LIVING on WORLD’S BEST BURGERS for 24 HOURS (Gordon Ramsay, MrBeast Burger & MORE)!

Burger challenge to find the world’s best burger from Gordon Ramsay’s perfect burger recipe to MrBeast Burger! Now, this cheap vs expensive and best vs worst taste test of a video combined trying a street food burger to fast food burgers at Mr Beast Burger, McDonalds and other fast food burgers to luxury burgers at Gordon Ramsay Burger and 5-star type of restaurants. Enjoy this food tour of every burger!
Amazing People & restaurants in Video:
Check out the butcher Shop & grill: ​(Waygu beef)
Follow Manakyinc (the people that showed me the amazing bun kebab): manakyinc
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  1. kandman


    5 minutter siden

    He went for 2. Sus

  2. Izuku Midoria O.O

    Izuku Midoria O.O

    41 minutt siden

    grease hell = heart attach grill

  3. Roderick Uzumaki

    Roderick Uzumaki

    45 minutter siden

    That’s cool and all.... ....but what about a Good Burger? ;-;

  4. Franky Fish

    Franky Fish

    2 timer siden

    You can never take someone seriously when they buy 5 burgers in one hit and try rank them and I’ve seen this a bit from Americans. Have you never had a burger that’s 10 minutes cold from a fast food it goes from a 7 to a 1 in 15 minutes legit so to rank burger and film it and wait for them to all be together that will be at least 20 min

  5. Javier Auberson

    Javier Auberson

    3 timer siden

    Where are the best burgers in the world he mentions? What a lie

  6. Fabian Saam

    Fabian Saam

    4 timer siden

    I want to be a wagyu cow... massage every day, beer, music.

  7. Ahmad Al haj assaf

    Ahmad Al haj assaf

    4 timer siden

    I think mr beast him burger are the best

  8. ko chin

    ko chin

    4 timer siden

    Try ramly burger in Malaysia

  9. Hussain Mangi

    Hussain Mangi

    4 timer siden

    Iam from Karachi Pakistan I love Karachi love you bobby

  10. Cassius Roman

    Cassius Roman

    4 timer siden

    me waches this when im hungry my gut stop stop right now stop

  11. Valoradio Podcast

    Valoradio Podcast

    5 timer siden

    Why is mrbeast competing against gordon?

  12. Mashell Porteous

    Mashell Porteous

    5 timer siden

    They use bin laden shit make the sauce

  13. Joseph Garduno

    Joseph Garduno

    5 timer siden

    I think a lot of people purposely plan on getting a box for their food just to be spanked by the nurses 😏

  14. ilmi ismaili

    ilmi ismaili

    7 timer siden

    Yea the guy that you bought the burger on the street the second one he lied lemme tell you why - so he sells them for 0.25 and he said he sells 20,000$ so if we do 25x20,000 which is 50,000$ and 3 of 25 cents is 1$ so if we do 25x3 is 75 and if we do 75x50,000 is 3,750,000$ and if he had 3,750,000 he obviously will not be there but open a restaurant

  15. Malik Athar Iqbal

    Malik Athar Iqbal

    8 timer siden

    I never expected that Pakistani twist in this video. Loved it.

  16. Josef Crocombe

    Josef Crocombe

    10 timer siden

    IVE TASTED GD BURGER. really good in my opinion



    11 timer siden

    Like you but upper crispy like you

  18. josh mangold

    josh mangold

    12 timer siden

    Just learned something about wagu beef, crazy those cows live like that haha

  19. Jonkenneth Martinez

    Jonkenneth Martinez

    12 timer siden

    3:13 damn look at that!

  20. jack slater

    jack slater

    12 timer siden

    that nurse was thiccccc

  21. Element Wolf

    Element Wolf

    13 timer siden

    Imagine normal burger

  22. Benny


    15 timer siden

    At 3:13 there’s a lovely cake that looks good for eating lmao

  23. ossiferfunk


    15 timer siden

    You give me Joe Goldberg vibes

  24. Tyrus Vieux

    Tyrus Vieux

    16 timer siden

    why dont they put on gloves?!

  25. Itss Mae

    Itss Mae

    17 timer siden

    4:41 ok gimme rice too

  26. Loopy


    18 timer siden

    The wagyu is fake bro u got scammed

  27. Sonny Day

    Sonny Day

    18 timer siden

    Now I’m just hungry it’s 2 am and I’m vegetarian but I want a burger 🍔

  28. Towel_gamez


    18 timer siden

    Who here from pyrocynical?

  29. steezykr


    18 timer siden

    When Pakistan has better burgers than Gordon Ramsay

  30. steezykr


    18 timer siden

    Its weird how he pauses with that youtuber voice when hes doing the voiceover

  31. I dont post anymore i post on my pc channel so uh

    I dont post anymore i post on my pc channel so uh

    18 timer siden

    I always see u in honey adds

  32. Patrick Hamel

    Patrick Hamel

    21 time siden

    You have to try a “big sloppy” from charm city in Deerfield beach Florida. I have tried burgers all around the U.S. and I have not found a burger that compares

  33. leepem117


    23 timer siden

    The GR burger was raw my dude.

  34. Cwiston


    Dag siden

    the 3rd place is a anime guys dream

  35. Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

    Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

    Dag siden

    Bruh go to the balkans or turkey and see what real burger looks like xD

  36. Legend LTD.

    Legend LTD.

    Dag siden

    u didnt taste takeout in bangladesh

  37. Enderchu


    Dag siden

    ur the guy from the honey ads

  38. Capt. Slew

    Capt. Slew

    Dag siden

    I will have the octuple bypass burger…and a Diet Coke

  39. F B

    F B

    Dag siden

    that nurse at 3:12

  40. Lix3r


    Dag siden

    The heart attack grill is the kinkiest restaurant I've ever seen.... I want in

  41. Awm-S Gaming

    Awm-S Gaming

    Dag siden

    4:03 how long were the toothpicks

  42. Üzum


    Dag siden

    Everybody gangsta until Pakistan opens up TFC

  43. *Insert Username*

    *Insert Username*

    Dag siden

    Me:Watch Pambansang Kolokoy* Just watch this * The third resto Is where he went he even Show The *Sensor*

  44. Wei Keng Ng

    Wei Keng Ng

    Dag siden

    Is it just an excuse to eat burgers lol

  45. Awes


    Dag siden

    I ain't ever wanna get whooped so bad b4

  46. blackgruya011


    Dag siden

    If you want to know wheres the best burger / pljeskavica come visit Serbia. Meat here is branded with special recepie, and nothing, nowhere can match a taste. Burger taste and quality is based on meat, all american burgers are based on adds which hides awful meat combo inside. Another detail is abut homemade bread which is not sweet butter taste. You cant talk of the best if you never expirienced the best

  47. 95_Warisha Taj

    95_Warisha Taj

    Dag siden


  48. U


    Dag siden

    I would try mr beast Burgar sooo badly

  49. Ujjal Raja

    Ujjal Raja

    Dag siden

    0:49 one of my fav song back to life by haliee stanflied isi n the backround

  50. vijay krishnan

    vijay krishnan

    Dag siden

    I feel unhealthy watching this

  51. WASABI Yt


    Dag siden

    I'm triggered that Malaysia's Ramly burger wasn't here lol

  52. David Marcelo

    David Marcelo

    Dag siden

    Ako na nag lalaway sa kama

  53. aaditya duhan

    aaditya duhan

    Dag siden


  54. Norbu Sherpa

    Norbu Sherpa

    Dag siden

    Whats the budget for one single video? Holy shit.

  55. Afiq Aiman

    Afiq Aiman

    Dag siden

    Try ramly burger lol

  56. insanity 2

    insanity 2

    Dag siden

    Heart attack grill: we give you cardiac arrest Fire fighters: time for another tuesday

  57. Tobin Kummer

    Tobin Kummer

    Dag siden

    Thats right In-N-Out is the best. Its just the best around when it comes to fast food.

  58. Heven


    Dag siden


  59. Thingo Adan (Thingo) Austin

    Thingo Adan (Thingo) Austin

    Dag siden

    that do be lookin good

  60. Anthony Divine

    Anthony Divine

    Dag siden

    u can smell it!!!

  61. Musata


    Dag siden

    $17 for Wagyu? :thonk:

  62. Parker143


    Dag siden

    Why is that legal

  63. Harvey Peralta

    Harvey Peralta

    Dag siden

    does anyone know every single place these are located in?

  64. ThatKermitGuy


    Dag siden

    Omg its the honey add guy

  65. The cow from shitty beat 2: electric boogaloo

    The cow from shitty beat 2: electric boogaloo

    Dag siden

    Beast burger aint even close to best

  66. kenneth fuentes

    kenneth fuentes

    Dag siden

    3:13 thank me later

  67. Football Editz

    Football Editz

    Dag siden

    Bobby shows people massaging cow Video - *3 seconds later*

  68. Issac D.D

    Issac D.D

    Dag siden

    The Waygu burger was just as good as the Gordo Ramsay burger, but you had to pay extra money like tips and tax, idk how that makes it better than Gordon's burger since it costs more😕

  69. Hickory45acp


    Dag siden

    3:12 forget the burger, my appetite is for something else

  70. Brian Zaldivar

    Brian Zaldivar

    Dag siden

    These cows are living their best life

  71. Felipe Cortez

    Felipe Cortez

    Dag siden

    2:17 sus

  72. Andrew


    Dag siden

    no five guys or BK?

  73. Chris Hunt

    Chris Hunt

    Dag siden

    Hmmmmm Delicious🤤👌🏾👀

    • Chris Hunt

      Chris Hunt

      Dag siden

      So good

  74. GTSK1ng


    Dag siden

    Covid 19 came out in 2020 This video on 2021 People not wearing masks Me: **Visible Confusion**

  75. izzimadness


    Dag siden

    Me happy with a big Mac

  76. Michael Lotfi

    Michael Lotfi

    Dag siden

    McDonnalds literally invented toasted burger buns u derp

  77. G̽̈ā̒̀v̓̎͛͐ĩ̽̈́n̋̓̈ Sͤ̓͛.

    G̽̈ā̒̀v̓̎͛͐ĩ̽̈́n̋̓̈ Sͤ̓͛.

    Dag siden

    Should try Nusr-Et

  78. OTR Truckin Reviews

    OTR Truckin Reviews

    Dag siden

    Honestly if I was going to be personally farmed and then slaughtered for meat I would want my last days to be exactly like how the wagyu cows are.😌

  79. Jeff George

    Jeff George

    Dag siden

    3:12 nice view 😳😏

  80. cashcarti


    Dag siden

    Don’t think we forgot you a phony

  81. Dustin


    Dag siden

    17.50 for a good burger isn’t bad lol

  82. Moomoo De Floof

    Moomoo De Floof

    Dag siden

    Mrbeast burger is NOT a good burger. Maybe it depends on the restaurant that makes it but it was literally the worst tasteless burger I’ve ever had.

  83. Mysterious Outlaws

    Mysterious Outlaws

    Dag siden

    Am I the only one who saw that waitress 🍑? Hello?

  84. T


    Dag siden

    TFC lol 😂

  85. Maskofthecrow


    Dag siden

    The uhh spanking seems a little sensual and weird

  86. Sunny Kay

    Sunny Kay

    Dag siden

    Pakistani Street food burger 👏🏻

  87. dibyo haldar

    dibyo haldar

    Dag siden

    This Wagyu Beef is a literally crazy man's invention. You take care of a cow like your pet and then kill them with such a huge betrayal. psychopathic behaviour!

  88. Sunny Kay

    Sunny Kay

    Dag siden

    3:12 at .25 speed You’re welcome

  89. Incrememilis


    2 dager siden

    3:47 *unintentionally doesn’t finish*

  90. DEVIŁ Gaming

    DEVIŁ Gaming

    2 dager siden

    You should not say cheapest Show some respect 😡🤬

  91. NL Banjo

    NL Banjo

    2 dager siden

    Vegans watching : 😮

  92. Luke


    2 dager siden

    Fast food burgers without a Whataburger in this mix = incomplete. This is why I love Texas!

  93. Charlie Smith

    Charlie Smith

    2 dager siden

    Maybe not the best burgers but freddys steak burgers are amazing!!!

  94. MuzikTimes


    2 dager siden

    yes daddy. lol

  95. Gamer of THE DEADLY plant

    Gamer of THE DEADLY plant

    2 dager siden

    When you were gonna eat the wagoy burger the athan happened why you did not join the prayer

  96. mincofter man

    mincofter man

    2 dager siden

    people that are fasting be like. Don't be sad I am with you



    2 dager siden

    Ramli's burger is watching

  98. Aydin Mustahib

    Aydin Mustahib

    2 dager siden

    the waitresses at heart attack 🥰🥵

    • dylan


      5 timer siden

      simp detected

  99. jagarnaut singer

    jagarnaut singer

    2 dager siden

    Lmao spanking tradition in restaurant 😱😂

  100. :O


    2 dager siden