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The bridge crosses over a busy freeway in Kenya's capital, Nairobi. If you're looking for vegetables, a bowl of hot soup, a haircut, or even a new bed, you can find it here. But now, the bridge is to be torn down.
The bridge provides a vital link between the slum district of Kangemi and more prosperous parts of the city. ARD's Nairobi bureau chief, Sabine Bohland, first reported in 2015 on the thriving commerce that takes place on the bridge. She interviewed three people: Mogaka, who makes and sells soup; Jacky, who sells vegetables; and Saidi, a student. All three talked about their dreams for the future. Five years later, Bohland returned to the bridge to find out how these people are coping with the coronavirus pandemic, and whether they've made their dreams come true.
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  1. Warren Arnold

    Warren Arnold

    18 timer siden

    Nilisomea primary tu apo chini Kihumbuini bana😂😂am now a software developer😂😂 piga like kama unekua kangemi

  2. Mr. Mo

    Mr. Mo

    Dag siden

    Can't tell whether it's serious or just one big inside joke.

  3. Rik Hendriks

    Rik Hendriks

    Dag siden

    I wonder if these people are Maybe happy to get attention and to be filmed and look more happy and alive than they generally do.

  4. mp Lelei

    mp Lelei

    Dag siden

    I just hope you gave Saidi a job as a Journalist

  5. Rujeandy Maduro

    Rujeandy Maduro

    3 dager siden

    The most upsetting thing is they still make documentation of how poor Africans are without f***ing acknowledging that THEY ARE THE REASON WHY!!!!! And making a documentary without helping is speaking without solution so quit the bs!!

  6. Mary Wamaitha

    Mary Wamaitha

    5 dager siden

    I feel that you DW can do more for Saeidi. You are a media house with great networks and I feel that if the core of your journalism was truly to transform things, this would be your shot

  7. petMYster


    5 dager siden

    Cancer causing chemicals in the spray 🧐

  8. Rahma TV Kenya

    Rahma TV Kenya

    5 dager siden

    This is real journalism story that most local media under look and ur doing it,great story

  9. Donny Gatsheni

    Donny Gatsheni

    5 dager siden

    A person gives something to the community and it helps the community but then the government says 'your doing something illegal'

  10. dennis kip

    dennis kip

    6 dager siden

    can we have saidi's contacts ?

  11. MrDutchy187


    6 dager siden

    Does anyone know the name of the song/artist at the start and end? The guitar lick is mesmorizing. Respect to Kenyia, stay strong!

  12. Gladys Masaki

    Gladys Masaki

    8 dager siden

    my land is Kenya.God protect my Homeland

  13. Iqbal Preet

    Iqbal Preet

    9 dager siden

    I can feel the pain of Saidi 🙁😓

  14. froggie


    10 dager siden

    5:43 that brown dress is SO beautiful

  15. jake Smith

    jake Smith

    10 dager siden

    My wife is Somali and always talks highly of Kenya as she fled there as a refugee after the war. God bless Kenya and its people for thier genorous nature and kindness 🇰🇪🇸🇴❤️🌿.

    • رى حسن

      رى حسن

      6 dager siden

      Many of my relatives were also in Somalia when the war happened i heard they all fled to Mombasa in passenger ships

  16. Morgan Maganga

    Morgan Maganga

    10 dager siden

    this is beautiful

  17. Catemiss


    11 dager siden

    God bless my motherland Kenya...things are tough especially with the pandemic.

  18. mediamaiden


    11 dager siden

    sending love, prosperity and peace to all east africans and kenyans! such hard working people

  19. HAID3N Official

    HAID3N Official

    12 dager siden

    The 20 Kenyan Shillings soup is basically €0.10 ... Christ, I'll move there...

  20. Jennifer Moller

    Jennifer Moller

    13 dager siden

    I really hate watching all the reverence, adulation, pomp and ceremony that is accorded to the Pope when he visits countries in Africa. He's done nothing for Africa. Neither has his church (other than pillage and plunder resources while pretending to bring 'civilisation'). Why does Africa still roll out the red carpet for Europeans who mean less than nothing to our continent? If you're going to rebuild a road to welcome someone, why not make it for Agnes Pareiyo, who campaigns for the rights of women in Kenya? Or the team from Kenyan Flying Labs, for the work they've done using drones to distribute medicine all over the country? THOSE are the heroes we need. THOSE are the people deserving of our reverence.

  21. Favoured James

    Favoured James

    15 dager siden

    Poverty is the only marketable documentary for Western Countries. They can't focus on the good parts of Nairobi coz it's not marketable in Germany.

    • Diana Achieng

      Diana Achieng

      14 dager siden

      its quite disgusting, they should ask themselves where do our politicians stay

  22. Ly Teang Cheng

    Ly Teang Cheng

    16 dager siden

    I like your channel so much DW

    • Diana Achieng

      Diana Achieng

      14 dager siden

      @DW Documentary but try to document something positive about Nairobi!!!!!

    • DW Documentary

      DW Documentary

      16 dager siden

      We're glad you like our content! :-)

  23. Cardinal Black

    Cardinal Black

    16 dager siden

    That you can do a documentary about THAT bridge, lol. This is the last thing I'd expect from DW and your translation is a little off, but on point. Thing is, I can hear everything they are saying... that being home and all...

  24. james muthigani

    james muthigani

    17 dager siden

    life is even harder in Europe where you cannot do small business by road side because they love big name more than lives. your documentary is about Kangemi and not capital city Nairobi, note Kangemi is a very small road side shanty town size of a stadium miles away from Nairobi capital,

    • Diana Achieng

      Diana Achieng

      14 dager siden

      they need to hear this...making Nairobi look ugly

  25. Ruby Lee

    Ruby Lee

    17 dager siden

    The pontiff who lived a luxurious life visited the poor district in a luxury car said he recognized the difficulties people were facing. Very helpful religious preach

  26. Nathaniel Gonsalves

    Nathaniel Gonsalves

    18 dager siden

    It's so sad that the shutdowns instituted by elites have hurt the regular, poor people the most. Let's not forget that the world's elites instituted shutdowns for a virus with a 99.8 percent survival rate, initiating the biggest wealth transfer in history. We must fight back.

  27. Rack City

    Rack City

    18 dager siden

    18:55 Ray Allen?

  28. drake kelvin

    drake kelvin

    20 dager siden

    as a kenyan,i truly respect all this people struggling out here in this streets.Life in this country is brutally unforgiving.Love and light to my kenyan brothers and sisters

  29. Facts and facts

    Facts and facts

    21 dag siden

    Instead of just taking videos of these people...you should find a way to help them out or even tell is a way of how we can reach them and help....dw are just making money out of how the people suffer which is so sad...in 3 years that guy could be so far in life....

  30. kadir moha

    kadir moha

    22 dager siden

    Maan I love Kenya and the people, I grew up there and majority of my family live there, currently iam living in southafrica, we been let down by the government, Kenyan people know what hard work is , wish they had a helping hand.

  31. Seo Jung Park

    Seo Jung Park

    23 dager siden

    i feel like the people in the country side, in a way, live happier

  32. Mama Watoro TALKS

    Mama Watoro TALKS

    23 dager siden

    Am so proud of Sahidi he did not join a gang or succumb to Depression he resorted to go back home and work with what he had rather than pay rent and nothings forth coming . I wish him the best , am a journalist my profession but I have done so many other things, lack of Employment has me relocate to the UK, watching the situation back home gives me the strength to keep doing

  33. Jeina O

    Jeina O

    23 dager siden

    This is the real Nairobi ,not those photoshopped pics in rich people areas.

  34. mary agèe

    mary agèe

    23 dager siden

    You went far enough to get your degree into radio broadcast, so don't give up your, because future are there waiting for you. Help is out waiting for you all younger generation. God searching for your jobs. You have gifts of blessings for hard people like you. M. L. Agee,

  35. cindy burrows

    cindy burrows

    24 dager siden

    What a lot of people in Africa don't realize is that western shows like this one try to separate blacks all over the world from Africa. Blacks from the west; like me (the diaspora). They do it by only showing them the bad parts and making it look hopeless. While they do not care (most only want a story- they take your problems and publicize them. It's about image. They want to feel better than someone else. They use these bad images we've seen all our lives to mistreat blacks throughout the world.) and their governments are the very ones that steal from these countries and pay off these African leaders. I didn't know my whole life how beautiful and how much growth Kenya is experiencing. Your city is beautiful. The west is in a downfall. While you have new buildings, their's are empty. Over-industrialized. The government and the rich own everything. People are poor there too with NO chance of GROWTH, no LAND, no health care or FOOD security. You have everything fresh and natural, they can't even afford meat, which is tainted anyway.

  36. Sơn Nguyễn Quang

    Sơn Nguyễn Quang

    24 dager siden

    Hope for a great future for Kenya! Best wishes from Vietnam.

  37. Toto Liaka

    Toto Liaka

    25 dager siden

    Something is OFF with the translation... OFF

    • Toto Liaka

      Toto Liaka

      25 dager siden

      1. Mutura is Tripe

  38. Jim kariuki

    Jim kariuki

    25 dager siden

    kenyans are hardworking but our LEADERS OR from the drank president who let his friends steal everything.

  39. Hari Kumar Nair Elavumthitta

    Hari Kumar Nair Elavumthitta

    25 dager siden

    No diseases will catch you guys. Believe in your body immunity powers.

  40. Hari Kumar Nair Elavumthitta

    Hari Kumar Nair Elavumthitta

    25 dager siden

    No diseases can catch you guys, your body immunity is much more powerful than the corona virus. Believe in your body healing powers.

  41. George W

    George W

    27 dager siden

    We suffer in KE due to corruption, its rampant, everyone in an influential position uses the position to enrich his,her families

  42. xolani mpumulan

    xolani mpumulan

    27 dager siden

    Failed government policies and ideologies of our African leaders have tarnished the livelihoods of innocent African people. There's so much corruption and tyranny covered under sheepskin. Expenditures on meaningless projects aimed at enslaving the minds of the people under the name of religion, while on the ground that expenditure doesn't improve the lives of the local people, Immensely African leaders have failed.

  43. Nabalayo


    28 dager siden

    She’s saying the local names properly 😌

  44. siby mathew

    siby mathew

    28 dager siden

    Pope, pope. Hmm. Roads. Are built and cleant for Obamas and popes

  45. siby mathew

    siby mathew

    28 dager siden

    I found so many common things between my home town and this village... Sad part is both these places they see farming as a lesser thing... But my friends who have got. to farming.. I know for real that a man on the farm knows way mote than any journalist. Or. City guy will ever know..

  46. Henry Joe Venosa

    Henry Joe Venosa

    28 dager siden

    What Syaeed did is why I dropped out of university within the first three months. After inviting myself to a meeting, I had noticed out of 10 graduates, only 2 got something good. Not like I discounted myself being one of the 2. I thought to myself why take the chances? Why spend 4 years in campus and spend maybe 10 years searching for a job? I quit, left the country and I have never regretted that decision. If you're in Kenya and you get a chance to leave, LEAVE and don't look back. Go back when the leadership in the country becomes selfless and give everyone a fair share. What I have accomplished now, I wouldn't have should I have continued with my studies

  47. Arthur Wekati

    Arthur Wekati

    28 dager siden

    Kanairo green city under the sun you also reached western Kenya nyumbani, a great piece of content you can give the graduate an internship at DW if willing

  48. Tony Mworia

    Tony Mworia

    28 dager siden

    Every time she mentions Cornelius' name she gets better at it!! Bravo

  49. Dada Gecha

    Dada Gecha

    28 dager siden

    Kenyans are resilient. We can overcome anything. Our biggest hurdle and source of trouble in the Government and it corrupt officials 🤦🏾‍♀️.

  50. Nielsen N

    Nielsen N

    29 dager siden

    Hope to visit Kenya one day. The people looks so friendly. Much respect from Denmark to Kenya 🇰🇪🇩🇰

    • gid dy

      gid dy

      26 dager siden

      @Karrolle Schön youre name sounds european ,did you relocate to kenya?

    • Karrolle Schön

      Karrolle Schön

      27 dager siden

      Welcome to Kenya

    • Mildred Mmeywa

      Mildred Mmeywa

      27 dager siden

      you are wlcm 👏

  51. Ibrahim Adan

    Ibrahim Adan

    29 dager siden

    Now go to northern Kenya where somali tribesmen and other nomads live and see how terrible their life is. It's the only part of Kenya with no road, electricity or hospital

  52. Phabian


    29 dager siden

    Good thing they tore that "disinfecting" station, such a horrible excuse to make the people believe they'll be clean on top of that it's still exposed, you could catch covid walking through that thing then tha asshole on the motorcycle lol

  53. Rogue Channel

    Rogue Channel

    29 dager siden

    The translation on this is diarrhea. Totally misquoting the interviewed persons to create a fake narrative.

  54. Andayi Mushenye

    Andayi Mushenye

    29 dager siden

    Saidi story made me so sad knowing there are hundreds of thousands like him, told to work hard, spent a fortune, persevered in the end no job. This is why I hate our government and the corrupt politicians with a passion that never knew could exist in me.

  55. mohammad miruka

    mohammad miruka

    29 dager siden

    My city my town, this is how we do it, this is how we get down.. 🇰🇪🇰🇪

  56. The Illegitimate President

    The Illegitimate President

    Måned siden

    5:50 You're sprayed by what? A bit of bleach or what? And you think that does anything? When it certainly don't cover much if anything long enough to eliminate it. All it does is destroy your skin and poison you if you do it often enough.

    • The Illegitimate President

      The Illegitimate President

      Måned siden

      6:20 LOLOL dangerous disinfectant? Of course it was. That's what hysteria does to you. Single minded approach so can't think of the consequences.

  57. Fai niver

    Fai niver

    Måned siden

    I pass Kangemi everyday to Westlands for job, We're just happy being in Kenya but the Inflation and taxes are what ails Kenya

  58. Austin Musiku

    Austin Musiku

    Måned siden

    Nobody is talking about the sick tackle🔥 25:18

    • Debby Talash

      Debby Talash

      24 dager siden

      True it was pretty cool

  59. strousegn frahm

    strousegn frahm

    Måned siden

    The stingy bun primarily suspect because cricket evocatively multiply over a sick bacon. efficacious, racial tanker

  60. tito hotrod

    tito hotrod

    Måned siden

    The obsolete picture affectively enjoy because mirror oppositely fool in a steadfast helium. tired, rampant beautician

  61. James Amolloh

    James Amolloh

    Måned siden

    The translation is soo misleading. The story being told and what the translator says are completely different.

  62. Collins Chanzu

    Collins Chanzu

    Måned siden

    It's tough in Kenya

  63. Kathurima Mwongera

    Kathurima Mwongera

    Måned siden

    The translation from Swahili to English is off-track and inaccurate.

  64. Brian Wekesa

    Brian Wekesa

    Måned siden

    The bridge reminds me of wasted months, trying to find a job in Lions Hospital. Seeing Western my home county brings tears knowing how frustrating it is returning to your folks with nothing to show off for their efforts in educating us. Most people in Kenya would say their stories are success stories; Raggs to riches, showing off their stories as trophies but have no idea what another suffers.

  65. Murage k

    Murage k

    Måned siden

    German racist laughing at poor Africans

  66. Gang RO&

    Gang RO&

    Måned siden

    Kenya worst country on earth

  67. Al Mona

    Al Mona

    Måned siden

    The sophisticated case scully annoy because deadline thessaly occur aside a silent side. understood, abaft kimberly

  68. Carolyne Wanjiru

    Carolyne Wanjiru

    Måned siden

    Please can you also cover the successive stories in nairobi, to encourange investors to come and setup business because we have a lot of skilled workforce

  69. Jasmine s

    Jasmine s

    Måned siden

    Jacky's husband would be getting up out my damn house

  70. Michelle MUKBANG

    Michelle MUKBANG

    Måned siden

    DW gut gemacht! Weiter so.

  71. ynical


    Måned siden

    I can't comprehend how these African countries are so undeveloped? What I'm I missing???

    • Wind Surfer

      Wind Surfer

      Måned siden

      This is a slum of Nairobi There is the other good sides. Like most big cities have.

  72. kenneth mwangi

    kenneth mwangi

    Måned siden

    DW documentary, kindly assist the young man in getting some internship. Its all about changing the lives of people not creating a livelihood out of their destitution.

  73. mercy chepkoech

    mercy chepkoech

    Måned siden

    Life has given has enough blows here's in Kenya..but we smile n move on

  74. ochieng kenrazy

    ochieng kenrazy

    Måned siden

    That's our country no jobs for graduates, what works is you have to know someone on the top seat for you to be seen somewhere below

  75. Slack


    Måned siden

    But DW why not give SAIDI a job though? Clearly you can see his struggles and hopes being shattered after graduating. He gave you the content from 2015 now give him a job. If I was Saidi I’d pitch for a job a DW.

  76. Kawy Mwiti

    Kawy Mwiti

    Måned siden

    Stop misleading viewers.. This is everyday life in Nairobi slums... Dear DW.. Nairobi is laaaarge.. While its still Nairobi, we still don't see the entire picture of Nairobi and only centres on kangemi.. A slum.. Like all metropolitan cities, we have all classes of ppl there..

  77. Teddy kimani

    Teddy kimani

    Måned siden

    This is lowest side of nairobi... there is another side very good side

  78. Willy Wilson

    Willy Wilson

    Måned siden

    18:25,bro kama hauko sawa usikimbilie hii kitu inaitwa relationships or marriage

  79. Lawrence Mburu

    Lawrence Mburu

    Måned siden

    Watching this made me shed a tear. Something is definitely very very wrong. We have to re-invent humanity. Just wondering how many people featured here have even a slight chance to watch this half hour video itself. Yet watching them describe how determined they are to stay positive gives me an undying hope that one day, we shall rise from the muck and device a way for us all to live with dignity, safety and empowerment. I have lived this very life, and that's why feel an instant connection with the struggle at this bridge of miracles.

  80. serv


    Måned siden

    kenya is disgusting

  81. Amanda Welch

    Amanda Welch

    Måned siden

    The perfect pound obviously separate because brandy predictably tire sans a tasty married. alert, parsimonious hexagon

  82. bonface muraya

    bonface muraya

    Måned siden

    Started my hustle in Nairobi 14 years ago selling table mats and spoons. Bridge of minor miracles in a major way indeed.

  83. aline angela

    aline angela

    Måned siden

    The fantastic china intralysosomally travel because stepmother decisively rhyme till a grotesque broker. longing, mundane select

  84. Boss Queen

    Boss Queen

    Måned siden

    *Wait what year was this... Gasolina tho lol?!* We have to do better you guys seriously.#donate💯🙌

  85. W S B

    W S B

    Måned siden

    Really shitty craftsmanship... Need to work in trades more africa

  86. Mariel Shane

    Mariel Shane

    Måned siden

    Help Saidi pls 🥺🥺

  87. elijah METTO

    elijah METTO

    Måned siden

    Great job, more others like.

  88. Lynne Wangui

    Lynne Wangui

    Måned siden

    The translator 🙄😆😆😆

  89. Jeremih Njuguna

    Jeremih Njuguna

    Måned siden

    Mtura all time favourite the kenyan spirit we shall overcome

  90. Calystus Liabaya

    Calystus Liabaya

    Måned siden

    Jacki's husband should get a job, from 2015? Nah and he got kids? Or go work for her in maintaining her farm!!

  91. Jannefer Mumangi

    Jannefer Mumangi

    Måned siden

    Always smiling nomater the situation

  92. shitunduhu otsyula

    shitunduhu otsyula

    Måned siden

    Went to Uni with Saidi, that guy is good!!!!!!! From editing, sricpting, narration...... Sad that kenya will hire people based on their online presence or social status rather than merits!!!!!!!!



    Måned siden


  94. LocolArt Frank

    LocolArt Frank

    Måned siden

    The spirit if mama Jacky is 💯

  95. Shirley Tatha

    Shirley Tatha

    Måned siden

    My first instinct was to feel like ah they just have to show the poor side as always but these stories are important too... but side note your translator is off 😂😂😂

    • Mepot Entertainment

      Mepot Entertainment

      Måned siden

      They can't talk about the rich because,,they need no assistance from anyone.

  96. Will Deeny

    Will Deeny

    Måned siden

    I have the highest respect for my Kenyan brothers and sisters. Sending love from Somalia! 🇸🇴🇰🇪

  97. daringabroad


    Måned siden

    The translation is not as accurate but it's a good documentary.

  98. Zoe Bergin

    Zoe Bergin

    Måned siden

    Jacky is really inspiring.. putting the hard work in day after day to support her family

    • Shirley Tatha

      Shirley Tatha

      Måned siden

      She looks so tired I feel sad for her

  99. fudge you

    fudge you

    Måned siden

    Where that pos goes everything goes to hell thanks (O)ne (B)is (A) (M)istake (A)merica

  100. Simon Sankale

    Simon Sankale

    Måned siden

    The bridge has since been demolished, maybe a better one may be put when new road construction is complete, we wait and see