Good Guy Germany Rebranding in Hearts of Iron 4

How Germany became the Good Guy of Europe
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The challenge is to play as Germany and rebrand ourselves.
- Play as Germany
- historical
- Ironman
- Rebrand
What did I do wrong, what did I do right? What should my next challenge be. Let me know in the comments.
Hearts of Iron IV Germany.
hoi4 Germany challenge
hearts of Iron IV challenge
hearts of iron 4 challenge
hoi4 challenge
Hearts of Iron IV Germany challenge
Hearts of Iron IV Germany


  1. Tedger


    9 timer siden

    and defending countries didnt find out the formulae... hmmm.. should we defend against those paras?.. .nah.. they will not use them..

  2. Daniel Kaehler

    Daniel Kaehler

    Dag siden

    Why did this video make me so happy? Maybe the ending ;)

  3. Peter K6C

    Peter K6C

    2 dager siden

    Sadly the joke about EU at the end is so true. EU is nothing else than rebranded "Democratic and free" third reich.

  4. Tenacious D Fan

    Tenacious D Fan

    2 dager siden

    Just WOW

  5. SeDevri


    2 dager siden

    I hate that i suck at this game

  6. FeliNix v2

    FeliNix v2

    2 dager siden


  7. Flamingo XE

    Flamingo XE

    2 dager siden

    When the Villain lives long enough to see himself become the hero

  8. Reza


    3 dager siden


  9. Gulden


    6 dager siden

    "We are democratic, with free elections!" "Next election: March 1937" Year is 1940

  10. Nova Otaku

    Nova Otaku

    6 dager siden

    Time Traveler: Hitler, what if I told you that you could conquer the world, without being hated by everyone Hitler: ... Maybe I don't want to be the bad guy



    6 dager siden

    whi Romania whi

  12. Travis Macchesney

    Travis Macchesney

    6 dager siden

    Wait howd he get more paratroopers?

  13. Ny de

    Ny de

    6 dager siden

    Well.. thats how I imagine God... just a calm voice, a world map and a cursor.

  14. tj. youtube

    tj. youtube

    7 dager siden

    Do you play with any mods or adons? There are a few features I miss in my game😅

    • Não Sei 2.0

      Não Sei 2.0

      7 dager siden

      He's probably using DLCs

  15. jan bulíř

    jan bulíř

    7 dager siden

    Lol thats funny beccause its true

  16. ReddyDaApple


    8 dager siden

    annex tannu tuva as luxembourg

  17. m n

    m n

    8 dager siden

    Taureor, why dont you play the BICE mod? It adds incredible layer of depth to the game.

  18. x_xbananasmilex_x


    8 dager siden

    cool fact piss and shit

  19. LesSekler


    8 dager siden

    I've found this documentary about the origins of EU fascinating.

  20. Duck Soup

    Duck Soup

    9 dager siden

    He sounded like a good guy, until the end.

  21. DrewPicklesTheDark


    9 dager siden

    "Now that we are democratic we are the good guys." Kim Dynasty: You know we are something of good guys ourselves.

  22. Tudor V.

    Tudor V.

    11 dager siden


  23. Glen McGillivray

    Glen McGillivray

    11 dager siden

    War: send in the troops we will defeat our foes on the battlefield. Hoi: Germans are raining from the sky and taking control of the rail hubs and important cities! Quickly surrender everything! Reality: civilians fighting back to defend their cities.

    • Dan Kelly

      Dan Kelly

      8 dager siden

      @Glen McGillivray Now you are talking about real life. Make up your mind.

    • Glen McGillivray

      Glen McGillivray

      9 dager siden

      @Dan Kelly this far the only people to succeed in destroying entire cities with bombers are the Allies Germany bombed london for months, and London still stands. The terror of air support is the feeling of inability to defend yourself far beyond the actual damage that can be done. After all if you can see the threat clearly you are in serious danger. The fact that a plane only carries a few bombs: with limited area effect, and there are only a few planes? None of this matters. You see a threat. A deadly threat. And you cannot see friendly fighters chasing or harassing the attacking bombers. One reason for the spirit of the blitz as opposed to the terror of the zeppelin raids was Britons knew thanks to the media. Of the busy activities of their fighter pilots. They could witness downed hostile attackers. They could see the damage wasn't really that far reaching. And so they fought on. Only the Allies ever had bombing fleets big enough to destroy cities. Even the nukes just obliterated the central city. The radiation spread was far more devastating. But yes. If you parachute in a single division of infantry into an undefended city. The civilians will probably stand up for themselves.

    • Dan Kelly

      Dan Kelly

      9 dager siden

      ...until they get bombed into the Stone Age.

  24. سعد:١٢ حرب:١٢

    سعد:١٢ حرب:١٢

    12 dager siden

    كفو والله انك

  25. Norsk


    13 dager siden

    Play as New Zealand and beat up Japan

  26. Christopher Armstrong

    Christopher Armstrong

    13 dager siden

    Could do a challenge video with Wales please? Like "takeover Europe". As it is easier with fascist/communist ideology. The challenge would be to stay democratic/unaligned

  27. Abdurauf Karaev

    Abdurauf Karaev

    14 dager siden

    Play as Tajikistan and take over everything in Asia and and North Africa

  28. Iceborn77


    14 dager siden

    Was "Bring back my guys" a reference to RuPaul? :D

  29. mgoc1979


    14 dager siden

    Poland: Ammmm... Anything happening near our borders? Nah... Oh, hello there EU.

  30. Márton Füst

    Márton Füst

    15 dager siden

    Play as hungary and take back the post Trianon territories!

    • Gianco Castillo

      Gianco Castillo

      12 dager siden

      I think he already did that

  31. Bartosz Baran

    Bartosz Baran

    15 dager siden


  32. aliance generála

    aliance generála

    16 dager siden

    Game name plssss

    • Sebastian Zalazinski

      Sebastian Zalazinski

      16 dager siden

      Hearts of iron 4

  33. E C H I L L A O I

    E C H I L L A O I

    16 dager siden

    Hey taureor, im new to hoi4 and i was wondering what the main differences between fascism and communism are, is it just alliance options?

  34. Lord Inquisitor Stefan Austerius

    Lord Inquisitor Stefan Austerius

    17 dager siden

    "We're going to be friends with Joseph" Your sinister voice tells me otherwise.

  35. Jommy Davi

    Jommy Davi

    17 dager siden

    Taureor's channel is HOI4 Onlyfans

  36. edu76453


    17 dager siden

    thats smart they cant invade normandy if normandy isnt germany

  37. просто рак AoC2

    просто рак AoC2

    18 dager siden

    Rhineland - no Conquer world - yeah

  38. Arasev_ HD

    Arasev_ HD

    18 dager siden

    What mods is he playing?

    • Gianco Castillo

      Gianco Castillo

      12 dager siden

      Base game with all DLC

  39. Naim_Maiz


    18 dager siden

    my paratroopers dont jump :((

  40. Larry Hunzel

    Larry Hunzel

    18 dager siden

    I find it very funny that you are polish but when you speak German it either sounds very authentic or like you have a very thick American accent but never polish at all

  41. Luca Marano :

    Luca Marano :

    18 dager siden

    Challenge: Ecuador conqueres Switzerland

  42. Lachlan Dunwoodie

    Lachlan Dunwoodie

    18 dager siden

    Nz takes all of the commonwealth

  43. blackzone51fire


    18 dager siden

    do Greece and conquer Europe but not rushing at all just wait till 1939

  44. Michael Heath

    Michael Heath

    18 dager siden

    "Do you still hate me? You do?! Well Joseph doesn't! He Listens! He understands! He appreciates! We're going to be good friends with Joseph!" - Taureor 2021. LMAO...Good old Uncle Joe...

  45. Highway Star

    Highway Star

    19 dager siden

    Bruh, make Reaction on Poland Rework.

  46. Canzuk CANZUK

    Canzuk CANZUK

    19 dager siden

    The uk is NOT a member of the Eu! This is utter rubbish!

  47. Mr Gaming

    Mr Gaming

    19 dager siden

    Can you play Poland again when the new dlc comes out

  48. Zroober


    19 dager siden

    Play as Ukraine and annex ussr

  49. Maximiliano Honores

    Maximiliano Honores

    19 dager siden

    Can't wait for Taureor to play the reworked Polish tree and tell us histories of his childhood.

  50. Gabrijel Jelić

    Gabrijel Jelić

    19 dager siden

    Challenge: conquer Africa with ethiopia

  51. Shekelberg


    19 dager siden

    "How to become the good guy as Germany" >open hoi4 >start Germany game "That's it, thanks for watching!"

  52. Anders Schulze

    Anders Schulze

    19 dager siden

    I formed eu without starting ww2

  53. Anthony btw.

    Anthony btw.

    19 dager siden

    Pls help me,opposite Hitler is Not there i dont unterstand that can you help me?

    • Gianco Castillo

      Gianco Castillo

      12 dager siden

      @Anthony btw. You need waking the tiger DLC

    • Synthetic Technocrat

      Synthetic Technocrat

      14 dager siden

      @Anthony btw. You need to buy DLCs, it costs extra money. Quite expensive if you want all the Hoi4 DLCs. Though if you wait for a sale, you can get it somewhat cheaper

    • Anthony btw.

      Anthony btw.

      15 dager siden

      @Synthetic Technocrat Unfortunately, that doesn't exist for me. Can I add that back somehow?

    • Synthetic Technocrat

      Synthetic Technocrat

      15 dager siden

      That part of the focus tree requires a DLC

  54. Zhang Hailong

    Zhang Hailong

    20 dager siden

    Afghanistan annexes USA and try not to get demonetized

  55. Mongolium


    20 dager siden

    This is beautiful.

  56. gbogpav


    20 dager siden

    Here's a challenge, play as yemen and conquer africa and asia (or the whole world) on non historical AI.

  57. _Trein


    20 dager siden

    "Europe is black"

  58. materysak cz

    materysak cz

    20 dager siden

    try to play as czechoslovakia and try to congerr Erop on Elite

  59. crqf2010ruler


    20 dager siden

    In speed 2 it looks like you're rapping. Nice.

  60. Xneoble


    20 dager siden

    I was trying this my self and I forgot one step and it ruined the game and my pc runs VERY SLOW! Check before you try twice at least or you might ruin it all.

    • Gianco Castillo

      Gianco Castillo

      12 dager siden

      Try and set your graphics to the minimun level possible

  61. ja ja

    ja ja

    20 dager siden

    Nagrasz kiedyś odcinek po polsku? Pozdrawiam

  62. Ben Kasprzak

    Ben Kasprzak

    20 dager siden

    You should try to do tanks only as Germany in 1936

  63. It ain't Original

    It ain't Original

    20 dager siden

    Ever smashed through the maginot with troops and artillery only no tanks or planes to help just ppl and howitzers

  64. Darik Michelle

    Darik Michelle

    20 dager siden

    Hearts of Iron 4 Challenge: Trotsky takes revenge on Stalin from Turkey and france

  65. Ludger Lu

    Ludger Lu

    21 dag siden

    I would love to drink a beer with you

  66. sne4k


    21 dag siden

    Taureror will you ever record something on Taureror PL channel?

  67. Danny !

    Danny !

    21 dag siden


  68. Commissar Kordoshky

    Commissar Kordoshky

    21 dag siden

    Pony xD

  69. T1ck


    21 dag siden

    he is making videos for 14 years straight, respect

  70. Larry_-_1991


    21 dag siden

    take switzerland and do nothing till 48

  71. pa12345u


    21 dag siden

    Poland cannot into EU.

  72. Savage


    21 dag siden

    «Good guy germany» Shows up as imperialist evil european union lol

  73. Fat Chins

    Fat Chins

    21 dag siden

    "i am expendable a tool for his plans, to kill as is needed and to die as he Demands" -German Guardsman 1936

  74. Diti Geiii

    Diti Geiii

    21 dag siden

    Заебись рекомендации

  75. Patrique


    21 dag siden

    you could do the miedzymorze proposal of 1935

  76. TrangleC


    22 dager siden

    The first time I played the game as Germany, I supported Fascist movements in neighboring countries, thinking that they would ally themselves with me and I could thus focus on fighting the Soviets in peace, but then I was suddenly invaded by the Fascist Netherlands while I was busy fighting in the East.

  77. Martin Michalik

    Martin Michalik

    22 dager siden

    You should do a challange with conquerning whole Europe fron Ireland.

  78. Kinggundragon


    22 dager siden

    Wonder if its possible to have the Kaiser as the leader of the European Union.

    • Kinggundragon


      12 dager siden

      @Gianco Castillo I'm thinking the best way to do it is to play mp and have some one subvert your government. Then go for the kaiser afterwards

    • Gianco Castillo

      Gianco Castillo

      12 dager siden

      It may be, you will need ot first do return of the kaiser and then probably do the impossible taks to go democratic without the democratic reformer. But it is possible to do european union as france and then go monarchist or also form the european unions as fascist UK

  79. Maksym Hnatyuk

    Maksym Hnatyuk

    22 dager siden

    Please, can you beat up soviet union as ukraine? u can play her same way as iceland.

  80. DBD


    22 dager siden

    goes from the bad guys. To the good guys. Then back to the bad guys. EU is just as bad as Nazi Germany

  81. ThisIsNotAlex


    22 dager siden

    Bro have you ever been mad in your entire life? Your voice is so calming

  82. tylermech66


    22 dager siden

    don't you not have to invade Austria if you go democratic? they'll just vote to join Germany if you improve relations won't they?

  83. Ludwig von Rothenberg

    Ludwig von Rothenberg

    22 dager siden

    Yo just like real life

  84. Ai Robot

    Ai Robot

    22 dager siden

    Me and the smart boys conquering the world

  85. Torin Jones

    Torin Jones

    22 dager siden

    I guess if you think the EU is good then yes

  86. erijon basha

    erijon basha

    22 dager siden

    Honestly this channel deserves waaay more than 195k subs

  87. # Garrett the Thief

    # Garrett the Thief

    22 dager siden

    missleading title

  88. harold hahn

    harold hahn

    22 dager siden

    What is the point of this pipe dream?

  89. Broncort1


    22 dager siden


  90. AlphaName


    22 dager siden

    Play more minecraft pls

  91. Marcus Byrd

    Marcus Byrd

    22 dager siden

    Thanks for this, I was really having trouble winning the German Civil War. /s

  92. Killerbee47


    22 dager siden

    Taureor needs to start naming sky germans "airyans"

  93. Tariq Sidney

    Tariq Sidney

    22 dager siden

    when prodution Greece was ehiter fasit,commusion,dmecrag

  94. Dolkens Livs

    Dolkens Livs

    22 dager siden


  95. Tokito 9 0

    Tokito 9 0

    23 dager siden

    Jey a world war germany won

  96. Villager Number 69

    Villager Number 69

    23 dager siden

    You sounds like you just conquered europe in a day

  97. Svalbaz Games

    Svalbaz Games

    23 dager siden

    As a Yorkshireman who loves Yorkshire Tea, your Joke was very very funny

  98. Silinator


    23 dager siden

    You could rebouild the Kalmar Union maybe.

  99. Donkey Mac

    Donkey Mac

    23 dager siden

    "Europe is black"

  100. Eren Samet Karataş

    Eren Samet Karataş

    23 dager siden

    Are you excited about the Poland update?