I asked an AI for video ideas for other YouTubers. It went badly.

GPT-3: not quite up to the task. Yet. • ElectroBOOM: nonet.info • Answer in Progress: nonet.info • hbomberguy: nonet.info • MrBeast: nonet.info

Includes text generated by OpenAI's GPT-3 at my request: openai.com • OpenAI had no control or sign-off on this video, although I agreed to abide by their ethical guidelines and social media policy.

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  1. Tom Scott

    Tom Scott

    2 måneder siden

    Thanks so much to everyone who got on a call with me! Unfortunately, I can't take requests for other channels, but I'm sure someone'll turn this idea into a web toy at some point.

    • Venom 64

      Venom 64

      5 dager siden

      How did you make the captions different colors?

    • Detqil


      6 dager siden

      @Jacoblox Never Gonna Let You Down

    • Savage wizardwitch

      Savage wizardwitch

      17 dager siden

      @Tom Scott - feel so happy that NOnet brought us together.... think you are a person to be

    • Savage wizardwitch

      Savage wizardwitch

      17 dager siden

      @Tom Scott This may sound very whatever (don't like words so much what may sound categorizing ideas - but my language skills - so that feels to me - aren't that well I want them to be) ..... no I can't tell.... Hmmm sry for the disturbtion of your bubble hope it will not get chaotic-because my logarithms may not be that well for yours..... ... - - -...

    • Savage wizardwitch

      Savage wizardwitch

      17 dager siden


  2. Sefkooo


    47 minutter siden

    did the AI pick up this video idea for you?

  3. Tom Duhamel

    Tom Duhamel

    Dag siden

    633 people are just an AI

  4. whiteReaper


    2 dager siden

    "Why buying pets is a scam" could actually be a really good video, talking about 'designer' pets and what not

  5. Boo Fire

    Boo Fire

    2 dager siden

    I love how out of all the interviews Hbomb is the one to be like "half of these are legit ideas i'ma steal"

  6. Joe Alias

    Joe Alias

    3 dager siden

    I'm about 10 minutes in and I wouldn't say it's going badly so far.

  7. Nathan Dai

    Nathan Dai

    3 dager siden

    Could you release the code used for this video?

  8. Soviet Socialist

    Soviet Socialist

    5 dager siden

    Plot twist: the ai made the title of this video

  9. The Gangsta Samurai

    The Gangsta Samurai

    5 dager siden

    I literally made a presentation on why buying pets is a scam and why you should adopt

  10. Purboyy


    7 dager siden

    give an ai video titles and give the ai its own ideas and see what happens

  11. Victor Real

    Victor Real

    7 dager siden

    ElectroBOOM ♥️

  12. Atho' O Atho'

    Atho' O Atho'

    7 dager siden

    Mr. Beast

  13. S B

    S B

    7 dager siden

    The mass effect 3 idea is oooooold

  14. Inside Interpreting

    Inside Interpreting

    7 dager siden

    Now do Smarter Every Day

  15. COC matters

    COC matters

    7 dager siden

    Electroboom yay

  16. SomeGuyWhoHasYouTube


    8 dager siden

    You sound a lot like grian

  17. Sliporful


    8 dager siden

    the 3d printed plasma speaker might actually work

  18. Jerrod Mounce

    Jerrod Mounce

    8 dager siden

    So what I learned is AI is a great tool to assist in Brainstorming. The process by which you come up with a ton of ideas, where it doesn't matter if they are good or not. Then go back and sort through them looking to workshop the best ones.

  19. Castle White

    Castle White

    8 dager siden

    If Bethesda was replaced by Blizzard it'll be perfect.

  20. Justina Clayburn

    Justina Clayburn

    9 dager siden

    I want to see the “how quinoa is ruining your life” video.

  21. PixeleQ


    9 dager siden

    colorful subs. Yes.

  22. Nomad624


    9 dager siden

    Why am I not surprised that Electro-Boom like the banana idea

  23. メヘ


    10 dager siden


  24. some body

    some body

    10 dager siden

    wake up see mrbeast day ruined

  25. TheMiningTeam


    10 dager siden

    "3D printed plasma speaker" 3D printed version of Electroboom's musical Tesla coil

  26. Marcus Grant

    Marcus Grant

    10 dager siden

    How would GPT latch onto the very topical and specific idea that Bethesda leads a toxic relationship with its audience? Does it get trained with human attempts at conversation with it and it and that topic came up and recognized bomberguys video titles would be associated with that topic?

  27. M Power

    M Power

    11 dager siden


  28. ZombiiWasTaken


    11 dager siden

    Petition for collab with michael reeves

  29. KIBV Inc.

    KIBV Inc.

    12 dager siden

    Million monkeys on a million typewriters is GPT-3

  30. Alex Reed

    Alex Reed

    12 dager siden

    These titles are second channel videos imo.

  31. Unseens


    12 dager siden

    So plasma speaker sounds either relly cool or really dangerous depending on how you go about doing it

  32. agilsaelan


    15 dager siden

    Who else changed their sitting position at 4:48?

  33. Fraser Robertson

    Fraser Robertson

    15 dager siden

    Why is Pastor Maldonado in this video

  34. John Connor

    John Connor

    15 dager siden

    Instantly fell in love with ElectroBOOM and I wish I could be arch-enemies with the guy with a Steve Jobs and Elon Musk posters in the background.

  35. The DIY Shop

    The DIY Shop

    17 dager siden

    I mean the plasma speaker one is totally possible, you can use telsa coils as speaker and they produce plasma

  36. Mark Henderson

    Mark Henderson

    17 dager siden

    I'm not surprised Mr. Beast is a Muskrat.

  37. Carlos Esteban

    Carlos Esteban

    17 dager siden

    Imagine they gave the Ai a 3am channel "Smoking Among us Joint at Chuck E Cheese with Joe Boden at 3am".

  38. Florero Afloreril

    Florero Afloreril

    17 dager siden

    "On Quantic Dream, David Cage, and The Uncanny Valley" sounds like a Jacob Geller title tbh

  39. Giraffe FlavoredCondoms (Giraffe)

    Giraffe FlavoredCondoms (Giraffe)

    17 dager siden

    2:15 It's funny because platinum and gold and other metal plated plantains is actually a thing people do and wear as jewelry. Miguel Luciano is an artist who platinum plated plantains to commemorate an iconic part of Caribbean culture and I've seen other people wear, probably not real plantains, but metal plantains as jewelry for the same reason.

  40. RhiPuyo


    18 dager siden

    Maybe make an alt channel for the fictional video ideas, with a lower budget and stating that all stories are fictional.

  41. Rhaghendolph


    18 dager siden

    Mr beast made me subscribe

  42. Russia BLOLIUM

    Russia BLOLIUM

    19 dager siden


  43. Ivahn Cos

    Ivahn Cos

    19 dager siden

    Hello jimmy donaldson

  44. Nathan Chaytor

    Nathan Chaytor

    19 dager siden

    I will live the rest of my life hoping this title was AI generated.

  45. JEJRON


    19 dager siden

    I didn’t expect hbomb on here, cool

  46. AI Coffee Break with Letitia

    AI Coffee Break with Letitia

    20 dager siden

    This video is so enjoyable! Guaranteed belly-laughs! 🤣Letting other (famous) people react to GPT-3's ideas is just great!

  47. Mr.Gemini Wz

    Mr.Gemini Wz

    21 dag siden

    I like your vid but I watched this because of Jimmy appearance.

    • AI Coffee Break with Letitia

      AI Coffee Break with Letitia

      20 dager siden

      good enough! 😅

  48. Christian Stout

    Christian Stout

    21 dag siden

    I'd love to see it come up with "ideas" for ChubbyEmu

  49. Funny Cheesecakes in the back

    Funny Cheesecakes in the back

    22 dager siden

    Idk why but your voice sounds like a young person but your looks differ

  50. J.K. Wheeler

    J.K. Wheeler

    22 dager siden

    I do the "If I Only Had More Time" makeup challenge every morning.

  51. Viet NGUYEN

    Viet NGUYEN

    23 dager siden

    2:41 Love Tom's laughing.

  52. IHug Kittens

    IHug Kittens

    23 dager siden

    Wow it's like the AWESOM-O 4000!

  53. openroomxyz openroomxyz

    openroomxyz openroomxyz

    24 dager siden

    Actually it did not wen't badly it went amazingly well.

    • AI Coffee Break with Letitia

      AI Coffee Break with Letitia

      20 dager siden

      Thought so too. Why do we even expect much more? If you brainstorm with a person, it's also 90% garbage and only 10% is inspiring and can be further improved.

  54. ChompskyHonk


    25 dager siden

    Props to Tom for helping us discover some great channels... Maybe we see a collab with twominutepapers? What a time to be alive ;o

    • AI Coffee Break with Letitia

      AI Coffee Break with Letitia

      20 dager siden

      That would be great!

  55. delloda


    26 dager siden

    9:54 Tom Scott always get the perfect amount of clickable with highly entertaining throughout the video. Especially impressively is the minimal amount of cut editing during his monologues. Most of his videos look almost like one long take unlike 99% of other channels that look like they can't string two sentences or even two words together without cutting and stitching them in post.

    • AI Coffee Break with Letitia

      AI Coffee Break with Letitia

      20 dager siden

      a praise with a burn 🔥 👏

  56. Dylan


    26 dager siden

    The plasma speaker is doable but you can’t 3D print every part

  57. Kuri Shiru

    Kuri Shiru

    26 dager siden

    0:11 "Videos on this channel are usually about real things in the real world." And when they aren't...?

    • J.K. Wheeler

      J.K. Wheeler

      22 dager siden

      There are some sci-fi/what-if style videos (short films?) here and there. I think they're on the playlist "Tom's Talks and Sci-fi Shorts."

  58. Syk_Gen


    26 dager siden

    Electroboom collab lets go

  59. Akshat Jaiswal

    Akshat Jaiswal

    27 dager siden

    It's really incredible that tom has never asked us to subscribe.

  60. Oliva Kenneth

    Oliva Kenneth

    27 dager siden

    The victorious egg conceivably snore because afghanistan amazingly slow sans a paltry gate. gamy, malicious vulture

  61. Nicco Salonga

    Nicco Salonga

    27 dager siden

    3D printing a speaker that uses plasma to make sound? I'd watch that.

  62. A'liyah K

    A'liyah K

    27 dager siden

    This would have been perfect for Mumbo Jumbo

  63. Holgast


    28 dager siden

    I'm just interested that you decided to put hbomberguy's subtitles in green and MrBeast's in purple.

  64. Blank Request

    Blank Request

    28 dager siden


  65. FireyDeath4


    Måned siden

    I really like how customised the captions are...wish more could be like that anyway funni

  66. Yggdarsil Yae

    Yggdarsil Yae

    Måned siden

    Just realised that would be excellent for finding the paper topics I can't find

  67. San Jacobs

    San Jacobs

    Måned siden

    The fact that GPT-3 still hasn't been open sourced by "Open"AI is a disgrace

  68. Int4 wizard (Int4wizard)

    Int4 wizard (Int4wizard)

    Måned siden

    I think Tom Scott is just kinda universally likable

    • AI Coffee Break with Letitia

      AI Coffee Break with Letitia

      20 dager siden

      Ask whoever is not yet subscribed to his channel. 😅

  69. DEN8Y


    Måned siden

    The idea for this video was generated by AI for Tom.

  70. whip8


    Måned siden

    More AI inspired stuff from you please

  71. Donald P Paul

    Donald P Paul

    Måned siden

    Elon musk's poster in Mr Beast's room that makes sense

  72. rickysmyth


    Måned siden

    Tom, chess computers don't brute force. Watch the numberphile video on it. You like computerphile channel after all

  73. Stuffz


    Måned siden


  74. WAVE


    Måned siden

    how did you add colored text at certain points in the subtitles? It doesn't seem to be a native feature...

  75. Алексей Бусыгин

    Алексей Бусыгин

    Måned siden

    Just realized that I've been watching your videos for years without subscribing. Thanks mr Beast!

  76. ReedError


    Måned siden

    OpenAI; they work in secrecy

  77. Erik Akerboom

    Erik Akerboom

    Måned siden

    i almost never like videos but this is one of them well done

  78. Malcolm


    Måned siden

    The quantic dream one was likely produced by the AI because several articles already exist with that meta data

  79. Dean Williams

    Dean Williams

    Måned siden

    I hadn't realised until now how nice it was for a NOnetr not to be constantly begging me to subscribe and like. Just another reason to love Tom!

  80. Bennett R.

    Bennett R.

    Måned siden

    How the hell are some of the subtitles green??

  81. Tetsugo's Gaming

    Tetsugo's Gaming

    Måned siden

    Even I watched so many videos from Tom Scott that NOnet keeps recommending me, I never realized that I didn't subscribed to his channel. So here I am. 10 years after watching Tom Scott, I subscribed because of Mr. Beast.

  82. naka


    Måned siden

    It's ironic how an IA generates better ideas for human-centric cultural topics than it does for technology and science topics.

  83. Facundo Olmos

    Facundo Olmos

    Måned siden

    i suscribed cause mr beast say so, i didnt know i wasnt

  84. fred lonbottom

    fred lonbottom

    Måned siden

    The stale porter progressively sniff because playroom biophysically file excluding a seemly reason. forgetful, abundant chill

  85. Kanaan Al Maasarani

    Kanaan Al Maasarani

    Måned siden

    I really appreciate youtubers who don't invite people to subscribe to their channels at the end of each video.

  86. You_just


    Måned siden

    "how quinoa is ruining your life" that's absolutely true quinoa sucks

  87. Lucy Q

    Lucy Q

    Måned siden

    The “If I only had more time makeup challenge” is just those 5 minute makeup challenge videos from years and years ago hahaha

    • Nordern


      Måned siden

      I think the "If only I had more time" challenge would mean the result deliberately needs to look like you had to rush it and didn't get quite done

  88. Nia


    Måned siden

    tom scott X mr beast is the best crossover

  89. Jah Jah

    Jah Jah

    Måned siden

    Before i even watched this video i knew mrbeast was gonna be in it

  90. uwu


    Måned siden

    The "if I only had more time" makeup challenge is just me every morning

  91. eritan alves de oliveira

    eritan alves de oliveira

    Måned siden

    The jolly believe apically drown because phone physiologically rush midst a loud hate. unnatural, boundless lute

  92. snakeshit


    Måned siden

    I am unable to comprehend how unintelligent a person would need to be in order to be blind to the threat they are willingly creating.

    • Coding Hub

      Coding Hub

      25 dager siden

      This is sarcasm right? If it isn't, then GPT-3 wasn't created by Tom. It was made by OpenAI. And it won't be a threat if we are cautious enough.

  93. Epic Games

    Epic Games

    Måned siden

    I never knew Mr beast thought so much

  94. nebulosza


    Måned siden

    How to build a 3d printed plasma speaker is plausible, just a bit outlandish

  95. wojtekpolska


    Måned siden

    MrBeast is a billionare, but still uses a 2009 webcam

  96. Crispy and Spicy

    Crispy and Spicy

    Måned siden

    "The Last of Us is disappointing and here's why" You've heard it guys, the AI never lies.

  97. firudu


    Måned siden

    "i built a haunted house and tried to sell it" would legit be a good idea

  98. Michael Peters

    Michael Peters

    Måned siden

    Imagine using AI to predict the next video title of a popular channel.

  99. EthanGreen


    Måned siden

    Who here just clicked on the video because Electroboom was in the thumbnail (I did) 0:31 E L E C T R O B O O M

  100. Peter


    Måned siden

    “How Bethesda broke me, and here’s why I’ll keep buying their games anyway” is actually all of our relationship with Bethesda.