It’s pronounced GIF.

Is there a "right" way to pronounce it? And why is it so complicated? •
Written with Molly Ruhl and Gretchen McCulloch. Gretchen's podcast has an episode all about this:

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  1. Tom Scott

    Tom Scott

    9 måneder siden

    I realised after upload that I slipped up here: if you pay close attention, you can tell the way I pronounce GIF. Ah well! Also, subtitling this was an interesting job...

    • Teifi devs

      Teifi devs

      16 dager siden


    • blaghgames


      Måned siden


    • Meredith Schultz

      Meredith Schultz

      Måned siden

      Do you think its' pronounced "GIF" when it's actually pronounced "JIF*

    • Samuel Nuyts

      Samuel Nuyts

      2 måneder siden


    • Penny Boom

      Penny Boom

      2 måneder siden


  2. Phone


    5 timer siden

    Every one is wrong it pronounced GIF not GIF

  3. Áron Szabó

    Áron Szabó

    23 timer siden

    People who pronounce it jif going straight to hell for calling God Jod

  4. Dave Cho

    Dave Cho

    Dag siden

    What's the correct answer? GIF or JIF?

  5. the one who wins

    the one who wins

    Dag siden

    Talking to my buddy "Gack" atm

  6. Mika Mo

    Mika Mo

    Dag siden

    Me who says G-I-F.



    2 dager siden

    Actually its 'yiff'

  8. radioJim


    2 dager siden

    I'm a soft g user who also respects the common lexicon and advocates coexistence, so it's always nice to see a well-made, nuanced video on the subject. It's also quite rare, so well done, Tom!

  9. prod. MORPHINE

    prod. MORPHINE

    3 dager siden

    Tom, my brain is numb. :(

  10. animator bean productions

    animator bean productions

    3 dager siden

    well to make a long story short if you want to make how something's its pronounced spell it correctly

  11. kaspar k

    kaspar k

    4 dager siden

    It's like how do you say aluminium or aluminum



    5 dager siden

    or we go with the Latin pronunciation and go with yif

  13. Wrulf Wroar

    Wrulf Wroar

    5 dager siden

    GIF is GIF. Yiff is yiff. The same for french speakers. XDDD

  14. ESBbirdnerd


    5 dager siden

    I call it both GIF and JIF and you should too. Just swap it up, it’s fun.

  15. Endy Chicos Aneth

    Endy Chicos Aneth

    6 dager siden

    i solved this by randomly deciding to pronounce it (hi:f) like beef.

  16. Austin Fryberer

    Austin Fryberer

    6 dager siden

    See you guys are weird. One argument is if you put the “t” after gif you get gift. But if you put the “t” BEFORE gif it’s pronounced, “Thank God it’s Friday.”

  17. BassTooHard


    7 dager siden

    It's Gif not Jif I don't care on how it's supposed to be said it's spelled Gif.

  18. Wargamulaya -වර්ගමූලය

    Wargamulaya -වර්ගමූලය

    8 dager siden

    It's pronunced "IF" because the 'G' is silent..

  19. J Smith -jadynsgames dot com fan-

    J Smith -jadynsgames dot com fan-

    9 dager siden

    Just pronounce it “Gee-Eye-eff”

  20. Christof Apolinario

    Christof Apolinario

    10 dager siden

    They always say: Gif or /Jif/

  21. WanderByte


    10 dager siden

    Helpful title my guy, what the help does that mean

    • WanderByte


      10 dager siden

      Bloody auto-correct changed hell to help

  22. Dawsho Naragma

    Dawsho Naragma

    10 dager siden

    Problem with the pronunciation jif is that it is also a peanut butter company.

  23. mineland


    11 dager siden

    If i hear jif i think of yiff... So thats why i say Gif instead

  24. Chiken suup

    Chiken suup

    11 dager siden

    1:24 *laughs in spanish* ye, sure it's not

  25. Deutsches Volk

    Deutsches Volk

    11 dager siden

    If "jiff" is the correct one then why is there even a need to write "jiff" as a phonetic instead of just using "gif", like the word is written? If you saw both words, side by side, GIF and JIF, would you really just say "jiff and jiff" for both? This doesn't even sound like a debate, it's more like a petty tantrum from those who just got it wrong and can't admit it.

  26. Random z Internetu

    Random z Internetu

    12 dager siden

    Imagine speaking a language without those pronunciation ambiguities

  27. Zraknul


    12 dager siden

    The best way to get something pronounced like a well known word is to actually use the same spelling as that well known word.

  28. Jace Cleveland

    Jace Cleveland

    14 dager siden

    I'll just say jee iy eff

  29. Valley O' Games

    Valley O' Games

    15 dager siden

    Meanwhile me who pronounces it as G-I-F: My intelligence is beyond your understanding

  30. jjblock


    16 dager siden

    Whats GIF?

  31. Sarah White

    Sarah White

    16 dager siden

    Booooooo COWARD!

  32. Johannes Sonnichsen

    Johannes Sonnichsen

    16 dager siden

    I say THE right thing. JIF

    • William Santos

      William Santos

      10 dager siden

      It's really just about your preference, there's no consensus and right answer

  33. Tenshied


    17 dager siden


  34. The Narader

    The Narader

    18 dager siden

    I used to call it "G.I.F," and because G is pronounced like "Jee" I started using the "jif" pronunciation.

  35. Ninja Eagle

    Ninja Eagle

    18 dager siden

    "It's pronounced jif." Swedish people:

  36. Dhar Mann

    Dhar Mann

    18 dager siden

    Jif is what old people call it

  37. Matt Latsha

    Matt Latsha

    18 dager siden

    I know why I went with hard G. As far as I'm concerned, "Jif" is in the peanut butter aisle. So I locked in the pronunciation that's didn't sound like you could spread it on a slice of bread.

  38. prizegotti


    18 dager siden

    People have not looked at this properly if they're only looking at words starting with "G" or "GI". Every other word in the English language which contains the word "GIF", are all pronounced GIF, not JIF. There are 19 words that contain the word "GIF", 18 of those 19 are some variation of "GIFT" (gifted, gifting, giftware etc), however there is one exception, that word is "FUNGIFORM", and though being unrelated, the "GIF" part is still pronounced GIF. In conclusion, there is no example in the English language where the word GIF appears pronounced as JIF.

  39. Navrátil Darien

    Navrátil Darien

    18 dager siden

    its gif not gif

  40. Bello !

    Bello !

    18 dager siden

    Yes it's pronounced gif

    • Bello !

      Bello !

      18 dager siden


  41. Mc Jethro Pov Tee

    Mc Jethro Pov Tee

    19 dager siden

    The correct pronunciation is "yiff"

  42. Appleanimations


    19 dager siden


  43. Red Santelices

    Red Santelices

    19 dager siden

    "It's GIF!" "No, it's JIF" Me: G.I.F

    • Kentucky Fried Children

      Kentucky Fried Children

      18 dager siden

      The Notorious G.I.F

  44. Pokemon Fan Person’s Channel

    Pokemon Fan Person’s Channel

    19 dager siden

    no it’s gif

  45. Zir Jaeger

    Zir Jaeger

    19 dager siden

    I believe it should be pronounced gif cause gif sounds like something that would roll of the tongue and I believe that the only way you could possibly get the pronunciation "gif" is by thinking about it for too long, and even then it's inferior.

  46. Berns Dums

    Berns Dums

    19 dager siden

    So what about jee-aye-eff?

  47. rabbit drink

    rabbit drink

    19 dager siden

    you pronounce it like the g in garage

  48. Kota'sEternalDeath


    19 dager siden

    i remember when some kid in school tried argued that doge was pronouced dog-E

  49. Photelegy


    19 dager siden

    I would say it's called Thomaito 🍅

  50. Stars


    19 dager siden

    Anyone want a flat Tom for dinner?

  51. Zerseon


    20 dager siden

    Meanwhile me who says it both ways at random times

  52. Neck Thebet

    Neck Thebet

    20 dager siden

    Actually I prefer kif

  53. Credere


    20 dager siden

    It's pronounced yif

  54. • S a d i i e ! •

    • S a d i i e ! •

    20 dager siden

    I was right. I was superior and right.

  55. ねる


    20 dager siden

    i pronounced it g.i.f

  56. Webaccount 284

    Webaccount 284

    20 dager siden

    I just say Graphics Interchangable Format.

  57. SpyNix07 (SpyNix07)

    SpyNix07 (SpyNix07)

    21 dag siden

    Reminds me of what someone said with Pokémon names. As long as people know who you're talking about, it doesn't matter how it's pronounced. For example: Rayquaza with short a like the sound "ah" vs Rayquaza with a long a like "ay."

  58. Jonathon Williams

    Jonathon Williams

    21 dag siden

    I choose to pronounce it zhaif which from our friends over on PBS Idea Channel made the argument for. Zhaif 4 laif

  59. TheSpartan Leader

    TheSpartan Leader

    21 dag siden

    its pronouced like a hispanic J

  60. Lightpulp11


    21 dag siden

    anyone other than me who pronounces it G.I.F

  61. rx outlook

    rx outlook

    21 dag siden

    I just say G I F

  62. Daa Khan

    Daa Khan

    21 dag siden

    People who pronounce it gif be like: George is pronounced gorg

  63. Brickabang


    22 dager siden

    Actually, wouldn’t it be the 3 letters pronounced separately, because that’s what we do with other extensions e.g; png, mov, mp3, txt

  64. Johnathan Kelly

    Johnathan Kelly

    22 dager siden

    N   O     O      o      o       o      o      。     。    .    .     .     .

  65. Guizmonium


    22 dager siden

    In French it's (supposed to be) easy : gi is alwaus "j" and you need a "u" (gui) in order to make a "g" .... ... but we have some people who still say "Gif" as "guitar" and not "giraffe" and it's making me crazy because in french it doesn't make any sense !!!!

  66. wil


    22 dager siden

    I'm angry that the score counter went to 68

  67. Roldan PRO!!!!

    Roldan PRO!!!!

    22 dager siden

    Say graphics interchange format than GIF or JIF.

  68. ketchthesehands


    22 dager siden

    jif pronouncers being sent straight to hell after saying "Jod"

  69. Chezy


    22 dager siden

    Jif people think they're so jood

  70. John Philip

    John Philip

    23 dager siden


  71. PapiEverett


    23 dager siden

    I’ve never heard someone say “GIF”

  72. Mich Lin

    Mich Lin

    23 dager siden

    Shawn Sean Dawn or Dean

  73. DrakeToyo


    23 dager siden

    It's pronounced G-I-ff

  74. Conan Ford

    Conan Ford

    23 dager siden

    Jif is the only one, true pronunciation for GIF

  75. Sturm [ʃtʊɐ̯m]

    Sturm [ʃtʊɐ̯m]

    23 dager siden

    Don't say "gif." Don't say "jif." Make a compromise by saying "gee-eye-eff."

  76. Daniel Greis

    Daniel Greis

    23 dager siden

    for non. ative english speakers, „gif“ is probably the way more likely pronounciation. I think therfore, „gif“ has already an edge pver „jif“

  77. Aleksander Muszyński

    Aleksander Muszyński

    23 dager siden

    easy: just say "gee eye eff" every time

  78. DivideByZero


    24 dager siden

    It's pronounced "yiff"

  79. dantheman007a


    24 dager siden

    I've always found the argument that "it's pronounced 'jif' not 'gif'" to be just a bit self-defeating.

  80. TVG28


    24 dager siden

    People going to hell after they call god “jod”

    • Group 555

      Group 555

      22 dager siden

      Bet you love a glass off ghin don't you. What is with people not watching the video.

  81. madnessontheisland


    24 dager siden

    The minute someone says Jif my opinion of them immediately drops a few points. I can't even help it, it's just how dumb they sound when they say it out loud.

    • Group 555

      Group 555

      22 dager siden

      Oh my god, I have the same with with people pronouncing it ghif. It's just unnatural.

  82. R


    24 dager siden

    The correct answer is that pronunciation is arbitrary and applying logic does not work. I have a tenancy to say things phonetically, (even the word itself is spelt wrong), and once accidentally said Ber Wick instead of Berrick when pronouncing Berwick: a temporary brain fart, but the person I was with would not even consider that there wasn't a right or wrong way, just a commonly accepted view. Split the word and its Ber and Wick. Probably its easier to say Berrick than Berwick. If that's the case than why not just spell it Berrick and have done with it?

  83. Joshua Rivera

    Joshua Rivera

    25 dager siden

    Seems like you feel dumb for calling it "gif" your and entire life and are trying to justify why it should be pronounced that way even though the creator himself says to pronounce it "jif"

    • William Santos

      William Santos

      10 dager siden


  84. Maxx_exe


    25 dager siden

    This is exactly why I pronounce 'gif' as 'gif' and not 'gif'.

  85. Vibrava Vibing

    Vibrava Vibing

    25 dager siden

    Am I the only person pronounce it G-I-F

  86. piss goblin

    piss goblin

    26 dager siden


  87. Thebe_stone


    26 dager siden

    its spelled mif

  88. Thebe_stone


    26 dager siden

    how are people so dumb to not understand the noise f makes. FFFFFFFFF. its pronounced GIF. there is an f that clearly makes the f noise what other noise could it make. its gif

  89. Jacob Torres

    Jacob Torres

    26 dager siden

    Me who pronounce it G-I-F: *I'm 4 parallel universe away from you*

  90. Stumpyspark


    26 dager siden

    boys we all now it’s GIF, and not GIF

  91. Joshua Mcquade

    Joshua Mcquade

    26 dager siden

    i pronounce gif as gif not gif

  92. The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

    The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

    26 dager siden

    The old English word "gif" is pronounced "yiff".

    • Oggyguy72


      4 dager siden

      Oh no.

    • Poisonous Potato

      Poisonous Potato

      24 dager siden

      Wow good to see that people can still copy and paste

  93. Kayla G

    Kayla G

    27 dager siden

    I just say it with a hard G because I like the way it sounds. Nobody actually argues about this in real life unless they're a loser.

  94. Scholar Of Babylon (Scholar Of Babylon)

    Scholar Of Babylon (Scholar Of Babylon)

    27 dager siden

    I'm not sure we should be assuming which pronouns GIF chooses to identify with.

  95. Scholar Of Babylon (Scholar Of Babylon)

    Scholar Of Babylon (Scholar Of Babylon)

    27 dager siden

    Anyone for a round of Jolf.

  96. Josiah Tagufa

    Josiah Tagufa

    27 dager siden

    No, it’s pronounced, “skippy”

  97. Joshua Cabezas

    Joshua Cabezas

    27 dager siden

    I always argue that it’s pronounced “jif” cuz that’s what the creator said it was, but I almost always say “gif”

  98. Jimi G

    Jimi G

    27 dager siden

    Hard G is correct, GRAPHICS Interchange Format

  99. ً


    27 dager siden

    Why don't we all just pronounce it as Yiff?

  100. Ursa Majora

    Ursa Majora

    27 dager siden

    Believe it or not, I actually pronounce gif both ways