I watched one SNL episode from every season

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Saturday Night Live hasn't been funny since Moses left the show in 1400 BC.

00:00 - Intro
01:31 - 1975-1980
05:40 - 1980-1984
08:37 - 1985-1990
11:59 - 1990-1995
14:38 - 1995-2001
18:11 - 2001-2006
20:21 - 2006-2012
25:35 - 2013-2021
30:47 - Conclusion

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  1. Amy Shoemor

    Amy Shoemor

    19 dager siden

    why does drew always do something no one asked for?

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Hey ಠ_ಠ Go away

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Hey ಠ_ಠ Go away

      2 dager siden

      @James McHammond 🤥

    • James McHammond

      James McHammond

      2 dager siden

      @( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Hey ಠ_ಠ Go away 😕

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Hey ಠ_ಠ Go away

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Hey ಠ_ಠ Go away

      2 dager siden

      @James McHammond 😐

    • James McHammond

      James McHammond

      2 dager siden

      @( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Hey ಠ_ಠ Go away pov you can still comment

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Hey ಠ_ಠ Go away

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Hey ಠ_ಠ Go away

      2 dager siden

      @Historyiscool8899 I- it was a joke I- chill

  2. Jack White

    Jack White

    19 minutter siden

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  3. Omar Herrera

    Omar Herrera

    Time siden

    No mention of the Rock hosting in 2000?!

  4. Aina Maree

    Aina Maree

    Time siden

    toonces... lol

  5. Lizica Dumitru

    Lizica Dumitru

    3 timer siden

    Thank you for saying it: Adam Sandler is not funny

  6. Daniel Burk

    Daniel Burk

    3 timer siden

    Smug zoomer whose entire persona is a John Mulaney impersonation shit talking Mr. Bill and Colin Quinn. Watched the entire video, feel like I don't know myself anymore.

  7. I_M Luck

    I_M Luck

    4 timer siden

    Your sense of humor is horrible if you think Adam sandler is not funny 😐

  8. Lil Joker

    Lil Joker

    4 timer siden

    I agree about Bobby Moniahan!!!

  9. musicshead


    4 timer siden

    Blza. Toma aqui um comentário em português.

  10. Garret McCauley

    Garret McCauley

    5 timer siden

    Damn I got an ad for Boss Baby 2 right as he was saying Alec Baldwin 🧐

  11. ZyxthePest


    5 timer siden

    Man, the hate on Mr. Bill :(

  12. Ms. McConnell's Class

    Ms. McConnell's Class

    5 timer siden

    you forgot about Almost Pizza

  13. Ms. McConnell's Class

    Ms. McConnell's Class

    5 timer siden

    no, I think the mid 2000's were really funny

  14. Hi I'm James

    Hi I'm James

    6 timer siden

    I like drew, he puts in effort, and he’s affable. Afflack?

  15. Johnny Lopez

    Johnny Lopez

    6 timer siden

    I am 41 years old and I have to say…absolutely terrific take. I love drunk uncle, Chris Farley, Kate McKinnon…the only difference now is that I let NOnet filter the complete awful…and the filter consistently lets through the decent sketches regardless of the era. Great job.

  16. Kxtherinee


    6 timer siden

    You should react to impractical jokers

  17. blayke pegues

    blayke pegues

    6 timer siden

    [insert heavy sarcasm] I swear this video is such trash, even the new seasons of SNL are better than this.

  18. Ed Bedrock

    Ed Bedrock

    7 timer siden

    There is a skit I really like I can’t find. There are several versions. The skit includes, I believe, Will Forte, Jason Sedeikis, another cast member and the host. Premise is they are all in a bar and a song comes on that reminds them all of past life experiences that gradually get worse than the last and they break between to sing the chorus of the song together. Amy by Pure Prairie League is one ex. If you happened upon this skit or one of the other versions please let us know what episode it’s in?

  19. Rebekah Antis

    Rebekah Antis

    7 timer siden

    You suck. Didn’t even mention bill hader. SNL trash. You’re welcome, Drew.

  20. Scott Reynolds

    Scott Reynolds

    7 timer siden

    You forget about the changing rules regarding censorship, snl was on the cutting edge of the censorship knife. The old stuff doesn't seem as funny now but in the mindset of the time it was hilarious .

  21. Scott Reynolds

    Scott Reynolds

    7 timer siden

    Dude, how high were you when you watched the episodes ? Most of snl was only funny if you were really baked.

  22. Ashley Bomar

    Ashley Bomar

    8 timer siden

    am i the only one who loved Seth Meyers on SNL? i used to always look forward to his segment "Weekend Update with Seth Meyers"

  23. Parker Essential

    Parker Essential

    8 timer siden

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  24. sneakerheadjt


    8 timer siden

    Didn't mention JT? Thank you

  25. No Nope

    No Nope

    8 timer siden

    Whatever seasons norm were in were the best ones

  26. Rafika 99

    Rafika 99

    8 timer siden

    Ah i remember iv watch snl once just because they invited bts there😬

  27. TW Howl

    TW Howl

    9 timer siden

    Every generation had huge stars EXCEPT the modern one. Kate McKinnon is arguably the biggest of that bunch, but how does she stack up against the breakout stars of the other eras?

  28. Winter


    9 timer siden

    no no no is that a ted nivison shirt

  29. Makayla Joe

    Makayla Joe

    9 timer siden

    You should review a movie called Father’s Day it is creepy to me and weirdly animated

  30. alexis jordyn

    alexis jordyn

    10 timer siden

    Hello Danny, I just wanted to inform you that season 2 of AwesomenessTV’s Next Influencer has dropped, and I would recommend you make a video of it. Sincerely, Drew Goeden.

  31. Gerrit Peacock

    Gerrit Peacock

    10 timer siden

    The belushi samurai thing has to be understood in its relationship to Saturday Night Fever. It still isn't the greatest but to watch SNL without understanding what was happening in the country will leave someone with no idea. This may help with that belushi/samurai: nonet.info/glo/video/epJpkZqIbM2L0X8

  32. Sandro Kirtzel

    Sandro Kirtzel

    10 timer siden

    Toolbar Aroma Love skit 💜

  33. minaDesuDesu


    10 timer siden


  34. Nolan Shaner

    Nolan Shaner

    12 timer siden

    SNL hasnt been good since the early 17th century.

  35. Comrade Question

    Comrade Question

    12 timer siden

    Oh wow that Andy Kaufman bit was from the very first episode of SNL?

  36. Charlotte Surrey

    Charlotte Surrey

    12 timer siden

    3:04 if anyone has a clip of this i'm begging you to post it

  37. When Better Cars Are Built

    When Better Cars Are Built

    13 timer siden

    Norm McDonald, Kevin Neelan, and Dennis Miller were the best News guys ever.

  38. Jess Darroch

    Jess Darroch

    13 timer siden


  39. When Better Cars Are Built

    When Better Cars Are Built

    13 timer siden

    Yes, the late 80s and into the 90s were the best years. The 70s were just too many drug jokes. BORING. Although I am a Dan Ackroyd and Bill Murray fan. I have the advantage to have seen all the seasons as they were originally broadcast until around the time Will Ferrell left and then I lost interest. On occasion I will check in and now I think it is just plain inane. But Adam Sandler has never been funny. Some of the things you do not like are running jokes, which work better if you do not just see one example.

  40. Dont Worry

    Dont Worry

    13 timer siden

    Your a lifelong SNL fan but you were unaware of the Norm saga? You need to do a NOnet deep dive on the greatest Weekend Update host ever!

  41. Xavier Cosme

    Xavier Cosme

    14 timer siden

    This is good! I appreciate the nuance. Snl has always been hit or miss, but that's the nature of the beast and thats why its great.

  42. Taylor Davy

    Taylor Davy

    14 timer siden

    A+ content. Subbed.

  43. Noah Dimitroff

    Noah Dimitroff

    15 timer siden

    Drew I just started watching and you’re really funny man.

  44. Ella Johnston

    Ella Johnston

    15 timer siden

    For danny

  45. Bill Bill

    Bill Bill

    16 timer siden

    Not the pinnacle of comedy, but sink or swim platform for comedy icons

  46. Tara H

    Tara H

    16 timer siden

    No it is still not funny

  47. Cucumamacacapipi


    16 timer siden

    Why do you hate Chad? Yeah it's repetitive, but Chad isn't loud and obnoxious. The rest of the cast runs the joke while Chad just kinda floats

  48. Cucumamacacapipi


    16 timer siden

    I don't think SNL has dropped in quality at all. I think it's telling that people say snl "got political". Its Republicans who don't like that a leftist show is popular. That's it.

    • Totoro


      9 timer siden

      Id have to disagree because im super duper left and I also think its too political. I was always a fan of the goofy, fun sketches

  49. agentcodydanks


    16 timer siden

    I wish you were funny.

    • piggy man 129

      piggy man 129

      9 timer siden

      I wish you were funny

  50. Rachel Wolf

    Rachel Wolf

    16 timer siden

    Damnnn Drew, you really dug into Adam 😂

  51. Adán Vargas

    Adán Vargas

    17 timer siden

    In regards to the John Belushi - Samurai sketch. If you don’t get it, it’s because you never saw - Saturday Night Fever. The whole sketch is making fun of John Travolta and that film. Which is a horrible film. The stuff about his family life are the only redeeming scenes in the movie, otherwise it’s pretty trash. The sketch does good coverage of the films reoccurring locations, and boils it down pretty well, and the samurai is metaphor for how Travolta was seen as the unicorn in his family. I’ve spent way too much time explaining this. Blame it on the Frosted Donuts I was just smoking in my bong. (Not actual donuts, just the strain name.)

  52. Daniel Huelsman

    Daniel Huelsman

    17 timer siden

    The arms on this... leaf, confuse me.

  53. Mystery Girl

    Mystery Girl

    18 timer siden

    You Look Like You Just Got Out Of Bed 😂

  54. Dick White

    Dick White

    20 timer siden

    Drew Gooden is not funny.

  55. Natasha Vora

    Natasha Vora

    23 timer siden

    u need to post more often!! love the vid

  56. Jojo


    Dag siden

    29:26 this has potential

  57. Aaron Gerdus

    Aaron Gerdus

    Dag siden

    Leon lush turned me onto u n I love ur videos. Your lil skits with urself have me rolling. Better late than never. New fan Fer sure

  58. Insert_text_here


    Dag siden

    I agree on the nostalgia thing. So many people believe things are objectively good because they look back fondly on it, even if it was actually bad or the same as it always been. I'm not saying I'm not guilty of this, I used to play Fallout 3 all the fucking time and it's probably up there in my top best games I've ever played, if not the best (it also got me through some very tough times), and I'll admit the heavily rose-tinted glasses cloud my mind sometimes and make me forget how objectively flawed the game is compared to the rest of the series (still not a bad game, it's just flawed compared to the rest). Everybody is guilty of this, and that's usually not a bad thing, but it gets bad when people completely forget how objectively bad or good the thing is and just base an objective rating on nostalgia.

  59. Emily Kipp

    Emily Kipp

    Dag siden

    I’m surprised you didn’t talk about Kristen Wiig. She and Andy Samberg carried the show for me. Theirs are the only skits from that era that I consistently go back to, and with Andy it’s really just the lonely island skits. Kristen was the best in actual sketches. Also the ICP Magnets parody was fuckin hilarious

  60. Tim Chantarangsu

    Tim Chantarangsu

    Dag siden

    Wow this video was GREAT 🔥

  61. illiniguy399


    Dag siden

    Aidy Bryant is so painfully unfunny that every sketch she has any major part in always bombs.

  62. FunnyEds


    Dag siden

    I loved the Totino’s pizza rolls saga, and also, many other sketches that come up every now and then. SNL it’s like a gold mine, in that you have to dig through a lot of gravel to find those valuable pieces of gold

  63. Jeremiah Cerra

    Jeremiah Cerra

    Dag siden

    Turning the Titanic into an animated musical for kids? That's absurd! Nobody would ever be stupid enough to do that... Twice

  64. Down with The rabbits

    Down with The rabbits

    Dag siden


  65. Mimsy


    Dag siden

    Laughed at the nude beach one

  66. J J

    J J

    Dag siden

    That was some goooood roasting. Yum yum yum.

  67. Mimsy


    Dag siden

    And nothing else of note happened? Is Danny an OJ Simpson apologist?

  68. Mimsy


    Dag siden

    What’s wrong with Peacock?

  69. Mimsy


    Dag siden

    Of course snl hasn’t been good in forever. PC culture and liberal agendas have made everything political and only insulting to those who disagree with their agenda. You can get some random fun jokes here and there, but when they try to force in relevant topics while trying to seem woke, it’s soooooo embarrassing.

  70. Elliot C

    Elliot C

    Dag siden

    Nacho Libre review

  71. Flux_Time


    Dag siden

    Hello, guy.

  72. fotc1313


    Dag siden

    John Belushi? Dan Aykroyd? Gilda Radner? Garrett Morris? Chris Rock? Really? Not even a mention? I'm assuming it's due to the fact that you were yet to be born.

  73. Hand Elf The Gay

    Hand Elf The Gay

    Dag siden

    You suck this is garbage I love you kiss me.

  74. Daniel West

    Daniel West

    Dag siden

    Please tell me the ‘85 SNL episode he watched was the one where Francis Ford Coppola “hosts” by just breaking the 4th wall as a director the entire time.

  75. Patrick Cochran

    Patrick Cochran

    Dag siden


  76. Ashlynn Zibby

    Ashlynn Zibby

    Dag siden

    This is a very nuanced analysis

  77. otbyy


    Dag siden

    24:15, "Berlusconi is innocente" as an Italian I gotta say ma che cazzo

  78. Natalie Koontz

    Natalie Koontz

    Dag siden

    Drew will never post a video



    Dag siden

    I could be famous one day for my knowledge... Long story

  80. MissionControl


    Dag siden


  81. Laura Simon

    Laura Simon

    Dag siden

    This was actually an amazing video, as always

  82. Keira Stanley

    Keira Stanley

    Dag siden

    Wow Danny Gooden I loved this vid! I' m truly Guy!

  83. Trickstette


    Dag siden

    One Winged Angel Rebirth at 28:22 fucking eliminated me. Amazing video.

  84. Andrew Plant

    Andrew Plant

    Dag siden

    "Feels like something a teenager would come up with" is like the perfect encapsulation of Adam Sandler's whole deal. like, that's his schtick and it's the best and worst thing about him.

  85. Bread Genie

    Bread Genie

    Dag siden

    Eddie murphy doesn’t age and it scares me.

  86. Real Leon

    Real Leon

    Dag siden

    "President Carlson" Nightmare nightmare nightmare

  87. poptart poptart

    poptart poptart

    Dag siden

    Hello danny

  88. The M.A.

    The M.A.

    Dag siden

    I'm glad that I finally made time for this video. It made me appreciate SNL more! 🤓

  89. spencer ray

    spencer ray

    Dag siden

    drew…is that ted nivison merch??

  90. dragon sniperVII

    dragon sniperVII

    Dag siden

    Danny looks a little different

  91. Bring me joy-con

    Bring me joy-con

    Dag siden

    Please go watch "peters heckler" with will Ferrell, funniest thing in 20 years

  92. Bring me joy-con

    Bring me joy-con

    Dag siden

    Why does everyone complain about Elon? He's trying to save the planet and he's actually more funny in his natural conversation than anything

  93. Mathias Flores

    Mathias Flores

    Dag siden

    Bob Odinkirk ,and conan are great tho they should have come up with there own show together

  94. AmfuwwyUwU Rawr

    AmfuwwyUwU Rawr

    Dag siden


  95. Mathias Flores

    Mathias Flores

    Dag siden

    Man from the looks of it ,snl was always kinda bad, big time new Yorkers couldn't come up with better stuff how did this make it so long? I guess show was ok never really watched it tho

  96. Marc Marc

    Marc Marc

    Dag siden

    You honestly just ruined everything I loved about this show.

  97. Mike Gallagher

    Mike Gallagher

    Dag siden

    Wow, very interesting seeing your POV as I have been watching snl since it’s third episode. There are cultural touchpoints, parody and of the moment humor that you clearly had difficulty with. Good video. I appreciate your content.