Building an insane roof jump in Joe’s front yard!

Have you ever seen something out your car window, or NOT on a mountain bike trail that looked just perfect to ride your bike on? Today, we make Joe's dream of riding his roof a reality!
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  1. Oscar Wood

    Oscar Wood

    Dag siden

    what bike does he have?????????

  2. Joe Callister

    Joe Callister

    Dag siden

    5:24 and 5:30 and 5:38 and 6:16 and 6:28 and 7:23 and 7:29 equal= "WAhuwuwwh" "YHEAAAAAA" "wAHyyyyyy" "Whooo"

  3. Zyborg Man

    Zyborg Man

    2 dager siden

    I wanna be like these guys, but I worry for my health

  4. Angelo Alladel

    Angelo Alladel

    3 dager siden

    do you have extra parts for upgrade hahahaaha i hope you have giveaways . im just new at biking and my bike is just 160$ hehe i really want to upgrade

  5. Gavin Oprandi

    Gavin Oprandi

    3 dager siden


  6. Maxime Coté

    Maxime Coté

    4 dager siden

    Who’s joe?

  7. TraidMarc Guitars

    TraidMarc Guitars

    4 dager siden

    It wasn’t a proper manual, he pumped the pedals before jumping down. But hey I just learnt what a manual was on this video lol

  8. Parakeet gaming

    Parakeet gaming

    4 dager siden


  9. Dragon Roams

    Dragon Roams

    4 dager siden

    Well planned and executed. Awesome stuff.

  10. Normal channel

    Normal channel

    5 dager siden


  11. Night Moves Garage

    Night Moves Garage

    5 dager siden

    Didn't count though with the bitch cranks. Epic fun setup though

  12. parker winton

    parker winton

    5 dager siden

    Wear your seatbelt Seth we like watching your videos

  13. Noe Nava Leon

    Noe Nava Leon

    5 dager siden

    Your content is not as good as it used to be.

  14. Blackline


    6 dager siden

    Next time jump over the whole house! :^D

  15. me me

    me me

    6 dager siden

    U are very special with ur helmet while driving a car

  16. Nathan Esterkyn

    Nathan Esterkyn

    6 dager siden

    "very happy to instigate and facilitate the sketchiness" lol same

  17. Jake Hale

    Jake Hale

    7 dager siden

    i dont know why i thought he would land higher up and use it like a halfpipe

  18. Happy Gilmore

    Happy Gilmore

    7 dager siden

    Wow! This guy has a heart of steel.

  19. Liam Mcdonough

    Liam Mcdonough

    7 dager siden

    helmet in car.....dude. cmon seth

  20. James


    7 dager siden

    So, this should be a permanent addition to the house...Might as well. :)

  21. James


    7 dager siden

    Every day man.

  22. Brian Sanders

    Brian Sanders

    8 dager siden

    I think it’s funny because he had the helmet on for like the first 5 seconds in the car then it was off lol

  23. Oskar Lee

    Oskar Lee

    8 dager siden

    Seth really brought 300 cameras just look at how many replays and different angles there are

  24. Humberto Flores

    Humberto Flores

    8 dager siden

    The only bike I have for off-roading is a bmx from 1994

  25. Braden Nelson

    Braden Nelson

    10 dager siden

    The only thought I had was what if a cop was on patrol and saw this

  26. Nathan Oxley

    Nathan Oxley

    10 dager siden

    You guys will forever be their coolest neighbors...

  27. Nate King

    Nate King

    11 dager siden

    Now do it without the b cranks

  28. Grimmsha72


    11 dager siden

    Just don't try this on a really hot day unless you plan on getting a new roof folks. Those shingles are basically just tar and pebbles and on a hot day they will mush under your weight like playdough.



    11 dager siden


  30. Axillax


    11 dager siden

    Man talk about having the nicest house in the neighborhood! Love that log cabin look.

  31. Forzysen


    12 dager siden

    What bike is that I need it

  32. BrOkE_ 147ner

    BrOkE_ 147ner

    12 dager siden

    I Wonne have the bike Name from the blue dirt bike ?👍

  33. Jakson Anderson

    Jakson Anderson

    12 dager siden

    he bitched cranked so it dosent count

  34. tim o

    tim o

    13 dager siden

    Let's thumbs up to get Joe to kick up to ride over the dormer and ride the manual down.

  35. Aaryan Shah

    Aaryan Shah

    13 dager siden


  36. maskedRiderPH


    13 dager siden

    is this a Phineas and Ferb episode?

  37. Vibez


    13 dager siden

    What bike is that???

  38. Cerys Dutfield

    Cerys Dutfield

    13 dager siden

    This is insane... I LOVE IT! :D

  39. Jon Holbrook

    Jon Holbrook

    14 dager siden

    So sick

  40. Hub Deep

    Hub Deep

    14 dager siden

    0:05 how bad is your driving that you feel the need to wear your helmet whilst driving? 😂

  41. Storyhour


    14 dager siden

    How is that jump supost to get you on the roof

  42. Mason Stow

    Mason Stow

    14 dager siden

    He’s crazy

  43. Confused Raccoon

    Confused Raccoon

    14 dager siden

    Neighbors garage roof looks like its low enough to ride onto then off again if you want to extend it... or put a mini sender up there and backflip off, just sayin.

  44. Dose Of Yina

    Dose Of Yina

    14 dager siden

    Saw some half cranks in that manual

  45. The Pedal's Advocate

    The Pedal's Advocate

    14 dager siden

    The Monday Morning Edition of "Are You Effing Insane"????? Lolz.

  46. Shan Te Kani

    Shan Te Kani

    15 dager siden

    Absolutely insane most sickest manual I have seen

  47. Dat Tepo

    Dat Tepo

    15 dager siden

    You have a storage when you have good size home ? Kinda waste of money

  48. Brady James Kraabel

    Brady James Kraabel

    15 dager siden

    The best tricks are the ones done with accidental style

  49. Nicole O'Brien

    Nicole O'Brien

    15 dager siden

    Good boy 😇

  50. F T A ya heard

    F T A ya heard

    15 dager siden

    a manual that should be called an automatic there’s nothing manual abt it

  51. Ben barun

    Ben barun

    15 dager siden

    ight they have officially lost their minds

  52. Desert Lizard

    Desert Lizard

    16 dager siden

    Better option for securing the ramp to the ground. Hear me out L brackets 1/4". Secured by lag bolts, have six of them 3 on each side. It would be way easier then driving NiN lol

  53. Katt1N


    16 dager siden

    Wife: How did you manage to get tire marks on the roof???

  54. Dyl


    16 dager siden

    Who's Joe?

  55. pooja sri

    pooja sri

    16 dager siden

    Gang vx2 cycle

  56. not travis the flying fox

    not travis the flying fox

    16 dager siden

    they should add berm peak to descenders

  57. Jose Sanchez

    Jose Sanchez

    16 dager siden

    homeowners insurance cancelled

  58. Tomi James

    Tomi James

    16 dager siden

    This would be way sicker if you actually did something cool on it 🥶

  59. Leif F

    Leif F

    16 dager siden

    As a roofing contractor and mountain biker I have conflicted feelings about this. I keep thinking dude that awesome but your voiding the manufacturers’ warranty!”.

  60. Lucas Sumrall

    Lucas Sumrall

    16 dager siden

    Who is Joe?

  61. Henry C

    Henry C

    17 dager siden

    You should do a rainy day activities video for mountain bikers

  62. Adoum blablabla

    Adoum blablabla

    17 dager siden

    we need a bike upgrade with fox 38 forks

  63. Scott Family Productions

    Scott Family Productions

    17 dager siden

    That bee was enjoying the final results and success.

  64. Connor


    17 dager siden


  65. Alexander Wolfe

    Alexander Wolfe

    17 dager siden

    After just paying to re-roof my house, I can’t even explain how painful it is for me to watch this.

  66. Angel Sacristia

    Angel Sacristia

    17 dager siden

    Home depot be like... we now selling MTB roofs...

  67. Doctor Bond

    Doctor Bond

    17 dager siden


  68. Sam Ham

    Sam Ham

    17 dager siden

    Are there dog drama at

  69. Sam Ham

    Sam Ham

    17 dager siden

    Podcast what happened to your dog named drama

  70. L HURLEY2


    17 dager siden

    I thought he was going to pull a peter griffin in the shopping cart

  71. C172 Skyhawk

    C172 Skyhawk

    17 dager siden

    Joe mama

  72. Shoedi L

    Shoedi L

    17 dager siden

    Seth... Get yourself a bmx.

  73. slate613


    17 dager siden

    Props to the Mavic for brushing off that window hit! Also, I can just it now. Next year on Joe's channel, the whole street has been transformed into a jump track! 😂

  74. Mark Forbes

    Mark Forbes

    17 dager siden

    Wife looks at the dormers and beautiful anderson windows. Dude looks at house and see's a awesome bike jump. Don't tell me that guys and girls are the same.

  75. voeci


    17 dager siden

    Can you help, telling me the best website to buy used bikes inside the US? Please :D

  76. Daniel Impett

    Daniel Impett

    18 dager siden

    Well done Joe, that was super clean

  77. Enduro Urban Freeride

    Enduro Urban Freeride

    18 dager siden

    So sick

  78. Alden's RC

    Alden's RC

    18 dager siden

    5:44 near death kill

  79. Jayden Roffi

    Jayden Roffi

    18 dager siden

    the two cranks at the end ruin it

  80. roland


    18 dager siden

    I thought I didn't have a problem after my own accident but I definitely was scared watching this. Looks awesome tho

  81. james arundel

    james arundel

    18 dager siden

    Now to flat 😇

  82. M1hai4321 `

    M1hai4321 `

    18 dager siden

    666k subsctibers

  83. Aman Kolli

    Aman Kolli

    18 dager siden

    666k subs

  84. ttxxdd


    18 dager siden

    Worst accent ever. Gross

  85. Jon Fitz

    Jon Fitz

    18 dager siden

    Joe's roofer: I've never seen a 30-year shingle wear out so fast...

  86. warm Sprite

    warm Sprite

    18 dager siden

    4:33 POGGERS

  87. BoosT


    18 dager siden

    im surprised that the USA house could support a bike on it's roof, from what i have seen they all seem to brake as soon as you touch them too hard

  88. Eugène Mailloux

    Eugène Mailloux

    18 dager siden

    best neibourgh

  89. CAN Control

    CAN Control

    18 dager siden

    Bro 666 thou?? 😈

  90. Angus' Vision

    Angus' Vision

    18 dager siden

    youll get all the neighborhood kids watching

  91. Alp Scarlett

    Alp Scarlett

    18 dager siden

    How to break tiles off your roof

  92. Sam Rix

    Sam Rix

    18 dager siden

    Hey Seth can you do another camera review video for mountain bike cameras. If you do please review the 3SIXT action camera. For $70 NZ

  93. Brian Simich

    Brian Simich

    19 dager siden

    Next 1000 ER visits at random hospitals: "Dr: So what happened?", " I saw this thing on NOnet and I tried it, didn't go well."

  94. Pat's Garage

    Pat's Garage

    19 dager siden

    How were there not more neighbors watching this?? Lol I wish I had neighbors like this

  95. Daniel Bustamante

    Daniel Bustamante

    19 dager siden

    haha, this is amazing - 5:10 - great work

  96. Max Weber

    Max Weber

    19 dager siden

    Dude get a Nukeproof scout!

  97. Rob 2477

    Rob 2477

    19 dager siden

    Honey can you look after the kids today.....I got this.... ;-)

  98. Mr Pochinki

    Mr Pochinki

    19 dager siden

    Who's Joe?

  99. Conor Provan

    Conor Provan

    19 dager siden

    Good tines. Good friend. Great video

  100. Brett Brian

    Brett Brian

    19 dager siden

    The kids laughing in the background is the best part you know they are gonna be wanting new bikes!