Clarkson Is Astonished By The Self-Driving Tesla Model X | The Grand Tour

Making sure we aren't susceptible to any legal action, Clarkson takes a team of lawyers to test out the Tesla Model X.
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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)
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  1. Cough It Up

    Cough It Up

    7 minutter siden

    James May is a moror. Fact.

  2. Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris

    17 minutter siden

    Nice car for $135k

  3. Andy Smith

    Andy Smith

    19 minutter siden

    Just strap an iPad Pro to your dash board and save £155000....



    35 minutter siden

    He's still got it!

  5. GJNA


    39 minutter siden

    A shame it sounds like a 1980 Vauxhall when you slam the door closed. Quality is not Tesla's thing, which is why I'd take a German Electric over a Tesla any day of the week, despite it being slower, less range or having less gimmicks.

  6. Down Town Music

    Down Town Music

    Time siden

    It's got a sketch pad." Draws exactly what I was thinking he would.

  7. Richard Patton

    Richard Patton

    Time siden

    All that crap for children tells a lot about your average Tesla owner...

  8. andy stokes

    andy stokes

    Time siden

    I think that £156K is quite reasonable if you take into account that it comes complete with 7 lawyers.

  9. Julien YT

    Julien YT

    Time siden

    Lithium catches fire easier than petrol ? who the hell can believe that nonsense ?

  10. Stephen Sampford

    Stephen Sampford

    Time siden

    Only one question Jeremy, is it hackable by a school boy?

  11. KnorkstarGames


    Time siden

    Im just wondering how the lane switch would work in a country like...Germany? Imagine a car closing up with 250km/h+ and your auto pilot says it is safe to get on his lane. Well, pray for the brakes.

  12. Dollans Path

    Dollans Path

    2 timer siden

    Vauxhall says their cars are exciting haha....

  13. A Bird Concerned for Humankind

    A Bird Concerned for Humankind

    2 timer siden

    Daaaamn lawyer at 9:07 is finneeeee what's her @

  14. Alex H

    Alex H

    2 timer siden

    Oh, now he likes the tesla?

  15. Peter Rich

    Peter Rich

    2 timer siden

    Remember when this guy lied to the world about electric cars.

  16. FGM11


    2 timer siden

    Nowadays everyone pretends that self-driving cars are completely normal. We are still at least a decade away from it.There are still too many accidents happening and even fundamental legal and ethical issues are completely unanswered.

  17. Ralph Panhuyzen

    Ralph Panhuyzen

    4 timer siden

    Cars in general have become too wide. Think about it, this Model X weighs 2.5 tons, that's about 27-30 times more than the usually single occupant, the driver. All in all, this is an astonishing waste of precious space, materials and... energy.

  18. Dutch Van der Linde

    Dutch Van der Linde

    5 timer siden

    Something happened

  19. Gary Hughes

    Gary Hughes

    5 timer siden

    After that first review that you gave on Tesla's how can anybody take you seriously Clarkson? You bagged the hell out of the car and now except for the price tag your saying that the vehicle is the bees knees. How can anybody take your reviews seriously after you showing your obvious bios against this vehicle. The sales figures alone show you up for what you are and that's a term that I wont use on this forum. Just saying.

    • Max den Breejen

      Max den Breejen

      Time siden

      Taking his reviews serieusly is not the point its for entertainment purposes thats why he won both of the lawsuits tesla filed at him

  20. Walker Hagius

    Walker Hagius

    6 timer siden

    Where has he been the last five years?

  21. bdotq


    6 timer siden

    Oh look... Its a car review from 2016...

  22. Ammr Ali

    Ammr Ali

    6 timer siden

    The car is awesome

  23. balyoz50


    6 timer siden

    Watch 1.04

  24. Galileo Galilee

    Galileo Galilee

    6 timer siden

    Wait, did he just sketch a d**

  25. RocketLR


    7 timer siden

    Getting electrocuted in a crashed Tesla when they spray water on you is your least concern. Lithium + water = boom, to make it simple haha.

  26. Alok


    7 timer siden

    Trust me it's even difficult to drive a horseride on mars. Forget about the self driving thing

  27. tommyjayfx


    7 timer siden

    The sly drawing he did 🤣

  28. Money Boy

    Money Boy

    7 timer siden

    He hasn’t changed one bit loool since top gear he’s such a good character🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Stephan de V

    Stephan de V

    8 timer siden

    in 5 years you likely want to fork out a shitload of money for new battery. and if on a long trip you have refuel/charging times you might need a book with you

  30. Atomix


    9 timer siden

    i bet 90% of all lawyers dont have friends 😂

  31. hotwuk212


    9 timer siden

    pretty patterns lmao

  32. Nosh Noasark

    Nosh Noasark

    9 timer siden

    Jeremy... David attenborough of vehicles

  33. brickZA


    9 timer siden

    Wow, this video is more or less 5 years late. Amazing how much of a dinosaur Jeremy is ;)

    • Some Jeep Guy

      Some Jeep Guy

      8 minutter siden

      This segment is from an episode that is several years old at this point.

  34. Laura Bryce

    Laura Bryce

    11 timer siden

    What grand tour episode is this

  35. Thomas Deflomas

    Thomas Deflomas

    11 timer siden

    we just gon sit here and act like he aint draw a dick and balls on that screen.....

  36. Samir Duran

    Samir Duran

    11 timer siden

    9:52 not even just those 2 - keep in mind Lithium reacts very VIOLENTLY with water producing lithium hydroxide and hydrogen .......So there is a strong potential to explode as well being "on fire and being electrocuted"

  37. sune stjern

    sune stjern

    11 timer siden

    A fantastic car absolutely but the price and battery life and price will be it's

  38. B 13

    B 13

    12 timer siden

    Funnt how Elon mentioned in a podcast recently that those guys bashed his car years ago and now look at Jeremey kiss ass the car🤡

  39. ajani87


    12 timer siden

    Please bring back Grand Tour! Love that show, and more specials 😉

  40. Infinite Power

    Infinite Power

    13 timer siden

    6:10 you can literally see it in his face and hear it in his voice. I test drove this same vehicle at Tesla in LA and the female Tesla associate wanted me to launch it... it was too much. This vehicle is literally unreal fast.

  41. johnny five o

    johnny five o

    13 timer siden

    £156,000 is roughly $220,000 USD why doesn't that sound correct??? I know fully loaded, they can easily hit $130K USD but $220K??? someone help me

    • Danky Kang

      Danky Kang

      59 minutter siden

      A significant portion of that is import tax and gov tax. Tesla is an American company that builds there cars in America, meaning they won't have a tariff if bought domestically. Additionally, the idiotic US gov subsidies everything so you can get serious deductions on electric cars. You could even get things for free. A journalist named John Stossel purchased four 8,000 dollar electric golf carts. Except the gov payed for them all because the idiotic bureaucrats writing the law are incompetent. So he basically got 24,000 dollars worth of stuff for free from the gov, and he makes six figures.

    • Richard Currie

      Richard Currie

      4 timer siden

      Everything in the UK is almost double price of US prices

  42. D1570R73D


    13 timer siden

    sorry for all the bullshit, it's not a perfect product by any means, but it is a start

  43. JM Browning

    JM Browning

    14 timer siden

    tesla: ok fat. not reliable and built like a piece of shite

  44. Walker Stinson

    Walker Stinson

    14 timer siden

    Did he really draw a penis??

  45. Macguy


    15 timer siden

    Wait till the Tesla S Plaid comes out later this year, it'll be as tough as that woman in the front seat, lol.

  46. Lui Ma

    Lui Ma

    15 timer siden

    How much Tesla paid for this review?

  47. Drew


    17 timer siden

    0:58 Pretty Patterns ? WTF, did he just draw a.......

  48. Chris


    17 timer siden

    I'd love to own one.

  49. NickH


    18 timer siden

    Evil company priding itself on selling the end of free will, wrapped in a cheap plastic package, marketed to complete idiots with zero taste, no souls and massive egos.

  50. Richie


    18 timer siden

    I think ludicrous mode was from the Spaceballs movie

  51. yeeaahhzz


    19 timer siden

    wish he'd open the gullwing doors after "trapping" the lawyers

  52. WhiteCamry


    20 timer siden

    Driving with a carful of a half a dozen lawyers ... Ever see "Thelma & Louise," Jeremy?

  53. Michael B

    Michael B

    20 timer siden

    Lawyers in cars...deserves its own show...

  54. Boii Villa

    Boii Villa

    20 timer siden

    It just killed 2 men last month.

  55. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre

    20 timer siden

    I miss old top gear show s say hello from Romania 🇷🇴🇷🇴

  56. Morscovium


    21 time siden

    Fast for a year, then slower and slower as your battery degrades more and more. I wouldn't want to buy any electric car because it guarantees you will have to buy a new one in 5 years if you still want similar performance. Never heard any manufacturer address this either.

  57. Paddy Nevs

    Paddy Nevs

    21 time siden

    5:51 that Tesla just f**ks off

  58. Chelli


    21 time siden

    1:03 nice self portrait

    • niduoe stre

      niduoe stre

      20 timer siden

      Need reviews on Toyotas hydrogen fuel cars

  59. rh1507


    21 time siden

    So the average paper boy can't really afford a Tesla.

  60. demilishing


    22 timer siden

    Guy literally just drew a dick on the sketchpad

  61. JaiUneGuruDeja


    23 timer siden

    team of lawyers LOL

  62. Kingsley Oduegwu

    Kingsley Oduegwu

    23 timer siden

    Success is not built on success. It's built on failure. It's built on fraustration. it's built on fear that you have to over come. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life

    • Francisco


      14 timer siden

      Yeah? Who asked you?

    • Kailey Sweater

      Kailey Sweater

      22 timer siden

      You can't be successful just by just reading your comment. On the contrary it calls for hard work💪💪

    • Kailey Sweater

      Kailey Sweater

      22 timer siden

      +4 4 7 8 6 8 7 2 6 5 7 3

    • Kailey Sweater

      Kailey Sweater

      22 timer siden

      + 4 4 7 8 6 8 7 2 6 5 7 3

    • Stella Becky

      Stella Becky

      22 timer siden

      I haven't stopped thanking my friend who introduced me.

  63. Stardust Legacy Fighter

    Stardust Legacy Fighter

    23 timer siden

    Lawyers are so pompous.

  64. Stardust Legacy Fighter

    Stardust Legacy Fighter

    23 timer siden

    Best electric car in the world atm.

  65. rocketmunkey1


    Dag siden

    2:50 "I know if the car in front slows down I'll slow down, if it speeds up I'll speed up, if the traffic stops, I'll stop" and if not my next of kin can sue Tesla, for something slightly more substantial than personal opinions, or reporting negative things wot happen during a test drive ;D

  66. Steven Martinez

    Steven Martinez

    Dag siden

    Drive lucid or let lucid drive you

  67. J Strickland

    J Strickland

    Dag siden

    Hahah.. the first thing Clarkson does when he gets in is draw the Male organ on the IPAD @ 1:01

  68. Derrick Crews

    Derrick Crews

    Dag siden

    The attorney addition is hilarious!

  69. abhijit narayan

    abhijit narayan

    Dag siden

    "I can draw pretty patterns": proceeds to draw a penis

  70. Sundar Seine Mudda Ihre Rache

    Sundar Seine Mudda Ihre Rache

    Dag siden

    I hate them. I just fucken hate them. So glad I can leave the UK.

  71. I G

    I G

    Dag siden

    Clarkson is a clown.

  72. Landon Lira

    Landon Lira

    Dag siden

    Seats seven? Seven midgets, maybe.

  73. nafis sadiq

    nafis sadiq

    Dag siden

    Need reviews on Toyotas hydrogen fuel cars

  74. Johnny Chauque

    Johnny Chauque

    Dag siden

    I think he drew a d.... uhm never mind lemme continue watching the vid.

  75. Dan Brown

    Dan Brown

    Dag siden

    I'd still rather have the audi. I don't drive much, but when I do I'd rather it be interesting and engaging than sterile.

  76. AisiTaisiHypocrisy


    Dag siden

    1:06 he drawn a dick

  77. Brad Crook

    Brad Crook

    Dag siden

    "You can draw pretty patterns".... Draws a d***.

  78. ArduinoBen


    Dag siden

    Isn't this years old?

  79. Vespi on Blitz

    Vespi on Blitz

    Dag siden

    When you can gap a V10 supercar in a fucking family SUV that costs half the price you know youve done something right

  80. Yam Guragai

    Yam Guragai

    Dag siden

    What happens some one hacked your car 🚗 mate . Can you imagine! 😂

  81. PmAc Duds

    PmAc Duds

    Dag siden

    1:00 "pretty patterns"

  82. A&A Britten

    A&A Britten

    Dag siden

    156K for flapping doors and an etcho sketch.

  83. S


    Dag siden

    He's so late to the party it's embarrassing

  84. Nick Corona

    Nick Corona

    Dag siden

    Way to draw a big spraying shlong on the screen you perv. Great review.

  85. Thunder Life

    Thunder Life

    Dag siden

    Why don't they put more batteries in the front

  86. Hussien Alsafi

    Hussien Alsafi

    Dag siden


  87. Mr Ali

    Mr Ali

    Dag siden

    1:03 inappropriate viewing

  88. Hirsty


    Dag siden

    Season and episode?

  89. issabummer


    Dag siden

    "What you just take what a car manufacturer says as a gospel, Vauxhall says their cars are exciting" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  90. Lisa Arehart

    Lisa Arehart

    Dag siden

    As if gasoline couldn’t blow up after a crash!

  91. Кирилл Косырев

    Кирилл Косырев

    Dag siden

    1:04, I can draw pretty patterns. Literally draws a dick

  92. Ned Biggs

    Ned Biggs

    Dag siden

    Reminds me of when I showed my grandpa an iPhone for the first time.

  93. Teknetinium tek

    Teknetinium tek

    Dag siden

    Great cars but the design is just dont cut it,

  94. BurimX


    Dag siden

    Electric or combustion, still cant afford it, so nothing really changed.

  95. Andrew Waller

    Andrew Waller

    Dag siden

    Did he draw a penis?

  96. Robert J. Williamson

    Robert J. Williamson

    Dag siden

    I honestly thought he was one of these right-wing people that hate electric cars on principle.

  97. VOLK187


    Dag siden

    Did he just draw a Cock lol 1:05