How a Bee Ruined Jeremy Clarkson's Day | Behind The Scenes Clarkson's Farm | The Grand Tour

Welcome to Clarkson's Farm! Home to Jeremy Clarkson's 5 million bees (one of whom left Jeremy a special present) and his massive Lamborghini tractor. Join Jeremy Clarkson as he takes you on a tour of his farm, answering your questions!
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Join Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May as they travel across the globe on their Grand Tour. A show about adventure, excitement and friendship… as long as you accept that the people you call friends are also the ones you find extremely annoying. Sometimes it’s even a show about cars, reviewing Italian classics, hot hatchbacks, muscle cars, pick-up trucks, luxury vehicles and more. There’s something for everyone (If you like middle-aged men doing things with cars, then this is the show for you!)

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  1. The Grand Tour

    The Grand Tour

    Måned siden

    The big question is, do you think he's right in banning James May and Richard Hammond from the farm?

    • Atomy111


      3 dager siden

      Hammond 100%

    • Ruan Antunes

      Ruan Antunes

      3 dager siden

      Yes because he knows them pretty well & No because they are friends.

    • bish


      5 dager siden

      I think James May would be great to have at the farm, the mechanical side of things is right up his street, sorry Richard but you must be kept away as it will cause mayhem if you decide to crash the Lambo Tractor :D

    • John Bilton

      John Bilton

      8 dager siden


    • Chaabi Taha Taki Eddine

      Chaabi Taha Taki Eddine

      9 dager siden


  2. AJ BRU

    AJ BRU

    5 timer siden

    Microbrew Honey Beer 🍺

  3. Collin Covid

    Collin Covid

    14 timer siden

    No farmer. You have to be born this way, but a fun piece of footage, as always with Jeremy, who is an excellent presenter, so to speak, but not a nice man.

  4. DinoGamez


    Dag siden

    Kalebs right. His tractor is only a little to big. WHY AN R8 JEREMY WHYYY

  5. M. Isa

    M. Isa

    2 dager siden

    He's so proud of his Lamborghini tractor...

  6. PA551ON


    2 dager siden

    Do you think Clarkson got a farm so he could yell the N word as much as he wanted with no one around to hear him?

  7. Stanley Buchan

    Stanley Buchan

    2 dager siden

    Don't forget to tag each bee so you don't lose them!

  8. wyatt johnston

    wyatt johnston

    3 dager siden

    I love the show

  9. Greg Grimer

    Greg Grimer

    3 dager siden

    Jeremy has banned bicycles. Because he does not want cycleon bee

  10. big fat Freddie reporting for duty

    big fat Freddie reporting for duty

    3 dager siden

    why can't Clarkson get a newholland t7 228 or and John Deere 4080 or a Massey something small. im a new holland fan so I would go for a new holland but come on go for somthing smaller he spent all his money on the tractor.

  11. Sam Crawford

    Sam Crawford

    3 dager siden

    Now that would be a great video james passing over in a plane as clarkson fires spuds at him and then get richard Hammond to try in a helicopter. Also hammond may crash on the way their with his run of luck.

  12. Andy Lord

    Andy Lord

    4 dager siden

    As a guy with a bigger than average dink, it can totally be too big. Like, I don't have a giant porn sized peen, it's a bit bigger than average. I've had several partners say no, too big. With my current partner, I'm restricted in some positions because it's "too deep". When I was much younger it took 3 tries to take my highschool gf's virginity. Other than some misplaced bragging rights, there's no good reason to want a big dink.

  13. William Prann

    William Prann

    5 dager siden

    Caleb makes such a great impact on the show and is a great sidekick to Jezr!

  14. zooombaa


    5 dager siden

    Bees always find that chink in the armor. My grandpa was a beekeeper, and one time I found him sitting almost naked w a bag in his lap. Turns out he had a small hole in his suit, and received 14 bites into his testicles, and that bag was full of ice. Never met someone with bigger balls!

  15. Jim Toffo

    Jim Toffo

    6 dager siden

    Can he buy a 9 series for season 2

  16. Sergey Kuznetsov

    Sergey Kuznetsov

    6 dager siden

    Caleb is great, it is really hard at his age to not only go toe to toe with a big oaf like Clarkson, but also a big oaf who is internationally famous and is his boss. Wonderful lad, really glad this got renewed for second season.

  17. Mil Cooke

    Mil Cooke

    6 dager siden

    Only Amazon could make a farm show so exciting and funny!

  18. SyTy Speed Shop

    SyTy Speed Shop

    7 dager siden

    When he said he needed a tractor, everyone knew exactly what one he would buy!!

  19. Sylvia Foust

    Sylvia Foust

    7 dager siden

    I love this show! Lisa is my hero! She puts up with Jeremy's crazyness . She supports him 100%.

  20. Sylvia Foust

    Sylvia Foust

    7 dager siden

    I love this show! Lisa is my hero! She puts up with Jeremy's crazyness . She supports him 100%.

  21. Hunter Craven

    Hunter Craven

    7 dager siden

    "Have Richard and James visited the farm?" "No, no, no..."

  22. JoeLikesPotatoes


    7 dager siden

    I really liked how the series wasn't all haha funny and showed just how hard farming was. Like if he didn't get all that help he would be fcked.

  23. ojoo


    7 dager siden

    Dear god we need season 2-10 please.

  24. the Hurley

    the Hurley

    8 dager siden

    The best part of thiswebtire series was the long awaited perm... his genius is almost frightening

  25. BixbyConsequence


    8 dager siden

    "I wake up, people yell at me all day and then I go to bed." This is why we all identify with Jeremy.

  26. couldbahappychic


    8 dager siden

    I really enjoyed this show so happy for a Series 2

  27. Thats Fresh

    Thats Fresh

    8 dager siden

    Beehind the scenes.

  28. Ivan Narvaez

    Ivan Narvaez

    8 dager siden

    That tractor is now part of the family, I love it!

  29. Paul Miller

    Paul Miller

    8 dager siden

    After Watching This, I Must Admit That, Im Now Finding Harry And Meghan Very Interesting

  30. Ryan Kellaway

    Ryan Kellaway

    9 dager siden

    Prime needs to pull their finger out, and sign up for another season. Genuinely enjoyed watching it all unfold, Kaleb is a good lad and Jeremy reminds me of my grandad

    • And Ver

      And Ver

      8 dager siden

      Well guess what.. They've announced that there will be a 2nd season :)

  31. Bill Hanson

    Bill Hanson

    9 dager siden

    A tractor is NEVER too big.

  32. Craig 5bwithcows

    Craig 5bwithcows

    9 dager siden

    The show is fantastic.

  33. jgrywacheski


    9 dager siden

    Season 2! Season 2! Season 2!

  34. Dale Allred

    Dale Allred

    9 dager siden

    I think Kaleb is an awesome addition to the group!!

  35. Tyson Romaniuk

    Tyson Romaniuk

    9 dager siden

    Id buy some honey if it could be shipped across the ocean

  36. Mead Vice

    Mead Vice

    9 dager siden

    If you have so many bee's get an orchard planted, or grape vines

  37. You


    9 dager siden

    Just like listening to Jeremy and watch him while he’s doing things if he’s count from 1 1000 I still watching him

  38. youtubeaccount573832


    10 dager siden

    This was an unexpected masterpiece of a series. Humble, hilarious, and still very interesting I'd love to see more

  39. Gpolice


    10 dager siden

    You know that planes landing in the next series 👊🏻

  40. OldFartUK


    10 dager siden

    amazing show

  41. mrK163


    10 dager siden

    Hang on, Gerald shouts at him? What would that sound like? “Ghenrsjs… GEHRIEBDO!!!”

  42. J3ss3 Jam3s

    J3ss3 Jam3s

    10 dager siden

    Summon Star Power,

  43. DrewEmc2


    11 dager siden

    RIP Wayne Roonie

  44. Jason Lovell

    Jason Lovell

    11 dager siden

    This was a great show. A funny way for people to appreciate how much work goes into our food.

  45. mrgw982


    11 dager siden

    The bigger the tractor, the more it will sink into the ground, making the ground more compressed and harder for seeds to grow.

  46. Ray Gregory

    Ray Gregory

    11 dager siden

    Has your girlfriend left paul then

  47. Macho Fantastico

    Macho Fantastico

    11 dager siden

    Loved the show a lot. Can't recommend it enough.

  48. eSCAPE


    11 dager siden

    Would’ve loved a cameo from Hammond and may

  49. Jay C

    Jay C

    11 dager siden

    This was the best thing to watch this year, by a country mile. See what I did there? 😂

  50. Adria Ciute

    Adria Ciute

    11 dager siden

    This was the most heart warming funniest and educational program I've ever watched. I wish for a second season.

  51. TheGomezIndustries


    11 dager siden

    James and Richard might be already digging a tunnel under the farm.



    11 dager siden

    How did the bee kill itself lol.

  53. Minda Kahn

    Minda Kahn

    12 dager siden

    The tractor is too big. But it’s a character in the show now. Hate to tell you, but Kaleb is the star. And, I just love all of those people yelling out orders to you. Actually you need James May. His quiet strategy.

  54. Carmen Sandiego

    Carmen Sandiego

    12 dager siden

    The bee was a legend lmao 🤣

  55. Daniel Nisbet

    Daniel Nisbet

    12 dager siden

    The tractor is big, but i really dont think the size of tractor matters after a certain point as performance is the same, if your tractor is too small however you will run into problems, also depending on the equipment you have on the back of it.

  56. South Africa

    South Africa

    12 dager siden

    If these 3..Clarkson, May and Hammond ever pass away I will pass away.. you don't need to be a car ball to enjoy them.. car's are just a bonus. But Jeremy I must say, is my favorite

  57. Charlie Fleming

    Charlie Fleming

    13 dager siden

    Second series needed... With a bigger tractor :D

  58. jaymin patel

    jaymin patel

    13 dager siden

    Duct tape the gaps. Good enough to take air on Apollo 13, then good enough to keep bees outta your pants

  59. rolland mousseaux

    rolland mousseaux

    13 dager siden

    a quarter million dollar four wheel keep bees.....

  60. Martin


    13 dager siden

    I don't get it. Lisa his girlfriend is standing right there. She sees him ever day. Why doesn't she take care of him better and points out that he should do something about his eyebrows. If she was walking around with something on her face I assume he would point it out. That's part of taking care of eachother.

  61. Karol


    13 dager siden

    They should attach texas horns to his tractor!

  62. speedweed


    14 dager siden

    bee juice

  63. You've been BUSTED

    You've been BUSTED

    14 dager siden

    I want to see Hammond show up to the farm in a big truck and drive over the fields

  64. paulcan38


    14 dager siden

    If you think you can go have a quick visit to the shop…please go but be warned, it looks like Tesco at Christmas time 😆

  65. Ashley Flint

    Ashley Flint

    14 dager siden

    You guys have taken farming to a new limit, very laughable, and amusing. You fellows have made farming more pleasurable , as being a hobby farmer myself , I have a few laughs about your show when I am driving my tractor . Like Jeremy , I have a 160Hp John Deere tractor to pull a 12foot seeder.

  66. q80aziz


    14 dager siden

    The tractor is not too big in the rest of Europe but it is oversized for good old Blighty …. Maybe it should be converted to RHD to gain local approval .

  67. DukeNukem


    15 dager siden

    Brilliant series

  68. Steve Thomas

    Steve Thomas

    15 dager siden

    Lisa's not with Jezza for his looks

  69. Senad Music

    Senad Music

    16 dager siden

    What pandemic? You mean plandemic? Or scamdemic? 😂😂😂😂

  70. BetterThanReality


    16 dager siden

    The Bee Baron

  71. Patrick Bernie

    Patrick Bernie

    17 dager siden

    Kales, explosion in a mattress factory.

    • Patrick Bernie

      Patrick Bernie

      17 dager siden

      Sausage fingers make the letters come out wrong, Kaleb, that’s better

  72. Contact 360

    Contact 360

    17 dager siden

    It would of been able impossible for me, not too subscribed! 👍😂 Moira From England.

  73. __ ANNIHILATOR __


    17 dager siden

    “Cow juice”

  74. Charles Finley

    Charles Finley

    17 dager siden

    I'll say that I learned more about farming in these 8 hours than I have my whole life!



    18 dager siden

    There's nothing wrong with that tractor. 👍.

  76. John King

    John King

    18 dager siden

    2:40 - Yes .... that sentence did not age well, as Jeremy Clarkson caught Covid in December 2020 and had symptoms.

  77. Ali Kazi

    Ali Kazi

    18 dager siden

    I like this show but I miss the banter between Jeremy, Richard and James. I can’t wait to see the new episodes of The Grand Tour

  78. Shill Destroyer

    Shill Destroyer

    18 dager siden

    they made today all hot and sunny, watch eng win, probs 2-0, i recon kane and rashford to score as 9/11 and free mason no 19 to get man of match. The celebrations will be the excuse to lock us down real hard

  79. MetalAttack


    19 dager siden

    Good series - I learnt it pays to be rich as fuck before you start farming.

  80. Kellie Marquet

    Kellie Marquet

    20 dager siden

    Binge watched Clarkson Farm in 2 days...loved it from BC Canada

  81. ta ns

    ta ns

    20 dager siden

    ...just to much, I'm really bored. Do something else

  82. Hedrik


    20 dager siden

    I love the lambo!

  83. Rebecca Bahama

    Rebecca Bahama

    20 dager siden

    Loved the show.. Especially the others that had to basically keep "farmer" Jeremys head above water, to keep the farm running. The best bit was actually learning, in a fun way, about how technical and complicated modern farming definitely showed us that farmers do not get enough recognition for their hard work👍.

  84. Michael Mitchell

    Michael Mitchell

    20 dager siden


  85. Tony Nameless

    Tony Nameless

    21 dag siden


  86. Tony Nameless

    Tony Nameless

    21 dag siden

    Cow juice=honey. Honey juice=milk ?

  87. Jana Simon

    Jana Simon

    21 dag siden

    We really enjoyed Farming with Jeremy Clarkson! Can't wait for next season!🚜

  88. John Hatchell

    John Hatchell

    21 dag siden

    I am considering a trip to Britain solely for the purpose of shopping at his farm shop. Britain it not a country would ever want to visit under any circumstances but clarkson he would be worth it

  89. F Faccin

    F Faccin

    21 dag siden

    dude is 60 looks 75 wtf

  90. Eddie Hitler

    Eddie Hitler

    21 dag siden

    Is that 10% per car? We have several Alfa's. 40% discount sounds nice, might make it worth the drive from Scotland.

  91. Tim Drake

    Tim Drake

    22 dager siden

    What a gem of a show. Brilliant viewing. Lets hope there's a second season

  92. paddy oneill

    paddy oneill

    22 dager siden

    Best program iv ever watched this laughed all the way through until the ram died 😂

  93. Wendy Hardy

    Wendy Hardy

    22 dager siden

    Why has the Diddly Squat sign been removed from the door?

  94. mediapark101


    22 dager siden

    I really can't fathom what a radiant beauty like Lisa Hogan sees in that childish, aging, bloated, boorish, cantankerous, disagreeable, obstinate, multi millionaire TV personality Jeremy Clarkson.



    23 dager siden

    well done that bee should get a MBE even a knight hood lol just shows you bees don't like him a well

  96. Comrade Trump

    Comrade Trump

    23 dager siden

    i guess Hammond will make some donuts on the field with his Mustang

  97. TheJarvenpaa


    23 dager siden

    Caleb finally got his perm!

  98. Jon Mitchell

    Jon Mitchell

    23 dager siden

    For people who think the tractor is too big, go to North Dakota

  99. Derek GA

    Derek GA

    23 dager siden

    Watched this with the family, Egggselllent viewing, we couldn’t get enough even my 8 year old girl wants to see another season after binge watching it in two evenings

  100. John Shyer

    John Shyer

    23 dager siden

    this is NOT fromt the Grand Tour, stick to the subject of the grand tour or stop using that as a tag.