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Doing really sketchy things with my old drone

My drone has crashed countless times, and I'm tired of pouring money into it. At this point, half the sensors don't work and to rely on it for scheduled videos is a liability. Time to give it a proper send off!
I bought that DJI Mavic Pro back in 2016, and it's amazing that it has lasted this long. There have been times where I crashed it so far away that it was a miracle we found it. I've climbed into tall trees to recover it. We have replaced camera modules, gimbals, batteries, countless propellers, and even body panels.
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  1. Milo Hall

    Milo Hall

    2 timer siden


  2. Captain Hardtail's MTB Adventures

    Captain Hardtail's MTB Adventures

    3 dager siden

    Attach a really long string of fireworks to the drone and watch as it ascends to the sky.

  3. MontyPizzle


    6 dager siden

    No matter what happens, I think it needs a Viking style send off once it’s truly dead at this point. Truly fearless in battle lol.

  4. khris


    6 dager siden

    I just noticed that this video aired the day I got my first real mountain bike. Huh.



    6 dager siden

    Kevin looks like Thor

  6. Chris Dembinsky

    Chris Dembinsky

    7 dager siden

    I wouldn't be surprised if somebody else mentions this but flying with the torches definitely going to be against FAA regs... I think it probably would be considered hazardous material. Maybe try and light a fire with a punk or some other match like thing.

  7. Pixel Bob

    Pixel Bob

    7 dager siden

    Why women live longer than men

  8. Tonée Viera

    Tonée Viera

    8 dager siden

    I feel like as a utility tool to run leader line or grab stuff is a great use

  9. Mad GAV

    Mad GAV

    8 dager siden

    I like this

  10. Levi Stettler

    Levi Stettler

    8 dager siden

    hard core trash can lid lol 😂🤣😅😋

  11. C.S.Rodney


    9 dager siden

    Please Please please I want to see you send it to me, I want you to send it in my USPS Tracking history please..

  12. Omar Lopez

    Omar Lopez

    11 dager siden

    Team Kevin 🔥🔥🔥🔥✈️🔥🔥🔥

  13. Jen O

    Jen O

    12 dager siden

    fly it into a fire

  14. Romeo Puquir

    Romeo Puquir

    13 dager siden

    Pelicans be like 3:47

  15. Richard Radcliffe

    Richard Radcliffe

    13 dager siden

    Do next? Get a job.

  16. Christian Greenwald

    Christian Greenwald

    13 dager siden

    Take it out with a shot gun at a trap range. Or have it hold the clay pigeon while you shoot it out from under it. Either one would be fun.

  17. Mason Rains

    Mason Rains

    13 dager siden

    Haha that is socooooooooool

  18. Travis Walters

    Travis Walters

    15 dager siden

    set something on fire!!! lol

  19. Prince A TV

    Prince A TV

    15 dager siden

    Fly over the fire.haha

  20. William Surles

    William Surles

    18 dager siden

    If you close your eyes and just listen to this video... its definitely two 12 year olds planning with their dads drone in the backyard. Then you open them and no, it's 2 dads playing with their drone in the backyard. : )

    • William Surles

      William Surles

      18 dager siden

      Ha, didn't even read the comments till after posting this and apparently I'm not the only one that picked up on the 12yo vibe. 😆

  21. Emerson’s outdoors and cooking

    Emerson’s outdoors and cooking

    20 dager siden

    Covered in gasoline and light it in the sky

  22. Bob TheBlob

    Bob TheBlob

    20 dager siden

    remote controlled forest fire

  23. Harrybob


    21 dag siden

    "hardcore trash can lid"

  24. Needsomecoffee?


    21 dag siden

    8:12 bruh so the whole time i thought this was your main channel lol

  25. Diamond


    22 dager siden

    see how high the drone can fly

  26. Hightidegamer


    22 dager siden

    Play cricket with it

  27. Uvejs Pajaziti

    Uvejs Pajaziti

    24 dager siden

    lift a bike with it and seth is at the trails and than like a military video

  28. Dylan Rosenberger

    Dylan Rosenberger

    24 dager siden


  29. Rasmus Karlshøj

    Rasmus Karlshøj

    24 dager siden

    FIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. AMN


    24 dager siden

    Bro I just couldn’t believe how successful that chinook style crawler on the roof drop off idea was. Just amazing.

  31. Chaz


    24 dager siden

    I remember when I got my mavic pro, one of the first things I did with it was install props from the mavic pro platinum because they are much quieter

  32. Sslumpf


    24 dager siden

    Dont fly with drones towards people. They are fucking dangerous. I saw 2 people get very hurt, through propellers of RC Planes. Both were very small planes with smaller propellers, than the Mavic. One of them had like 3000 cuts in his hand, since he came in contact with the propeller for a few seconds. Many people die through drones and RC planes and even very small ones can do a lot of damage.

  33. Andy Luque

    Andy Luque

    24 dager siden

    Try to maneuver through fireworks with the drone next

  34. Ethan Zinneman

    Ethan Zinneman

    25 dager siden

    i like kevins idea

  35. TrkG


    25 dager siden

    To be honest, I really don't like this video. Now, you can call me whatever you want, but in all seriousness, Seth... There are a lot of teenagers / kids watching your videos. Sticking a knife on top of a drone and flying it into your buddy screams more like "Jackass" than "Seth's bike hacks" to me. It definitely is entertaining to watch, but you gotta think about the young generation as well man. They see you as a role model and many of them dream of becoming a NOnetr once, by performing dangerous actions like that, you really set a bad example for them. It won't take much for them to try the same to shoot a "cool" video, just like Seth does it on NOnet. Young kids can't judge risk properly, yet they will always look up to us and wanna be like us. Please keep that in mind!

  36. Theo Lysyk

    Theo Lysyk

    25 dager siden

    This is stupid but it's also the best fucking thing ever. Obviously find a way to pour liquids like beer or something into your mouth.

  37. will buxton

    will buxton

    26 dager siden

    Make it fly with a berm peak flag around the town , then drop it on a tall roof and leave it there with the flag

  38. thomas holkham

    thomas holkham

    26 dager siden

    why where u fixing ur bike on the roof

  39. The Davien Ray T Channel

    The Davien Ray T Channel

    26 dager siden

    Try mowing the grass with the drone on and the propellers cut the grass!

  40. Sasha Polak

    Sasha Polak

    27 dager siden

    Seth loves the word sketchy

  41. Scott Rolfe

    Scott Rolfe

    27 dager siden

    Airlifting the crawler onto the roof is cool as hell.

  42. Erik Caldwell

    Erik Caldwell

    27 dager siden

    Terrible terrible idea! Awesome video

  43. Chet King

    Chet King

    27 dager siden

    omg, this is the best video ever...well in a while anyway

  44. LifeOfDuder / Brian J. Simpson

    LifeOfDuder / Brian J. Simpson

    27 dager siden

    Hover the drone at low altitude and launch a roman candle/bottle rockets at it.

  45. Arpad Builds This - Woodworking

    Arpad Builds This - Woodworking

    27 dager siden

    If you still have that garbage Ryobi belt sander, you should do sketchy thing with that!

  46. JM photography

    JM photography

    27 dager siden

    Another idea is to give me that drone I'll appreciate it😂

  47. LostInNovo


    28 dager siden

    Gut it and install an aio flight controller such as a fettec aio 35a use the existing battery to power it glue the camera facing a 25deg angle and happy days

  48. Shnicky


    28 dager siden

    3:45 you can't replicate that even if u tried hahaha

  49. Joe Crowe

    Joe Crowe

    28 dager siden

    Must be fun flying drones with Chris Hemsworth 🤣

  50. Jared Hurd

    Jared Hurd

    28 dager siden

    More drone carrying truck

  51. Wizzard Kulak

    Wizzard Kulak

    28 dager siden

    tie the controller to it and send it up for ever

  52. Cam 15

    Cam 15

    28 dager siden

    Drone around all the trails so we can see them properly would be awesome 👏

  53. Luke Piotti

    Luke Piotti

    29 dager siden

    plz fly the drone as close to the bike as you can and see what cool shots you can get

  54. Eight -

    Eight -

    29 dager siden

    Honestly would love to see Kevin’s idea

  55. ludwig lotter

    ludwig lotter

    29 dager siden

    He is very funny

  56. Decimus64


    29 dager siden

    Would u be willing to swap your old drone for a brand new DJI magic mini?

  57. antoni.112


    29 dager siden

    Maybe you could attach the Drone to the gas-button of a chainsaw and just get far away and see what happens. (Use an old chainsaw and a even older chain!)

  58. Moises Michel

    Moises Michel

    29 dager siden

    Do a lot more rc crawler videos

  59. Jack Shuler

    Jack Shuler

    29 dager siden

    Ou o o ou oo o o o ou o - Seth 2021

  60. Robbie O'Donnell

    Robbie O'Donnell

    29 dager siden

    does any one think that Seth had Keven put the toll on the roof

  61. Jax Mitchell

    Jax Mitchell

    29 dager siden

    i dont know why i got so angry about him talking about the drone at the beginning of the video

  62. Dubnight TV

    Dubnight TV

    29 dager siden

    Game of Drones

  63. Nathan Hovey

    Nathan Hovey

    29 dager siden

    I want to see you start a fire 🔥🔥 I'm %1000 on Kevin's side..

  64. mrshopkeeper749


    Måned siden

    to be honest I wish the rc car fell off the roof lol

  65. Rachael Lawley

    Rachael Lawley

    Måned siden

    When he put the knife on his face 😰

  66. Errol Johnsen

    Errol Johnsen

    Måned siden

    Fire with drone

  67. Andrew Martin

    Andrew Martin

    Måned siden

    Attach fireworks to it. Roman candles.

  68. Kenny Newell

    Kenny Newell

    Måned siden

    Awesome video! I still don’t mountain bike. I still absolutely this channel.

  69. Roy Peppard Dublin.

    Roy Peppard Dublin.

    Måned siden

    Hey Guy's, It's been a while since I watched your channel...I'm Bike,Photography and Rc mad too. I'm not sure I can afford to destroy my Drone so I'm glad you did it with your's. Best regard's and Stay safe.

  70. Adley Joshua Magsuci

    Adley Joshua Magsuci

    Måned siden

    Hey Seth can you make a video about Mudguards for mtb? Pls

  71. Max Edleston

    Max Edleston

    Måned siden

    We need more RC videos!!

  72. timothy munk

    timothy munk

    Måned siden

    Talk about an endorsement for DJI products. Flown for over four years and crashed 50 times before using it as a battering ram: result broken props.

  73. Evert lappalainen

    Evert lappalainen

    Måned siden

    next time you will build a crawler course that will look realistic check out "Luke Towan" he has some cool vids

  74. Woodland Will

    Woodland Will

    Måned siden

    Fly it through fire!

  75. melanie D

    melanie D

    Måned siden

    I wish she did the old mountain biking that HE used to do

  76. jonnelsonjdn


    Måned siden

    What do I want to see? Drone + Fire!

  77. David Gallardo

    David Gallardo

    Måned siden

    I think that you should still use the drone for shots but use it as a dangerous shots drone, to get sick shots and if it breaks you wont care

  78. BorisBoschete


    Måned siden

    Her : he's probably cheating on me Him :

  79. Kevin Mangar

    Kevin Mangar

    Måned siden

    Day one of asking for more rc crawlers

  80. SlowBusa


    Måned siden

    that 360 cam about got kevin in the nuts! lmao

  81. Onlinesquad Gaming

    Onlinesquad Gaming

    Måned siden

    don`t destroy it but do shit whith it

  82. Connor Slawson

    Connor Slawson

    Måned siden

    Hey Seth! Could you review some other cheaper bike work stand options from Amazon? I don’t have the funds to dish out for the park tool one. I was considering building one out of piping from the hardware store but just noticed there’s some on Amazon for the same price as my hardware store budget.

  83. C4fet 0 bg

    C4fet 0 bg

    Måned siden

    Make it as a series how to brake a drone made of obsidian

  84. Ceejay Josh Polonio

    Ceejay Josh Polonio

    Måned siden

    Can I have it? The old drone just wondering if i could use it for my own drone shots

  85. Greg Hornbeck

    Greg Hornbeck

    Måned siden

    Cut your grass with it

  86. AL_MIRAJ Boi

    AL_MIRAJ Boi

    Måned siden

    try launching a drone off another drone in mid air

  87. mudbob1


    Måned siden

    Obviously you need to mount an airsoft pistol and chase mountain bikers.

  88. Doug Brown

    Doug Brown

    Måned siden

    Skeet shooting 2021. The evasive target

  89. Tri city bmx Racing

    Tri city bmx Racing

    Måned siden


  90. Tiago Weyne

    Tiago Weyne

    Måned siden

    Steady spin is the coolest biker on NOnet

  91. RG Pixel

    RG Pixel

    Måned siden

    Dude you could have given to me I die to have a drone alike that

  92. Lava Bourne

    Lava Bourne

    Måned siden

    About to do some sketchy sh*t dooo daaa

  93. Corvette family

    Corvette family

    Måned siden

    You already know Seth is going to get into FPV Drone Racing..



    Måned siden

    Set fire to drone and fly it in safe place

  95. Juan Lopez

    Juan Lopez

    Måned siden

    Light the drone on fire and fly it

  96. TheRadicalRev


    Måned siden

    Yes! more drone nonsense please.

  97. Zwei bike Amigos

    Zwei bike Amigos

    Måned siden

    Hey I have idea what you will can do with your old drone! You can send it to me!

  98. Tyson Bourke

    Tyson Bourke

    Måned siden

    see how high it can go, until it cuts out

  99. imblocko


    Måned siden

    that mini car got into a physical altercation with the roof cause it used its omlet pan

  100. William McDaniel

    William McDaniel

    Måned siden

    Put roman candles on it and shoot them at Kevin and Bobo