How 1 Boat Just Caused a $400 Million an Hour Traffic Jam

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  1. RealLifeLore


    13 dager siden

    Comment down below what your preferred method of blocking the Suez Canal in the future would be

    • Ace


      14 timer siden

      Sorry but, The ship is actually called the Evergreen not ever given. I Love The video though, make more call videos pls thanks.😘

    • bozza12


      23 timer siden

      dump a lot of glue in the canal

    • Camille Cirrus

      Camille Cirrus

      2 dager siden

      Crash the moon into it.

    • Catt Cuthbertson

      Catt Cuthbertson

      2 dager siden

      Beavers. So. Many. Beavers.

    • Gea Force

      Gea Force

      4 dager siden

      Beaver dam

  2. Jsab Plays In The The Jsab Club Is GONE /\/\/\

    Jsab Plays In The The Jsab Club Is GONE /\/\/\

    Time siden

    ah yes the memes

  3. Faiz 1908

    Faiz 1908

    Time siden

    It's happen before? DE JA VU !!!

  4. Vitor Gouveia

    Vitor Gouveia

    3 timer siden

    3:48 MULTI-TRACK DRIFITING !!!!!!!

  5. Hayden Y

    Hayden Y

    9 timer siden

    I only found this because of memes.

  6. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui

    10 timer siden

    finally got bored in quarantine and decided to play a prank on the whole world.

  7. Stardust Neo Shadow Vulcanus Nova Alteisen

    Stardust Neo Shadow Vulcanus Nova Alteisen

    12 timer siden

    Are that ship not build with Side thrusters?

  8. CyberBot17.


    13 timer siden

    this is the most expensive XD moment I've ever seen

  9. It's not Me

    It's not Me

    Dag siden


  10. Eitan Rieger

    Eitan Rieger

    Dag siden

    Its kinda eye-opening when you realize that all one needs to shut down global capitalism and start a world revolution is 2 ships in 2 strategic places :)

  11. Ally River

    Ally River

    Dag siden

    As soon as he said “a couple weeks ago” i thought But the vid was only posted one week ago

  12. Eith W

    Eith W

    Dag siden

    Japanese did sabotage the ship

  13. Farkle


    Dag siden

    it's only been one week and it's in the lore

  14. Steven Swapp

    Steven Swapp

    Dag siden


  15. Stuart Morrow

    Stuart Morrow

    Dag siden

    I don't see how rationing fuel is good in this situation compared to just having freedom of pricing ("price gouging").

  16. Lyblaze _

    Lyblaze _

    Dag siden

    I had a swimming pool coming then and it was on that canal so I haven’t got it yet lmao

  17. Miedziany TV

    Miedziany TV

    2 dager siden

    Well, I guess we'll have to find another way to India 🎵

  18. Callum Northcott

    Callum Northcott

    2 dager siden

    Its evergreen not evergiven

  19. Kumi Nanida

    Kumi Nanida

    2 dager siden

    so if you want to severely hurt the world you block this and the panama cannel off

  20. Joseph Michaels

    Joseph Michaels

    2 dager siden

    what is causing the increase in goods from china since corona started out?

  21. Raghu Vamshi

    Raghu Vamshi

    2 dager siden

    Sandstorm stopped it, Tides resumed it. Even Nature can make memes.

  22. Akashdeep Saini

    Akashdeep Saini

    2 dager siden

    Why does everyone keep saying everGIVEN... The ships name is everGREEN!!!

  23. kolim jone

    kolim jone

    2 dager siden

    Evergreen: stepbro im stuck 😩 Other ships: 😳

  24. Gold Truck

    Gold Truck

    3 dager siden

    It's not a boat. It's a ship.

  25. J F

    J F

    3 dager siden

    Oh cool, now it's even harder to find an RTX 3070.

    • kolim jone

      kolim jone

      2 dager siden

      Suez Red roadblock

  26. MR. MAKO

    MR. MAKO

    3 dager siden

    I thought it was called the evergreen

  27. The One

    The One

    3 dager siden

    Evangelion ship

  28. The God King

    The God King

    3 dager siden

    libertalia confirmed

  29. Jojo_be


    3 dager siden

    What would happen if the whole world were to flood?

  30. MyLifeInBinary


    3 dager siden

    Name says Evergreen, but guy says evergiven

  31. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    3 dager siden

    That ship reminds me a lot of my dog when I’m trying to walk literally anywhere

  32. Nathan DeWald

    Nathan DeWald

    3 dager siden

    Zero is a good idea for a second link but I don't have a lot to you in the world to support your type and you.

  33. huxley fortnite

    huxley fortnite

    3 dager siden

    Video idea. What if every country that bordered the equator united?

    • huxley fortnite

      huxley fortnite

      3 dager siden

      @asioe kiou He is saying EverGiven but the name of the ship/company is Evergreen

    • asioe kiou

      asioe kiou

      3 dager siden

      Is he saying EverGiven? The ship has EverGreen written on it? Which one is it?

  34. Glauco Rocha

    Glauco Rocha

    3 dager siden

    I'm getting the vibe that this wasn't an accident at all...

  35. Daniella Grace

    Daniella Grace

    3 dager siden

    Yall just make it a double decker canal like in ancient rome

  36. Zo Lbz

    Zo Lbz

    3 dager siden

    That’s what you get for being cheap and not creating an Additional channel along the WHOLE Trail and not just part of it

  37. Steven Undisclosed

    Steven Undisclosed

    3 dager siden

    This is why I don't trust female captains to pilot boats/vehicles/airplanes.

    • mtnrunner516


      3 dager siden

      The captain of the Ever Given is a man. I'm sorry, but any rumors about a female captain of the ship are fake news. Check your sources.

  38. Asma Khan

    Asma Khan

    4 dager siden

    Ca you make a video called if the persian empire reunited

  39. Oleksii Yakubov

    Oleksii Yakubov

    4 dager siden

    "THoutal cHHaos".. why are you speaking like this? It's so annoying

  40. Eric B

    Eric B

    4 dager siden

    Suez Red roadblock

  41. Nemo D333

    Nemo D333

    4 dager siden

    No matter how big ports and canals are build, shipping companies always ahead with size of their ships.

  42. Hellacioushadzi 69

    Hellacioushadzi 69

    4 dager siden

    is it not named Evergreen?

  43. ahmed monther

    ahmed monther

    4 dager siden

    Could you make a video about how the world would look like if there's one King Role the whole world

  44. Isaak


    4 dager siden

    What’s wrong ? Why saying ENTHHHHHHHHHHHHHIRE ???

  45. Jaden1_Plays


    4 dager siden

    Hey RealLifeLore can you do a what if the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth Reunited Today? 🙏

  46. Vladimir Drakinskiy

    Vladimir Drakinskiy

    4 dager siden

    Can you make a video about Theia (the planet that hit Earth 4.5 billion years ago)?

  47. CoreContent


    4 dager siden

    What are you doing there step-ship?

  48. Travel Review

    Travel Review

    4 dager siden

    Is he saying EverGiven? The ship has EverGreen written on it? Which one is it?

  49. Norliah Tamby Chik

    Norliah Tamby Chik

    4 dager siden

    South malaysia is Johor,Melacca

  50. hen ko

    hen ko

    5 dager siden

    People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Bitcoin as it's retracing....BE WISE

  51. The Money Club

    The Money Club

    5 dager siden

    We don't need any Chinese's products anyways.

  52. Victor Mendoza

    Victor Mendoza

    5 dager siden

    I’m a delivery driver (Door Dash) and in my area I have seen a significant increase of shipping trucks in my area, and when I mean significant I mean traffic has been horrible because our roads were not meant to handle this load of shipping trucks.

    • hen ko

      hen ko

      5 dager siden

      *your graphics card has been shipped 'oh nice lets track the order' *last location: Suez Canal

  53. codycast


    5 dager siden

    This sounds like a mistake a female captain would make

  54. codycast


    5 dager siden

    The entire global economy? Or just Eu buying their plastic salve made goods from China?

  55. Marc Paulse

    Marc Paulse

    5 dager siden

    The way the narrator says "Su-ez Canal" eerks me 😵 it's one word lol, like Sue, and then with a Z. Suez! Lol, not SU-EZ.

  56. Dan Dolin

    Dan Dolin

    5 dager siden

    Man this is why my new keyboard has been on backorder for about two weeks now. Tough

  57. Landscaper Garry

    Landscaper Garry

    5 dager siden

    I say they should have blown up that ship.... that's what insurance is for.

  58. Brock Hard

    Brock Hard

    5 dager siden

    3:25 DR. EVIL from Austin Powers!!!

  59. Steven Farnesi

    Steven Farnesi

    5 dager siden

    Is it bad that I find this whole situation hilarious?

  60. ThunderCracker the random seeker no one likes

    ThunderCracker the random seeker no one likes

    5 dager siden

    This is why we need warp drives installed on to every commercial ship

  61. D-PadDan


    5 dager siden

    All I’m saying is ISIS now have a perfect idea to mess up the western world😬😬

  62. Mum R

    Mum R

    5 dager siden

    You are great...I totally understood this news story!!!!!

  63. Kristina Savic

    Kristina Savic

    5 dager siden

    Basically, Mother Nature created this mess and fixed it too.

  64. Ad IYIzKingCheetahPBxOWO AdamEyEz1GroRPspandaYTFAN

    Ad IYIzKingCheetahPBxOWO AdamEyEz1GroRPspandaYTFAN

    5 dager siden

    I can go 100m but 400m i try

  65. Gado briel

    Gado briel

    5 dager siden

    Onii-chan, I just got stucked in this canal 😳

  66. Nitesh Upreti

    Nitesh Upreti

    5 dager siden

    Make video about greater Nepal!!

  67. bodoti qwiu

    bodoti qwiu

    5 dager siden

    *your graphics card has been shipped 'oh nice lets track the order' *last location: Suez Canal

  68. Oscarwood2005


    5 dager siden

    are we there yet no theres a freaking massive ship in the way

  69. ThePigeonArmy _Official

    ThePigeonArmy _Official

    6 dager siden

    The ships that was waiting in a traffic jam should of went around africa

    • bodoti qwiu

      bodoti qwiu

      5 dager siden

      Rest in peace Prince Philip.

  70. BZgA


    6 dager siden

    Nature always win. Humans are nothing.

  71. Nineteen 84

    Nineteen 84

    6 dager siden

    staged by the worlds elite who are child traffickers and every other evil act

  72. Kamal Daou

    Kamal Daou

    6 dager siden

    Arabs here living near it

  73. Stxrrbee


    6 dager siden

    I saw this in the news

  74. Mr. americano

    Mr. americano

    6 dager siden

    So this is y I can't get my rtx 3090

  75. Wild Commenter

    Wild Commenter

    6 dager siden

    The last ship to exit suez canal before Evergiven boat drifted:



      4 dager siden


  76. TheMcCow


    6 dager siden

    The land down under didn’t feel this to bad ngl

  77. Anime Banz

    Anime Banz

    6 dager siden

    By blocking a route though which $400 million worth of goods passed through every hour. /endvideo

  78. Linda Burr

    Linda Burr

    6 dager siden

    You just clicked on this video because it was in youyour recommendations or you you know this and just decided to click on it

  79. Brent Bucaling

    Brent Bucaling

    6 dager siden


    • PesonaTegal


      5 dager siden

      EVERGREEN is the company name

  80. Raindom Ceains

    Raindom Ceains

    6 dager siden

    why no strait of hormuz

  81. Bobo


    6 dager siden

    Lol yeah I remember when that happened then we all immediately forgot about it

  82. Adi H

    Adi H

    6 dager siden

    Well we know where ksi's alphorn mouthpiece is.

  83. Dregs


    6 dager siden

    uh no, it's the SEARS TOWER. thank you very much. We don't appreciate anyone calling it the Sears Tower.

  84. Daniel Greaney

    Daniel Greaney

    6 dager siden

    Rest in peace Prince Philip.

  85. Da BOss

    Da BOss

    6 dager siden

    Very exaggerated

  86. Lawrence Albert Shirkey II

    Lawrence Albert Shirkey II

    6 dager siden

    There were children used for sex trafficking and nuclear missiles on board this ship. why are you not talking about that ????

  87. John Schmitt

    John Schmitt

    6 dager siden

    “Global pandemic you might’ve heard about” never heard such thing before

  88. Nareswari Production

    Nareswari Production

    6 dager siden

    moral of the story : mother nature just humbled us. she can destroy us if she REALLY want to

  89. Bobofet241


    6 dager siden

    They blamed the Wind, lol. Reminds me of the Movie Rocketman. ''Fred Randall : It wasn't me!''

  90. Greendro Tha Bro

    Greendro Tha Bro

    6 dager siden

    Ship: Get stuck at the sea Pirates: We must see what's they're for us to grab

  91. HowD


    6 dager siden

    i had a stroke reading the title

  92. dosmastrify


    6 dager siden

    Dude why do you keep repeating yourself it's not a Discovery Channel show we haven't gone anywhere during the commercial

  93. Joe Schmoe

    Joe Schmoe

    6 dager siden

    Maybe they should think about making it wider???

  94. ma calvin

    ma calvin

    6 dager siden

    So that’s why my aliexpress packages took so long to arrive

  95. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre

    6 dager siden

    It's a bit weird to wake up finding your city has become a meme.

  96. Wilder Durán

    Wilder Durán

    6 dager siden

    “SCREW YOU, SHIP!” -Bell if she was part of the traffic jam

  97. JeremiahMC100


    6 dager siden

    Literally just repeats the same thing with different phrasing to make a long video

    • niduoe stre

      niduoe stre

      6 dager siden


  98. ThinkAhead


    6 dager siden

    Just go AROUNDDD!

  99. DIVIT Gaming

    DIVIT Gaming

    6 dager siden

    Is it ever green or "evergiven"

  100. Houssain Al ahmafi

    Houssain Al ahmafi

    6 dager siden

    Disaster strucks the world Me: Oooow boii were gonna have a new reallifelore video