Formula Supra What Up? - BlackOut 2021 - Episode 4

Ryan Tuerck's Formula Supra project is still cool, but when will it be done? What's the scoop Tuerck? Well, we got some answers from Ryan and more in this episode of BlackOut from Gumout. Check it out!

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  1. Nicolas Vasconcelos

    Nicolas Vasconcelos

    Måned siden

    With the time attack are you going to add the aero kit

  2. Bryan Spilner

    Bryan Spilner

    2 måneder siden

    Y’all sure like to milk the fuck outta these

  3. Charles Walker

    Charles Walker

    2 måneder siden

    Is that a carbon HGK bodykit for Supra or something else?

    • Prev0k


      2 måneder siden

      that's the one

  4. Luke Stager

    Luke Stager

    2 måneder siden

    Where your wheel go at FD erie?

  5. advanRE7


    2 måneder siden

    5:37 HNNNNGGG

  6. AlexSerban


    2 måneder siden

    Imagine having that JUDD engine in a Corvette c7 :😍

  7. bo matt

    bo matt

    2 måneder siden

    Everything about this car is soo sick. I can’t wait to hear the JUDD and this thing zoomin around a track.

  8. Isaiah Ramirez

    Isaiah Ramirez

    2 måneder siden

    how do i get one of those shirts tuerck was wearing in the beginning?

  9. Archie and little bear

    Archie and little bear

    2 måneder siden

    That stout is so cool

  10. Ben Geisser

    Ben Geisser

    2 måneder siden

    Climb to the clouds?

  11. james moakes

    james moakes

    2 måneder siden

    Was at Goodwood last weekend, was truly an epic event.

  12. jane blogs

    jane blogs

    2 måneder siden

    5:09 steering wheel way too far away, your arms are fully outstretched while at 12 o'clock

  13. James Sierra

    James Sierra

    2 måneder siden

    My girl took my formula Supra shirt, RIP me

  14. TheCanadianBubba


    2 måneder siden


  15. Rob 69

    Rob 69

    2 måneder siden

    Half builds one car mean while forsberg built the altamaniac his grip z and rebuilt his pro car

  16. Vt Daodao

    Vt Daodao

    2 måneder siden

    man y o short video... we've been waiting for so kong

  17. Howee


    2 måneder siden

    This thing is just epic. It’s funny how you are all about jz’s yet have a Ferrari motor and now a Judd. Right at the end of the scale 😂 Can’t wait though!!

    • DuhDuh


      2 måneder siden

      JZ swap everything doesn't get you views

  18. Tk Talko

    Tk Talko

    2 måneder siden

    Too rad! 👍👍🤙

  19. Aaron Black

    Aaron Black

    2 måneder siden

    Such a sick build, I’d love to see this in person one day. The matte satin clear coat looks awesome too 🤙.

  20. Nostalgic_Pokemon_Memories


    2 måneder siden

    Nice im glad your taking the bmw engine out of it.

  21. Samuel Boone

    Samuel Boone

    2 måneder siden

    P.S. Please do a hill climb pull when the Formula Supra is done and not just Good Wood!

    • Eka Prasetya Abadi

      Eka Prasetya Abadi

      2 måneder siden

      Pikes peak hill climb or take it to the WTAC next time

  22. Samuel Boone

    Samuel Boone

    2 måneder siden

    Gotta love naturally aspirated hill climb screamers!

    • Adriigonzaalez


      2 måneder siden

      Naturally aspirated engines are not useful for hillclimb,they loose almost twice as much power when on the top of the mountain,they sound cool tho.🙃

  23. CHEWDOOB AutoMotive DetailTM

    CHEWDOOB AutoMotive DetailTM

    2 måneder siden


  24. Rey Anthony Guibone

    Rey Anthony Guibone

    2 måneder siden

    I've been waiting for

  25. Donna Donnalee

    Donna Donnalee

    2 måneder siden

    When is that pointless Corolla going to be finally retired ? It must be so obvious that the " Sports Cars " that it attempting to compete against have such superior aerodynamics and centre of gravity . It isn't cutting it and NOBODY can buy a RWD Corolla since the 80's anyway .....

    • Rob 69

      Rob 69

      2 måneder siden

      Probably when the new gt86 comes out or maybe a doubt he would get aasbo's current car when papadakis builds him a new one

    • Vincent Asher

      Vincent Asher

      2 måneder siden

      I have to agree, but only on the style aspect of the car. That Corolla is hideous! But you can’t deny, that car is a “finely tuned athletic machine.”

  26. Thomas Janssenthomas

    Thomas Janssenthomas

    2 måneder siden

    Supra is looking good i like IT 👍😍

  27. Roy Batty

    Roy Batty

    2 måneder siden

    So sick! Can’t wait.

  28. Stephens Herrera

    Stephens Herrera

    2 måneder siden

    that is the lip i am looking for

  29. FrankMurphy


    2 måneder siden

    I hope you can run for time on the hill and also do the driftkana as well.

  30. Alex Pack

    Alex Pack

    2 måneder siden

    Happy to see the update!

  31. LIHITO


    2 måneder siden

    The long wait is over😭

    • I'm not sure Why

      I'm not sure Why

      2 måneder siden

      Well....... We're still waiting

  32. Chris MacNeil

    Chris MacNeil

    2 måneder siden

    I'm just going to blame Zach Jopson at this point

  33. Roger That

    Roger That

    2 måneder siden

    Thanks for the update! Ryan and Chris are two very interesting progressional drivers! Very happy to see these updates and support from Gumout!