Rashford's New Nickname & Lingard's Favourite Nut | Rashford and Lingard | Roommates Part 2

Marcus Rashford and Jesse Lingard return for a second episode of Roommates, where we find out Marcus's new nicknames and what Jesse would be if he wasn't a footballer. Who will win this time round?

Watch part 1 here; nonet.info/glo/video/lHF5ioWekNiuuqE

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  1. England


    2 måneder siden

    "Macadamie? Macadamia? Macademy?" 🤣🤣🤣

    • Alex


      4 timer siden

      @13 52 Harry kane, Foden, mason Mount, Jack Grealish, Henderson, Chilwell, Luke Shaw and Harry Maguire are the WHITEST Africans I ever saw

    • The life of Soulla

      The life of Soulla

      Måned siden


    • Luke


      Måned siden

      Macademy Sounds like a Scottish striker🤣🤣

    • Manchester United for life

      Manchester United for life

      Måned siden

      @Friendly neighborhood Spidey yes they do b$$$$

    • Friendly neighborhood Spidey

      Friendly neighborhood Spidey

      Måned siden

      You don’t even know what they are😂😂😂

  2. Just Browsing

    Just Browsing

    10 timer siden

    No way its been 3 years since the first one, where did time go?

  3. Possu 35

    Possu 35

    13 timer siden

    BTW Marcus Rasford is my favourite player



    16 timer siden

    i miss them... go back jesse🥺

  5. bigie forua

    bigie forua

    Dag siden

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  6. Milez X chai

    Milez X chai

    Dag siden

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  7. Natural Bby x

    Natural Bby x

    Dag siden

    “nO, macadamia” I cannot w him😭😂

  8. Natural Bby x

    Natural Bby x

    Dag siden

    No one makes Rashy laugh more than Jesse!!😭😭😂

  9. Natural Bby x

    Natural Bby x

    Dag siden

    “Ney , freezing innit” great to see them together 😭😂😂

  10. Zavi Kiba

    Zavi Kiba

    2 dager siden


  11. Unknown User

    Unknown User

    2 dager siden


  12. jake is cool

    jake is cool

    2 dager siden

    Yo ney sunny init

  13. Shara Cryder

    Shara Cryder

    4 dager siden

    The shaky america spatially heat because tortoise collaterally describe astride a supreme birth. equable, assorted october

  14. rxmbo


    4 dager siden

    Yo neymar sunny innit Yo ney cold innit Yo n snowy innit Yo rain innit Yo

  15. Dixieboy1503


    4 dager siden

    The physical ice perioperatively protect because danger endogenously cure amidst a tangy quiver. mountainous, godly teacher

  16. Declan Thomas

    Declan Thomas

    4 dager siden

    I'd watch a news programme where Marcus is the political correspondent telling the government how to do their job, and Jesse is the WEVAman

  17. FaZe_ChickenNuggies


    4 dager siden

    “The weather”



    5 dager siden

    Lingard is my favorite player after I've seen this and also cause of him i will be an england fan from now on.

  19. President Vladimir Putin

    President Vladimir Putin

    5 dager siden

    Harry Kane Corso 😂😂

  20. Becky A

    Becky A

    5 dager siden

    The way he goes” theres no A is macadamia” mate theres 4 😂

  21. Stephen Pfeiffer

    Stephen Pfeiffer

    5 dager siden

    Jessie doesn't know he is Lingardinho??

  22. lucie in the sky with diamonds

    lucie in the sky with diamonds

    5 dager siden

    my fave duo.

  23. JES


    5 dager siden

    No no no no no



    5 dager siden

    oh I thought you were talking about a different type of nut.

  25. sorry


    5 dager siden


  26. Tendzz Babesss

    Tendzz Babesss

    6 dager siden

    No no no no no was my favorite from the first video aswell Rashy 🤣

  27. MPS Inter Miami F.C.

    MPS Inter Miami F.C.

    6 dager siden

    “The weather? The weather?! THE WEATHER? THE WEATHER? THE WEATHER!! THE WEATHER?!? Yo Ney cold innit cold outside innit big smokes cold innit get your gloves on lad!! HA HA!” 7:57

    • Robin Deprez

      Robin Deprez

      4 dager siden


  28. Mesoma Maduka

    Mesoma Maduka

    6 dager siden

    5:07 yes Jesse it is actually funny that you wanted to be a stockbroker 😂😂😂

  29. Max The Great

    Max The Great

    7 dager siden

    Ney wembley's coldin' Innit

  30. Max The Great

    Max The Great

    7 dager siden


  31. Man Like Cal

    Man Like Cal

    8 dager siden

    Something special happens when these two are together

  32. Oliver Nelson

    Oliver Nelson

    8 dager siden

    “Ney, Ney, Wembley’s Cold Innit” I’m dying 🤣

  33. Shivank Sinha

    Shivank Sinha

    9 dager siden

    the weather

  34. Phyliss Rapp

    Phyliss Rapp

    9 dager siden

    The previous pair compellingly obtain because fox focally print below a delightful korean. unaccountable, lean marimba

  35. Herman Castillo

    Herman Castillo

    9 dager siden

    His favorite what??🤔

  36. Hanana banana

    Hanana banana

    9 dager siden

    I don’t know who these people are but I was thoroughly entertained

  37. Ansh Srivastava

    Ansh Srivastava

    9 dager siden

    neymar is unofficially England player lol

  38. Terrance Twonk

    Terrance Twonk

    10 dager siden


  39. Drummer TimT

    Drummer TimT

    10 dager siden

    7:55 sounded like a kid 😂😂😂

  40. Princess


    10 dager siden

    “It’s on sight lenden boy”💀😭

  41. Max The Great

    Max The Great

    10 dager siden

    I just shaw this question before the answer and randy you beta get Lingardinho

  42. Thobi


    10 dager siden

    Who else can't all the way hear what they're saying?

  43. Coast2Coast


    13 dager siden

    What if Lingardinho actually happens and he lives up to the meme 😮

  44. ravinder singh

    ravinder singh

    14 dager siden


  45. lola scott

    lola scott

    15 dager siden

    We need part three at euros lions den

  46. Daz V

    Daz V

    16 dager siden

    Harry Kane Corso, I always assumed that the Italian pronunciation was favored 'CAHney Corso'. They're a tough breed to train, very dominant.

  47. Andrew Yang

    Andrew Yang

    16 dager siden

    The delightful clerk bareilly hover because sack internationally fit above a envious swing. tightfisted, fretful structure

  48. Daily Motivation and Facts

    Daily Motivation and Facts

    16 dager siden

    you should have taken lingard for euro 2020 ,he deserved it

    • Carlos Villalvazo Puentes

      Carlos Villalvazo Puentes

      16 dager siden

      He’s going for injured TAA

  49. 2A KiinArシ

    2A KiinArシ

    17 dager siden

    Lingard and rashford are like batman and robin

  50. Pamela Bonaparte

    Pamela Bonaparte

    17 dager siden

    Okay Lingard definitely is channeling Katherine Tate 😂🤣

  51. Mercy Jila

    Mercy Jila

    17 dager siden

    I hope they will do a part three video

  52. William Allison

    William Allison

    18 dager siden

    Never realised Jesse searched up 'jesse lingard face photshopped ronaldo'!

  53. Redilas Remuiase

    Redilas Remuiase

    18 dager siden

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  54. OMB SnipeZz

    OMB SnipeZz

    19 dager siden

    “Shurrup” Marcus rashford 😂

  55. Dimeji F

    Dimeji F

    19 dager siden

    "It's on sight London boy"😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  56. Jonathan


    20 dager siden


  57. Jorrel Simper

    Jorrel Simper

    20 dager siden

    Me waiting on a part 3😀

  58. Phoebe Shaw

    Phoebe Shaw

    22 dager siden

    We NEED a part 3!!!!

  59. Federico Larrosa

    Federico Larrosa

    23 dager siden

    probably the 2 most overrated players in the premier league

  60. Michael Montalto

    Michael Montalto

    24 dager siden

    The simple game muhly behave because ethernet feasibly whirl over a exultant catamaran. joyous, sloppy rooster

  61. Armatige.23


    25 dager siden

    “Yeah neymar its chilly innit”

  62. Oi


    27 dager siden

    I laughed so hard 😂😂🤣🤣

  63. Kevin Mejía V

    Kevin Mejía V

    27 dager siden

    You’re here because lingard won player of the month

  64. Blox master

    Blox master

    28 dager siden


  65. Katie Kyle

    Katie Kyle

    28 dager siden

    Ah yo neymar sunny init 😭😭😭

  66. fifo fum

    fifo fum

    28 dager siden

    "the wevah"

  67. Andrew Zavala

    Andrew Zavala

    Måned siden

    Lingardinho or Lingardo. The choice is yours.

  68. Pdmnav Barman

    Pdmnav Barman

    Måned siden


  69. Slice_.


    Måned siden

    Nah idk no Ronaldinho I only know Ligardinioh

  70. Wazi Gamer

    Wazi Gamer

    Måned siden

    Macadmia was so funny plz make part 3 for the Euros

  71. bigdaddymac 28

    bigdaddymac 28

    Måned siden




    Måned siden

    Harry cane corso

  73. Swubble


    Måned siden

    Where can i buy the coat that they wear in the video ? Thanks

  74. Nathan Hennessy

    Nathan Hennessy

    Måned siden

    These 2 need a podcast

  75. Edna Carlströmer

    Edna Carlströmer

    Måned siden

    does anyone know the video they talk about at 0:49 ? like where can I find it

    • Kallis Soochoon

      Kallis Soochoon

      Måned siden

      I’m pretty sure it was a tweet or a Insta live

  76. con .cruisemoloney

    con .cruisemoloney

    Måned siden

    “Yo Ney,Freezin’ Innit”

  77. con .cruisemoloney

    con .cruisemoloney

    Måned siden

    This is the best vid i’ve ever watched

  78. Aqeelah Lombard

    Aqeelah Lombard

    Måned siden

    Rashford you are makeup me laugh

  79. Isaias Arce

    Isaias Arce

    Måned siden

    what shoes marcus has on them are nice👌

  80. Shemar Powell

    Shemar Powell

    Måned siden

    Their friendship is iconic💯

  81. David yousers

    David yousers

    Måned siden

    That Photoshop was in 2018

  82. Nathan Clements

    Nathan Clements

    Måned siden

    Ney...Wembley's cold init Ney.

  83. Mohamed sadok Graga

    Mohamed sadok Graga

    Måned siden

    Man said Macademy 😂

  84. Dempsey Thomas

    Dempsey Thomas

    Måned siden

    what shoes is rashy wearing

  85. Reinier De Graaff

    Reinier De Graaff

    Måned siden

    Lingard’s favourite nut?😳

  86. mads hunter

    mads hunter

    Måned siden

    harry cane corso

  87. Bradley Mbali

    Bradley Mbali

    Måned siden

    Love it absolutely brilliant" ney sunny n it"

  88. Jacob Dorigo

    Jacob Dorigo

    Måned siden

    "ma.mcad.mcadmia" "macademy" Jesse Lingard - 2021

  89. Mr. 4ut

    Mr. 4ut

    Måned siden


    • sehhi vooty

      sehhi vooty

      Måned siden

      So this is why rashy went to camp even tho he was injured 😂

  90. Mr. 4ut

    Mr. 4ut

    Måned siden




    Måned siden


  92. Apurva Desai

    Apurva Desai

    Måned siden

    “Harry Kane Corso” 😂😂😂

  93. Kayser Ahmed

    Kayser Ahmed

    Måned siden

    Ahgt noo

  94. Cieran craig silvera

    Cieran craig silvera

    Måned siden

    The disrespect It's Lingardinho 😭

  95. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy

    Måned siden

    Since no one has said it yet I will "Hey Neymar Sunny init"

  96. nicole kiesha

    nicole kiesha

    Måned siden

    Love these guys

  97. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty

    Måned siden

    Imagine Lingard coming back to MUFC and linking up with Rashford to win a title, the scenes 😍

  98. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo

    Måned siden

    Pls tell me I'm not the only one who keeps on coming to watch this 😭

    • nieooj gotoy

      nieooj gotoy

      Måned siden

      Pls tell me I'm not the only one who keeps on coming to watch this 😭

  99. Marina Abroad

    Marina Abroad

    Måned siden

    They bring so much light and happiness into my life 🥰🥰😂

  100. ALi Raza

    ALi Raza

    Måned siden


    • seeni gzty

      seeni gzty

      Måned siden

      The weather