Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts

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  1. Ivano Bodrusic

    Ivano Bodrusic

    2 minutter siden

    these comments are violations

  2. worldfarmer hallway

    worldfarmer hallway

    36 minutter siden

    He was supposed to wait for the clue to get a little harder so it would work

  3. Deathwish-the-awesome :-

    Deathwish-the-awesome :-

    57 minutter siden

    Use a hot tea kettle get a plunger to pour the hot water on the dent and use the plunger to suck it back so it’s not a dent try it

  4. Muffin


    59 minutter siden

    Sir Theirs no such thing as *STICK INSTANT GLUE STICK* but theirs something called *COOLING DOWN YOUR GLUE*

  5. Francisco BW

    Francisco BW

    Time siden

    You stupid,let the glue dry wtf

  6. Deano


    Time siden

    This guy is useless.

  7. nowonmetube


    Time siden

    5 minute crafts is misleading and fake scam!

  8. WeChallenge


    2 timer siden

    99.9% of info on 5 minute crafts videos are blatant lies, and anyone who would try anything the channel purports to be real, are wasting their time energy and money trying to repeat the tasks in their videos, with actual positive results. NOnet will allow these usually obvious blatant lies to be hosted, and never call them out for not being factual. Where are the fact checkers You Tube? You were paying for them to fact check every Republican comment during the US 2020 election. Why don't you have them fact check blatant liars like 5 minure crafts? I'll tell you why,, NOnet make money off the lies these hacks tell as if they were true, and are not interested in fact checking them because they are not political rivals with the 5 minute crafts channel.



    2 timer siden

    Five minute crafts is fake all of it

  10. Alejandro Panes

    Alejandro Panes

    2 timer siden


  11. JohnPaul Avillanoza

    JohnPaul Avillanoza

    2 timer siden

    And this is why u need common sense

  12. BeefyIsHere-Brawl Stars

    BeefyIsHere-Brawl Stars

    2 timer siden

    Bro these comments are fucking gold, the only reason why videos like this are good because of the comments😂😂

  13. Dinith Dias

    Dinith Dias

    2 timer siden

    Bruh let the freaking silicon sticks to cool down....jeez u idiot 😂

  14. anthony cruz

    anthony cruz

    2 timer siden

    Use your head boy.. follow instructions

  15. Maxwell Notar

    Maxwell Notar

    3 timer siden

    Did you wait for the glue to dry?

  16. Hens1i


    3 timer siden

    My guy pulled it off and the glue was still dripping🤦🏻

  17. Hens1i


    3 timer siden

    Bro really put the glue stick on there while it was still melted and wondered why it didn’t pull the dent out, like bro you’re still using jello at that point, let it sit for a more than 30 seconds

  18. Bloop


    3 timer siden

    Well even if it did work youde have to scrape it off your car and scratch it😃👏



    3 timer siden

    Подождал бы

  20. Jacy Zuleeka Derene M. Hapay

    Jacy Zuleeka Derene M. Hapay

    3 timer siden

    I think u have to get hot water and pour it into the dent



    3 timer siden

    Man what a poopy bun. Could have done that bat thing earlier !! Before giving a bigger dent

  22. TheFatManZ


    3 timer siden

    Wow stoopid Wait Until It Getting Cool You Imbisle

  23. Clash The Reaper

    Clash The Reaper

    4 timer siden

    This is the type of guy to only brush his teeth once a week and wonder why his breath smells so bad

  24. Radja campus

    Radja campus

    4 timer siden

    Wc weapon work it

  25. Weeb


    4 timer siden

    U have to heat up the dent first so you can pull it

  26. gecko441


    4 timer siden

    Another aderall addicted kid who cant even wait for the glue to dry. Wow

  27. Nadie


    4 timer siden

    Bro so stupid

  28. Bosman chanel -Bocah senang Mancing-

    Bosman chanel -Bocah senang Mancing-

    4 timer siden

    Wait dry and cool

  29. Universal Taxi

    Universal Taxi

    5 timer siden

    Why would anyone believe 5 minute crafts, honestly their attempts at lying is 5 minute craps

  30. Amelia Brittain

    Amelia Brittain

    5 timer siden

    You gotta let the glue cool down bruh? You clearly ripped it off as soon as you put it on, there is no way that would work since it’s still liquidy.

  31. Edz Channel

    Edz Channel

    5 timer siden

    Use your brain a little.. Thats all i had to say

  32. wicked


    6 timer siden


  33. Suratmin Suratmin

    Suratmin Suratmin

    6 timer siden


  34. Gabley Yotabl

    Gabley Yotabl

    6 timer siden

    U need to wait longer

  35. Zoofs Almighty

    Zoofs Almighty

    6 timer siden

    This is a video that proves five min. Crafts are a hunk of BULLSH*T

  36. Buncappy


    6 timer siden

    You’re the type of kid why hell exists

  37. Jayden ryce

    Jayden ryce

    6 timer siden

    Wait for it to dry

  38. Yh _Tytus

    Yh _Tytus

    6 timer siden

    I just came to the comics and immediately start dying😂😂

  39. Lana DelMerchPvtos

    Lana DelMerchPvtos

    7 timer siden

    You had to let it dry bro like wtf also looks super fake

  40. Oscar Aparejado

    Oscar Aparejado

    7 timer siden

    Stupid you make dent on the hardest part of the car..

  41. billy Tetengean

    billy Tetengean

    7 timer siden

    Let It Cool..u Stupid

  42. J T

    J T

    7 timer siden

    use a plunger

  43. Shiekh Waleed Mir Al-Protein

    Shiekh Waleed Mir Al-Protein

    7 timer siden

    The real question is, how do u remove the glue? U chip it off, u scratch the paint. U heat it, u damage the paint!

  44. Calvin Quimo

    Calvin Quimo

    7 timer siden

    Fail master

  45. Antony Yap

    Antony Yap

    7 timer siden

    Let it cool down first 🤦🏻

  46. D4RK_HaLø 45

    D4RK_HaLø 45

    7 timer siden

    I use a plunger to unbreak the dent😅

  47. oliver baltussen

    oliver baltussen

    7 timer siden

    do hot water and a plunger

  48. Mark Meyer

    Mark Meyer

    7 timer siden

    My dude is sitting here trying to use hot glue like it sticks instantly and clearly doesnt seem to want to use their understanding of heat transfer

  49. Velin Sevven

    Velin Sevven

    7 timer siden

    Bruh, just use a plunger

  50. Jonathan Correia

    Jonathan Correia

    7 timer siden

    Hahaha im dyinf

  51. Naomi Tanoko1

    Naomi Tanoko1

    7 timer siden

    You have to wait a little longer

  52. Favorite Toons

    Favorite Toons

    8 timer siden

    Thanx for showing me the results of blindly following internet🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  53. Mihail Yuhasz

    Mihail Yuhasz

    8 timer siden

    F*** five min crafts they dont work

  54. Manuel Medijuano

    Manuel Medijuano

    8 timer siden

    You have to let the glue sticks cool off

  55. Rajiv Phillips

    Rajiv Phillips

    8 timer siden

    Tbh u need more glue sticks

  56. CourtneyYT


    8 timer siden

    Hot water and a plunger :)

  57. Julrince Kyle Sanglad

    Julrince Kyle Sanglad

    9 timer siden


  58. otavio fernandes

    otavio fernandes

    9 timer siden

    Lol rip car

  59. Crafting hours

    Crafting hours

    9 timer siden

    You should wait 2 min to let the glue dry

  60. Clayton Hill

    Clayton Hill

    9 timer siden

    Dumb idea anyway, but did you try letting it cool? Idiot was just faking stupid to show off his car

  61. Jay Murk

    Jay Murk

    9 timer siden

    Boil Some Water Pour It On The Dent & Use A Plunger

  62. Boneless bananna

    Boneless bananna

    9 timer siden

    wait for it to dry

  63. Ruby Rider

    Ruby Rider

    10 timer siden

    You have to let it harden

  64. Captain J The BK

    Captain J The BK

    10 timer siden

    He did it wrong haha. You have to get the sticks pretty melted and then allow them time to cool and dry then pull. It does work pretty well actually

  65. JasminePlayz


    10 timer siden

    Try holding the gurl there so it can dry a bit THEN pull it off

  66. DJ_ Lifestyle_

    DJ_ Lifestyle_

    10 timer siden

    It works, i tried this on my car a while back but it is time consuming and the glue has to be cool to the touch.

  67. Nevaeh Reed

    Nevaeh Reed

    10 timer siden

    Only works on cheap throw away commuter cars w thin boby panels



    11 timer siden

    Rich people I tell ya. Lol

  69. Andrew Baker

    Andrew Baker

    11 timer siden

    Dude didn't do it right

  70. Omar Amsha

    Omar Amsha

    11 timer siden

    His problem was that he followed 5 minute crafts

  71. Ollicron


    11 timer siden

    You should use hot water treatment and spray paint, it's the safest method.

  72. Marshella Huang

    Marshella Huang

    11 timer siden

    Moral of the story : dont trust 5 minute craft

  73. call me Alexa or Alexandra

    call me Alexa or Alexandra

    11 timer siden

    Maybe your putted to much Fire on the glue

  74. Samuel Kirk

    Samuel Kirk

    11 timer siden

    Try hot water and a plunger

  75. Ace Brockton

    Ace Brockton

    11 timer siden

    You didn't do it right.

  76. Grise Blacolar

    Grise Blacolar

    12 timer siden

    5 minute crafts videos are jyst clickbait and total bullshit.

  77. Tsm_ Chiuy

    Tsm_ Chiuy

    12 timer siden

    Bruh "THIS IS INDEED, CAP..." Lol

  78. noradila nasirrudin

    noradila nasirrudin

    12 timer siden

    Buat rosak kereta je

  79. vGriffo


    12 timer siden

    Let it dry

  80. Mike C

    Mike C

    12 timer siden

    I made a dent with my rubber band ball. Priceless. That made me laugh.

  81. Frexii


    12 timer siden

    You gotta let it fully dry- I mean it prolly won’t work either way but-

  82. Jacob Pointer

    Jacob Pointer

    12 timer siden

    Use a lot more glue sticks and let it dry

  83. Vexzy._


    12 timer siden

    Did u let it cool?

  84. Reed Burgamy

    Reed Burgamy

    12 timer siden

    You did not let it dry

  85. Mr.pirate guy

    Mr.pirate guy

    12 timer siden

    plunger will work but it will rip off the paint

  86. Kel Key

    Kel Key

    12 timer siden

    Let it dry first and see what happens

  87. xWritez


    12 timer siden


  88. Siwakon Monwang

    Siwakon Monwang

    13 timer siden


  89. Landen Botts

    Landen Botts

    13 timer siden

    You have to wait until the glue dries enough

  90. PhantomicCo


    13 timer siden

    Big brain over here not letting the glue cool down at all lmfao

  91. Diss-Abled Gamer

    Diss-Abled Gamer

    13 timer siden

    He didn't snap it back and pulled it slowly...

  92. Krish Patel

    Krish Patel

    13 timer siden

    You know you have to let it dry

  93. Jacksonfisher1000


    13 timer siden

    You have to hold the glue sticks for longer so they stick good

  94. Roger Molina

    Roger Molina

    13 timer siden

    I did it and it does work it just that you need to leave in the car for like 5 minutes and then you pull it out

  95. Cheray Cuthbertson

    Cheray Cuthbertson

    13 timer siden


  96. tafota 577

    tafota 577

    13 timer siden

    It might be the glue

  97. Steele_elite_skate


    13 timer siden

    I think you were supposed to wait for it to dry

  98. Giovanni Piergrossi

    Giovanni Piergrossi

    13 timer siden

    Dude just give the car to me. Wasting a perfectly good car

  99. Jeffrey Gutierrez

    Jeffrey Gutierrez

    13 timer siden

    Let the glue cool down first

  100. Star Platinum

    Star Platinum

    13 timer siden

    Btw there is people inside the car push the door where the damage so it's fix btw don't try any hack it's ruined you life