I Should Have Waited....

i knew that i should have waited..


  1. Sami is Bored

    Sami is Bored

    30 minutter siden

    If I was zhong I would listen

  2. Cameron Bond

    Cameron Bond

    Time siden


  3. Cornish Mckenny

    Cornish Mckenny

    2 timer siden

    Nice purple

  4. Justine Hernandez

    Justine Hernandez

    3 timer siden

    Zhong has now became the next Sango

  5. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon

    8 timer siden

    Watch to the end, it gets funs :)

  6. Rihanna Skeen

    Rihanna Skeen

    8 timer siden


  7. Juan Salgado

    Juan Salgado

    9 timer siden

    Nisha color your hair blue and red just like the guy that looks like Cobra Kai The Hawk

  8. Brenda Derouen

    Brenda Derouen

    9 timer siden

    If you get 4m die your hair orange

  9. Anniston Grace

    Anniston Grace

    12 timer siden

    It's sad that she calls that cleaning

    • qopoy dnon

      qopoy dnon

      8 timer siden

      Dye hair blue

  10. Mia Torres

    Mia Torres

    12 timer siden

    OMG SHE has the same tv as me at first I was like. She has the same turn off as me and then I had to look again and saw the same remote

  11. Angela Schmitt

    Angela Schmitt

    13 timer siden

    I want your hair to be black and yellow

  12. Ravi Kumar

    Ravi Kumar

    14 timer siden

    Pink please or blue or red or rainbow.

  13. saima safdar

    saima safdar

    14 timer siden

    Wait a minute- YOU HAVE THE SAME TV AS ME BRO WTH-

  14. Antloo2009


    14 timer siden


  15. Emily Manyuha

    Emily Manyuha

    15 timer siden


  16. Henry Stickman

    Henry Stickman

    16 timer siden

    Zohg: I'm so full rn *rubs his chest* Me: YOU RUB YOUR STOMACH NOT YOUR CHEST

  17. Death Pool

    Death Pool

    16 timer siden

    im so disappointed in all of you and in myself what the fk did i just watch

  18. Christy Jones

    Christy Jones

    17 timer siden

    R u my friend on fornite

  19. Manjunath Hagargi

    Manjunath Hagargi

    17 timer siden

    Reaveal your girlfriend

  20. -Itz Ashy-

    -Itz Ashy-

    18 timer siden

    Zhong: *Gets full by eating bread*

  21. Aline zalfaa

    Aline zalfaa

    19 timer siden

    Dye it blonde



    19 timer siden

    Omg zhong you have the same tv as mine

  23. alex sandoval

    alex sandoval

    19 timer siden

    Dye hair blue

  24. Andrew Lara

    Andrew Lara

    20 timer siden


  25. Ruhani Arora

    Ruhani Arora

    22 timer siden

    Pink hAir culour

  26. Ladipma Rai

    Ladipma Rai

    22 timer siden

    Please show your girlfriend

  27. Sheila Merca

    Sheila Merca

    Dag siden

    Dye your hair green

  28. Sunita Maharana

    Sunita Maharana

    Dag siden

    when you turn off the game his reaction so 😂🤣😁

  29. Dominic Jackson

    Dominic Jackson

    Dag siden

    Lake lake

  30. MUBARAK Ibrahim

    MUBARAK Ibrahim

    Dag siden

    The tv turn off cool

  31. dale lawther

    dale lawther

    Dag siden


  32. Alpha Gamer Wolf

    Alpha Gamer Wolf

    Dag siden

    *turns off tv* “why” “cAn YoU gO cLeAn My RoOm”

  33. Devonte Pearce

    Devonte Pearce

    Dag siden

    Pick the brightest pink

  34. fahima qaderi

    fahima qaderi

    Dag siden

    Orange pls l

  35. Coconut kun De Castro

    Coconut kun De Castro

    Dag siden


  36. Dairy Milk

    Dairy Milk

    Dag siden


  37. Dude_im_a_sloth


    Dag siden

    Mom:hunny time to eat Me:ugh what are we having Mom: Nutella and popcorn sandwich Me:I’m not eating that Mom:well you like Nutella Me:Okay... Mom:you like popcorn Me: Okay... Mom:why don’t we combine them you will love it Me:😟

  38. Mario Petralia

    Mario Petralia

    Dag siden


  39. Funny Dude

    Funny Dude

    Dag siden

    Acting is 10/10 Oops typo I keant -1010101010102020/10

  40. Devran Cevrim

    Devran Cevrim

    Dag siden

    Your hair need blue

  41. rø hrsn

    rø hrsn

    Dag siden


  42. Melissa Sheffield

    Melissa Sheffield

    Dag siden


  43. Oliver gaming

    Oliver gaming

    Dag siden


  44. AnimePug


    Dag siden

    Bluebis good color it reminds me of roblox colors don't know why💙

  45. Napkhem Tonsing

    Napkhem Tonsing

    Dag siden

    Copy past but why

  46. Jessica Coatney

    Jessica Coatney

    Dag siden

    Blue & purple

  47. Haven Christopher Veloria

    Haven Christopher Veloria

    Dag siden

    I use the lexa skin to



    Dag siden

    Dye your hair green

  49. Girl


    2 dager siden

    Can you please dye your hair colour blue

  50. gon off

    gon off

    2 dager siden

    "omg he's cleaning" damn..



    2 dager siden

    Ya mushy putty youre smart

  52. Sofia


    2 dager siden


  53. Eggs Yo

    Eggs Yo

    2 dager siden

    Ok when I see breed yes when you actually see food nooooooooooo

  54. William Yu

    William Yu

    2 dager siden

    Zhong is a controller and pc player i just noticed

  55. Clouds are Wild √

    Clouds are Wild √

    2 dager siden

    R.I.P Plate 😢 Plate got broken bc of Zhong 😭

  56. Scarlet Young

    Scarlet Young

    2 dager siden


  57. Zin Zen

    Zin Zen

    2 dager siden

    This is exactly how my tv was turned off looks like

  58. • strawberry milkshake Afton

    • strawberry milkshake Afton

    2 dager siden

    Boy of that was my mom I would’ve.

  59. Nicolas Guzman

    Nicolas Guzman

    2 dager siden


  60. Yngrid Aybar

    Yngrid Aybar

    2 dager siden

    give me food sango

  61. Paul Curry

    Paul Curry

    2 dager siden

    this dude fake

  62. Rock girl

    Rock girl

    2 dager siden

    Zhong is so good at gaming, he can even see his gameplay while being on a blank screen

  63. Jen Langlois

    Jen Langlois

    2 dager siden


  64. ihnen2009


    2 dager siden

    Pink hair pls he needs it

  65. Simoney Bologna

    Simoney Bologna

    2 dager siden

    I have the same netendo on the TV stand

  66. Troy Szkolnik

    Troy Szkolnik

    2 dager siden

    That was so cruel

    • Rock girl

      Rock girl

      2 dager siden

      Why are you always saying don’t forget that you’re here whenever you’re ready for me subscribers we hear you already

  67. Marley Adams

    Marley Adams

    2 dager siden

    "Why'd u turn off my game?" The console still turned on

    • Marley Adams

      Marley Adams

      23 timer siden

      @Rock girl ok that's abit harsh

    • Rock girl

      Rock girl

      Dag siden

      I didnt know zhong has a girlfriend

  68. Earthy


    2 dager siden

    Pls pick purple it's to support a youtuber

  69. lemo loky

    lemo loky

    3 dager siden

    She give food you guys give fake chkine



    3 dager siden

    I like nick

  71. Amber Bartie

    Amber Bartie

    3 dager siden

    Oh I wanna wear a broken heart cracker car but I like to party

  72. •Yours Truly•

    •Yours Truly•

    3 dager siden

    Dye your hair green please

  73. Stefan Stefanov

    Stefan Stefanov

    3 dager siden

    Green 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  74. Cinco Goes Video Collection

    Cinco Goes Video Collection

    3 dager siden


  75. Erickson Salta

    Erickson Salta

    3 dager siden

    I eat nuttela bread but not popcorn bread

  76. Minh Tam Nguyen

    Minh Tam Nguyen

    3 dager siden

    So close

  77. AlwaysStayPositive


    3 dager siden

    To everyone! You are beautiful just the way you look! You are important! You do have worth and meaning! I love you! You are important! You do not need to be skinny or have abs to be Beautiful! You are beautiful just the way you look! Never forget that! Always be loving and kind to everyone! Jesus loves you! Never forget that you are so beautiful and you do have meaning and worth! Everyone is beautiful! Never forget that! Always be nice and kind! Be loving! You are special! Never forget that you are beautiful and important and you have worth and meaning! Never forget that you are meaningful and never forget this message you saw today! Never forget it! Always love others! Always love! Be positive! And nice! Never forget that! Cutie! ALways love and care! Be loving and positive! All the time!!!

  78. Kquazr


    3 dager siden

    I girl stop copying zhon

  79. MentalGamer5248


    3 dager siden

    This guy’s video are staged

  80. Lazario R

    Lazario R

    3 dager siden

    Why are you always saying don’t forget that you’re here whenever you’re ready for me subscribers we hear you already

  81. Lokesh Khatri

    Lokesh Khatri

    3 dager siden

    Him : 3 nutella sandwich and he is full Me *starter

  82. Энэрэлт Нямдөл

    Энэрэлт Нямдөл

    3 dager siden


  83. Likhil


    3 dager siden

    Zhong: why did you turn off my game

  84. naimjanna Ismail

    naimjanna Ismail

    3 dager siden


  85. Peggy Mwamba

    Peggy Mwamba

    3 dager siden

    Dye ur hair gold and balck

  86. Stefan Luca

    Stefan Luca

    3 dager siden

    (YTP) 𝑾 𝑯 𝑨 𝑻 ?

  87. Cool Kid

    Cool Kid

    3 dager siden

    Lol turns off fortnite

  88. Airzzyy


    3 dager siden

    Leviathan axe 😂

  89. galaxy plays on roblox adopt me and more

    galaxy plays on roblox adopt me and more

    3 dager siden

    What he doea to sango: ugh he is always playing this game uh When he got a gf : she said the same thing and zhong became sango

  90. TONG ZHI HAU Moe


    3 dager siden

    Almost 4 m sub lol

  91. Gurmeet Singh

    Gurmeet Singh

    3 dager siden


  92. Rovic Bonga

    Rovic Bonga

    4 dager siden

    When did Zhong get a girlfreind



    4 dager siden

    Zhong is so good at gaming, he can even see his gameplay while being on a blank screen

  94. Charlie Rose

    Charlie Rose

    4 dager siden

    Address not look good nasty for eating that

  95. Cool rakha

    Cool rakha

    4 dager siden

    Look at the controller is a ps5 controller but theres no ps5

  96. haiato Gameplays

    haiato Gameplays

    4 dager siden

    why isn't anyone talking about zhong's girlfriend ending his game and ruining his squad's game?

  97. Robert Topeto

    Robert Topeto

    4 dager siden

    Do it rainbow to Macte with neh

  98. Aditya Saha

    Aditya Saha

    4 dager siden

    White pls

  99. Heaven Sunsill

    Heaven Sunsill

    4 dager siden