Pakistan's Himalayas & The Mysteries Of Shangri-La Utopia | Timeline

Legend tells of a utopian kingdom hidden among the towering mountains of inner Asia. A paradise on Earth, yet a place apart. A place of spiritual contentment and eternal life. A place that’s become known to the West as Shangri-La. For century’s romantics, adventurers and the devout risked their lives searching for this heaven on Earth. Many perished in the quest. Those who returned told of a journey through hostile lands, of crossing treacherous mountain passes & desert gorges in their search for a valley where people live for hundreds of years. To this day its whereabouts remains a mystery...
David Adams goes in search of Shangri-La in the icy valleys of the Himalaya and Karakoram Mountains in Far North Pakistan.
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  1. Timeline - World History Documentaries

    Timeline - World History Documentaries

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    📺 It's like Netflix for history... Sign up to History Hit, the world's best history documentary service, at a huge discount using the code 'TIMELINE' ---ᐳ

    • William Dicks

      William Dicks

      17 timer siden

      @Maiwand Hamayoon o

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      Mark Dicus

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    • raja singam

      raja singam

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      @Maiwand Hamayoon wJ.

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      Mohamed yosof Hassan

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      Sharilyn Corbitt

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      @Gustavo Emannuel De Angola Silva fl %#

  2. Rajendra kumar

    Rajendra kumar

    Time siden

    Religious persecuted community existing thats all don't Glorify

  3. An Noor

    An Noor

    Time siden

    Buddhist were believers and when Islam went to that region they accepted it.

  4. MA M

    MA M

    3 timer siden

    I prefer watching NOnet vloggers more than these documentaries in which narration is very negative and it seems the narrator already has mind preset to portray things negatively

  5. Kedar More

    Kedar More

    9 timer siden

    Basically Islam is the destroyers mentality 🤙🏽

  6. izhar khan

    izhar khan

    13 timer siden

    The last two monuments are known as Altit fort and Baltit fort locating in Hunza valley. This person still didn't discovered the real Shangrila yet. Which still leave that in mystery.

  7. Muhammad Awais Sarwari

    Muhammad Awais Sarwari

    15 timer siden

    Has anyone ever told you that you look like a cross between David hasslehof and Flash Gordon just saying

  8. Muhammad Awais Sarwari

    Muhammad Awais Sarwari

    16 timer siden


  9. Da Qin

    Da Qin

    16 timer siden

    Everyone gonna ignore this 20:41

  10. Heathercliff


    18 timer siden

    Kraft serial killer

  11. Eagle Sh

    Eagle Sh

    18 timer siden

    Poor gote

  12. Rodrigo Ramírez

    Rodrigo Ramírez

    18 timer siden

    Un documental notable!!

  13. airware


    19 timer siden


  14. Dan B Cooper

    Dan B Cooper

    22 timer siden

    I'm confused. Is this documentary from 2001? David Adams has a haircut from the 1980s... I know, he was young in the 80s so maybe he just kept the hairstyle?

  15. Daniel Valle Duarte

    Daniel Valle Duarte

    23 timer siden

    Homie got those Chelsea bangs in a single braid

  16. BawaSaNya


    Dag siden

    Hi Malaya Ayutaya Malay Asia

  17. Fazal Haleem Mian

    Fazal Haleem Mian

    Dag siden

    @ 22:15 children first learn of guns than schooling,,,, No we do go to school and love to learn cycling and hunting after school. 🙂

  18. cruisepaige


    Dag siden

    That Shaman guy is hilarious.

  19. Jacob Fraser

    Jacob Fraser

    Dag siden

    Middle Earth 🌍

    • Jacob Fraser

      Jacob Fraser

      Dag siden

      5th dimension Shambala

  20. HisWordisLife


    Dag siden

    I always thought Islam and paganism were two different religions.

  21. Mariana de Castilho

    Mariana de Castilho

    Dag siden

    The white guy closeups ruin the scenery tho

  22. sarah chan

    sarah chan

    Dag siden

    This is not a mystery but a religious retardation

  23. Mike Rockwood

    Mike Rockwood

    Dag siden

    What would early man think of the Angels who came to earth and live for well over a thousand years high in the mountains? Would they think they found Shangri-La ? Where do these Angels/ fallen Angels hang out ? High in the mountains. Should we consider this ?

  24. Rana Durab

    Rana Durab

    Dag siden

    tnx for vist and explour the pakistan history and placeses

  25. Prakhar Pathak

    Prakhar Pathak

    2 dager siden

    Place of Hindu genucide

  26. Dan Alvarez

    Dan Alvarez

    2 dager siden

    20:41 Poor guy! haahaaha. He just wants to get off the car, why wont u stop? haahah

  27. Daler Abdusamadzoda

    Daler Abdusamadzoda

    2 dager siden

    not bushkazi. the Buzkashi.

  28. imedi


    2 dager siden

    29:10 the ground might be undisturbed but it did help that they started digging at the foot of the first step lol

  29. Good Night

    Good Night

    2 dager siden

    Video was filmed in 1970 I guess

    • imedi


      2 dager siden

      doubt it that guy would be no more than 4 or 5 years old in the early 70s more like the 90s

  30. sangfong206


    3 dager siden

    20:18 “ dangerous petroleum highly INFLAMMABLE “ it says lol



    3 dager siden

    Actually Manipur( northeast sate of India) is the birth place of Polo 🏇 We call it Sagol kangjei

  32. Kaushik Apte

    Kaushik Apte

    3 dager siden

    The Shangri La is the way of living in the mountains. Acknowledging the nature is supreme and infinite than the human existence. When we put such high authority above than us, we may find ourselves younger next to it. We may not have to go to extreme places, just walk to the end of our minds reach.

  33. ХОРОШО


    3 dager siden

    What year this documentary was made?

  34. John Lumb

    John Lumb

    3 dager siden

    Ahh that religion of peace, love and caring for people Islam but hey why practice that eh. As far as I am concerned it is a medieval backwater of religion. Great documentary though.

  35. Cosmic cosmic

    Cosmic cosmic

    3 dager siden

    why can't Muslims coexist with their nonMuslim brethren

  36. b l

    b l

    3 dager siden

    Wait a minute, I thought Islam was a religion of peace. They desecrate other people's graves? Do tell.

  37. non yabiz

    non yabiz

    3 dager siden

    my Irish ancestors believe in fairies too and there really good on those horses dammm

  38. non yabiz

    non yabiz

    3 dager siden

    these ppl are in way better health then americans

  39. Ali Guled

    Ali Guled

    3 dager siden

    Love pakistan. Deautifull documentary

  40. rajiv shah

    rajiv shah

    4 dager siden

    ...and they say islam is peaceful! riiight!

  41. rajiv shah

    rajiv shah

    4 dager siden

    cant be shangri la since islam wouldnt allow it

  42. rajiv shah

    rajiv shah

    4 dager siden

    it KETU no K2!

  43. CK4969


    4 dager siden

    His white privilege is insane....everywhere he goes, people trust him. 🤷🏻

    • imedi


      2 dager siden

      sadly this was the 90s wouldnt give him much chance today in those areas

  44. R. Spae

    R. Spae

    4 dager siden

    Whereas the Kalash have recently been reported to have European admixture, postulated to be related to Alexander’s invasion of South Asia,6 our results show no evidence of admixture. Although several oral traditions claim that the Kalash are descendants of Alexander’s soldiers, this was not supported by Y chromosomal analysis in which the Kalash had a high proportion of Y haplogroup L3a lineages, which are characterized by having the derived allele for the PK3 Y-SNP and are not found elsewhere.7 They also have predominantly western Eurasian mitochondrial lineages and no genetic affiliation with East Asians

  45. TrueFO Files

    TrueFO Files

    4 dager siden

    There has never and will never be a utopia.

  46. Leeza


    4 dager siden

    Hilarious XD This guy... OMG

  47. 407ForRent


    4 dager siden

    38:45 am I the only one that was weirded out?

    • imedi


      2 dager siden

      lol no ... i would bet there are a few graves with lonely backpackers nearby

  48. liam o'connor

    liam o'connor

    4 dager siden

    Islam....the religion of peace and gunfire.

  49. C ceverythinginredc

    C ceverythinginredc

    4 dager siden

    Amazing Footaje

  50. Mong Education

    Mong Education

    4 dager siden

    Shangri-la is on the China side. :-)

  51. Abhyuthanam


    4 dager siden

    Feel so sorry for the Kalash people, Once the line was drawn in 1947, their fate were sealed to a slow, humiliating death. May be they should migrate to India. Under the new law they could get Indian citizenship and live peaceful life the way they want it.

  52. Willy


    4 dager siden

    Ah yes. The old skull under the doorstep routine. Never fails.

    • Torren Nick

      Torren Nick

      3 dager siden

      Everyone should have one

  53. Teddy Roosevelt

    Teddy Roosevelt

    4 dager siden

    I'm pretty sure the shaman planted that skull in the ground.

  54. Brandon Hardwick

    Brandon Hardwick

    4 dager siden

    Reminds me of far cry 4 shangri la

  55. Yasir Abbas Malik

    Yasir Abbas Malik

    5 dager siden

    @22:00 "60% of Pakistani men own a gun!" Like seriously where the F did you get that stat from? Absolutely ridiculous

  56. Lucky charm Montgomery

    Lucky charm Montgomery

    5 dager siden

    Islam forbade to disrespect any graves The people who robs their graves not Islamic people

  57. ashir ameer

    ashir ameer

    5 dager siden

    So many inaccuracies portrayed in this documentary about the behavior of Muslims with Kalash people. Kalash people are satisfied you can confirm this. The other thing is that don't judge islam by seeing the behavior of Muslims. islam teaches peace and harmony & there are proper rights of minorities in islam. Secondly remove these inaccuracies. In reality situation is entirely different.

  58. Pertama Daud

    Pertama Daud

    5 dager siden

    Muslim bukan macam tu

  59. izaak el mensifi

    izaak el mensifi

    5 dager siden

    What you say about islam is so wrong 🥴 please do your research, the things you pointed out about islam are mostly cultural and political...

  60. shubh


    5 dager siden

    Such a beautiful place in such a godforsaken country....

  61. Wendy S

    Wendy S

    5 dager siden

    I like the way he blamed "Western consumerism" for the Islamic desecration of the Buddha. Neat trick, that.

  62. Wendy S

    Wendy S

    5 dager siden

    Right off the bat the guy is annoying, talking about the looming threat of approaching winter...well, why the heck didn't you plan your trip for a better time? SMH.

  63. shrirang Joshi

    shrirang Joshi

    5 dager siden

    Frankly speaking there is NOTHING. No roads, No development, only poverty, Some gun manufacturing indicating the links to terrorism. This is the fate of going with Pakistan rather going with India.

  64. Mo Afhar

    Mo Afhar

    6 dager siden

    Beautiful Pakistan

  65. georgcorfu


    6 dager siden

    Amazing documentary. Thank you so much!

  66. georgcorfu


    6 dager siden

    This is where my ancestors came from 20.000 years ago. I am greek.

  67. georgcorfu


    6 dager siden

    6.14 Why don't they usea walking stick?

  68. My Computer

    My Computer

    6 dager siden

    The shayman reminds me of the oracle of Apollo at Delphi...

  69. Jenny Liew

    Jenny Liew

    6 dager siden

    They told me Sangria la is in Tibet!

  70. claudia ylangylang

    claudia ylangylang

    6 dager siden

    Ya its harmonious bc there aren't a lot of ppl living there (humanity)

  71. lobsang khayer

    lobsang khayer

    6 dager siden

    Why china border ? Its Tibet . Love my shangrila Tibet.

  72. doposud


    6 dager siden

    Noone ever thinks about documentaries like this as a reason for holiday for someone ? :D Like: hey boss i got great idea for documentary about this mystical place in Himalayas where i always wanted to go , so trip will take over month and i need cameraman and 20k dollars

  73. Bilal Ahmad

    Bilal Ahmad

    6 dager siden

    I really enjoyed this video really amazing.

  74. The Living Risi

    The Living Risi

    6 dager siden

    A people that dont follow your own religion, so you desecrate their graveyard? Wtf were these humans on??

  75. shanza Arshad

    shanza Arshad

    6 dager siden

    I think its very old documentary, now Hunza Swat, Kailash all places are open for tourism. And roads are incredible...

  76. Smartboy


    6 dager siden


  77. Robert Frapples

    Robert Frapples

    6 dager siden

    1976 called. They wanted to know if you were done with that opening footage.

  78. Haider Shah

    Haider Shah

    6 dager siden

    i have met an angle from there. i really miss him. he was such a man of guts

  79. IT Valley Pakistan

    IT Valley Pakistan

    6 dager siden

    Pakistan is beautiful 🇵🇰

  80. indyjohn59


    6 dager siden

    So, a British photojournalist wants to make a documentary about a mythical town in a place known to be snow covered year round with winters that shut everything down due to massive snowfall and when does he decide to start his journey??? At the end of fall/start of winter...typical British common sense...meaning... NO COMMON SENSE!!!

  81. server1


    6 dager siden

    Shangrila is living on welfare or a Gov. pension in the British Countryside.

  82. D B Cooper

    D B Cooper

    6 dager siden

    That dude was driving an LSD trip .. Brilliant documentary though

  83. Mark P

    Mark P

    6 dager siden

    Soo close and yet to find the ."One Tin Soldier" .."Turned the Stone and Looked Beneath It..."Peace On Earth Was All It Said"..but also Almonds ,Apricots=vitamin B17..Wild Foraging Goats Milk=Strong Bones and Teeth=Lactose free...The PETRIFIED FOREST Silicate COLOIDS in Water! Softness 57=fresh juiced carrot at 47..and FUN ACTIVITIES ALL THE TIME! you just need is to visit OKINOWA! and link the Clue! oh and ya know brother our greatest curse is a closed mind and cold heart...

  84. D B Cooper

    D B Cooper

    6 dager siden

    Great punk band was the Ke lash

  85. pomi pomi

    pomi pomi

    6 dager siden

    If I tell you the true this documentary ? full of lies. those British journalists totally dump.

  86. pomi pomi

    pomi pomi

    6 dager siden

    Some serious lies about bones from graves took from Muslims ? A Muslim can not do that. such a shame to visit Pakistan and shows the world full of lies. people of Pakistan are full of love and they love every single person who is Pakistani. why bring Islam in everything bad happened. that is such a hypocrisy. every human error you can not relate to Islam.

  87. kimberly c a r t e r

    kimberly c a r t e r

    6 dager siden

    Beautiful!! The experience with human, spirits and the relationship with both.

  88. Rhett Magee

    Rhett Magee

    6 dager siden

    The Kalash shouldn’t be forced to have their children to get an Islamic education

  89. Food Cook Book

    Food Cook Book

    6 dager siden

    It's old 90s video..

  90. Tito Tarantula

    Tito Tarantula

    6 dager siden

    20:41- Khana beard falling out of the truck :-)

  91. S. El-schächle

    S. El-schächle

    6 dager siden


  92. tstoneami


    7 dager siden

    The guy that caught the shaman sure had impeccable timing.

    • caribstu


      4 dager siden

      unlike the man at 20:41

  93. aaroniouse


    7 dager siden

    Of course the best place in the world has to be sandwiched between all of the major world powers. Where Brittain meets Russia, Pakistan, India, and China. Enlightenment only lives far away from the major powers of the world.

  94. pulesjet


    7 dager siden

    Islam the destroyer of worlds.

  95. Pir Muhammad

    Pir Muhammad

    7 dager siden


  96. Prakash Raj

    Prakash Raj

    7 dager siden

    30:00 I am sure he himself put it there.

  97. navaz antroliwalla

    navaz antroliwalla

    7 dager siden

    This is incredible!

  98. aniket arya

    aniket arya

    7 dager siden

    Life of people in himalayas better fits the documentary title.

  99. Psy Chico

    Psy Chico

    7 dager siden

    I hope I get a revert and my msg does not go in vein .. Ever heard about a place called as Shambhala .. ?? What you are looking for is not Shangri-La, it is Shambhala ..

    • Psy Chico

      Psy Chico

      7 dager siden

    • Psy Chico

      Psy Chico

      7 dager siden

      It is a place that cannot be found unless they want it to be found ..

  100. JD Star

    JD Star

    7 dager siden

    The narration is all first-person, like he's the only one there. But a second person photographed this rubbish. That kind of foolery doesn't play any more.