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Opening a brand new iPod Shuffle.

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  1. Marcel3416


    30 minutter siden

    the ring is for the socket in the car dingus

  2. Arko


    9 timer siden

    Imagine having to memorize the order of 120 songs just to play a song you want. And the only other option is playing songs at random? Why were these popular again?

  3. Dylan Conn

    Dylan Conn

    12 timer siden

    The shuffle is just a disposable iPod

  4. Tyler D

    Tyler D

    15 timer siden

    BRUH!! Was that Drag Race V3?! I’m getting light-headed from the metric tonne of NOSTALGIA coursing though my veins like nicotine right now!

  5. Mimas


    Dag siden

    7:05 I just fell apart here

  6. Dionysus


    Dag siden

    I am le tired

  7. Reksrat


    2 dager siden

    Wow I remember when my dad bought me my first flashdrive for school. It was 4gb and cost something like $45.

  8. Mahatma Largaespada

    Mahatma Largaespada

    2 dager siden

    try to fix it!

  9. Brurgh


    3 dager siden

    the Belkin accessory is quality! The car accessories from the past, before bluetooth existed, are the best! Theyre so weird and wonderful!

  10. ItsRobloxHere


    3 dager siden

    I dont look at the title, I see a green iPad, I click.

  11. Donnie M

    Donnie M

    3 dager siden

    7:06 an absolute lie... I and my friends all owned them

  12. Iuri Gregorio

    Iuri Gregorio

    5 dager siden

    Gameboy Advance SP is better



    5 dager siden

    back in the day I got over 500 songs on the 512mb shuffle yes the music was compressed to hell and back 32kbps aac but it was good enough for the time

  14. clippy


    6 dager siden

    my freak 6 gen nano is green

  15. Kaitlin T

    Kaitlin T

    6 dager siden

    Probably because they were cheap, that's why my first iPod was that buttonless shuffle. It took me a couple days to figure out how to skip,yeah I should've read the manual

  16. Emma


    6 dager siden

    oh my god i love everything he finds, and his critics are really good lol. but HIS OBNOXIOUS VOICE AAAAAAA I'm so annoyed, he's made his voice more annoying as his audience has grown :(

  17. mike listeral

    mike listeral

    6 dager siden

    audiophiles dont use shuffle crap

  18. Dmitry9000YT


    6 dager siden

    You're not off topic until you've already started a topic

  19. Octavian Gherghe

    Octavian Gherghe

    6 dager siden

    btw we need an ipad face reveal

  20. Nathan Boardman

    Nathan Boardman

    7 dager siden

    I had a 4 channel mixer that recorded on to an iPod classic... Belkin Tune Studio. It was awesome with lime green accents in the design to boot!

  21. WokeUpScreaming


    7 dager siden

    PLEASE do a video on the Philips HDD100 if you get a chance. I had one at school, everyone was still rocking 512mb thumbdrive nugs. Someone commented on the size of my MP3 PLAYER and asked how much memory it was. I said it's 20 gigabytes. And they said "what's a giabyte" HAHAHAHA. Having that mp3 player was when I discovered how much of an audophile I was, it sounded INCREDIBLE!!! I listened to an iPod for the first time when I was in college and was disgusted with how it sounded in comparison.

  22. jezusmylord


    7 dager siden

    to this day i have no idea how the casette to jack convo boi works.

  23. Music_Lights


    8 dager siden

    Hahahaha the flash drives in the beginning are pretty old. I had the same ones in high school and that was like 10 years ago.

  24. Music_Lights


    8 dager siden

    iPod Shoe-fla... lol hahahaha

  25. Awesome Anime Freak

    Awesome Anime Freak

    8 dager siden

    Am I the only one who thinks he sounds like rick from bushworld adventure?

  26. Clip-o-tage


    9 dager siden

    128mb he gets all the girls

  27. Leo James

    Leo James

    9 dager siden

    How much can i buy a new one of these for?

  28. Pelsop


    10 dager siden

    unsubbed because of shuf fle so annoying

  29. bwc1976


    10 dager siden

    I was still using one of those cassette adapters in my car until about 2 years ago! And it was a 2001 car! Also I never understood why anyone would buy a Shuffle, when there were plenty of other brands of MP3 players WITH a screen for the same price.

  30. atomic kebabman

    atomic kebabman

    10 dager siden

    i’m not a DankPods fan.. i’m a whole air conditioning unit.

  31. Thomas Perakovic

    Thomas Perakovic

    10 dager siden

    D R A G R A C E R V 3

  32. Le pro du mac

    Le pro du mac

    10 dager siden

    E X P A N D Y O U R B R A I N

  33. HemletHair


    11 dager siden

    Bro, I remember having songs downloaded to my shuffle on the ride to get on my cruise as a child. I miss the old days 😞

  34. TroniX FiX

    TroniX FiX

    12 dager siden

    When i was a kid i once found one on the ground that was quite scuffed up... didn’t know what it was so i just cracked it open to see inside. Somewhere i still have the mainboard.

  35. [KPG]


    12 dager siden

    The packaging looks so odd and counterfeit compared to the white boxes we're used to holding today's Apple products.

  36. Guy with 2 moons

    Guy with 2 moons

    12 dager siden

    8:43 oh ok

  37. Ethan Wells

    Ethan Wells

    13 dager siden

    'Sometimes, even homework' wow lol haha 🤣

  38. Theresa Speller

    Theresa Speller

    13 dager siden


  39. camolotthe42


    13 dager siden

    I remember having a Shuffle as a kid. I wonder what happened to it...

  40. PythonPlusPlus


    14 dager siden

    The iPod shuffle was my first mp3 player. I loved it, until it ended up in the washing machine.

  41. CriiRye


    14 dager siden

    I just ran around trying to find my old nugget but sadly I think its gone. RIP my boy.

  42. The other David

    The other David

    14 dager siden

    You know you're a good review channel if people trust you, however you become an awesome NOnet channel if the personality behind it brings in the same amount of people at the actual content. I feel like I'm watching the big lez show but about nugget ipods

  43. WaterTanx


    14 dager siden

    Try using the Apple brick the one that came with the iPhone 6 and stuff it works with mine it might help you

  44. WaterTanx


    14 dager siden

    I think I know how to fix his problem

  45. taima asaba

    taima asaba

    14 dager siden


  46. chill-ified


    15 dager siden

    What is the 1920’s ish song at 6:30 to 6:45 ish?

  47. Fearsome Fawkes

    Fearsome Fawkes

    15 dager siden

    I have a deep hatred for those earbuds after being stuck listening to them when OTHER PEOPLE were wearing them because they bleed so badly.

  48. Gaming Taco

    Gaming Taco

    15 dager siden

    the whole video you said shuf-fle but that one time when you showed your favorite ipod accessory you said S H U F F L E

  49. Pop Gas

    Pop Gas

    15 dager siden

    7:07 I love it whenever he uses that tone, it’s a reminder that everyone is young at heart, again the “fugly” cable 😂 I’m getting addicted to watching his videos.

  50. blackbeltbap


    16 dager siden

    brand new.....defective, non functional out of the box....iPod shuffle. also just guessing, but mindshare appears to be a marketing company, so I bet the shuffle was some kind of giveaway item, employee incentive or given to clients. Of course, can't miss an opportunity for free marketing so they slapped their name on it. The item was never opened because either it was never given away or the recipient didn't bother opening it because its the lowest of lows of iPod's.

  51. Kenneth O'Meara

    Kenneth O'Meara

    16 dager siden




    17 dager siden

    What's the care game he was talking about in 0:36 it looks like one I haven't played in a while

  53. Marcus Pendleton

    Marcus Pendleton

    17 dager siden

    Say it with me now Shu-ffle

  54. Jordan Rickel

    Jordan Rickel

    18 dager siden

    Haha me and my brother had an awesome purple Ford Escort that still had a cassette player and that's how we played our music from our phones in that car with a cassette audio in thingy. Even though the sound quality of anything coming out of that player was terrible, it worked better than those stupid AM/FM receivers that constantly were finicky and barely worked.

  55. R.U.E. Music Productions

    R.U.E. Music Productions

    18 dager siden

    i like the way you say "shu-ffle" i laugh every time. its like trying to say souffle. been binge watching your videos for the past week. really enjoy them videos! Please keep them up!

  56. The Bean Man

    The Bean Man

    18 dager siden


  57. Barbara Budzyńska

    Barbara Budzyńska

    19 dager siden

    Me : 4:06

    • Barbara Budzyńska

      Barbara Budzyńska

      19 dager siden

      F 4 3.3 07 585

  58. Michael Powell

    Michael Powell

    19 dager siden

    4:06 Thank me later

  59. v3onz


    19 dager siden

    AMOOGUS AT 0:01

  60. Jane Cat

    Jane Cat

    19 dager siden

    "So someone had an ipod engraved and then never open it?!" I actually did that, except I did open it, used for about two weeks until I realised how much it sucked and then sold it. So somewhere someone has an ipod nano with the engraving "E+J=Unity" because I was 14 and deep. Only not 14. More like 24. Not my proudest moment.

  61. Ros Socheata

    Ros Socheata

    20 dager siden


  62. Opus Magna

    Opus Magna

    20 dager siden

    *I mean this in the absolute most genuine sense of the acronym, but R.I.P.*

  63. Ernesto Picazo

    Ernesto Picazo

    20 dager siden

    My first very own flashdrive was a verbatim 2gb unit, it was 65 bucks at the time, was the coolest even had a partition for security

  64. Addalilspice


    20 dager siden

    Bro the first one I “had” was a pink iPod without touchscreen but the wheel. The GAMES were essentially solitaire, ball bounce, and maze. It had the balance sensor inside. I also had the first iPod touch with the old app icons.

  65. Sull-ables


    20 dager siden

    Get a subscriber

  66. Alice Trenenbaum

    Alice Trenenbaum

    20 dager siden

    "Braaaannn newwwwwwwww nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuug." Beautiful.

  67. Ian Bos

    Ian Bos

    20 dager siden

    Amazing to think that 512mb was a lot. Now we have 512gb in phones

  68. StoneApparatus


    21 dag siden

    My first nugget had 512mb, miss those times

  69. Jesse Clark

    Jesse Clark

    22 dager siden

    It’s simple, I see green iPad cover, I click like on the video.

  70. Randy Thompson

    Randy Thompson

    22 dager siden

    i still have mine and use it on a daily basis

  71. Dragón de 8 cabezas

    Dragón de 8 cabezas

    22 dager siden

    I got one that was a CHEAP copy of the shuffle, the sound was terrible quality but it's what I had and it was useful, but eventually the flash broke 'cuz it was so cheap, it was 16 gigs tho, that was around 2010

  72. Epic B

    Epic B

    22 dager siden

    The first USB flash drive I ever used was a whopping 256 megabytes. This would have been around the late 2000s. Later on I got 8 and 16 gig drives. I used to store my personal stash of files on a 128 gig drive (got it on sale for a cool 40 loonies or so) but since that one died I now use a 64 gig one, though I have a much larger portable hard drive to hold all my optical media rips.

  73. Karlo_Destruction_And_Gaming


    23 dager siden

    Can you show a tutorial on how to open an ipod shuffle?

  74. A k i s h o t

    A k i s h o t

    23 dager siden

    I had a green 4th gen one and I loved it so much at the time. Still have it and managed to find playlists I had on it and such. All very early 2010s(mixed with my own taste) .

  75. Derbi vie rahat

    Derbi vie rahat

    23 dager siden

    5:13 these were the first earbuds that could fit my 9 year old ears. They were genuinely good.

  76. Animatronic expert Lol

    Animatronic expert Lol

    23 dager siden

    You iPod shuffle

  77. triobros 9824

    triobros 9824

    23 dager siden

    Yeah imagine owning the i pod shu-ffle

  78. TheRealPresto


    23 dager siden

    this was my first ipod it was awesome

  79. Connor M.

    Connor M.

    23 dager siden

    Honestly I feel with the current state of phone detoxing, I think these could sell fairly well (especially for people who workout but don't wanna have their phone on them 24/7)

  80. EpicVodka


    23 dager siden

    I love how the brand new one dosen't work but I found one that looks like it spent a significant amount of time wet and works perfectly

  81. Bilge


    24 dager siden

    "DON'T STEAL MUSIC" good thing piracy isn't theft.

  82. Bilge


    24 dager siden

    3:17 this guy right here is an absolute hard-r nugger AND a hard-r feller.

  83. Marco Jay

    Marco Jay

    24 dager siden

    Oh man, i had (still have) gen 2 and 4 and I just loved it

  84. George Bennett

    George Bennett

    24 dager siden

    Why are you unboxing a tv remote?👁👄👁

  85. Majster _styl

    Majster _styl

    24 dager siden

    That car flash game image woke a whole part of my childhood I’ve forgotten, thank you 🤣

  86. locoo ala

    locoo ala

    24 dager siden

    great guy

  87. BillsYT


    24 dager siden

    Would we be able to see an iPod collection?

  88. Mari Cruz

    Mari Cruz

    24 dager siden

    8:43 scared me a little lmao. I laughed so hard afterwards

  89. Mr. September

    Mr. September

    25 dager siden

    eye choons

  90. Leslie Huh

    Leslie Huh

    25 dager siden

    Ogs remember when starbucks gave out a free music code in their stores

  91. max steadman

    max steadman

    25 dager siden

    bud you got scammed at that price. in 2019, for 20$ i got a 120 gb thumbdrive

  92. Miracle Winchester

    Miracle Winchester

    25 dager siden

    I like to have one for my podcasts

  93. TheMrSky YTHelpES

    TheMrSky YTHelpES

    26 dager siden


  94. D-Lynn Z

    D-Lynn Z

    26 dager siden

    My first ipod that I actually owned (didn't borrow from my siblings) was a 3rd gen shuffle. I wonder what dankpods/everyone's thoughts are on those lol funky things are, tho I think I can guess

  95. Byron Gardner

    Byron Gardner

    26 dager siden

    OMG A WHOLE GIG. To think how far we have come. My phone has 124gb+32gbSD and over 10,000 songs

  96. Juby Lam

    Juby Lam

    26 dager siden

    In my school we also did that whoever had the mp3 and the largest memory was the most dominant. my grandmother for Christmas and birthday gave me one of 512mb and a waterable battery charger with 2 AAA batteries around 2003 that was my usb stick and my mp3 at the same time

  97. atticus corbitt

    atticus corbitt

    26 dager siden

    I actually still have mine. Don’t remember how much storage it had.

  98. soggy pizza

    soggy pizza

    26 dager siden

    The funny thing was my green iPod nano 3rd gen actually had the shrek soundtracks on it

  99. fahlikz


    26 dager siden

    i got the same usb drives (just 3 x 32) for 14€

  100. Kiran Sequeira

    Kiran Sequeira

    27 dager siden

    The "fit ring" is because there's 2 different types of cigarette lighters... In not cars.. You probably don't need that ring. I used to rock a 6GB creative jukebox plugged into a tape adapter like that... And powered by the cigarette lighter. I miss my first car (Subaru Imprezza but not the Chad version) ... We had many adventures. At that time... That creative Nomad Jukebox was amazing. I remember going on a flight once and this air hostess was like... Please turn off your CD player. I said.. It's not a CD player. I think her brain exploded because then after that she kept bringing me al kinds of shit they give to people in first class. A small... But proud moment for me. I don't know if you have reviewed it.. But for its time it was a beast. I even had a creative player with this small but sharp colour screen. I watched a whole season of Lost on that thing because I used to travel a lot. I love these retro tech reviews that you do occasionally. Also.. Remember that Neal Young player? Weird shaped thing that could play lossless digital files and drive good headphones? I later got one of those... Hated it... And went back to my Nomad Jukebox. I still have that Neal Young thing. Only because it's so... Weird.