It's been a long time coming but we finally have our FIRST BOXING TIER LIST... I hope you enjoy and share your thoughts below.

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Edited by Cristian Paz
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  1. kensh1nn


    17 minutter siden

    i wanna see conor mcgregor vs jake paul

  2. josh d

    josh d

    11 dager siden

    Imagine joe weller vs Adam saleh

  3. Yimmy


    11 dager siden

    Joe Weller god tier, started the game

  4. matt swinnerton

    matt swinnerton

    14 dager siden

    Really like Vidal both as a fighter and a human. Genuinely believe so long as he doesn’t listen to shit opinions and start believing his own hype in a few years he could be a world champion. Has all the attributes and I hope it happens for him

  5. J Groves

    J Groves

    15 dager siden

    This video would have done a lot better if you didn’t spoil the biggest names in the thumbnail… obviously we knew but still

  6. uday


    18 dager siden

    How is ksi at god-tier he sucks he couldn't even beat logan thinks he can beat Jake

  7. Alistair Clark

    Alistair Clark

    19 dager siden


  8. TankBaller


    19 dager siden

    Adam saleh is definetly not in the same category as deji and bryce hall lmao. "realest channel on youtube"

  9. TankBaller


    19 dager siden

    Adam saleh is better boxer than ksi smh stop being biased and ACTUALLY watch them both fight. One looks like a boxer and the other is just swinging wildly. If ksi didn't fight a scared logan paul in the second fight he would of had a bigger chance to win.

  10. SynocolGaming


    20 dager siden

    JMX went against a guy that was half his size, please stop this hype train about him being a good boxer lmao

  11. ADS Spider

    ADS Spider

    20 dager siden

    Honestly if logan didnt work just on his jab and counter punched he would be pretty good instead of going buck wild

  12. Vesuvius


    20 dager siden

    Jake Paul definitely is god tier for NOnetrs. Especially how he seems to be flying up the ranks and skill far passed others. That being said, him next to Mayweather just looks funny

    • That one kid

      That one kid

      7 dager siden

      @uday Like you

  13. war zone logistics expert

    war zone logistics expert

    20 dager siden

    Yeah the ranking look decent, i wouldnt of even included floyd personally, hes just not on the youtube level

  14. Niep xll

    Niep xll

    20 dager siden

    VIDDAL is a great guy, we all should show him our respect by subscribing the channel.

  15. Hazadam8


    20 dager siden

    He should’ve made a whole separate tier at the top for Floyd Mayweather

  16. Alicia


    20 dager siden




    20 dager siden

    Theo Baker deserves to be in god teir tbh

  18. sink


    20 dager siden

    It's weird seeing a bunch of youtubere in the same category as Floyd

  19. xA*[Cat]


    21 dag siden

    I'm a ksi fan and honestly i would put ksi on good tier

  20. Danny Perrin

    Danny Perrin

    21 dag siden

    Ben askren would destroy deji

  21. YXN dom

    YXN dom

    21 dag siden

    hell nah ddg in good, austin vs ddg a good ass foght

  22. DXEvan


    21 dag siden

    I feel like there should have been another tier between "almost there" and "not good". Maybe an "average" tier would have suited a couple more. Because an average boxer isn't bad but he's also not entirely almost good either.

  23. Khoa Nguyen - Tom

    Khoa Nguyen - Tom

    21 dag siden

    The world would have been a better place if Deji had beaten Jake

  24. ANS


    21 dag siden

    Sensei that low and lower then slim

  25. Mia Hadžiavdić

    Mia Hadžiavdić

    22 dager siden

    i am sorry but pool brotheres

  26. Andrija Rasic

    Andrija Rasic

    23 dager siden

    im actually really glad jarvis won that shit

  27. Venomous Light

    Venomous Light

    23 dager siden

    Ayo ksi looks sus

  28. Archie Campbell

    Archie Campbell

    23 dager siden

    you think Jarvis and Vinnie would beat Taylor holder tho?

  29. vT Corrosive

    vT Corrosive

    24 dager siden

    did nobody notice he had askren in the thumbnail lol idk why thats so funny hes not even a youtube

  30. Explicit.Content TO

    Explicit.Content TO

    24 dager siden

    I would've put Logan Paul in "Almost There" because he's never won a fight 😂😂😂😂

    • Explicit.Content TO

      Explicit.Content TO

      22 dager siden

      @Salil saxena it doesn't make sense to put a loser in god tier 😂😂😂

    • Salil saxena

      Salil saxena

      24 dager siden

      so what if he didn't win his performance was good in all of his fights and he would beat everyone in the Good tier so ya God tier is where he should go

  31. Triloge


    25 dager siden

    bro put jake paul on god but not faze jarvis!??!?! you seen how he 200 pumped my guy!

  32. Swaj


    26 dager siden

    the best tier and the 300 dislike ur mad ur fav youtuber his in retired or his trash and viddal his a real boxer

  33. shumail khan

    shumail khan

    26 dager siden

    U r never fighting again, are u?

  34. Elpresidente RecordZ

    Elpresidente RecordZ

    26 dager siden

    faze sensi will beat the fuck out off everyone on that list apart from may weather ... sensi should be on top he will slap up jj

  35. lago charles

    lago charles

    26 dager siden

    sub to viddal he turned jj to fatneek into fitneek he was in the ring

  36. Rozzy


    27 dager siden

    Imagine joe weller vs Bryce hall. I think joe would win but I think it would be a good fight. Let me know what y’all think

  37. Ricco Meola

    Ricco Meola

    27 dager siden

    Forgot overflow

  38. YTB Venom

    YTB Venom

    27 dager siden

    Most of the time i agree with what you say viddal but fousy doesnt come across as a good guy. At the youtube vs tiktok press comfrance he slagged off pretty much every fighter there, hes an asshole

  39. Tx3co


    27 dager siden

    Sensei should be in good or higher

  40. YourMumIssaJoke


    28 dager siden

    Viddal, Logan should be good, u can’t say he is god tier when he lost to Ksi which means Ksi is better and Logan was 40 pounds heavier then Floyd and he was clinching so many time and you’d get disqualified if you clinched as much as Logan in a round. Surely someone agrees w me because if they were Same size I guarantee Floyd wins round 2-3

  41. YourMumIssaJoke


    28 dager siden

    Jmx vs Harry jowsey, battle of the giants

  42. Selim hh

    Selim hh

    28 dager siden

    Gotcha hat

  43. Michael :)

    Michael :)

    28 dager siden

    Isn’t sensei a 5th degree black belt in karate? If he focused on training wouldn’t he naturally beat most of these guys in his sleep..?

  44. FRAQZZ Ϟ Δ


    28 dager siden

    Am i the only one that wants to see JMX vs LOGAN PAUL?

  45. Elitex Rhombus

    Elitex Rhombus

    28 dager siden

    You really put fuzzy at should retire bruh

  46. boysie6


    28 dager siden

    mate if u look at this u must laugh at yourself thinking all them r better then sensei 😂u r clueless and should be in the retire category

  47. Ryan


    28 dager siden

    Done sensei dirty imo he linked up to spar when he wasn't even in shape and ur holding that against him, guy is a fighter across the board not just for the YT scene

  48. Ivan Ventura

    Ivan Ventura

    28 dager siden

    Ksi is not god tier

  49. Bore


    28 dager siden

    Bro Sensei would eat everybody in "good" section...

  50. Crown


    28 dager siden

    Sensei just needs to show what he is actually capable of in boxing

  51. Morgan L.

    Morgan L.

    28 dager siden

    If it’s not based on skill alone then why have the tier list. Why not have the top influential youtubers instead? The tiers are almost always in relation to the ability of someone or something or how valuable it is. I’m not going to make a tier list of fruit and put apples at the top because a lot of ppl like it or because it’s one of the more common fruits I’m going off of what tastes the best, has the greatest nutritional value, etc.

  52. Randy Flores

    Randy Flores

    29 dager siden

    Nate and Ben aren’t no NOnet boxers lol

  53. Orka


    Måned siden

    Bro jakes on the juice for tyron, he may put in work, but he’s not clean

  54. Brandon Blevins

    Brandon Blevins

    Måned siden

    I'd put fs in good because I think on a good day I'd think that jj would get winded by faze s

  55. notgames


    Måned siden

    W tier list

  56. Rocket Stars Life

    Rocket Stars Life

    Måned siden

    Wtff floyd mayweather doing with those fools

  57. Rocket Stars Life

    Rocket Stars Life

    Måned siden

    Slim is good

  58. traumatized guy

    traumatized guy

    Måned siden

    Gib vs Austin needs to happen.

  59. middle man21

    middle man21

    Måned siden

    I think jake should good because jake doesn’t fight good people he fought deji fair enough but again he ran out of fuel he didn’t even fight gib he fought a basket baller and a retired ufc fighter that didn’t know how to box.

  60. Stew BonBon

    Stew BonBon

    Måned siden

    The background music was a little too loud and distracting



    Måned siden

    Musics a bit too loud 😅

  62. HOMIE


    Måned siden

    Viddal is actually making good points👍👍

  63. KoCo


    Måned siden

    He live up to his title

  64. Joshua Saunders

    Joshua Saunders

    Måned siden

    got you'er hat

  65. alexdoneit


    Måned siden

    Is nobody gonna talk about how almost there and good are switched

  66. Benz obin

    Benz obin

    Måned siden

    Mans obviously trolling Sensei😂😂😂😂

  67. Laith Mahmoud

    Laith Mahmoud

    Måned siden

    fam u are insane adam saleh should be in good so should slim. And gib should be in almost there.

  68. Shawn Phan Photography & Film

    Shawn Phan Photography & Film

    Måned siden

    Dude you know Adam Saleh and his arrogant diva ass is just gna say the obvious. He put me in "Not Good" is because he's KSI's trainer. But it's true what has Adam really done when it comes to the big stages and big performance. Has he dominated his opponents? He might look good when he's training or when he's boxing random dudes in the street. Yeah it might be entertain me to a certain extent. On the level that Jake Paul @. There's levels to this bro and your not there.

  69. Shawn Phan Photography & Film

    Shawn Phan Photography & Film

    Måned siden

    Was always team Logan but now all the rivalry is over I started watching Viddal boxing content. He's young and has all the potential! I hope he goes far. You earned yourself I like in the subscribe brother! Keep up the great work we're rooting for you 🎉🎉

  70. Tobiasvd Vlist

    Tobiasvd Vlist

    Måned siden

    Ay mcbroom vs jarvis is a fight i really, REALLY want to see lol



    Måned siden

    Sensei deserves good he is rlly good fighter



    Måned siden

    Hey!!!! Deji is working on it just give him time😔

  73. reversed mohawk

    reversed mohawk

    Måned siden

    “and drugs”

  74. Alex :I

    Alex :I

    Måned siden

    I love Vidal

  75. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou

    Måned siden

    I hate Jake Paul, but it’s hard to deny that he’s got skill, and has grown so much as a boxer.

  76. Fr0z3nFN


    Måned siden

    What is slim and Adam gonna say now “Vidal how about you fight me” cause we all know that won’t go well 😂

  77. StickMan


    Måned siden

    You made a mistake on Alex wasabi, he sparred Fousey and Alex got knocked down

  78. JoJo Beast

    JoJo Beast

    Måned siden

    Disrespect to faze Sensai

    • asioe kiou

      asioe kiou

      Måned siden

      This seems like a very accurate tier list

  79. JoJo Beast

    JoJo Beast

    Måned siden

    Slim....over Taylor holder.....logic?

  80. Mary Jayne

    Mary Jayne

    Måned siden

    Great VIDEO

  81. Bear


    Måned siden

    if the number 35 was the good tier in this video at 37 was the god tier from what we’ve seen so far from jj i think he’s like 36.4

  82. JumpeSuper


    Måned siden

    Not gonna lie, Jake’s boxing career is going similarly to JJs music career. Btw I’m not simping shush

    • Conor ‘Broken’ McLegor

      Conor ‘Broken’ McLegor

      Måned siden

      Nah. JJs competing with people who are actually professional and have been doing it for years, Jake isn’t

  83. Pin kid and Grimm

    Pin kid and Grimm

    Måned siden

    Faze sensei is higher than Vinnie hacker no doubt

  84. Niko


    Måned siden

    Bryce hall vs deji Would be good for deji me thinks

  85. EnvySeeker


    Måned siden

    A fight I would actually want to see is Austin Mcbroom vs Jarvis.

  86. Shiloh miloh gamer

    Shiloh miloh gamer

    Måned siden

    Ksi power level: 25,000 Jake Paul power level: 28,000 Logan Paul power level: 25,000-28,000? Deji power level: 8,000 Deji full potential power level: ????? Gib power level 20,000 Vinnie hacker power level: 15,000 Austin McBroom: power level: 19,000. Idek why I did this I jus felt like it lool 😂😂😂

  87. Brendo B

    Brendo B

    Måned siden

    The riiiiiilist

  88. MrBeast CLIPS

    MrBeast CLIPS

    Måned siden

    Love this unbiased tier ✊🏻

  89. Oscar Judge

    Oscar Judge

    Måned siden

    U can't put austin and gib on the same level Austin had 1 fight and it was against a punching bag who throws it back Gib is undefeated in amateur boxing and outboxed the person who no one wanted to fight

  90. Grandmaster 5183

    Grandmaster 5183

    Måned siden

    *Floyd did not deserve to be on the GOD category, you should have made an another category above God and named it Floyd Mayweather putting him there*

  91. kolim jone

    kolim jone

    Måned siden

    Nah sensei fashoo is beating everyone in good category low diff he’s definitely the most seasoned FIGHTER out of you tubers but he dosent do boxing

  92. Stoker Wieczorek

    Stoker Wieczorek

    Måned siden

    This seems like a very accurate tier list

  93. arturo carillo

    arturo carillo

    Måned siden

    As much as I hate Adam I think you should put him as almost there because he actually looked good with when he fought against wailed

  94. Jamila Bakari

    Jamila Bakari

    Måned siden

    Change Adam salah

  95. Vuulzy -

    Vuulzy -

    Måned siden

    if jake beats woodley u should step up

    • Ace Gabriel Cruz

      Ace Gabriel Cruz

      Måned siden

      Showtime confirmed that Jake Paul will fight Tomy Fury next if Jake beats Tyron

  96. RayDaPlayerfnf


    Måned siden

    Faze sensai vs Vidal?

    • Kong


      Måned siden

      @soiung toiue who the fuck is Jack Paul?

    • soiung toiue

      soiung toiue

      Måned siden

      You need to but some respect on adam name . Jack Paul he sucks

  97. magnificent ghost101

    magnificent ghost101

    Måned siden

    Love the fact that this mann is full on honest of what he really thinks👍he is the realist lol and im a Paul brother fan my respects for you are going straight up🔥🔥

  98. Charles Omane

    Charles Omane

    Måned siden

    The legend himself viddal

  99. hjbdf nggj

    hjbdf nggj

    Måned siden

    adam saleh vs nate wayat And slim albaher vs vinne hacker

  100. Hunain Siddiqui

    Hunain Siddiqui

    Måned siden

    This has to be the worst boxing tier list ever