Sail Life - Forward cabin 99% done & Garmin Ondeck Hub

This week I finish varnishing, painting and installing lights in the forward cabin. I also install a Garmin Ondeck Hub to help monitor the boat when I'm not aboard.
00:00 Hi guys!
00:09 Last week's progress
00:55 The plan for the week
01:30 Chanel intro
01:58 Varnishing (clear wood sealer)
03:42 Surface prep
04:07 Painting the forward cabin
06:09 Armaflex insulation
07:00 LED lights
08:27 Garmin Ondeck Hub
16:17 Wooden slats
17:20 LED strip mood lighting
18:07 Progress update
18:47 The plan for next week
20:09 CYA
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