Jake Paul steals Floyd Mayweather's hat and gets punched by bodyguard!

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Floyd Mayweather reacted furiously after Jake Paul stole his baseball cap at the media event to promote the boxing legend's exhibition bout against the NOnetr's brother Logan Paul in Miami on June 6.

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  1. Robert franks

    Robert franks

    2 dager siden

    What a load of bullshit lol and everyone pays these idiots off lmao what a minion fake world

  2. Carl BB  ✓

    Carl BB ✓

    4 dager siden


  3. Crazyloomer


    6 dager siden

    Turn to Jesus and be saved

  4. Copee


    6 dager siden

    Do you think he'd of tried stealing Hagler's cap....Search and Destroy, War....Hagler would only have had give him a stare and he'd of shat his breeches.

  5. bethan\Thad Cobb

    bethan\Thad Cobb

    8 dager siden


  6. Starr_G


    10 dager siden

    never no good camera mans

  7. Wayne Thompson

    Wayne Thompson

    10 dager siden


  8. Mark Kingston

    Mark Kingston

    10 dager siden

    What punch? There was no punch?

  9. Dwayne Madden

    Dwayne Madden

    11 dager siden

    Funny reaction from Mayweather acting like a kid

  10. Jake Faulkner

    Jake Faulkner

    11 dager siden

    This clip had more action than the actual fight

  11. Neil Vandeloo

    Neil Vandeloo

    11 dager siden

    What a tool

  12. Free Papua

    Free Papua

    12 dager siden

    big goofie.. bout to get smoked playin white people games

  13. Kiri Uacybhail Otaraua

    Kiri Uacybhail Otaraua

    12 dager siden

    What a farce

  14. DOOM CallOfDuty

    DOOM CallOfDuty

    12 dager siden

    I like ya hate G

  15. J Gaming

    J Gaming

    12 dager siden

    Jake is the worst youtuber

  16. Linayat Ilyas

    Linayat Ilyas

    13 dager siden

    Boxing is becoming a joke now.

  17. tywin lannister

    tywin lannister

    13 dager siden

    This is not boxing, Is wrestling with boxing characteristics

  18. Mr. D

    Mr. D

    13 dager siden

    I thought it was funny. Does that make me immature?

  19. Ben Henderson68

    Ben Henderson68

    13 dager siden

    Jesus is king

  20. Brohan from Rohan

    Brohan from Rohan

    14 dager siden

    He's had 3 easy fights because he's yet to fight a boxer. I don't get how those can even go on his professional record.

  21. yael zamora

    yael zamora

    14 dager siden

    these people cant be ruining this beatutiful sport. They have 0 respect for someone that has more experience that they would ever have n they entire lif, Floyd is not someone that started boxing because he is a stupid ass youtuber, he deserves more respect, and logan more punches

  22. Eric and Emily somers

    Eric and Emily somers

    14 dager siden

    Wait who?

  23. iTz Alwxyss

    iTz Alwxyss

    14 dager siden

    This was a setup by Logan Paul so mayweather goes in the ring with some emotion 🤦

  24. Brooke Anderson

    Brooke Anderson

    14 dager siden

    If you’ve seen Logan’s videos it’s so much funnier at the end Is 100000% worth watching

  25. Hugh Jass

    Hugh Jass

    15 dager siden

    0:26 there y’all go what u have been waiting for

  26. Hi I'm Eggs

    Hi I'm Eggs

    15 dager siden

    "He got a lisp" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. Nani O.

    Nani O.

    16 dager siden

    Mayweather retired just to fight youtubers? lol

  28. Broify


    16 dager siden


  29. sexymexijesse


    17 dager siden

    0:26 Those idiot's laughter died real quick....

  30. Callum Wooding

    Callum Wooding

    17 dager siden

    Next fight, jake Paul vs bodyguard!

  31. Arson Aardvark

    Arson Aardvark

    18 dager siden

    This whole thing is so stupid, but then again it got me commenting on a video about it..

  32. King Curry

    King Curry

    18 dager siden

    He’s going bald that’s what triggered this all.🤷🏿‍♀️

  33. Adam Walters

    Adam Walters

    18 dager siden

    Since the body guard got a hit. Floyd should let him fight him instead. lol

  34. Julian Seguin

    Julian Seguin

    18 dager siden

    Those thirty bodyguards were protecting Jake from Floyd.

  35. Omega Gamer

    Omega Gamer

    19 dager siden

    First it was Gibs nose now it Mayweathers hat



    20 dager siden


  37. Skylar Demon

    Skylar Demon

    21 dag siden

    Jake paul vs the bodyguard next

  38. SpaceApe


    22 dager siden

    lol alright if Jake Paul is giving the body guard respect for getting a clean shot, that's gonna start turning me from hater to fan pretty quickly lol.

  39. Jacob Q

    Jacob Q

    24 dager siden

    I got your hat I got your hat

  40. Torxi


    24 dager siden

    Jake paul is just a big parasite who tryna annoy everyone who he met

  41. RapTheNews


    24 dager siden


  42. Not Gary Oldman

    Not Gary Oldman

    25 dager siden

    You can hear the disappointment in their voices about what they've been told to read out.

  43. UltraAlex2000


    25 dager siden

    A "pro boxer" gets punched by a bodyguard once and cries.. Jesus Christ, these two share the same single neuron they use to make videos

  44. Ka Pe

    Ka Pe

    27 dager siden

    nice stunt...

  45. Only Hooman

    Only Hooman

    28 dager siden

    There was no punch...

    • ㅤ

      25 dager siden

      Jake's Black eye and chipped tooth: am I a joke to you?

  46. Isaiah Lynch

    Isaiah Lynch

    28 dager siden

    I cant believe floyd got that heated over a hat

  47. Sam Wallis

    Sam Wallis

    28 dager siden

    cant one of these guys make the paul brothers disappear? so done with those douchebags.

  48. Roberto Castro

    Roberto Castro

    29 dager siden

    Jake physically 24, mentally 20 years younger than he should be

  49. saad


    29 dager siden

    The bodygaurds overreacted but its always fun to watch a cocky guy humiliated like this

  50. Benson Hedges

    Benson Hedges

    Måned siden

    I’ll laugh when jake gets his ass handed to him

  51. Retro Dealer 64#

    Retro Dealer 64#

    Måned siden

    It's all staged.

  52. Mike Carlson

    Mike Carlson

    Måned siden

    "as a pro" lol

  53. Oli Me

    Oli Me

    Måned siden

    Jake Paul succeeded in getting to Mayweather`s ego. Mayweather says it is an easy fight to take both of them together at one event. Mayweather & some Bodyguards hit Jake Paul for a publicity stunt. Mayweather should keep his word to fight both of them at one night. Lets see if Mayweather will once & for all keep his promise not run from his word of fighting both of them at the same event. I just want to see Jake Paul fight Mayweather. Jake Paul is not to be underestimated even if its like a David vs Goliath. Logan Paul is an easy fight for Mayweather, but Jake Paul has a chance if He hits Floyd with a solid punch to knock His Pride out the ring.. Jake Paul needs to go to a hell of training to have a chance to defeat Mayweather. As usual with most of Mayweather`s boxing fights, he will put a rule or law which is for his advantage but will be a disadvantage for his opponents. Mayweather did it with most of his fights He only fights his opponents at their weakest or disadvantaged circumstances just like when he fought Canelo, Pacquiao, Madiana & Cotto & other prominent true boxers.

  54. Edward Harrison

    Edward Harrison

    Måned siden

    Jake paul is a clown

  55. JSoph


    Måned siden

    Actual child

  56. jack jones

    jack jones

    Måned siden

    is this a joke? staged surly?

  57. I Am Gat

    I Am Gat

    Måned siden

    Is it just me that I can't find where did jake get punched by the guard?

  58. Robert Santos

    Robert Santos

    Måned siden

    Such the poster child for Birth Control and Duche...

  59. Sound Of rain

    Sound Of rain

    Måned siden

    Imagine thanos is real.. and watch this.

  60. Santiago Ortiz

    Santiago Ortiz

    Måned siden

    Look at jake Paul at the end of the video hes trying to free himsesf when he sees Floyd walking towards him

  61. JustMamba


    Måned siden

    He protec He attac But most importantly He got mayweathers hat Mayweather bodyguard: He protec He attac But most importantly He got mayweathers bac

  62. Almighty Black Dollar

    Almighty Black Dollar

    Måned siden

    Floyd got former Navy Seal as bodyguard, if it were not for the cameras, Jake would be seriously injured.

  63. Ricky Gamble

    Ricky Gamble

    Måned siden

    Theres always some wrong with jake paul or logan paul

  64. Senisa Jayleen

    Senisa Jayleen

    Måned siden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 all for the hype, typical Jake!!

    • Senisa Jayleen

      Senisa Jayleen

      Måned siden

      @BAHV Glucas thanks for the compliment Jackass since I'm only 26 and your saying I'm younger🤣

    • BAHV Glucas

      BAHV Glucas

      Måned siden

      U look about 6 mate

  65. SC Grizzly

    SC Grizzly

    Måned siden

    Mayweather will win, no cap 😆

  66. jabar ali

    jabar ali

    Måned siden

    How's hate stealing or snatching and running away has become some kind of brave man's act to be honest he looks a bit cowardly and childish news reporter saying he snatched his hate from very top of his head as if Mayweather is 44 ft tall and Jake is Mayweather height

  67. Maart En

    Maart En

    Måned siden

    Can somebody shut Jake down pls



    Måned siden

    Brave? Really? That's bravery nowadays? I call that stupidity and disrespect at its finest, glad he took a fist to the face

  69. stewart champion

    stewart champion

    Måned siden

    Jake Paul. So so annoying. But messing up Floyd's day and nicking his hat ..respect funny as

  70. César P

    César P

    Måned siden

    Why is this even news!

  71. Djios Djios

    Djios Djios

    Måned siden

    Les clown en action mettez-vous en plein la figures collectée des don pour créer des associations bande de couillons. Riche con.

  72. Andres V

    Andres V

    Måned siden

    I wish it was Canelo instead of Mayweather

  73. Nolan Rueckert

    Nolan Rueckert

    Måned siden

    Being stupid ain't brave

  74. Cameron Muise

    Cameron Muise

    Måned siden

    (In the words of peter griffin) "Who's laughing now? I got my hat!"

  75. ZxcCal


    Måned siden

    Jake Paul acts more immature then most of his fans. An actual child.

  76. YouTube Clips

    YouTube Clips

    Måned siden

    It's a hat why is Floyd getting mad thought he knew better than that

  77. SmallVille


    Måned siden

    How did this make sky news 🤣🤣🤣

  78. animalcol1


    Måned siden

    Bell end. Absolute.....

  79. Tuxedo Alien

    Tuxedo Alien

    Måned siden

    Jake: acts like he is tough Also jake: trying to run for is life 0:40

  80. Basquait Taylor

    Basquait Taylor

    Måned siden

    What a little baby to snatch some one hat

  81. Arabian PRINCE

    Arabian PRINCE

    Måned siden

    Free Palestine

  82. AqworldsMew11


    Måned siden

    I love how logan says it was a set up when jake was the one that stole his hat and disrespected him

  83. 76 76

    76 76

    Måned siden

    Floyd got a clean shot not the body guard, theres a slomo vid on yt where people can see floyd clearly giving him a black eye with his left hook. Also the punch was loud on his frat boy skin

  84. M.Mostaganem


    Måned siden

    Only for money, Stupid business.

  85. pussyfoot productions

    pussyfoot productions

    Måned siden

    Floyd's a clown that can fight

  86. Suraj Rajamohan

    Suraj Rajamohan

    Måned siden

    Where was jake expecting to run surrounded by such a huge crowd?

  87. Goonies Never Say Die

    Goonies Never Say Die

    Måned siden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 fux floyd

  88. Eddie Hills

    Eddie Hills

    Måned siden

    Confirmation Sky cater to NOnetrs now. Didn't get the rights to Beterbiev Gvozdyk, Loma Lopez or Taylor Ramirez but put NOnetrs on PPV.

  89. Dr. Claw.

    Dr. Claw.

    Måned siden

    Mayweather needs 60 bodyguards to protect his little skinny ass he's scared of Jake Paul fr.

  90. Jake Hill

    Jake Hill

    Måned siden

    Insufferable, attention seeking , childish and annoying ... Must be the name..., I find this kid quite funny if I'm honest , there are no good boxers anymore anyway.. Paul seems to be making it more entertaining and funny 'gotcha hat!' 😂😂😂

  91. John Cellini

    John Cellini

    Måned siden

    All fake all for props

  92. Baki Hanma

    Baki Hanma

    Måned siden

    Dam Karen chill

  93. Henry Kushner

    Henry Kushner

    Måned siden

    What a bunch of losers

  94. Le2er


    Måned siden

    Lol jake was crying xd

  95. Shendet Gashi

    Shendet Gashi

    Måned siden

    The point of all this it was that jake wanted to get punched and get that type of reaction from them, he a bully and manipulator the bodyguard shouldnt have done that let the problems get resolved on the ring area

  96. Ric Ric

    Ric Ric

    Måned siden

    Gotcha Hat. T-shirts 😂😂😂😂

  97. Milan


    Måned siden

    Dumber and Dumbest (2021)

  98. Mr Nobody

    Mr Nobody

    Måned siden

    There's more footage of a plane hitting the Pentagon.

  99. Harlem


    Måned siden

    He tries so hard to be Conor

  100. ptb2008


    Måned siden

    Steals his hat. This really shows the level of JP.