

    22 dager siden

    1:10 « European plugs », but UK is in Europe. Even after the Brexit.

    • girlsdrinkfeck


      20 dager siden

      UK isnt europe we are our own continent

  68. Timothy Conover

    Timothy Conover

    22 dager siden

    And they look like they can carry about 1000 Amps.

  69. Franklin P

    Franklin P

    22 dager siden

    Climate change? Millions if not billions of British plugs are provided worldwide, just in case of... What a waste. Also, europlug are significantly lighter (less plastic and metal). That was well designed in 1947... But they seems overingeneered nowadays. (And no, the british plug aren't much better than good alternatives. A fuse isn't a differential circuit breaker, your house has two or three fuse anyway. Europlug and E/F/Schuko plug have insulated sleeves, recessed sockets, or automatic shutter...)

  70. scrappylikemetal


    22 dager siden

    The British design is also one of the few types of plugs which send you to the hospital if you step on them.

  71. H C

    H C

    22 dager siden

    One fun thing about the fuse in UK plugs: in Great Britain a house only need one circuit breaker because of that fuse to comply with the regulation. In the Isle of Ireland however, the regulation requires circuit breaker for every socket, like in the EU. This sometimes confuses Brits who build houses in Ireland. Someone even has to redo the whole electricity wiring because they thought Irish regulation must be the same as the British ones since the plugs are the same.

  72. David B

    David B

    23 dager siden

    Sorry, Australian ones are better.

  73. Ichbindumm


    23 dager siden

    well.. lots of european plugs dont have a earth cable

  74. Berkana


    23 dager siden

    The idea that British appliances were not required to have plugs on them, and that you had to wire your own plug ends as late as *1992* is absolutely baffling to me. 1992?! By 1992, the internet was beginning to be available to the public. Also, I agree that the British plug standard is amazingly safe. But it is too bulky. Surely at this point it could be updated to make it more compact without compromising on the safety features.

  75. Love JetFuel

    Love JetFuel

    24 dager siden

    I used to live in the U.S. and got an electric shock about a good dozen times, they are way behind vs the UK when it comes to the electric system. I have also been to the Phillipines where they use almost the same system as the U.S. and also I got shocked a few times there and knew a person there who's father died of an electric shock. The UK system is the best, trust me.

    • MrNicoJac


      20 dager siden

      Nuh-uh, continental European. You can't step on our plugs, and you can pop them in upside down too.

  76. Clo


    24 dager siden

    This sucks tho, a baby could still get shocked, with my countires plug thats impossible :)

    • Me A Moose

      Me A Moose

      22 dager siden

      @Clo That only works when said extension is designed badly. Modern extensions have a thicker bar closest to the ground pin, making it so you can't install the plug upside down. Also out of curiosity what plug do you use (what country)?

    • Clo


      22 dager siden

      @Me A Moose with the example given in the video

    • Me A Moose

      Me A Moose

      22 dager siden

      How? Besides the example given in the video how could a baby get shocked?

  77. retep nosbig

    retep nosbig

    24 dager siden

    meh.....common sense allows you not to die is usually the rule live by....

  78. RanMind YT

    RanMind YT

    24 dager siden

    I was born in the middle east and we had british plugs so I was very confused when I came to the United States.

  79. Mizzy Roro

    Mizzy Roro

    24 dager siden

    Trust the pohms. Their plugs are as big as a house but they're safe you betcha.

  80. Zorm


    24 dager siden

    I often let my plugs fall on the ground then proceed to step on them barefoot at night

  81. Joe Sean A G

    Joe Sean A G

    24 dager siden


  82. LaSolipop


    25 dager siden

    European plugs also have that half-way insulation though...? (Plus they are just so, so much slimmer. It's great.)

    • LaSolipop


      25 dager siden

      *can be. Slimmer. (Not fatshaming, but it is great for travel or extensions.)

  83. William Wilson

    William Wilson

    25 dager siden

    Bought a blender at a shop in Harrogate...took it home, got it all set up to use and noticed there was no effing plug attached. Asked my Brit colleagues at work and they said this was normal since outlets in England were not standardized and you had to buy a plug according to your particular outlets. You see, I forgot to set my watch back 400 years when I landed in London.

  84. Retro_Computer_King


    26 dager siden

    1) British plugs = Best in the world 2) see above

  85. Andras Libal

    Andras Libal

    26 dager siden

    We prefer our kids to learn the hard way not to electrocute themselves :))))

  86. Brian Hiles

    Brian Hiles

    26 dager siden

    So American industry steals the best design and safety elements of the British standard plug, and then now _we_ have have the best designed plug. And it´s all due to you, Tom. The Czech´s in the email. Well done, comrade.

  87. Michael Heider

    Michael Heider

    26 dager siden

    Germans will disagree

  88. Saprogeist


    27 dager siden

    Tom Scott is old enough to have been taught how to wire plugs in school, and I'm young enough not to have ever thought of that as a common skill... and we were only born a little over eleven years apart. That's fascinating to me.

  89. A G

    A G

    27 dager siden

    Yeap, I live in the USA and when I was about 10 years old, got a nice zap from a partially plugged in plug... I wasn't even trying to do it

  90. MetaReaper zippidy do da

    MetaReaper zippidy do da

    27 dager siden

    No my plug is better than yours, because I grew up with, and I'm more familiar with it.

  91. Panzerfan93


    27 dager siden

    swiss/brazilian plugs are the best design

  92. KytZu 2

    KytZu 2

    27 dager siden

    Oi, we have the same plugs as you have in Malaysia too.

  93. Manu N

    Manu N

    27 dager siden

    I think there is one convenience downside compared to the European one: You can’t plug them in upside down.

  94. Lou


    27 dager siden

    But in America you would have to put 1 tine of a fork in one slot and one in the other to complete the circuit so it's just as hard to be electrocuted

    • huang junwei

      huang junwei

      24 dager siden

      Nope. The circuit will complete as long as you are touching the live wire while in contact with any ground. The current will flow from the live wire, through you and into ground.

  95. Jakob Bruhspenning

    Jakob Bruhspenning

    27 dager siden

    I think the halfway out thing doesn't apply for a European socket, because 2 pinned plugs (without earth) have plastic like the British, and once with earth, due to the way a plug fits snugly and slightly regressed, you can't possibly take a fork or something and touch them.

  96. Lickorish Allsorts

    Lickorish Allsorts

    27 dager siden

    Best domestic caltrop on the planet. Beats a lego brick feet down.

  97. Seal Boy

    Seal Boy

    28 dager siden

    So if you’re dumb enough to want to kill yourself then you can’t electrocute yourself? Wow! The Brits aren’t complete idiots! Unlike what I assume is the loud minority of US citizens (then again I guess I live in Australia and we aren’t the smartest in the world).

  98. Seal Boy

    Seal Boy

    28 dager siden

    So if the baby kills itself then it would of killed itself later anyways?

  99. Marozi1


    28 dager siden

    When I was a kid, if we got anything electrical for xmas we also got a plug wrapped seperately to go with it which always had a label on it saying it was from the cat 😂

    • Nate River

      Nate River

      17 dager siden

      Now that’s a generous cat. Minimum wage for cats being what it is and all... 😆

  100. Solestian


    28 dager siden

    *Don't believe these lies! The British plug is horrible!* This comment was approved by European Type C Plug Gang

    • Jakob Bruhspenning

      Jakob Bruhspenning

      27 dager siden

      c plug gang rise up