INSANE video of failed heist in South Africa

A dashcam video showing the moment an armored cash-in-transit vehicle coming under the attack of armed robbers has gone viral for its adrenaline-raising action and the composed response of the security guards.

The incident from Pretoria in South Africa happened on April 22 when members of a private security company were transporting money in a truck.

The three-minute video shows a security officer, identified as Leo Prinsloo, behind the wheels of a Toyota Land Cruiser. He is accompanied by another officer, Lloyd Mthombeni. Both are seen wearing bulletproof vests.

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  1. Donut Operator

    Donut Operator

    Måned siden

    Son of a bitch I left my check check in at the end. You'd think this was my full time job or something. streaming (yes this late) MY VLOG CHANNEL: MY GAMING CHANNEL:

    • Not_Ben


      7 dager siden

      when you said the second shot it was actually the 3rd because look at back window right befor

    • Ahnf


      13 dager siden

      It was 4 people in da truck



      15 dager siden

      Holy fuck i found a sequel of there dash cam of there attack and them running away and getting there car jammed and getting out shooting before

    • Over Love

      Over Love

      17 dager siden ..

    • Dem Power

      Dem Power

      18 dager siden .

  2. Isaiah Genaro Cardenas

    Isaiah Genaro Cardenas

    4 timer siden

    Damn Scary shit to be involved in.

  3. jason lecates

    jason lecates

    5 timer siden

    When “Qualified for the job vs Affirmative Action “ becomes a movie

  4. xave?


    5 timer siden

    "April 22st 2021" lol

  5. Sava Politis

    Sava Politis

    8 timer siden

    This Leo guy puts duty of care to his nation above his own family and personal life. Absolute hero and humbles us all 👏

  6. Nathan “RAV3NZA” Jewaskiewitz

    Nathan “RAV3NZA” Jewaskiewitz

    11 timer siden

    This is a Everyday Thing here in South Africa, I am just glad they Safe as many other CIT gets blown up or the Officers are shot and killed. :(

  7. Straight Jacket

    Straight Jacket

    12 timer siden

    That little clip with Eli chewing on something as it kept falling out of his mouth made my stomach ache

  8. Shimano Tyler

    Shimano Tyler

    15 timer siden

    The black dude was like here's the gun boss go kill them

  9. Extraordinarily Basic

    Extraordinarily Basic

    17 timer siden

    Not sure why the passenger is getting such flak just cause my boy got that baby face. My guy watched a 5.56 round hit his window and didn't even look phased, bad dude.

  10. High Stony

    High Stony

    19 timer siden

    im impressed so dude on the right could handel his phone with all the adranalin

  11. Enrique Tachias

    Enrique Tachias

    20 timer siden

    Gotta love armor max

  12. KorporalNoobs


    21 time siden

    He might be a top dog SAPS member, but his college looks like he got the power of foresight.

  13. Love Jews

    Love Jews

    Dag siden

    What’s the movie called? That he said he looks familiar from? 5:00

  14. DamageJackal


    Dag siden

    No one gonna talk about how accurate the would-be robbers where while shooting _from_ and _at_ a moving vehicle? To hit at head-level? No?

  15. Panikindavillage


    Dag siden

    Certified bad ass

  16. Mukkumu


    Dag siden

    Leo really said you're not that guy pal

  17. 0taku


    Dag siden

    A Red Sniper and Demoman barely escape 2fort base after stealing blu's intelligence.

  18. thewhitetiger p

    thewhitetiger p

    Dag siden

    The first shot woulda killed the driver and they woulda been just done for so that one comment was fucking dumb

  19. Sean Ellison

    Sean Ellison

    Dag siden

  20. Kyle Brake

    Kyle Brake

    2 dager siden

    I love your videos!

  21. Kg mello clan

    Kg mello clan

    2 dager siden

    The guy in the passenger seat dropped his manhood back at mile marker 10 He’s calling his mom.

  22. Roger Corn

    Roger Corn

    2 dager siden

    Anyone notice it was a standard transmission too? Legend lol

  23. Dylan Maier

    Dylan Maier

    2 dager siden

    I didn't know he was STF. That explains a lot.

  24. Anthony F Gaming and Ranting

    Anthony F Gaming and Ranting

    2 dager siden

    As a Banana, this dude is a legend....

  25. avnmech


    2 dager siden

    Here's more information on this heist from the actual guy driving the truck.

  26. Francois


    3 dager siden

    This is common in ZA. The police failed their mandate HORRIBLY on every front and recently the government proposed a bill to disarm law abiding citizens because they plan to do something that they will probably get shot for. "KOM JOU KONT" is similar to "Don't tread on me"! The dude has GIANT STEEL BALLS!

  27. xDropzerox


    3 dager siden they go over the damage to the truck with the driver, bloody insane!

  28. C Lowe

    C Lowe

    3 dager siden

    Here is a follow up video from the company that up armored the vehicle. great video!

  29. good_vibez 7103

    good_vibez 7103

    3 dager siden

    so they are cops? or what ever they call it where they are



    3 dager siden

    Man frank and Trevor did a good job

  31. Thatoneguy622


    3 dager siden

    Me who was watching the actual video, and this got recommend to me: wow

  32. Moua Xiong

    Moua Xiong

    4 dager siden

    A manual is always better they said... Their clutch shat itself

  33. kurao terai

    kurao terai

    4 dager siden

    The whispering smash essentially part because bird originally moan till a concerned bowl. dynamic, daffy texture

  34. Omee Dee

    Omee Dee

    4 dager siden

    Sorry dear, they were transporting mobile phones

  35. Ashton Warth

    Ashton Warth

    4 dager siden

    Why does the driver look like my 8th grade science teacher

  36. EliteDavid Horne

    EliteDavid Horne

    4 dager siden

    Those dudes in the Ranger were lucky they weren't hit by the security truck. Because he was aiming for them.

  37. Steve Device

    Steve Device

    4 dager siden

    They weren't carrying money, they were escorting a truck full of mobile phones.

  38. Scwalieway


    4 dager siden

    Let’s admire the fact that truck was stick🤣😳

  39. Fah Q

    Fah Q

    4 dager siden

    Nicely done Sir. HOLY shittt my Pants watching, WELL DONE

  40. Zach Naglowsky

    Zach Naglowsky

    4 dager siden

    Franklin And Trevor are protecting a money truck.

  41. Sonder


    4 dager siden

    ok ik this is a serious video…… BUT… 1:00 gave me a stroke trying to read that

  42. Private Blastem

    Private Blastem

    5 dager siden

    Bro when i originaly saw this footage before this video, i actually thought the people in the van with the vests and such were the robbers

  43. RJ Lifestyle On Fire

    RJ Lifestyle On Fire

    5 dager siden

    Appreciate the Video you made and The Movie Idea "I Will check it out "

  44. Lord Rat Hut

    Lord Rat Hut

    5 dager siden

    I remember doing a report on city safety for an amusement park and Pretoria was on the list. Pretoria wasn't too bad in crime level but dang that was a crazy one

  45. Andrew Lambert

    Andrew Lambert

    5 dager siden

    I would have rammed the doors of pickup.

  46. Classified Lobster

    Classified Lobster

    5 dager siden

    He had maxed out driver skills and war thunders armour logic on his side

  47. Justin_Pirates_Rc


    5 dager siden

    heres the interview with him at the company that built the amoured car

  48. Colin Cheng

    Colin Cheng

    5 dager siden

    The bizarre sweatshirt bioinformatically blot because trail anaerobically offend throughout a cowardly soil. wistful, sneaky starter

  49. MadestMitchel


    5 dager siden

    Here in South Africa, we call em' "bakkies" not trucks ;P

  50. Nick the furry

    Nick the furry

    5 dager siden

    1:30 straight up gta

  51. Anthony Mark Fernandez

    Anthony Mark Fernandez

    5 dager siden

    Better bang2x the tires instead of the glass

  52. Jeziel Perez

    Jeziel Perez

    5 dager siden

    Would he have gotten in trouble if he actually ran them over?

  53. Hrbi


    5 dager siden

    3:39 also the one you can see in the reflection of the backboard behind them

  54. Steven Thompson

    Steven Thompson

    5 dager siden

  55. Mat Lins

    Mat Lins

    5 dager siden

    Here's the drivers breakdown of events regarding the ballistics.

  56. Aaron O'Neale

    Aaron O'Neale

    5 dager siden

    Im here from South africa Pretoria

  57. Kieran Tagg

    Kieran Tagg

    6 dager siden

    Mr yeast?

  58. Python


    6 dager siden

    ay where the south african gang af

  59. Ronald Brewer

    Ronald Brewer

    6 dager siden

    Driver is a serious operator,titanium testicle along with keeping his priorities straight under the fog of war. The the guy you need on your side.

  60. G DE WEG

    G DE WEG

    6 dager siden

    White racist stopping blacks from going about their lawful business. He defended himself before he approach some black racist lawyer to get permission. In New York or Washington he would go to jail with no bail

  61. Senpai Perez

    Senpai Perez

    6 dager siden

    The cool thing is that my name is Leonardo but people call me Leo

  62. Arnold Sandag

    Arnold Sandag

    6 dager siden


  63. Eric Chen

    Eric Chen

    6 dager siden

    i wouldn't trust my life with any other car than a toyota landcruiser

  64. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    6 dager siden

    "all it takes is one man with the will to fight and the world will follow suit" after this happened, people have been looking for the robbers to protect Leo. his bravery has awakened a lot of resistance for the robbers as they have been ratted out by they'r neighbors.

  65. Vikt0r V3ktor

    Vikt0r V3ktor

    6 dager siden

    CIT vans are robbed way to often in this country man

  66. Jamal Sargio

    Jamal Sargio

    6 dager siden

    Those guys clearly weren’t messing around that white pickup is clearly armored they meant business

  67. Jarod Cordner

    Jarod Cordner

    6 dager siden

    what was that movie from the clip of him shooting the mfers in the car

  68. Matt Gywther

    Matt Gywther

    6 dager siden

    CIT robberies like this happens daily in South Africa. It's very common. Some get away other's panic and get killed. Don't you know S.A. is the wild wild west. Lol you think the criminals are bad. Wait until you see the cops in action.

  69. leifaune


    7 dager siden

    Go bills

  70. Krimi


    7 dager siden

    He only wanted his partner to phoned Robbie and Josh to meet at the pub

  71. syrena durager

    syrena durager

    7 dager siden

    I was so hoping to see him make a couple of pancakes . :D

  72. The Bearded

    The Bearded

    7 dager siden

    The robbers: Let's rob that truck filled with money! We have the moment of surprise! Leo: SO I SEE YOU HAVE CHOSEN DEATH! I WILL END YOU! The robbers: what the......RUN! Dude with rifle: I am SOO happy im on this guys side

  73. Golden Duck

    Golden Duck

    7 dager siden

    Yasie bruu I wouldn't like to be there

  74. xelerator25


    8 dager siden


  75. Frikkie Vannie Plaas

    Frikkie Vannie Plaas

    8 dager siden

    Just another Thursday in South Africa, oh how I love my country

    • totzkie anakniboskie

      totzkie anakniboskie

      7 dager siden

  76. Bakedpuffins


    8 dager siden

    4:11 plot twist he needs to start unlocking another chest in clash royale

    • totzkie anakniboskie

      totzkie anakniboskie

      7 dager siden

  77. NukaToosick


    8 dager siden

    How did manage to drive soo smooth well sitting on such massive balls

    • totzkie anakniboskie

      totzkie anakniboskie

      7 dager siden

  78. Andrew Playz

    Andrew Playz

    8 dager siden

    the driver: gun the passenger: *pulls out carbine*



    8 dager siden


  80. Kolten Soldat

    Kolten Soldat

    8 dager siden

    you look like the guy off of pineapple express lol

  81. TheCanadianFromOuterSpace


    8 dager siden

    Kids trying to do a heist in gta online be like

  82. Ren3gade _Airsoft

    Ren3gade _Airsoft

    8 dager siden

    5:02 I knew something was off

  83. Morten


    8 dager siden

    did he drive the car stuck so the robbers would not be able to steal it if they overmanned them? Pretty smart tactic if so!

  84. James Torregrossa

    James Torregrossa

    8 dager siden

    The passenger in the armored car looks like he took a bit too much Thorazine

  85. Daniel De Kock

    Daniel De Kock

    8 dager siden

    Follow up : Here they do a After action inspection of the armor on the vehicle, unfortunately I only ha e a FB video link...

  86. Adam Homie

    Adam Homie

    9 dager siden

    No one tries to rob these trucks in America lol. The armored money trucks are literal tanks, with 4 armed guys in them with all time. Everyone doesn’t even dare look at these trucks when they’re parked in front of banks or grocery stores 😂

  87. john bremner

    john bremner

    9 dager siden

    22st? Don't you mean 22nd.

  88. DinoSupreme


    9 dager siden

    The guy with the gun just switched off all of his danger sensors

  89. Baby Shrek

    Baby Shrek

    9 dager siden

    Bruh, your slow-mow laugh sounded so evil

  90. Subject 1- Henry

    Subject 1- Henry

    9 dager siden

    You sound like bowser in the slow mode part

  91. beyoh


    9 dager siden


  92. Michael Grable

    Michael Grable

    9 dager siden

    I've spent some time lately watching these videos, marveling at the ignorance of the performers in them. But then I started paying attention to the audience and the authors of this genre of Utube, and I've come to the conclusion that there's really no difference between the viewers and the viewed. Seems to me that you all could find better ways to spend your time than to engage in a desperate attempt to convince yourselves that you're not the dumbest rocks in the pile. And that goes double for the purveyors of this bilge.

  93. Brandon Leon

    Brandon Leon

    9 dager siden

    Our boy was like "I'm not trapped in here with y'all. You're all trapped in here with me!!!!"

  94. Bigsaint_420


    9 dager siden

    What movie was that clip from

  95. Vortex 11711

    Vortex 11711

    9 dager siden

    What movie was that clip from???

  96. Eric Bishard

    Eric Bishard

    9 dager siden

    check check gang gang!

  97. M.L.S. Design

    M.L.S. Design

    9 dager siden

    That’s why they drive Toyota, they stay with you after being shot.

  98. Joshua Madoc

    Joshua Madoc

    9 dager siden

    Whoever made those windows should get a pay bonus



    9 dager siden

    Yep that's south Africa for ya