Millionaire life - not as easy as it sounds | DW Documentary

In the United States, nearly 80 billion lottery tickets and scratch cards are sold every year. Overnight the winners find themselves in charge of an astronomical fortune and at the center of the limelight.
David and Erica won 62 million US dollars, becoming the richest people in their county in a matter of seconds. Self-proclaimed "redneck millionaires", they are determined not to let their newfound wealth cut them off from reality. Others take the opposite approach. When 51-year-old nurse, Jack, won the lottery, he immediately quit his job and began spending frivolously. The temptations for lottery winners are endless and the risks elevated. A third of winners end up in ruins. So what makes this industry so attractive, and what do the lives of the winners actually look like? 

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  1. Tidwell Bo

    Tidwell Bo

    31 minutt siden

    Jack is having a midlife crisis

  2. Brianna Bella

    Brianna Bella

    12 timer siden

    In this present economy there is no reason anyone should complain of lacking funds when there's variety of stock assests to trade and create a steady income. I'm a nurse and my major earning recently were generated in from Trading Bitcoin.

  3. happy joy

    happy joy

    13 timer siden

    Hunt why?

  4. happy joy

    happy joy

    13 timer siden

    What the fish film! What was he thinking

  5. Rosa Fadul

    Rosa Fadul

    18 timer siden

    It might not be easy but oh lord how I would like to try it.

  6. Jack Kenny

    Jack Kenny

    Dag siden

    Bro just split that billion dollar jackpot into 100 million and give it to alot more people. So many people would be more well off

  7. American Badass

    American Badass

    Dag siden

    If I ever win the lottery, I’d still work (medical insurance), build a modest size home on 30 acres of land, and build my home gym. I’d still drive my old 2004 Ford Ranger. And most of all... I wouldn’t tell a soul about the money.

  8. Rob B

    Rob B

    Dag siden

    If you don't know what it takes to make it, you don't know what it takes to lose it

  9. LifeLoveWisdomChann Jalloh

    LifeLoveWisdomChann Jalloh

    Dag siden

    If you win lottery you don’t know what to do , buy residential property with almost half get a lawyer, take a finance how to run property put the rest in high yield savings as time go maybe after a year all your decisions will be better than if you just win and take decisions right away

  10. Cipi Ripi

    Cipi Ripi

    Dag siden

    I am from Romania and I have always admired and appreciated American patriotism. I love America🇷🇴🇺🇸

  11. Juliana Reed

    Juliana Reed

    Dag siden

    You guys are so darn cute, you got in a pylon and it took you to a dream youth revival! Awesome! And took care of your mama, love you for that😁👍💝🤣blowin' it up for mom and pops 💝 sweet as pie! 💝💝💝💝

  12. Juliana Reed

    Juliana Reed

    Dag siden

    Happy H family! 💝

  13. Juliana Reed

    Juliana Reed

    Dag siden

    So glad to experience just seeing these people really get it good and keep it and feel so good about the kids! Cheers👍🤣💝💝💢💫

  14. Juliana Reed

    Juliana Reed

    Dag siden

    Awesome you bought your children homes, oh wow! Love that part! I'd do exactly that for mine! I think of it all the time!

  15. Juliana Reed

    Juliana Reed

    Dag siden

    Good fun either beautiful card! 👍😁

  16. Juliana Reed

    Juliana Reed

    Dag siden

    Wow! Thank you guys for sharing this exciting and interesting documentary. It's great to see the people winning and how they live with it from there on. But I appreciate also the great candid revealing of the downs too , since it's a gift to remind people to use fortune wisely , don't lose it all before getting a breath and bearings to plan on managing, very interesting too.

    • DW Documentary

      DW Documentary

      Dag siden

      Hi @Juliana Reed, thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts on the topic.

  17. vlad vladm

    vlad vladm

    Dag siden

    omg, one of a French channel in my country has just picked up the same video to traduce in French...they are so lazy

  18. recon forsales

    recon forsales

    Dag siden

    Biggest mistake after winning the lottery is to go public

  19. Marci Samms

    Marci Samms

    Dag siden

    up to 3:43 and all those vehicles greedy. contribute something good to the world. contribute to an animal rescue group in your area or state at least. I'm out.

  20. Catalin Chira

    Catalin Chira

    Dag siden

    what a down-to-earth Nebraska guy is compared to the 50yo man child... hat's off to David

  21. Quinn Calle

    Quinn Calle

    2 dager siden

    With that kind of money why doesn’t Erica get a personal trainer and nutritionist?

  22. NadrianATRS


    2 dager siden

    This video is such clickbait. Hardly any of the video talks about “not as easy as it sounds”. Mostly just listening to ugly or fat people going on and on about all this stuff they got.

  23. Nunyo Bizwax

    Nunyo Bizwax

    2 dager siden

    He only won 10 thousand dollars a month. That’s good money but don’t sound like living really rich money. He must be getting money from somewhere else. You cant afford to live like this of 1000$ a day. That’s $365,000 a year, some doctors make close to that.

  24. Nunyo Bizwax

    Nunyo Bizwax

    2 dager siden

    I think winning millions of dollars brings more enemies than friends. Even the ones you think are your friends are just there for the money. I wouldn’t give a cent to anyone besides family and cancer charity’s.

  25. Loulou Lucy

    Loulou Lucy

    2 dager siden

    i think lottery money is cursed no kidding

  26. LH H

    LH H

    2 dager siden

    erica is a wife goal

  27. LH H

    LH H

    2 dager siden

    ah yes, a men cave.....

  28. LH H

    LH H

    2 dager siden

    what is with rich people and golf? is it an obligation to play golf or something?

  29. sab0nes


    2 dager siden

    No such thing as a lottery curse. You're just shit with money management and winning the lottery magnified it.

  30. Ja Rule

    Ja Rule

    2 dager siden

    So...It's not easy if your braindead. Kkkkkkkk

  31. Josh Page

    Josh Page

    2 dager siden

    😃🙂👌 congrats

  32. natural mystics 2020

    natural mystics 2020

    2 dager siden

    This is the weirdest thing i ever when you are not burning or giving away your money fool and their money must part

  33. rangermaverick85


    3 dager siden

    I am sure he goes with escorts

  34. Hot Cheetos

    Hot Cheetos

    3 dager siden

    I just want $200k to buy a decent house and keep working on everything else .

  35. Kamil Zabiegala

    Kamil Zabiegala

    3 dager siden

    God, Let me win.

  36. Maik M

    Maik M

    3 dager siden

    23:14 and do you use ieet? 😂

  37. Adolfo Rosado

    Adolfo Rosado

    3 dager siden

    They should all be destroyed.

  38. Unbreakable The bear

    Unbreakable The bear

    3 dager siden

    Mental midgets who can’t deal with paper 🤣

  39. Jamal Aden

    Jamal Aden

    3 dager siden

    That 1k a day for the rest of your life is phenomenal. If I won 50 million, you ain’t gonna give me that in cash. Take away the tax and pay me that 30 million or whatever in daily sum for the rest of my life. I’m not dealing with that headache. It doesn’t matter what nonsense you get up to, that cash flow will never end!

  40. More Content Talk

    More Content Talk

    3 dager siden

    Ha! You mean money doesn't automatically solve all your problems. How could this be?! Oh, it's like the world has its head up its own rear end.

  41. mauricio torres cuero

    mauricio torres cuero

    3 dager siden

    The way the tv show approaches to the money matter just shows how financially ignorant we are as society, that’s why real rich people are rich, cause even though they may spend a lot, they know no just how to manage it but more important how to increase it and multiply it, and THAT is what keeps them rich.

  42. Jennifer leigh

    Jennifer leigh

    4 dager siden

    And the funny thing is that at the end of the day...most of the time these people don't even give a shit about you...just what you have and can give. It's all about status and ego. Love that the Nebraska couple stayed humble and true to their values and traditions.

  43. techLOGIC


    4 dager siden

    21:03 Beautiful magots .

  44. Ace Boogie

    Ace Boogie

    4 dager siden

    ok they get 1000 a day and split it 3 ways. thats $333 a day each. bro i make 300-350 a day delivering 6 days a week. so my gf sitting @ home is basically living a lottery winners life? it dont feel like it. idont think thas enough for me. I would have to start businesses, invest, etc.

  45. Kendrick Faggett

    Kendrick Faggett

    4 dager siden

    I Enoyed Watching This Video.... May God Watch Over And Bless Each Lottery Winner & Their Family’s 200 Tillion Times Over

  46. Chaz Hipple

    Chaz Hipple

    4 dager siden

    Buffalo is nowhere near where they spotted it on the map. LOL

  47. Amy Gonzalez

    Amy Gonzalez

    4 dager siden

    They are having a lot of fun. That’s so nice.

  48. Femalemind


    5 dager siden

    Why would you tell anyone you won? I'm so confused. I have three kids, when I win... they won't even know!! No one will know my address

    • Lawyers Oregon

      Lawyers Oregon

      5 dager siden

      yess right

  49. Cain k

    Cain k

    5 dager siden

    Jack them females not ur friends bro

  50. YowzaBowzaWowza


    5 dager siden

    Only idiots would willingly publicize instant wealth.

  51. jerry pfaff

    jerry pfaff

    5 dager siden

    he who dies with the most toys still dies

  52. Farid A. Qadiry

    Farid A. Qadiry

    5 dager siden

    Where the fuck is my lottery I went bankruptcy because of lottery and still don’t know when I get mine

  53. ERICK and The Ourbacks

    ERICK and The Ourbacks

    5 dager siden

    Title is so misleading (not as easy as it seems) as the millionaire says tomorrow is bikini 👙 Sunday give me a break 😂

  54. We Tried it !!! Cooking with the Stones

    We Tried it !!! Cooking with the Stones

    6 dager siden

    Wait Jack is living the life as on 120K per Teach me

  55. Andy Smythe

    Andy Smythe

    6 dager siden

    I'd spend almost all of it as fast as I could helping others until I had just enough to live out my days and myself and my family wouldn't be at risk from criminals and kidnappers.

  56. JEDASE


    6 dager siden

    I will definitely invest my winnings and keep my career

  57. Karen


    6 dager siden

    Erica and David are making the right decisions. Volunteering at the Fire Dept is a great thing! Donating to charities is awesome!!

  58. Karen


    6 dager siden

    I'm happy for Jack Jr's parents. Jack Jr is going to end up with nothing or have an early death due to his lifestyle.

  59. Sumit Ghosal

    Sumit Ghosal

    6 dager siden

    The feeling of the jingles of winning is too overwhelming . It makes you feel blessed in books of GOD.

  60. jason Tom

    jason Tom

    6 dager siden

    good for him. Make sure you help others in some way.

  61. K K

    K K

    6 dager siden

    Jeds dad is defo an immigrant from England. Accent all over the place like mine was in the usa. United top helps give it away too haha

  62. meepo


    7 dager siden

    None of the guests appear to be from an ethnic minority background. The Harrigs are those type of people.

  63. Jason Wales

    Jason Wales

    7 dager siden

    I Hope he invest some of him money

  64. Just in Time Previous

    Just in Time Previous

    7 dager siden

    It’s all fun and games

  65. Saddam Memon

    Saddam Memon

    7 dager siden

    Dark side starting after 28 minutes it's a huge time

  66. Jens Gronning

    Jens Gronning

    7 dager siden

    2500 a month, he’s not poor, he’s above the poverty line. He’s just working class.

  67. G0d


    7 dager siden


  68. Sruthi Srinivasan

    Sruthi Srinivasan

    8 dager siden

    Erica looks different from her lottery days. God makes some ppl luckier than the rest!



    8 dager siden

    Money is good. Really GOOD!



    8 dager siden

    unfortunately for a lot of Americans that is their retirement planning

  71. Lou Lou

    Lou Lou

    8 dager siden

    I am so happy for all these people good or bad ... what an amazing life experience!!

  72. treynoldsman1981


    8 dager siden

    That lucky git with all them hunnies hanging at his place

  73. David Guerrero

    David Guerrero

    8 dager siden

    1k a day / 10k a month... Doesn't make sense lol.

  74. Adam B

    Adam B

    8 dager siden

    I would invest the money and make more

  75. J P

    J P

    8 dager siden

    Jack, stay single 👍🏼👍🏼

  76. Pedro Carr

    Pedro Carr

    8 dager siden

    The millionaire life is the easy life these people just happen to be idiots who do not know how to manage their money.

  77. Tepilah Ruach

    Tepilah Ruach

    8 dager siden

    I'll take my chances. 👍

  78. Walid Djema

    Walid Djema

    8 dager siden

    the guy at 03:00 will be broke in 10-15 years

  79. Manda Rue

    Manda Rue

    8 dager siden

    Personally I wouldn't want my friends, family, and the world to know I won money. I'd rather keep it to myself and help them out anonymously.

    • Dan J

      Dan J

      2 dager siden

      Agreed 👍

    • Jude Flowers

      Jude Flowers

      4 dager siden

      OH, hell yeah! I wouldn't want anyone to know, either

    • American Patriot

      American Patriot

      5 dager siden

      Manda Rue.- Ma'am you and I are on the same wave length. Anoninimity. In case you ever win, I will never know, but wish you joy and a life of meaning and fruitfulness if you do.... grin.... and, the same thing if you don't! God bless you and yours.

    • Anthony Strunk

      Anthony Strunk

      6 dager siden

      I mean I’d take care of my 2 best friends, my dad, my brother, and my niece

    • A Goat

      A Goat

      7 dager siden

      Even your parents?

  80. bananamonkey


    8 dager siden

    27:25 buddy was left hanging four times

  81. ron jeremy

    ron jeremy

    8 dager siden

    God, that pompus golf douche. Rich once. Blew it all and the world decides to bless him AGAIN. SMH

  82. She Power

    She Power

    8 dager siden

    seriously 60$ dollors ? alot of money, fuck that. so many actors are rich than these people

  83. ron jeremy

    ron jeremy

    8 dager siden

    Protip: If any winners want to relieve themselves of that lottery winning struggle I'll be more than happy to take those troubles off your hands.

  84. bananamonkey


    8 dager siden

    27:25 his buddy got left hanging four times.

  85. jeff westcott

    jeff westcott

    8 dager siden

    people who win huge jackpots have been chosen by divine intervention....they are EXTREMELY LUCKY....

  86. Toxin


    9 dager siden

    It's easy if you want to make it easy ! If you have 10 million € or 62 million you can live all your life without doing nothing without having stress of a business! You just put the money in the bank and you would take monthly interest without doing nothing!

  87. Antonio Sy

    Antonio Sy

    9 dager siden

    If the fortune were hard earn , it would not be easy to spent un wisely But with lottery definitely easy as thou there is no ending , as the saying EASY COME EASY GO

  88. Jim T

    Jim T

    9 dager siden

    meat eaters

  89. Random Thought

    Random Thought

    9 dager siden

    And what love did you show with the life you had, and the blessings God gave you

  90. sir owi

    sir owi

    9 dager siden

    Jack quit his job as a nurse immediately lol

  91. Michaelangelo Diglio

    Michaelangelo Diglio

    9 dager siden

    Money is a tool... like a hammer. You can use it to build something wonderful, or you can use it to destroy things and hurt people.

  92. Michaelangelo Diglio

    Michaelangelo Diglio

    9 dager siden

    What did they invest in that earns them half a million $ a year???

  93. Nerd Sheldon

    Nerd Sheldon

    10 dager siden

    I love you America

  94. Something to say111

    Something to say111

    10 dager siden

    Money is like water no one is entitled to all of it. They spend money the way it should be spent. They didn’t leave their town or act a certain way they shared their wealth. It’s like everyone won good for them they totally deserve it!

    • Something to say111

      Something to say111

      5 dager siden

      @Bradley Charles Cooper Iam doing good. I hope you are doing well also. wishing you a blessed day. Sending you love and light! ❤️

    • Bradley Charles Cooper

      Bradley Charles Cooper

      6 dager siden

      Hello dear how are you? Hope you have a good day

  95. Sailss


    10 dager siden

    the second dude is such a douche lol. The first couple were so cool

  96. vulcan2000pilot


    10 dager siden

    The guy from Buffalo is a legit douche.

  97. Josh Westhoven

    Josh Westhoven

    10 dager siden

    Bro i have a Pontiac solstice same grey... it sucks

  98. Jackson


    10 dager siden

    Haha! My boy George hit that dance. I don't blame 'em

  99. Toochie 209

    Toochie 209

    10 dager siden

    I really love this video

  100. Jackson


    10 dager siden

    20 pairs of shoes this woman has..