Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

Simon Cowell gives Nightbirde the Golden Buzzer after her beautiful performance of "It's Okay." Nightbirde chases her dreams and proves that she is so much more than her cancer!
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Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

America's Got Talent


  1. Soeurn Puthy

    Soeurn Puthy

    2 minutter siden

    You touched me so deeply with your beautiful song and your even more glorious spirit. God bless you and stay strong and keep spreading your positivity. The world needs you right now😍

  2. Evelyn Ruiz

    Evelyn Ruiz

    3 minutter siden

    God bless her heart 💖

  3. Odehye3 Ba TV Channel

    Odehye3 Ba TV Channel

    4 minutter siden

    She gives me hope 🙏

  4. Pramod production & Vlogs

    Pramod production & Vlogs

    6 minutter siden

    She's just a big inspiration, though life is unfair with her but still she is happy that's big thing ❤️❤️❤️ She know how to value every single moment ❤️❤️

  5. speakit


    8 minutter siden

    I have to watch this over and over again. She's so positive in life.



    11 minutter siden

    Please subcribe my you tube chaneell

  7. moon light

    moon light

    12 minutter siden

    Honestly, she is amazing and I think she is singing from her deepest ❤. She made me cry and how strong she is!May God help her ❤.

  8. Play with AK

    Play with AK

    16 minutter siden

    She is a real hero, cz people who know they are going to lose but still trying are real heroes 😘

  9. Up the Ante

    Up the Ante

    18 minutter siden

    It's O.K #22,285,826

  10. Roma Ruganry

    Roma Ruganry

    23 minutter siden

    Sedih kali 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 aku terharu Salam dari indonesia

  11. Kealan McCrarren

    Kealan McCrarren

    25 minutter siden

    Im not crying, you’re crying

  12. miszz dyana

    miszz dyana

    32 minutter siden

    Her voice remind me of hasley

  13. Jeremeah Andoy

    Jeremeah Andoy

    41 minutt siden

    I love this woman, she inspire me ♥ ilove her

  14. Sahand Salih

    Sahand Salih

    47 minutter siden

    If ellen wan't gay then I would say this girl is her daughter

  15. Ganga Prasad Tiwari

    Ganga Prasad Tiwari

    54 minutter siden

    Mu wishes with you.... You are really best......



    54 minutter siden

    Me being sad In my head:its ok its ok Feeling strong and happy Saying thank you

  17. James Ang

    James Ang

    55 minutter siden

    You know it's good when the audience took 5 seconds to come out of the mesmerized state before giving a standing ovation..

  18. Ronn Hogann

    Ronn Hogann

    56 minutter siden


  19. SS L

    SS L

    58 minutter siden


  20. Ahika Art

    Ahika Art

    Time siden


  21. Simo Marzan

    Simo Marzan

    Time siden

    It's OK 🙆

  22. Chloe Ann Estrada

    Chloe Ann Estrada

    Time siden




    Time siden

    Love her voice perfectly

  24. Rowan Duxbury

    Rowan Duxbury

    Time siden

    So Beautiful. Wow! Totally heart opening voice and experience. What a truly amazing Soul!!

  25. Richard Peralez

    Richard Peralez

    Time siden

    Only in the depth of the Darknezz before you can you only see a Light brighter than anything you shall over come... I've seen this Light once.. I been searching for it ever since...

  26. deegayu abeysekera

    deegayu abeysekera

    Time siden

    God please recover this lady

  27. Mr DMc

    Mr DMc

    Time siden

    5:11. You are welcome

  28. Karolina


    Time siden

    Beautiful, young, talented. Too bad life is so unfair. I'm touched. Beautiful song , much health . 🇵🇱

  29. simon wang

    simon wang

    Time siden

    The eminent cactus beautifully mate because report considerably handle given a perfect shovel. befitting, early cucumber

  30. Harrison Goenawan

    Harrison Goenawan

    Time siden

    she sounds like Halsey ngl

  31. Joe Maria

    Joe Maria

    2 timer siden

    Grown men shouldn't cry?

  32. NickyW


    2 timer siden

    This precious lady is beautiful and wise and has the most fabulous voice...just wow! ❤️🔥 Here’s the thing, none of us gets out of this world alive…none of us is even guaranteed tomorrow…what my own journey through cancer taught me is to get on with living TODAY. My strongest encouragement to anyone reading this: make plans if you will, but please, please give yourself permission to truly live and love and laugh TODAY. ❤️👍

  33. L Edirisinghe

    L Edirisinghe

    2 timer siden


  34. msn140


    2 timer siden

    This is new ? Or corona is gone in Amerika ?🤔

  35. Denis Kang

    Denis Kang

    2 timer siden


  36. Usher Rohan

    Usher Rohan

    2 timer siden

    Nightbirde is my inspiration..I realized that the most powerful in this world that we could have is our mindset..This kind of happiness will never be perished and Heaven will always inside of us if we decide.

  37. Ajmal Samkanay

    Ajmal Samkanay

    2 timer siden

    People should learn from her how to be strong wow ❤️

  38. chandana marasinghe

    chandana marasinghe

    2 timer siden

    If she can write two new songs titled 1. Happy 2. Remember Would be amazing.

  39. Katina Botten

    Katina Botten

    2 timer siden

    God forgive me for saying this, but is she lying about having cancer? The reason why i say this, is i just watched another short video of her sitting on the floor and she is holding up a sign that reads “Im cancer free” she also says she will do anything for attention

    • Sweet Potato

      Sweet Potato

      10 minutter siden

      Please check this out to know the actual truth. :)

    • THE BEST

      THE BEST

      Time siden

      @Katina Botten may God forgive you smh 🤮🤮🤮

    • Katina Botten

      Katina Botten

      Time siden

      @Arkadiusz Baginski if she in fact is lying about having cancer to get attention, it would now make sense her saying, “2% is something, better than 0%” and she seems unfazed

    • Arkadiusz Baginski

      Arkadiusz Baginski

      2 timer siden

      yes but after that this is new cancer

  40. Sam Zak

    Sam Zak

    2 timer siden

    She sounds like Ellie Goulding

  41. Ariey Sae

    Ariey Sae

    2 timer siden

    covid is nothing there??

  42. alexa 1

    alexa 1

    2 timer siden

    Such a powerful message. Listen twice a day morning and night recommended 🥲🥲🥲

  43. Marubini Mutavhatsindi

    Marubini Mutavhatsindi

    2 timer siden

    This is so beautiful to watch and yet so emotional. ❤️

  44. Fezan Bhatti

    Fezan Bhatti

    2 timer siden

    That made me very emotional. Simon never gets too emotional easily. So got something special and powerful.

  45. Jamie Marie

    Jamie Marie

    2 timer siden

    Why does cancer take the people we still need and want especially when they are so young?

  46. Jerome Cama

    Jerome Cama

    2 timer siden

    I don't know what to say but THANK YOU! My eyes are covered with tears but my heart is Happy. Just like one of the comments here: Thank you for reminding us that Happiness is a choice.

  47. INPKielce


    2 timer siden

    The waiting activity disappointingly pray because shoemaker assembly chase amongst a capable step-brother. coherent, jaded brand

  48. sharon sherry

    sharon sherry

    2 timer siden

    If only NOnet would count how many times I've watched this then it would get to 30 million views. Jane is such an angel in every way.

  49. Web Design by Brandon McCloskey

    Web Design by Brandon McCloskey

    3 timer siden

    Lost count of how many times I've replayed her singing the song.. So amazing.

  50. Justin Abiva

    Justin Abiva

    3 timer siden

    What a beautiful soul. The way she was up there before she was just about to sing, you can tell she was embracing this moment on stage!

  51. Nastajane


    3 timer siden

    "I am so much more than bad things that happen to me",Nightbirde . June 2021

  52. Elisa Indrawati

    Elisa Indrawati

    3 timer siden

    I can feel the hope and the lights that this song brought. It really is comes from her heart.

  53. Rob Maynard

    Rob Maynard

    3 timer siden

    If you want to hear more from her go on Spotify she has a dance version of this song along with two more songs New Year's Eve and Girl in a Bubble. I pray to God she wins but if she doesn't get her on the Voice she deserves a recording contract. Jane you are a awesome person and a inspiration to everyone.🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  54. neelam saini

    neelam saini

    3 timer siden


  55. Banuka Kumarathilake

    Banuka Kumarathilake

    3 timer siden

    Have you ever felt ashamed after spending so much time on NOnet? 🤔 Anyone?



    3 timer siden

    This is my best NOnet video in my life

  57. Trinh Tran trinh

    Trinh Tran trinh

    3 timer siden

    2% chance of survival...ah no. She is amazing

  58. Shivam Rai

    Shivam Rai

    3 timer siden

    Those words just made everything stop around me. I have woken up from ages of numbness. Thank you dear! It's OK

  59. Sp_Aka Dmnd

    Sp_Aka Dmnd

    3 timer siden

    How can people dislike this video like what is wrong with it. Their is something wrong with you

  60. Pudding


    3 timer siden

    whew.... goosebumps everywhere aa ❤️❤️

  61. ignacio rojas

    ignacio rojas

    3 timer siden

    You give me 100 years of life more than everything did, thank god or the universe that I find you in my way, for real thanks a lot

  62. nothing special

    nothing special

    3 timer siden

    Wow im so into it cause im in same situation Be strong!! I will do. . .

  63. Pudding


    3 timer siden

    I feel like she's a robot...

  64. Rick Davis

    Rick Davis

    3 timer siden

    Damn onions....

  65. Hasintha cu5688

    Hasintha cu5688

    3 timer siden

    සියත fm එකේ අරා ගේ කතාව අහලා මේක බලන්න ආවේ කව්ද?.

  66. Kay Kay

    Kay Kay

    3 timer siden

    I cried much. She has beautiful face. I need more her video

  67. Deshan Nadeera

    Deshan Nadeera

    3 timer siden

    God gives that 2% for you show who you did that, and now god will give you the rest 98%...we pray for you 🙏

  68. Juliaman Hutabarat

    Juliaman Hutabarat

    3 timer siden

    Everytime watching repeatedly this clip, it is like I could see God whispers to her, "hei Jane, this is a surprise , just a tip of , there are more to come.. " bless you Sis, strange isn't it, in several minutes you have preached to us , to the world , about hope ... the more we knew about your life from your twitter, ig and blogs, the more we could learn how to appreciate live and gratitude for the One who gives lives.. you give us beautiful testimonies from your tests / sufferings.. GBU 🔥🔥♥️♥️

    • MJ C Diaz

      MJ C Diaz

      2 timer siden

      sir,,can you help me with your extras please, I’m really in the situation that really down and nowhere to ask here in the Phil’s,

  69. Andrew H

    Andrew H

    3 timer siden

    Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  70. humanity won

    humanity won

    3 timer siden

    What a feeeeeela

  71. Leila Daligues

    Leila Daligues

    3 timer siden

    You're an angel 👼

  72. himura san

    himura san

    3 timer siden

    thank simon you make someone more blessed

  73. Gracia Igeta

    Gracia Igeta

    3 timer siden

    Nice voice! You make me Cry Ty for you Song Make me Inspired in these Pandemic time..Im Lonely GODBLESS YOU PRAYING FOR FAST RECOVERY GOD WILL HEAL YOU

  74. Linda Long

    Linda Long

    3 timer siden

    2% She only had 2%... I'm hoping some very well-known cancer specialist can step in and see if they can raise that 2% to so much more so she could live several more years at least.. xo

  75. Vivi Tan

    Vivi Tan

    3 timer siden

    Her face... is the same when my got one too... almost black... but her eye still bright ... bless u 🙏🙏🙏

  76. Kansiime Rest

    Kansiime Rest

    4 timer siden

    She just torn me me down the

  77. YeLLow-T


    4 timer siden

    You deserve this girl 😢

  78. Gabi Spiro

    Gabi Spiro

    4 timer siden

    It’s so sweet Bc Sofia vergara had cancer when she was young

  79. Edward James

    Edward James

    4 timer siden

    Who the people is giving dislike to this video

  80. John Doe

    John Doe

    4 timer siden

    Umm.. looked like it was lip synced... beautiful, but looked like it was a recording. Love it.. but...

  81. IhsanAhmadTube


    4 timer siden


  82. noe garcia

    noe garcia

    4 timer siden

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  83. Mak cay

    Mak cay

    4 timer siden

    Even though you go through big troubles, you are a great girl, a great singer, you have an extraordinary performance.

  84. Bonavie Pulong

    Bonavie Pulong

    4 timer siden

    She is an inspiration for all ,,I love the song she sing ,It's All right 💖💖💖💖

  85. Tài Huỳnh văn

    Tài Huỳnh văn

    4 timer siden

    Hay quá

  86. Mehmet Emin

    Mehmet Emin

    4 timer siden

    it does not matter how long you have lived, the life is just one moment that you are in...

  87. Edward Franklin

    Edward Franklin

    4 timer siden

    Her voice reminds me of Halsey. She’s so talented, and her song is touching.

  88. Juralyn Caagay

    Juralyn Caagay

    4 timer siden

    2 percent is not zero percent...i kept on watching over and over again..but still cant hold my tears amazing she is...dealing with 3 cancers but still positive praying.for some.meracles godbless you 😘😘😘

  89. Lovely Dreams

    Lovely Dreams

    4 timer siden




    4 timer siden


  91. Daniel Smith

    Daniel Smith

    4 timer siden

    Go to ya

  92. Emily An

    Emily An

    4 timer siden

    there is hope. Truly a unique shining star in the universe.

  93. Human rayzz

    Human rayzz

    4 timer siden

    why am i crying?

  94. Nuel Bads

    Nuel Bads

    4 timer siden

    It’s ok to cry 😭 ❤️

  95. Alane Lane

    Alane Lane

    4 timer siden

    Wow what a beautiful song and soul. So pretty.

  96. Ronnie Wolfe

    Ronnie Wolfe

    4 timer siden

    I'm a recovering addict. I been down lately. I heard this tonight and it brought tears to my eyes. It was soulfully beautiful. Her message means so many ch when she is going through what she is. Thank you Nightbirde.

    • Emily An

      Emily An

      4 timer siden

      She’s 30 but i literally thought she was 16 😨

  97. Noé Ndongala Mvika Noé

    Noé Ndongala Mvika Noé

    4 timer siden

    Ela merece e muito mais.

  98. Amalia Putri

    Amalia Putri

    4 timer siden

    plss aku nangisss