Khuda Aur Mohabbat - Season 3 - Ep 10 Teaser - Digitally Presented by Happilac Paints - 9th April 21

Khuda Aur Mohabbat - Season 3 - Ep 10 Teaser - Digitally Presented by Happilac Paints - 9th April 21
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Khuda Aur Mohabbat Digitally Presented by Happilac Paints
Farhad and Mahi hail from completely different economic and cultural backgrounds. Mahi, who comes from an influential family, must adhere to the conventions and requirements of her family’s class despite her true jovial nature. Farhad on the other hand belongs to a small town and is instantly drawn to the charismatic Mahi and soon forsakes everything for her.
Though Mahi appreciates Farhad’s efforts, she does not have the same feelings for him. In the quest to win Mahi’s heart, Farhad finds himself forming a special bond with his creator and becomes a devotee of love. In this classic love story two star-crossed souls struggle to fight for their love. Will destiny bring them together? Will the boundaries of class and society be broken? Or is Farhad destined to live the life of a devotee?
Written by: Hashim Nadeem Khan
Directed by: Syed Wajahat Hussain
Produced by: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment
Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Nish Asher
Lyrics: Qamar Nashad
Composer: Naveed Nashad
Cast :
Iqra Aziz As Mahi
Feroz Khan As Farhad
Rubina Ashraf As Bari Sarkar
Hina Bayat As Maa Ji
Junaid Khan As Sikandar
Mirza Zain Baig As Taimoor
Usman Peerzada As Kazim
Javed Shaikh As Nisar
Seemi Pasha As Nisar’s Wife
Asma Abbas As Farhad’s Mother
Waseem Abbas As Taufeeq Ahmed
Sunita Marshal As Sahiba
Tooba Siddique As Romana
Sohail Sameer As Nazim
Meherbano As Rida
Shameen Khan As Sajjal
Momina Iqbal as Naheed


  1. Mumtaz S

    Mumtaz S

    9 dager siden

    Ya Allha Har mohabbat ke manzil nikha ho Mera bhi ho Jaye jis se pyar karte hu mai Ameen Summa Ameen Dua Kare Mere liye Ramzan Chal rhe hai

  2. Muhammed Chaudhary

    Muhammed Chaudhary

    9 dager siden

    Disgusting a drama which glorifies harassment and stalking . The girl might fall in love out of pity and this is very sad for the girl.

  3. Showbiz Industry

    Showbiz Industry

    10 dager siden

    Who is biggest fan of hazrat Muhammad s.A.w❣

  4. Hairstyle By MN

    Hairstyle By MN

    13 dager siden

    Hi. I’m hairstylist from Canada 🇨🇦. I love this drama. My favourite actor is Farhad. Please visit and subscribe my NOnet channel. Thanks. For more info and question DM on my Instagram. Also I did some Hairstyle of Mahi

  5. esra bilgiç

    esra bilgiç

    17 dager siden

    Love you feroz khan 💖💖💖💕💕💕

  6. Farheen Khan

    Farheen Khan

    19 dager siden

    Please next episode lod kre

  7. saqib hazarvi saqib hazarvi

    saqib hazarvi saqib hazarvi

    23 dager siden

    Hy allah kasi ko ya rog na lagna😭😭😭👈

  8. Kamran Afridi

    Kamran Afridi

    23 dager siden

    Heart breaking💔

  9. Emon Islam

    Emon Islam

    23 dager siden

    When was the episode 11 published

  10. Adnan Malik

    Adnan Malik

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    Yrrr next episode kb aa raha hai?

  11. prem singh

    prem singh

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    Anas Ahmed

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    Can we get the without bgm ost

  13. Hira Princess

    Hira Princess

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    Umair Mughal

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    1 week ho gya hai please episode 10 upload kr do

  17. Umair Mughal

    Umair Mughal

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    Bhai episode 10 upload kr do please

  18. Shokeen Mohammad

    Shokeen Mohammad

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    india main kis time aata hai

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    S. Firoz

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    Kab aayega episode 10

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    Mohd Nadeem

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    Aaj kiu nahi bheja episode khuda aur mohabbat ka 10

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    Zuhaib Nasir

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    Dil hi hil gya what a performance of feroz Khan wadia g ye episode upload kb ho ge

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    sara's book

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    when will it telecast?

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    S LI

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    Mahi will end up with Taimoor.

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    jubair gujjar

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    jubair gujjar

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    wark canal

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    Ya Episode 10 kab ayga Kab ata ka

  29. Hajra Awan

    Hajra Awan

    25 dager siden

    Faroz vioce very painful 😓😓😓 and faroz is the best actor in the world my fvrt hero😊😊

  30. Wedding Mixing Zoon

    Wedding Mixing Zoon

    25 dager siden

    Allah pak is Ramzan_ul_Mubarak ka Sadka Sb ki Muhabt Un Sa Mila da(Amen)🤲 great Drama serial in World.

  31. Bilal Ganga

    Bilal Ganga

    25 dager siden

    New episode kub ayaa ga

  32. Shunil Gangadiya

    Shunil Gangadiya

    25 dager siden

    પ્લીઝ પાઠ 10 માં બીપી ફિલ્મ

  33. Shunil Gangadiya

    Shunil Gangadiya

    25 dager siden

    પ્લીઝ શેર દૂસરા પાઠ બે દસકા

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    Muhammad Hamid

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    Shila Yadav

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    Gaana / music

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    Chitra Kurrey

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    Aage Ka episode 10mujhe bhi btw

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    Raja amjd khan

    25 dager siden

    What a painic song.... Ufff no word for feroz sir Just oxm

  43. Areeba Waqas

    Areeba Waqas

    25 dager siden

    Wow Kia Dialogue h"me bhi to dekho Muhabbat k qatal karne wale k chehre per noor baqi Rehta h k nai " amazing and feroz khan is my most favorite actor in the world and his acting is mind blowing 😇😢

  44. SMtV SMTV


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    1000 EPL chalao

  45. Pathan Soyab786

    Pathan Soyab786

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    Aaj Raat Ko Sab Log emotional Ho jayege last Wale Words Pe Fakira Main Bhi To Dekhu Wahhhhh Feroz Bhai Jaan Aap Rula To Donge Hi Ye Final Hai

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    Ankit Kumar Singh

    25 dager siden

    I love this show from india

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    Rana Arzlan

    25 dager siden

    Feroz Khan ki acting no doubt but ache he bt mahi name kbi farhad se izhaar e muhabbat nae kiya .to iss ma mahi ka koi qasoor nae farhad ki One sided love he

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    Jameer Ramdan

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    Saba Shah

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    Muavia Khan

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    Saeed Khan

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  53. Noori Halima

    Noori Halima

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  54. Wafa Azhar ALi Malghani

    Wafa Azhar ALi Malghani

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    I Love Feroz Khan

  55. Wafa Azhar ALi Malghani

    Wafa Azhar ALi Malghani

    25 dager siden

    My Favorite ActoR FeRoz Khan

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    imsaal khan

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    imsaal khan

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    Siraj Khan

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    Khan Lala

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    Umer Ali

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    NO feel in the drama

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    Diksha Ki Duniya

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    Ep 10 not available 🙄. Why this drama not ful fill.???

  66. Muhammad Adeel Bhatti

    Muhammad Adeel Bhatti

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  67. Madiha Siraj.

    Madiha Siraj.

    26 dager siden

    Watching this drama only because of feroz khan.....love you feroz khan.

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    afreen shaikh

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    Aamir Raza

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    ShahZaib KhAn BuNeri

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    Mohit Rai

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    incantare coffee cafe f10

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    Aniket Tiwari ji

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    Usama ahmad

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    Tousir Khan

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