Manchester United 2-0 Granada | LIVE Stream Watchalong

Adam McKola, Jay Motty and Joe Smith are here for the LIVE Stream Watchalong for Man United v Granada in the Europa League Quarter Final Second leg.
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  1. imran gain

    imran gain

    25 dager siden

    Haha the game became so meaningless and shit that these lads were politicking woman's football

  2. Joel Page

    Joel Page

    25 dager siden

    Title is wrong boys

  3. Calvary WAN [13S3]

    Calvary WAN [13S3]

    25 dager siden

    where did freddy quinne go?

  4. Nishaan Singh

    Nishaan Singh

    25 dager siden

    “We both know the ipads blank” 😂

  5. vinny Durham

    vinny Durham

    25 dager siden


  6. PrometheusTV


    25 dager siden

    It was Juan’s mother that died not his father.

  7. micko848


    25 dager siden

    This ref was shit today please keep these guys well away from European games especially finals, happy for the win though

    • gorilla gaming

      gorilla gaming

      25 dager siden

      @TY AFTV Merchandise Man should've been a red

    • micko848


      25 dager siden

      @TY AFTV Merchandise Man he was right in front of it aswell madness Even the weird one with the telles free kick don't know what he was thinking

    • TY AFTV Merchandise Man

      TY AFTV Merchandise Man

      25 dager siden

      The lad who took out Amad didnt even get s booking

  8. Jerome Puri

    Jerome Puri

    25 dager siden

    Cavanis movement is elite the man moves like a fish reminds me of the fish shop days

  9. Zach Moritz

    Zach Moritz

    25 dager siden

    1:26:20 CAVANI ⚽️ 1-0 3:07:24 OWN GOAL ⚽️ 2-0



    25 dager siden


  11. Nasser.H


    25 dager siden

    Looking forward to Roma v Utd in the Semi Final! Rested some key players with Maguire, Shaw, Rashford & McTominay getting the night off.

    • Loui Sims

      Loui Sims

      25 dager siden

      Only rashford got a rest the rest were suspended