Only Connect 3x04

Only Connect Season 3 Episode 4
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  1. El Chaffinch

    El Chaffinch

    9 timer siden

    Amazed BBC havnt shut this dowb

  2. Field Marshal

    Field Marshal

    9 timer siden

    Damn, that host is snarky af

  3. Maxime DuChalet

    Maxime DuChalet

    12 timer siden

    The thumbnail got me here andi was not dissapointed

  4. Max Phillips

    Max Phillips

    14 timer siden

    Tom scottttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Macho Fantastico

    Macho Fantastico

    22 timer siden

    The legend, the myth, the Tom Scott.

  6. Ian Bailey

    Ian Bailey

    23 timer siden

    "the minibus of shame"? hahaha

  7. 이예린


    Dag siden

    NOnet algorithms......

  8. Gergő Turán

    Gergő Turán

    Dag siden

    This gets recommended to me every year and I either have to watch it or live with it showing for months

  9. TrapKing Productions

    TrapKing Productions

    Dag siden

    Wait who doesn’t say the s in “debris” I always did.

  10. TrapKing Productions

    TrapKing Productions

    Dag siden

    Yoooo she said 7 deadly sins. Crazyyy

  11. Dman


    Dag siden

    What the fuck am I even watching?

    • Dman


      Dag siden

      A "downward descender"?! I feel like I'm on another planet.

  12. Kate Duckworth

    Kate Duckworth

    Dag siden

    The philosophers need to get some damn manners >:(

  13. Anonymous 9

    Anonymous 9

    Dag siden

    Tom Scott is a *LEGEND*

  14. Mason Hand

    Mason Hand

    Dag siden

    I love Tom Scott

  15. Ricardo Suvea

    Ricardo Suvea

    2 dager siden

    It's a pleasure seeing Tom play, I've seen other episodes and this is by far the best only because of him

  16. Thomas Davies

    Thomas Davies

    2 dager siden


  17. Dominique Pocopio

    Dominique Pocopio

    2 dager siden


  18. Dominique Pocopio

    Dominique Pocopio

    2 dager siden

    I really like the host and her voice too

  19. RockyMarsh09


    2 dager siden

    I clicked for Tom Scott but now I'm obsessed with this show

  20. Collin Young

    Collin Young

    2 dager siden

    How are there still more things that Tom did in his early twenties that we haven't heard about?

  21. GortPredator


    2 dager siden

    Philosophy, the art of bullshiting. We already have enough of those they're called politicians.

  22. Santiago Adonis

    Santiago Adonis

    3 dager siden

    the philosophers are kinda cute ngl

  23. M


    3 dager siden

    like i stopped watching a tom scott video to watch tom scott apperently

  24. headwardo


    3 dager siden

    Wtf is happening

  25. Luftmensch


    3 dager siden

    honestly its hard for me to believe that she is married to david mitchell

  26. Crazeeacr100


    3 dager siden

    Man why does the guy in red remind look so familiar.

  27. Ocean


    3 dager siden

    After this video I felt really undereducated

  28. HeyItsJet !

    HeyItsJet !

    3 dager siden

    is that like THE tom scott?

  29. The Lotus Tree

    The Lotus Tree

    3 dager siden

    God, I love the dry, witty humor of the Brits.

  30. Stephen Caroe

    Stephen Caroe

    3 dager siden

    wow tom looks super young and i hate his hair.

  31. We Are number one but its a youtube account

    We Are number one but its a youtube account

    3 dager siden

    I forgot how off putting it is when there's no laugh with the jokes

  32. Κωσταντίνα Βιτσιλάκη

    Κωσταντίνα Βιτσιλάκη

    3 dager siden

    Why do they have greek letters what's the point with that

  33. Chiefofbricks


    3 dager siden

    I clicked for Tom Scott. I received Tom Scott

  34. Karwew


    3 dager siden

    What fucking NERDS

  35. JT in the UK

    JT in the UK

    3 dager siden

    Embarrassing from the Philosophers

  36. Silvagadron


    4 dager siden

    Well at least the Oxford team know how to read what's on the board.

  37. Pixale x

    Pixale x

    4 dager siden

    i didn´t expect to see tom scott

  38. Santiago Abud

    Santiago Abud

    4 dager siden

    Oooh so this is why I got this recommended.

  39. Emmett Jenner

    Emmett Jenner

    4 dager siden

    Red shirt guy was cool, he should make a NOnet channel.

  40. SsomepersonN


    4 dager siden

    lets gooo 8:49 south park is the thing I know throughout this whole show

  41. joseph20606


    4 dager siden

    3:54 It was at this moment that they knew… They’ve fucked up

  42. M P

    M P

    4 dager siden

    Didn’t know a single one of the connections, but the missing vowels seemed pretty easy for the most part

  43. Harry Virus

    Harry Virus

    4 dager siden

    The title should've been: Tom Scott single handedly making this episode fun

  44. 13redstone31


    4 dager siden

    Imagine not knowing the exact names of each part of a column... smh my head

  45. 13redstone31


    4 dager siden

    When the nerds don’t know the scientific method

  46. Ayt3


    5 dager siden

    Holy shit, that's tom scott

    • Josua Hoffmann

      Josua Hoffmann

      4 dager siden

      I couldn't believe it either

  47. Water Gaming

    Water Gaming

    5 dager siden

    Tom Scott saying beta sounds like he's accusing Kirito of cheating.

  48. Terox


    5 dager siden

    20:55, even tho the wall 3d graphics are awful, that switch of teams was smoooth

  49. YourBeardlyBro!


    5 dager siden

    *Hears the violins at the start* Ah yes, the tune for a intense yet civil British competition on a public channel

  50. Jasmine C

    Jasmine C

    5 dager siden

    The fact I got the "g j p" question right and TS didn't gives me bragging rights for a week

  51. Neirin


    5 dager siden

    Tom Scott is a fantastically confidant captain

  52. Tonuka


    5 dager siden

    I feel bad for the philosophers because they look like fools but still got more answers than me

  53. Zaid Lacksalastname

    Zaid Lacksalastname

    5 dager siden

    Imagine if the thumbnail was different

  54. Tesseract556


    5 dager siden

    Tom dunking on everyone as always

  55. Zaid Lacksalastname

    Zaid Lacksalastname

    5 dager siden

    This show seems fun, might binge it

  56. Zaid Lacksalastname

    Zaid Lacksalastname

    5 dager siden

    Came for Tom, was shocked by how good the host was

    • Liz


      5 dager siden

      That’s not all... she’s married to no less than The Great David Mitchell.

  57. Adi B

    Adi B

    5 dager siden

    If Tom Scott were my opponent in a quiz, I’d quit my team and join his.

  58. Eddie Dalisay

    Eddie Dalisay

    5 dager siden

    I oddly know those sounds specially the "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my hair" cuz my teacher is weird.

  59. slowTM


    5 dager siden

    i had to take a double take at that thumbnail cause i barely recognized tom lol

  60. Sean Finley

    Sean Finley

    5 dager siden

    Cosmo grant was in the cosmos throughout this video

  61. Sean Finley

    Sean Finley

    5 dager siden

    Absolutely demolished em

  62. Destiny Zeng

    Destiny Zeng

    5 dager siden

    Lmao him repeating bar line column and pie over and over is making me laugh so much

  63. Libby


    5 dager siden

    tom scott AND victoria holy shit

  64. Agent Smith

    Agent Smith

    5 dager siden

    When was this? It smells like 2002. Edit: surprised it's actually from 2010.

  65. Ralof


    5 dager siden

    TOM SCOTT?! omg it the bri ish man tho

  66. JackOnCrack


    5 dager siden

    Why am I watching this?

  67. KingFtw


    6 dager siden

    I dont believe if i played this game for a million years i would get a right answer

  68. c4n4d4


    6 dager siden

    Names team after a book, admits they will struggle on the literature section.

  69. ATPhack


    6 dager siden

    A freelance web and video designer sounds so much like a no life adult in their parent basement but when you realize everything he accomplished and all his knowledge it’s pretty crazy

  70. Akram Nimer

    Akram Nimer

    6 dager siden

    Host: You're on the minibus of shame Me: OMG THAT'S THE END OF HER CAREER Loser: *flips lower lip* Life: *Goes on normal* ..

  71. Miguel Nascimento

    Miguel Nascimento

    6 dager siden

    Wasn't expecting to listen to Primus in a contest like this

  72. Muaddib


    6 dager siden

    Great Scott it's Tom Scott!

  73. Qian Wang

    Qian Wang

    6 dager siden


  74. ? Wasdgta3

    ? Wasdgta3

    6 dager siden

    10:00 They were expecting the quiz to be hard, but they weren’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition.

  75. Iamin Puberty

    Iamin Puberty

    6 dager siden

    No one searched for this

  76. Christian Joseph Englert

    Christian Joseph Englert

    6 dager siden

    This intense game show is so British it ends with classical music and "up next" a Mandela documentary.

  77. Pineapple


    6 dager siden

    I feel so dumb watching this

  78. DBock


    6 dager siden

    Now to find the quarter finals show

  79. Christian Joseph Englert

    Christian Joseph Englert

    6 dager siden

    Philosophers vs. Hitchhikers, wow, just wow. Tune in next week to see The Astrophysicists versus The NOnetrs!

  80. Christian Joseph Englert

    Christian Joseph Englert

    6 dager siden

    For the American equivalents see Yale...

  81. LuxuriantCarrot


    6 dager siden

    *coming* *hand*

  82. D Hammer

    D Hammer

    6 dager siden

    I got the cornice one. It helps that I am a carpenter.

  83. Titular Hero

    Titular Hero

    6 dager siden

    This is the nerdiest shit I've ever seen and I'm here for it

  84. Karol Studniarek

    Karol Studniarek

    6 dager siden

    Im afraid not

  85. Im Owerz

    Im Owerz

    6 dager siden

    The algorithm is evolving... there is nothing written of Tom Scott in the title, descriptiom, hashtags, etc ans yet here i am, on a recommended video due to the audio saying his name a few times if not once. Truely, other wordly.

  86. Christoph Bürmann

    Christoph Bürmann

    6 dager siden

    I recognized Tom Scott only by his voice, didn't even know his name.

  87. Meatloaf Biggie

    Meatloaf Biggie

    7 dager siden

    I didn’t know what I was watching until I saw red

  88. Sebastião Mendonça

    Sebastião Mendonça

    7 dager siden

    The Philosophers with more questions than answers, how fitting



    7 dager siden

    As a young boy I always struggled to understand the concept of this show

  90. Baha Kuru

    Baha Kuru

    7 dager siden

    26:29 i laughed really hard when tom scott answered that question.

  91. Isaac Larsen

    Isaac Larsen

    7 dager siden

    Yo tom scott

  92. That Guy

    That Guy

    7 dager siden

    I've been watching for 10 whole minutes and still have very little idea of what's happening

  93. Hydrauxine


    7 dager siden

    can't believe how hot Tom has gotten

  94. Tactical Looter

    Tactical Looter

    7 dager siden

    Is this Tom Scott?

    • ᴊɪᴍ ʜᴀʟᴘᴇʀᴛ

      ᴊɪᴍ ʜᴀʟᴘᴇʀᴛ

      6 dager siden


  95. Angel Cleva

    Angel Cleva

    8 dager siden

    Without any audience, you'd think it's during lockdown

  96. espoir inconscient

    espoir inconscient

    8 dager siden

    Why does he look and sound the same as today??

  97. espoir inconscient

    espoir inconscient

    8 dager siden

    I dont get how this guy used red shirts not even for youtube

  98. )Peron1-MC(


    8 dager siden

    24:49 coming hand. yep i see the connection XD

  99. )Peron1-MC(


    8 dager siden

    holy shit tom looks like such a steriotypical nerd at this time XD

  100. lity fity

    lity fity

    8 dager siden