Thogden & Thogdad Rank Every 2021/22 Premier League Home Kit from Best to Worst.

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  1. Vickeviking


    4 dager siden


  2. Alicization


    13 dager siden

    that jack grealish statement aged well

  3. Slimy_Bloxx


    14 dager siden

    thogdads wearing that clean Russia home kit

  4. ProofQuill


    15 dager siden

    thogdad's taste is good and his son is just inst i agree with thogads rankings

  5. for gilneas !!!!!! said grumg

    for gilneas !!!!!! said grumg

    16 dager siden

    Arsanal fc the world greatest team the world has ever seen

  6. Lucas Cole

    Lucas Cole

    16 dager siden

    The chelsea kit is awesome and it is better than Everton kit

  7. Mike Broere

    Mike Broere

    21 dag siden

    I'm confused as to why there's a VHS effect when showing the kits. It distorts the colours so much that I had to look up pictures of the kits for a more accurate representation. More on point: I think it's an absolute shame that nowadays, football kits are adorned with betting company for sponsors. Not much of a fan of the sleeve sponsors either.



    21 dag siden

    Think Thogden needs to develop a thing called taste in kits.

  9. Prattush Dasgupta

    Prattush Dasgupta

    23 dager siden

    Son:- You're disgrace dad Dad:- so was the jhonny (condom) that night

  10. Gaboo


    23 dager siden

    West brom away

  11. Steve Charnock

    Steve Charnock

    28 dager siden

    Think your both wrong with your criticism of our shirt like! Though that’s your opinion! Think Leicester kit is spot on and the best of all 20 kits, I’ll give you both that 👏🏻 👍 but the Newcastle kit is a very close 2nd… it’s 4midable

  12. TubboInnit_


    28 dager siden

    Yeah Iiverpool

  13. Baaaasil


    28 dager siden

    Looking at the channel I’ve realised… these mfs hate wolves

  14. Liam Townson

    Liam Townson

    Måned siden

    As an Everton fan I can honestly say Umbro made some of our worst kits and I actually feel sorry for Brentford and burnley, also rating burnleys home kit 4th and Everton's 14th is mind blowing to me I might be a bit biased as a blue but everyone can see that Everton's kit is much better than burnleys

  15. Shi Ren Lee

    Shi Ren Lee

    Måned siden

    Kits that are sponsored by betting companies should be placed right at bottom regardless of their design. Club owners ought to do some “soul searching” in deciding shirt sponsors. Fans should also choose other ways to support their beloved club. That would be a strong message.

  16. Thomas Carroll

    Thomas Carroll

    Måned siden

    Skip to 22:25

  17. Ballakick90


    Måned siden

    Arsenal home Jersey always look like that since the 90s! that tells you are not a Arsenal fan cause every Gunner fan know that..you can go back and check they not following Ajax ..do the research and u will see ..

  18. Frazzle


    Måned siden

    We all hate the collar

  19. Joseph C. Okpalaoka

    Joseph C. Okpalaoka

    Måned siden


  20. Richard Steven

    Richard Steven

    Måned siden

    Long sleeve Man United shirt has Bestie writing all over it, the best kit in the EPL.

  21. MGO


    Måned siden

    I am a Tottenham fan and all I’m saying is that the home kit is the worst thing I’ve ever seen and the worst in the league

  22. Jake Mcmahon

    Jake Mcmahon

    Måned siden

    2:29 very wrong I knew thogden was a liverpool 2nd fan

  23. Chumari Running

    Chumari Running

    Måned siden

    Many shirts this season deserve 20th place!!! But that Brighton shirt,, ,,,,, on fire!!

  24. Lusungu Mbuzi

    Lusungu Mbuzi

    Måned siden

    What’s a thogden video without a thogdad fact .

  25. Mace Windu

    Mace Windu

    Måned siden

    Thogden: "It should be red on the sleeves." All Arsenal home kits including the one he ranked #1 last year: *white sleeves*

  26. lloydf


    Måned siden

    1 burnley 2 united 3 Norwich Worst 1 watford

  27. lloydf


    Måned siden

    Would maybe say theres only 8 kits in this video that arent shite. Leeds looks decent (then again theyre always good and if anything this isnt the quality it usually is with kappa as their sponsor), brightons is decent, the symmetry and colours (even the nike logo). Palace got the nice gold on the sponsor and puma logo (not a massive fan of the diagnol stripes as oppose to normal stripes tho). Chelsea and leicest have tried something which u have to rate, (then again what was once "unique" patterns has now become "generic" on dark blue kits, i mean chelsea have tried patterns like that for the last 2/3 years). The only 3 id actually buy however are utd, norwich, burnley. Norwich is simple yet vibrant and its always nice for a kit thats already bright to keep it simple rather than match the madness of the colour with mad patterns...just no. And in the case where u do have a bit of madness, keeping it on the sleeve is much nicer and leaving the rest of the shirt plain and more casual (which norwich have). As a fan of claret and blue kits and someone who usually likes all 3 (villa, burnley, west ham), burnleys looks a cracker this year. Again like norwich patterned sleeve, plain rest of shirt. Also stands out above the other 2 claret and blue kits this year, given 1 is so dull (west ham) and the other has faint stripes which kind of spoils it. As for utd im a utd fan so ofc. Then again i am fine to admit when we have a bad shirt and definitely dont purchase if i dont like (cough* last seasons), and many away kits weve had over the last 5 yrs whether it be salmon pink, snake skin, last years camo snake skin 3rd kit, last years away zebra crossing. But this year im a fan of and definitely will be getting. Nice texture, gold man utd crest on the top at the back which is a nice addition. Nothing bad to say about it apart from the sponsor which thogdad pointed out. But its silly even discussing that cos when is there ever gonna not be a sponsor. Also think its silly knocking it down ur list thogdad when every other kit in the list also has a sponsor (and ur reason only being that tribute shirts shouldnt have sponsors - thats a problem with every tribute shirt then since all of them have it on, not just utd. In other words just say u dont like modern tribute shirts not just uniteds).

  28. lloydf


    Måned siden

    Thogdads only reasoning for disliking the utd shirt was that it was a tribute shirt that doesnt look like the original (due to the sponsor). In other words the kit is as bad as every other in the league (given they also have sponsors), but the combination of the 2 things (tribute and sponsor) took utds down the list. Basically u mustnt even like tribute shirts in general because nearly every modern shirt that is a tribute to an old kit also has a sponsor on

  29. lloydf


    Måned siden

    Right so thogdads reasoning for disliking the man utd kit is that, is because given its a tribute shirt, it should look more like the original, he says it doesnt because of the sponsor in the middle & the sponsor on the sleeve (in other words the thing every kit has on it nowadays anyway). Problem is thogdad there would be little to no chance of having no sponsor on a modern shirt anyway, so ur only solution is to simply not even make tribute shirts in the first place. If the sponsor is the only thing u dislike then it isnt the particular shirt thats the problem but tribute shirts in general. As a utd fan myself, theres nothing apart from that, to dislike (whether it be design, colour, texture). If anything its all plus points on previous kits. Firstly theres a nice gold man utd crest on the back (nothing much but still pretty cool), and the texture is very nice.

  30. Lucie E

    Lucie E

    Måned siden

    Thogdad is a mug at man utd thogden you should of put it1st

  31. paul maweu

    paul maweu

    Måned siden

    these two have really bad taste, manchester united has the best kit this season hands down

  32. Dejvi Cuni

    Dejvi Cuni

    Måned siden

    I agree with thogden of liverpool shirt

  33. Ciro Capa

    Ciro Capa

    Måned siden

    All I can say is the in the middle of the Brentford kit there arent no pubic hairs theyre actual people inside

  34. michelle rose

    michelle rose

    Måned siden

    I'm so happy to have my kit in 2nd as a saints fan

  35. Charlotte Houldershaw

    Charlotte Houldershaw

    Måned siden


  36. j b

    j b

    Måned siden

    go easy on the filters lol

  37. Lukaku changed my fut team

    Lukaku changed my fut team

    Måned siden

    Me a Leicester fan but I hate that kit. Just saying the designs on the kit are world maps

  38. Archer Ace

    Archer Ace

    Måned siden

    Liverpool’s kits are so bad this year. It’s a joke. Also Man City copied United with the time thing.

  39. Ryan McCloud

    Ryan McCloud

    Måned siden

    I have the 2021/22 Liverpool shirt and it is garbage DONT BUY IT

  40. Sellingtowin Selling

    Sellingtowin Selling

    Måned siden

    Nufc bottom ,terrible shirt I agree

  41. Elimz


    Måned siden

    Spot on

  42. Leo Skillz

    Leo Skillz

    Måned siden

    1. Southampton. 2. Chelsea. 3.Brighton. 4. Leicester. 5. Crystal palace. 6.man City. 7. Arsenal. 8. Burnley. 9. Norwich City. 10. Liverpool. 11. Spurs. 12. Watford 13. Everton. 14. West ham. 15. Aston Villa. 16. Leeds. 17. man Utd. 18. Brentford. 19. Newcastle 20. Wolves.

  43. ATFootballTV


    Måned siden


  44. LEACH 96

    LEACH 96

    Måned siden

    Thogden you’re are mug

  45. Jon30


    Måned siden

    Dad bettet

  46. minjoo96


    Måned siden

    came after grealish went to city ...

    • minjoo96


      Måned siden

      spoke too soon . before ben leaves brighton too

  47. Bradonomous


    Måned siden

    I wonder if this young fellow believes his father is, shall we say, a “mug”? If so, he should say so. Perhaps even in a budget mockney accent.

  48. DarkE


    Måned siden

    Watching this gave me a headache

  49. Jamy


    Måned siden

    the greenish one aged for like 3 days

  50. E K

    E K

    Måned siden

    All this boy does is curse curse curse His Dad makes sense And his Dad God Man Utd wrong

  51. Jack Jansen

    Jack Jansen

    Måned siden

    Thogden saying no Arsenal shirt should have blue: Me thinking that the badge has blue on it:

  52. yeeting pops

    yeeting pops

    Måned siden

    about the grealish comment that didnt age well

  53. Lakshit Kishore

    Lakshit Kishore

    Måned siden

    United kit is literally not that good, how can you give it 3

  54. MARCUSC1878


    Måned siden

    1 everton. 2 Manchester City. 20 Liverpool

  55. overall


    Måned siden

    up the saints!

  56. overall


    Måned siden

    if chelsea had kept the zigzag pattern i would have loved the kit

  57. 𝙯𝙬𝙗𝙧𝙖


    Måned siden

    2:38 that aged well

  58. Sam Taylor

    Sam Taylor

    Måned siden

    Haven’t got grealish anymore😉

  59. Stairwell Toronto

    Stairwell Toronto

    Måned siden

    ‘Water design’ on the City home kit last time?!? It was a fucking Mosaic print. Water? Wtf

  60. Stairwell Toronto

    Stairwell Toronto

    Måned siden

    Gold?! That’s fucking Highlighter Green on that Leeds kit haha

  61. toby


    Måned siden

    Grealish for another season. Man city. 100m

  62. Stairwell Toronto

    Stairwell Toronto

    Måned siden

    The ‘hairs’ on the Brentford kit are actually soccer players in various positions. Take a closer look at these kits you base your video on fucking goofs

  63. Stairwell Toronto

    Stairwell Toronto

    Måned siden

    Also Villa DON’T have Grealish for another season, fucking muppet

  64. Stairwell Toronto

    Stairwell Toronto

    Måned siden

    ‘Arsenal home kit should be red on the sleeves’ They’re never Red on the sleeves always white lol WTF is he even saying?

  65. Dan Preston

    Dan Preston

    Måned siden

    Good to see United sponsored by the Indian hackers' tool of choice.

  66. reubenagboola


    Måned siden

    Arsenal have actually had blue as a third colour in their home kit since at least 1933, you know.

  67. Clement Siby

    Clement Siby

    Måned siden

    Why are you so hostile to non-English sponsors.. I don't understand that.

  68. chelseacharger


    Måned siden

    Blimey. First kit in and Thogden is saying 'an Arsenal kit shouldn't have white sleeves'. Eh? Hope it's not a sign of other howlers to come.

  69. Tony Veljancevski

    Tony Veljancevski

    Måned siden

    Best Jersey Leicester, Worst Chelsea by a country mile !

  70. BlaizeV


    Måned siden

    Arsenal have had white sleeves since 1967 (except for the redcurrent farewell highbury kit)

  71. Apex Mase

    Apex Mase

    Måned siden

    Jack grealish has gone to city my team

  72. Dinesh Naidu

    Dinesh Naidu

    Måned siden

    This guy has no idea on arsenals history whatsoever

  73. Michael


    Måned siden

    1.southhampton 2.watford 3.leicester

  74. Noah


    Måned siden

    The thing with kits are that usually you don’t get the authentic version, just normal shirts aren’t too expensive. The authentic versions are better for playing in, standard for ‘fashion’

  75. Owster249


    Måned siden

    2:40 this aged well

  76. Anis Rahman

    Anis Rahman

    Måned siden

    Tbh united have the best kits if you look at their home and away kits home 3rd place away 1ssst

  77. __ADN


    Måned siden

    Is it just me or does thogdad just absolutely hate maroon and blue

  78. faith jones xxx

    faith jones xxx

    Måned siden

    thogden channel: you've got grealish for another season, man city: oh no u dont 😂😂

  79. Alex Darby

    Alex Darby

    Måned siden

    Bro I support wolves

  80. BluezItsBW


    Måned siden

    “Aston Villa has Jack Grealish for another season” Man City: No he’s not.

  81. Ajibola Mayowa

    Ajibola Mayowa

    Måned siden

    Bro Arsenal kit is very good man

  82. Jed Skea

    Jed Skea

    Måned siden

    Well..... grealish is now at city. Better now rate that villa kit lower

  83. ItsFenyx


    Måned siden

    Is thogden colour blind?

  84. M H

    M H

    Måned siden

    Thogdad cappin’ Arsenal never finish in the 4

  85. Pb7


    Måned siden

    Spurs what r u doing!? That kit is more simple than second grade maths.

  86. Hakum Lartey

    Hakum Lartey

    Måned siden

    1:47 From an Arsenal fan. Everything he said here is so incredibly wrong lol

  87. Wandering I

    Wandering I

    Måned siden

    LCFC. First, second, and third place. Absolutely gorgeous.

  88. Emil Olsson

    Emil Olsson

    Måned siden

    Thogden really jinxed the Villa one

  89. Zach Cascarino

    Zach Cascarino

    Måned siden

    2:37 oh wow that aged good 🤣

  90. Fensom1981


    Måned siden

    Stopped watching when he said Arsenal ‘should be red on the sleeves!’ Arsenal are red shirt/white sleeves. If you want to be giving an opinion and pushing for 15,000 likes, you should know the facts of the subject you’re talking about

  91. jake.Duncanson


    Måned siden

    “We have jack grealish for another season” *signs for city

  92. BarryBeeBenson


    Måned siden

    Leeds kit looks neon

  93. dale m

    dale m

    Måned siden

    Grealish for another season 😂

  94. jim Jimerson

    jim Jimerson

    Måned siden

    I quite like the brentford and wolves kit

  95. Euro K.

    Euro K.

    Måned siden

    I’m not an Arsenal fan, but I can’t believe he said a red kit with white sleeves doesn’t feel like Arsenal lol That’s exactly what Arsenal kit has been for many years! What is this kid talking about? The dad has a good taste. The kid has NO taste in my opinion.

  96. Jack CPFC

    Jack CPFC

    Måned siden

    Palace have released their home kit now 😂

  97. Alynx_


    Måned siden

    For the Liverpool kit if the orange / bright red but if it was white it would be much better

    • Uxity


      Måned siden

      yeah i agree

  98. hen ko

    hen ko

    Måned siden

    I’m glad thogdad realises the beauty of the Liverpool kit (I’m wearing it right now)

  99. George Bryant

    George Bryant

    Måned siden

    Arsenal don't have red sleeves? The blue and white trim is a throwback, fml

  100. Toby Ubaezuonu

    Toby Ubaezuonu

    Måned siden

    Liverpool First place yeeeee👏👏