Men's Sprint 1/16 Final Repechages - London 2012 Olympics

Highlights of the Men's Track Sprint 1/16 Final Repechages during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Cycling is among the rare sports that have always featured on the Olympic programme. Road cycling, however, was not on the programme of the Paris 1900, St Louis 1904 or London 1908 Games, while track cycling wasn't in the programme of the Stockholm 1912 Games.
The first road event in Olympic history took place in 1896 on the marathon route at the first Games of the modern era in Athens. The race started in Athens, headed towards Marathon, then returned to Athens, at the Phaliron velodrome.
Olympic cycling was added to the women's programme in Los Angeles in 1984, with an individual road event.
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    ʚ ・a k a r i ・ɞ

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    This is very scary to watch LOL they’re so fast 😵

  3. Guy Johnstone

    Guy Johnstone

    3 dager siden

    New Zealand’s best

  4. Livinglifeandstuff


    5 dager siden

    Hpw long is that track

  5. ImPlanet Mars

    ImPlanet Mars

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    lmao ngl but i came to watch this after reading wind breaker in webtoon😂😂 tho its quite similar

  6. Bobereq


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    Pov: wyskoczyło i na główniej

  7. The Adder Snake

    The Adder Snake

    10 dager siden

    The way they look at each other reminds me of the NPC villagers in Minecraft.



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  10. Elsie Dauz

    Elsie Dauz

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    alang koweta

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    is that a..... go to 3:36

  12. pterry dactle

    pterry dactle

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    3:37 what a camel

  13. dylan


    15 dager siden

    If you're American and you don't understand why they go slow just think of nascar when they draft the cars Infront then slingshot round. It's the exact same principle.

  14. Enryu


    16 dager siden

    Who's after reading Wind Breaker? 👀

  15. Вова Панасюк

    Вова Панасюк

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    Oh thanx youtube, i have a fixie

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    This video recommend after 8 years

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    Coming from f1,i think slip stream is going on

  18. Manu Sharma

    Manu Sharma

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    What's this!!! Literally what's this *I am not able to understand what was going on?? You??????

  19. Muana


    21 dag siden

    Seems like a boring sport and a lameass speed 😂

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    Thank you

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    once again, the NOnet algorithm has brought us all together.

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    Its really COOL! I love it!!!!!

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    those thighs are wild

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    Who came here after watching yowamushi pedal

  28. Super Kyle

    Super Kyle

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    What the heck was that? Why don't they throw these two idiots off the team and get some guys that won't fool around at the beginning of the race like that?

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    Who is watching in 2021

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    seems to me as if they also have to act like cats. . .

  32. True Indian

    True Indian

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    Can anybody tell me the rules of this sport.

  33. Renato Oliveira

    Renato Oliveira

    Måned siden

    They are slow because there are no gears so it's rll hard to ride a bike on max gear

  34. Geraaa


    Måned siden

    Why are some of them cycling in place?



    2 måneder siden

    i mean,,, just go fast from the begining of the race!?? du-uh

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    IamWho Iam

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    I’m just watching Prince Philip’s funeral and youtube brought me here. Strange

  37. Sunil Maharana

    Sunil Maharana

    2 måneder siden

    There are no brakes

  38. Chris G

    Chris G

    2 måneder siden

    That 19 year old from South Africa was freaky good in that heat

  39. chill tofu

    chill tofu

    2 måneder siden

    7:26 why are the bike handles like that? No breaks? And why do the bikes also have one gear?

    • yeet yeet

      yeet yeet

      2 måneder siden

      The bars are more aero it's a track bike no need for brakes and it's fixed gear

  40. Sampathkumar Paramasivam

    Sampathkumar Paramasivam

    2 måneder siden

    How are they going so fast but pedaling so slow and balancing

    • yeet yeet

      yeet yeet

      2 måneder siden

      The ratio is heavy

  41. Raj Ade

    Raj Ade

    2 måneder siden

    Ye oonimug get set go kyu nahi ker rahe ?

  42. Steffen Ontiveros

    Steffen Ontiveros

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    The late palm histologically sniff because vermicelli antenatally beg per a educated arch. mundane, domineering july

  43. unuzo venyo

    unuzo venyo

    2 måneder siden

    Silliest way of starting a race

  44. AMV & game william

    AMV & game william

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    This Japan

  45. Don Quixote

    Don Quixote

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    Thanks for the explanation. Now makes sense!

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    How does this Olympic event work🤔

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    Veledrommm 🤩👌

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    this is like a nascar race of *uno lappo*

  49. RN VIBEZ Bisaya ka ?

    RN VIBEZ Bisaya ka ?

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    i have no idea . tsk

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    não sei pq o youtube me recomendou isso, não entendi nada das regras kk

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    This is the weirdest mating ritual I’ve ever seen

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    No entendi.............

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    And finally we all meet again courtesy of NOnet algorithm

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    ما عجبني

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  57. Lamborghini Cyan

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    Well but has bike steel no rims and no rubber bands bike

  58. Lamborghini Cyan

    Lamborghini Cyan

    3 måneder siden

    That weirdest thing bike maybe an blade circle pretty interesting

  59. Juan Martinez

    Juan Martinez

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    I’ll clap all of them in my grom

  60. Matthew Erspamer

    Matthew Erspamer

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    NOnet is just making up sports and calling them the Olympics at this point, seems like at least several hundred new Olympic sports I have learned about from NOnet

  61. Mathematics and MMA

    Mathematics and MMA

    3 måneder siden

    Why not just pushing forward? Why do you need tactics? Help to understand, please.

  62. Siddharth Athlay

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    2021 plz like

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    3:33 точно менс?????

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    4:09 Ooo chase me, chase me hehe

  65. Ranul Hashika

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    One of the oldest Olympic Game

  66. Miller Eliovitz

    Miller Eliovitz

    3 måneder siden

    It’s so sad how expensive these bikes are but how week they are If you hit one small jump the wheel would brake

  67. Knight Gaming

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    Who came here to see 8 years ago comments

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    super asome

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    NOnet recommended me after 5 years

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    Cycling roads in olympics seemingly a lot of fun.

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    legend are see 7 year ago

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    Slow,slower, slowest,slow,fast,fast,fast, faster,fastest,fastest, and win.

  73. Abdul Elha Ovi 2.O

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  74. Rigu MG

    Rigu MG

    3 måneder siden

    At least show me the final, stupid YT.

  75. Jussi


    3 måneder siden

    The beginning looks like those exotic birds lube dancing getting ready to plow

  76. christopher chilaka

    christopher chilaka

    3 måneder siden

    If any one needs explanation the leader takes all the wind in the face so the people behind can pass them

  77. Wang Yang

    Wang Yang

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  78. are nuzzle

    are nuzzle

    4 måneder siden

    Japan have n0s I think

  79. Charlie Terrell

    Charlie Terrell

    4 måneder siden

    I’ve seen all the comments and understand why they go slow like this, but I think there actually just really lazy so they agree to take the first couple laps slow

  80. Caffey


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    I hav t had a bike in 10 years but thanks NOnet algorithm

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    what is going on here? 😂

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    I didn’t know that John Sena does cycling in addition to wrestling

  83. Techo WinMC

    Techo WinMC

    4 måneder siden

    the dude stays behind to push the other guy forward to constintly pedal. But its not confusion at all, I'm a bmx racing guy and I find this quite cool. I never knew it existed

  84. Jayson K Lau

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    who know the rules ?

  85. Flipznae


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    2021 anyone?

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    When go fast 5:20

  87. Stacey Weller

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    they looks like a couple when it stared

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    3:33 Are you sure it's a man?

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    re casual, no se de que trata este deporte, pero me gusta ver uwwuuwu

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    I'm sorry.......what?

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    Can someone pls explain too me what just happened?

  93. Bang Jor

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    the rule is you can't sprint and only can "walk" in the 1 1/2 lap.

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    por que inician tan lento?

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    Umm... Whaaaat

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    They don't have brakes! how do they stop?!

  97. Rocko Max

    Rocko Max

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    What the heck is this? Are they blind or something?

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    Por que não teve essa categoria no Rio2016?

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    Well.... Anyone in 2021?

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    Anyone else here 2021