Episode 24- Is Dillashaw Back?!? Suga Getting A Vasectomy?!! Plus The Roast of Cody Stanman




:17- UFC fight night recap
3:59 - talking about our day
6:44 - Next UFC card
7:50 - LA/New Tat/Podcast
9:13 - Sean cannot shotgun
10:34 - The roast of Cody stanman
16:30 - Vasectomy


  1. Trevor Monday

    Trevor Monday

    Måned siden

    suga def would be a great guy in the blunt roto

  2. Expressing islife

    Expressing islife

    Måned siden

    Sean O'malley vs conor at 155 lets go ! In 2022

  3. Scrogg ness

    Scrogg ness

    Måned siden

    I'm 24 and suga is my fav

  4. Daniel Deering

    Daniel Deering

    Måned siden

    TJ ate punches all night.

  5. Galilee Masterson

    Galilee Masterson

    Måned siden

    Made it 💯

  6. wK


    Måned siden

    Grandma on youtube?

  7. Caleb Anderson

    Caleb Anderson

    Måned siden

    I don't know how you will recover from that roast by Cody.

  8. DBR-Motocross


    Måned siden

    SUGA, you gave Moutinho the Smoke boy! Keep it up Killer! 👊🥊👊🥊👊🥊

  9. 802Blues


    Måned siden

    I saw Sammy Guevara wore a Suga Sean shirt on his vlog. He wrestles for AEW on tnt

  10. Dylan OBrien

    Dylan OBrien

    Måned siden

    Likes this with your bro a lot better homie. That ginger sucks

  11. leigh byford

    leigh byford

    Måned siden

    Vasectomy comes with a 2% chance of PVPS. If you get that , it’s the end of any sporting career. It’s extremely hard to cure , almost impossible. You should wait until your sporting life is over as it’s a real risk.

  12. 215 demon

    215 demon

    Måned siden

    That tiger belly podcast is gonna be 🔥

  13. Ryan Mclarney

    Ryan Mclarney

    Måned siden

    Why is Sean O'Malley not ranked?

  14. Nunyo Bizz

    Nunyo Bizz

    Måned siden

    Suga just got a tattoo of 6ix 9ine on him and even got 6ix 9ine to literally do the tattoo. Do you know that 6ix 9ine is a convicted pedafile? Well if you didn't know then now you do. Go Google it if you don't believe me. Now are you still a fan of Suga?

  15. T S

    T S

    Måned siden

    Daniel, I see your friends with Michael Guthrie! Can you show Sean one of his flipping clips and have him react on the Bro Malley show?

  16. BHollywood


    Måned siden

    You see the middle weight talk shit about you? Publicly called you a bitch for getting a 69 tat?

  17. Keaton Gollihare

    Keaton Gollihare

    Måned siden

    Poor Danny Boy. Not getting any replies from the bro bro. C'mon Suga! P.s. if you're getting tatted up by anybody from LA, you gotta go to 'Toon.

  18. Cyber Operator

    Cyber Operator

    Måned siden

    30 yrs old sean is my fav at the moment he needs a top 5 to challenge. 40-60 hrs a week

  19. Josh Markley

    Josh Markley

    Måned siden

    Sugars brother is a sharp kid i really enjoy his take on things 🔥, keep up the good work boys!

  20. Slavomír Nepríčetný

    Slavomír Nepríčetný

    Måned siden

    Just a washout showing yourself like this junkie?

  21. Slavomír Nepríčetný

    Slavomír Nepríčetný

    Måned siden

    Skinny clown who will never reach top 5 :D sugga skinny boi where you at skinny boyyy

  22. Christian Ramirez

    Christian Ramirez

    Måned siden

    Suga v. Yanez would be a badass fight

  23. Christian Socolovitch

    Christian Socolovitch

    Måned siden

    Has that cody guy ever even been on a main card ppv event? Not that i recall. So his fans are watching him for free 😂

  24. Braden Hillard

    Braden Hillard

    Måned siden

    Can we get a Suga Show fanny pack

  25. Steven Lee

    Steven Lee

    Måned siden

    in az to u need to try flowerpot vaporizer check out 420 vapezone for better hitters than doctor dabber

  26. Brody Moore

    Brody Moore

    Måned siden

    Hit up schaub and go on TFATK

  27. Buckboogie


    Måned siden

    Slow down on the eatables Daniel!!😵🥴😵

  28. Based World

    Based World

    Måned siden

    They need to quit playing and give you a ranked fight. It’s bullshit that tj comes back after 2 years and fights a top 5 fighter.

  29. Brandon Hodge

    Brandon Hodge

    Måned siden

    humble pie is the truth

  30. D P

    D P

    Måned siden

    Why do you eat and talk with your mouth full while doing the podcast? You can’t wait 18 minutes?

  31. LOWLIFE exe

    LOWLIFE exe

    Måned siden

    Cody stanman talking "come see someone ranked" while he sitting pretty at 15 and 40k followers XD dudes gunna be unranked when you move into top ten after your next fight

  32. Charles Forney

    Charles Forney

    Måned siden

    Bro don't get a vesectomy after only one kid! You've evolved to breed,bits unnatural to take yourself out of the gene pool like that. Smart for you genetoc legacy to have a few kids

  33. Civic Chickens

    Civic Chickens

    Måned siden

    Maverick and Sandhagen both got robbed 🔫 and it wasn't the judges, it was an upstairs decision.

  34. Brandan O'Malley

    Brandan O'Malley

    Måned siden

    Stoned pickle trying to keep his eyes open makes this episode!!

  35. Jordan Nijjar

    Jordan Nijjar

    Måned siden

    Kyler won

  36. jt0211


    Måned siden

    i think cory is the hardest fight for sean stylistically

  37. Perry Gray

    Perry Gray

    Måned siden

    Didnt realize you supported pedophiles.

  38. Lane Curry

    Lane Curry

    Måned siden

    Princess Elena is never too loud😤

  39. Cuetlachtli P

    Cuetlachtli P

    Måned siden

    Right around @4:40 little brother is FEELING it 😂😂😂

  40. Daniel Welty

    Daniel Welty

    Måned siden

    Best meds around. I know u won't be hit me up ill take good care of ya in meds

  41. Ellie E

    Ellie E

    Måned siden

    The baby is part of the show and she’s great!

  42. Luis Ortiz

    Luis Ortiz

    Måned siden

    Yoo sugar TJ got organic E.P.O to keep him alive in tha fight 💯%...

    • leigh byford

      leigh byford

      Måned siden

      Organic EPO? Erythropoietin? All epo is organic. Your kidneys make it. The manufactured EPO is recombinant DNA in cell cultures . The cells secrete EPO. It’s all organic .

  43. Cody Wiehle

    Cody Wiehle

    Måned siden

    Daniel I'd tell your bro to freeze his shit before he gets a vasectomy, that way his bases are covered if he ends up wanting another kid in the future you can get it done at a bunch of different places , just in case he wants a suga Jr lol

  44. bryan delao

    bryan delao

    Måned siden

    Crowded ass Cali lol

  45. PriceLife


    Måned siden

    I may stop watching these. Wtf was this

  46. Javi Olivas

    Javi Olivas

    Måned siden

    Suga Sean future champ champ. You heard it here first

  47. Michael Connell

    Michael Connell

    Måned siden

    Need some Happy Dad on that desk.

  48. brandon mcclain

    brandon mcclain

    Måned siden

    Dude one and done?! Best advice from a father of 8 kids (7 boys and a girl) is to do what makes both of ya happy. I was done at 7. 8 was a negotiation for a playmate for my princess. Lol but if you have family and close friends with kids bro. One and done sounds like a plan.

  49. Wendalee Smith

    Wendalee Smith

    Måned siden

    Josh Koscheck Jr

  50. Suitedrags


    Måned siden

    Is Elena taller than Cody?

  51. Tyke Pope

    Tyke Pope

    Måned siden

    Cody Stanman 🤣

  52. TJ FromReno

    TJ FromReno

    Måned siden

    Eating on mic 🤮

  53. D Brown

    D Brown

    Måned siden

    Dillashaw Redemption - Return of KILLASHAW

  54. D Brown

    D Brown

    Måned siden

    Cody stubby watch from home when Sandman VS sugar does it in octagon for the belt

  55. TKDlifestyle


    Måned siden

    I see you avoided bringing up Sean Stricklands comments about you 😂

    • JSeaton


      Måned siden

      What did he say?

  56. Mark Sportiello

    Mark Sportiello

    Måned siden

    Stamman is wrong! We make our moms buy the Suga jerseys cuz that shits expensive

  57. Jeremy Willett

    Jeremy Willett

    Måned siden

    Sean said "I had Elena all day by myself ... My sister came my mom came My Aunt came but it was pretty easy"

  58. Dakota Hutchinson

    Dakota Hutchinson

    Måned siden

    I'm 26 with no kids and thinking about getting my tubes tied to because I really don't want kids

  59. Family Man

    Family Man

    Måned siden

    DONT SNIP BRO.. in the scheme of things you still a baby too. 🌈🌈Suga. Terrible pod this round yo 😂.

  60. kehw


    Måned siden

    You should go on steebee weebees podcast.

  61. anuma nuva

    anuma nuva

    Måned siden

    Blazed af!

  62. Rastafaray 69

    Rastafaray 69

    Måned siden

    Bro, please turn on Russian subtitles, for Russian fans!!!! 🙏

  63. David Briden

    David Briden

    Måned siden


  64. Mugman420


    Måned siden

    Cody Stahman is just boring, not gonna pretend like I don't know him, but definently not a fan 🤦🏼‍♂️

  65. James "ReDRuM" Gill

    James "ReDRuM" Gill

    Måned siden

    Shiiiiiit I'm 27 an I'm an O'Malley fan. Dudes the cleanest striker in the division. Dom the duck and Cody garbeak needa stop ducking 🦆 get out the lake and join the suga show lmao 🤣 NGL. Even setting the Criminal informant situation asside, The 69 tat is ALSO Mad whack bcuz was convicted for like stat Rape. But we all take losses now and again lol #OMalleyVSCruz

  66. allan jacobson

    allan jacobson

    Måned siden

    The kid that fought Kyler is hella nice

  67. Shane Farmer

    Shane Farmer

    Måned siden

    Sugar…. I’m your biggest fan!!!!! Frickin love you brother!!!

  68. Kai Brunk

    Kai Brunk

    Måned siden

    Im an actual fighter, work a full time job at a law firm, and train full time. Suga is the only show worth attending!

    • Kai Brunk

      Kai Brunk

      Måned siden

      @Miguel Rodriguez I would suggest a gym that focuses on mma and no GI jits. Unless you want to be training for only sport/competition jiujitsu, or have fantastic teachers in your area. The Gi gyms in my area only focus on the sport aspect. Looking at the gyms social media before even going can help get a sense of the vibe. In the end, you might find yourself liking two gyms and cross train at both. Also sorry i suck at advice

    • Miguel Rodriguez

      Miguel Rodriguez

      Måned siden

      Looking to getting into training my dude. What would you recommend? I’m a junior black belt in jiu jitsu, but I’m coming back after about a 10 year layoff. Just looking to have fun and join a community. Maybe some amateur stuff! Any help would be dope man. Asking because I respect your grind😤

  69. Dalton Keller

    Dalton Keller

    Måned siden

    Lol don’t have to pay for undercard fights Cody

  70. prepsforlifeZ


    Måned siden

    Let the little one yell we love it

  71. Yung Jefe

    Yung Jefe

    Måned siden

    Nah you need to have a lil Suga Sean & Alana need a lil big bro

  72. ferluci Elia

    ferluci Elia

    Måned siden

    dang yall look high af in this vid

  73. Ozzy Oddity

    Ozzy Oddity

    Måned siden

    Really not looking forward for DildoNhisJaw to be fighting again. I didn't like that fawker even before he was called a snake. You should rewatch the fight, most of his strikes didn't land .

  74. John-Michael Dooley

    John-Michael Dooley

    Måned siden

    I told my boss I was a Cody stamann fan and now I have to work 60 hrs a week 😞

  75. Rich Money

    Rich Money

    Måned siden

    Show me this highlights from that fight vs sandhagen. Literally nothing

  76. Rich Money

    Rich Money

    Måned siden

    Corey won that fight hands down

  77. Chris Jacobsen

    Chris Jacobsen

    Måned siden


  78. Nick Danziger

    Nick Danziger

    Måned siden

    please make a suga sean flag ill buy it in 5 seconds

  79. John Doe

    John Doe

    Måned siden

    Stupid drink placement gaaaaahjj

  80. Case Thompson

    Case Thompson

    Måned siden

    TIGERBELLY please suga shane bobby lees lazy azz prolly taking forever to respond just hit them back

  81. Robert Brennan

    Robert Brennan

    Måned siden

    Damn Suga what's with the rat tatt

  82. InPeace


    Måned siden

    God amongst 16 yr old kids. As a 16 yr old suga stan I agree

  83. Weeks25


    Måned siden

    Never even heard of this Cody Staimen guy (no idea how to even spell his last name Bc I’ve never heard of him) ! Those replies to what he said were pretty funny. Sean don’t get a vasectomy you will regret if you do it now. Wait a couple years. You guys will want another one (Dani will) once Alayna is like 4 trust me!

  84. Jacob ASC

    Jacob ASC

    Måned siden

    Dabs everyday then train gets you concentrated

  85. Ben McReynolds

    Ben McReynolds

    Måned siden

    You guys could post a video in full gibberish made up language and id watch it like Bruce Almighty's News broadcast scene

  86. Delton Lifeisgood

    Delton Lifeisgood

    Måned siden

    Suga vs sandhagen is a money fight. Very similar styles.

  87. NoviceExpert


    Måned siden

    O'Malley vs Dillashaw lets go!!! TJ aint shit without the PED's, split decision aint that impressive. He said you would be easy work, but I don't believe it.

    • Mason Claybrook

      Mason Claybrook

      Måned siden

      lmfao this is a bad take

  88. Michael Brewer

    Michael Brewer

    Måned siden

    There is a whole new meaning to "Suga" Sean after his weekend with Steve.

  89. Jake the snake

    Jake the snake

    Måned siden

    Suga you spent way to much time on the part where you were looking at comments bro

  90. JYmes lowrie

    JYmes lowrie

    Måned siden


  91. Drew Kilmurray

    Drew Kilmurray

    Måned siden

    kyler won the fight i feel so bad for him

  92. kieron browne

    kieron browne

    Måned siden

    You both look high as fuck! Love it

  93. Nick Schuman

    Nick Schuman

    Måned siden

    Suga you gotta check out jungle boys while in LA. Best medicine down here 🔥

  94. Davis Waldron

    Davis Waldron

    Måned siden

    TJ keeps a lot of the benefits of doing EPO in the past. He’s a coward and a cheater. Still got his face butchered by Cory

  95. Konman


    Måned siden

    This was the worst episode yet boys. Lol

  96. Ravi Quevedo

    Ravi Quevedo

    Måned siden

    yo, do those lives in the day of the event, we wanna see your reaction and your time-by-time analysis

  97. David Paske

    David Paske

    Måned siden

    You sounded like Bryan callen at 9:52 lol

  98. Daniel B.

    Daniel B.

    Måned siden

    Suga sweating that Bantamweight division now lol

  99. Skipp Bayless

    Skipp Bayless

    Måned siden

    your brother makes this show. hes very smart and has a great podcast voice. +

  100. The Son of the BattleCry

    The Son of the BattleCry

    Måned siden

    Bro Sean your better off doing H then drinking just don’t get addicted

    • 831 fpv

      831 fpv

      Måned siden

      What's h