Shaq using normal sized things and being a giant

7' 1" 320lb Shaq makes everyday things look tiny
Music is (I Know I Got) Skillz by Shaquille O'neal and Def Jef


  1. Tomato Juice

    Tomato Juice

    28 minutter siden

    Jimmy looks like his mom just bought clothes for him

  2. Čađava Mehana ツ

    Čađava Mehana ツ

    54 minutter siden


  3. Aryaman Mathur

    Aryaman Mathur

    Time siden

    If Gulliver's Travels was a real story we'd be tying him up right now , it's hilarious

  4. Alperen


    2 timer siden

    Imagine saying n word to him, as a white person...

  5. SkJAHEIM999


    4 timer siden

    This vid was so random but i still watched it

  6. bakersmileyface


    4 timer siden

    I raved with shaq. I'm 5"3, getting shoved by him in the moshpit is awesomeness itself

    • bakersmileyface


      4 timer siden

      I say "shoved" I mean tapped and I went flying

  7. Ziaul Angel

    Ziaul Angel

    6 timer siden

    The surprise on Fallon's face after trying on Shaw's jacket....probably the only time he isn't being fake on set

  8. Amit Malik

    Amit Malik

    9 timer siden

    Why do I think his face resembles to the face of Thanos?

  9. whu is?

    whu is?

    11 timer siden

    Hold your face with his finger tips

  10. Fat guy on a little bike

    Fat guy on a little bike

    13 timer siden

    Dude that shaq rap was actually pretty good

  11. Lyyo Tv

    Lyyo Tv

    14 timer siden

    Big Shaq

  12. Electrical v2

    Electrical v2

    15 timer siden

    my cousin met shaqs son and now im confused why i said

  13. Sean Mayo

    Sean Mayo

    20 timer siden

    An still couldn't ball

  14. Balázs


    20 timer siden

    Shaq broke around 19 backboards Imagine that

  15. Hoppy Doppy

    Hoppy Doppy

    Dag siden

    I am so glad Im not his wife....OUCH

  16. ajne


    Dag siden

    Shaq had to play 119 seasons to make the amount of 3Pointers curry made in his last game

  17. Simran Yadav

    Simran Yadav

    Dag siden

    Kevin is his son 🤣

  18. Jean-Charles Jean-Baptiste

    Jean-Charles Jean-Baptiste

    Dag siden

    Great vid. Thks to share. What is the song please send the title. 🙂👍

  19. thevideogamebithilarious


    Dag siden


  20. Tyler Huffman

    Tyler Huffman

    Dag siden

    "A normal person trying on shaq's ring" bruh you tellin me shaq not normal 😂

  21. Robert Craig

    Robert Craig

    Dag siden

    I had a 7f 2in friend truck driver. All 415 lbs barely fit in a freightliner.im only 5/7, he would pick me up with one hand and take me in the bar with him . He was a gentle giant, but DONTpiss Tom off..

  22. Amir Kazemi

    Amir Kazemi

    Dag siden

    i mean, a basketball is like a large grapefruit for NBA players. Be grateful for living in the USA. Most other countries wouldn't have such opportunities. The glass is full people. dont buy the leftist BS.

  23. GayRadFeminist Beard

    GayRadFeminist Beard

    Dag siden

    how does he dial or use a smart phone?

  24. Avichal Sharma

    Avichal Sharma

    2 dager siden

    He's got legs for arms!!

  25. M&TV YT

    M&TV YT

    2 dager siden

    Pretty sure no woman will ever want him on top XDXDXD

    • L3gitGG


      2 dager siden


  26. Jozef Bania

    Jozef Bania

    2 dager siden

    That guy have height of space marine.

  27. Robi Noryanto

    Robi Noryanto

    2 dager siden

    Thanos in real life

  28. james torres

    james torres

    2 dager siden

    Normal sized things.... Just imagine Shaq eating P*ssy

  29. obliterator154


    2 dager siden

    How'd he have kids...

  30. Carl


    2 dager siden

    Now imagine Shaq with the power of Tyson O.O

  31. R QUxNN

    R QUxNN

    2 dager siden

    When Shaq and Kevin Hart where sitting next to each other am I the only one be who though if he just sat on shaqs knee he could be the dummy and Shaq the ventriloquist?

    • Meriem Ziane

      Meriem Ziane

      Dag siden


  32. AConTheBeat


    2 dager siden

    2:39 not Shaq holding him like a frickin cabbage patch doll LMAO

  33. Maupajoke


    2 dager siden

    ah yes astartes without power armor

  34. Danny


    2 dager siden

    Seeing Shaq hold an oboe like a joint that he’s about to light is too much

  35. Don yang

    Don yang

    3 dager siden

    I would really out of my mind if I could see him eating a drumstick...

  36. Captain Bob Smiley

    Captain Bob Smiley

    3 dager siden

    Wow. I'd love to meet that guy. He's like Andre the Giant.

  37. rin amari.

    rin amari.

    3 dager siden

    Jesus Christ I forgot how fucking huge he is.

  38. Davide Accorsi

    Davide Accorsi

    3 dager siden

    Now, I'm serious. But how can he make it... with girls???

  39. Matthews Hardyal

    Matthews Hardyal

    3 dager siden

    I’m convinced this guy is a mini giant

  40. Keith Lee

    Keith Lee

    3 dager siden

    Try Yao Ming. Shaq is 7'1", Yao Ming is 7'6"

  41. Sapphire


    3 dager siden

    Now do that with Boban Marjanovich and Yao Ming

  42. datAden?


    3 dager siden

    when the titans rise, i vote we send shaq to the front lines.

  43. iiSimplyAstheticii


    3 dager siden

    That water bottle be like: 👁👄👁

  44. CreativeArt 818

    CreativeArt 818

    4 dager siden

    Imagine Shaq in a kia.

  45. frankie kavanaugh

    frankie kavanaugh

    4 dager siden

    no homo but imagine his ah ah ah nthing if u kno u know

  46. melanie latz

    melanie latz

    4 dager siden

    doch joifulls mann soll zwie ein euros salate for us essen pleace in love melly reality doch nicht schlimm for us reality zöpfly 1clobel mann !

  47. melanie latz

    melanie latz

    4 dager siden


  48. melanie latz

    melanie latz

    4 dager siden


  49. Ian Longo

    Ian Longo

    4 dager siden

    Comically large man holds normal things.

  50. ashwath 2099

    ashwath 2099

    4 dager siden

    Me holding my 3 year old cousins kitchen play set

  51. Jacqueline Clermont

    Jacqueline Clermont

    4 dager siden

    He's lucky he's tall :/

  52. Trip Sorensen

    Trip Sorensen

    4 dager siden

    guys, kevin heart is not "normal sized"

  53. Alejandro Hernandez

    Alejandro Hernandez

    5 dager siden

    I just want to see him using a ducky keyboard

  54. Stick Cult

    Stick Cult

    5 dager siden


  55. Zawl FN

    Zawl FN

    5 dager siden

    The real hulk?

  56. Kielbasa Glen

    Kielbasa Glen

    5 dager siden

    What's amazing to me is... the guy played in the NBA and couldn't make a free throw to save his life.

  57. James Thorley

    James Thorley

    5 dager siden

    Shaq doesn't need to social distance. *He's already 1.5 meters taller than everyone else.*

  58. EDM


    5 dager siden

    I think Shaq is the only person who use a shovel as a spoon.

  59. victoria shadah

    victoria shadah

    5 dager siden


  60. saynomore xyz

    saynomore xyz

    5 dager siden

    Yao Ming is the name.

  61. taehyung's smile

    taehyung's smile

    6 dager siden

    aww, it was so cute when Shaq and Kevin hart were sitting next to each other and twinsssss.

  62. Jon S

    Jon S

    6 dager siden

    Whenever he wants to write something down, he just backhands a tree to make his own pencil.

  63. Mayur Dhamale

    Mayur Dhamale

    6 dager siden

    real life Thanos with a good heart and sense of humor

  64. Spoiled It

    Spoiled It

    6 dager siden

    World’s largest pizza would look like a normal slice of pizza to shaq 😂

  65. Modern and Future Computers

    Modern and Future Computers

    6 dager siden

    Shaq trying on normal size condom...

  66. Ross Tyrrell

    Ross Tyrrell

    6 dager siden

    3:09 but isn't that a white guy's hand?



    6 dager siden

    Plot twist: he is the only normal human and all of us are dwarfs



      5 dager siden

      @scp 173 ik just like your face. 😂

    • scp 173

      scp 173

      5 dager siden

      Horrible joke

  68. D mangoz

    D mangoz

    6 dager siden

    Real life hulk

  69. HerbIsGaming


    6 dager siden

    kevin hart is not a normal sized thing tho

  70. My name here

    My name here

    6 dager siden

    He’s literally a colossal titan

  71. SuPeShaRu


    7 dager siden

    And thats a half of a gallon bottle of water

  72. iamcooldontyouthink


    7 dager siden

    he is big

  73. Nestor Enriquez

    Nestor Enriquez

    7 dager siden

    Giant with a big heart🥰

  74. Football 4 Life

    Football 4 Life

    7 dager siden

    normal people: drive to school to take their son . shaq: just lift the car and throw it to the Destination

    • Daphne Lacson

      Daphne Lacson

      5 dager siden


  75. Brandon Wright

    Brandon Wright

    7 dager siden

    Jimmy Fallon looks like a little kid dressed in his dads work clothes

  76. Travis Lesman

    Travis Lesman

    7 dager siden

    Holding a bear would be easier than holding shaq

  77. Sammy


    7 dager siden

    *tall girl who? we don't know her.*

  78. Darkside Gaming

    Darkside Gaming

    8 dager siden

    This man had to be rich. He had no choice. The man needs custom-made everything.

  79. Shakaama


    8 dager siden

    Soooooo I look nothing like Shaq, I"m nowhere near his size, right? So why, when i went to LSU, the year after he graduated, were people mistaking me for him, or thinking I was his brother. And to add fate or spookiness to the situation, I ended up in his room, in the athletic dorm one a break. People would always talk about him to me. What's super funny is, I'm not into sports, nor follow it. So people coming up to me talking sports for 30 minutes, was me being polite and not saying anything to shoo them off. I guess they just liked him. A lot.

  80. zekerr


    8 dager siden

    imagine him in nba

  81. Liam Conroy

    Liam Conroy

    8 dager siden

    When you were born the lead the Imperium but you ball instead

  82. lukko1978


    8 dager siden

    One big ni gga

  83. Sadie Wright

    Sadie Wright

    8 dager siden

    Shaq:literally anybody in my class Jimmy:me

  84. Tom Sepiol

    Tom Sepiol

    8 dager siden

    0:42 We got a Fallon Hobbit people 😂

  85. Max Magallanez

    Max Magallanez

    8 dager siden

    He's such a cool human much love for mr. Shaq

  86. michael flinn

    michael flinn

    8 dager siden

    Drops his pants, Women weep in fear..

  87. Anthony !

    Anthony !

    8 dager siden

    1:05 LMAOO

  88. Andy Lasceski

    Andy Lasceski

    8 dager siden

    This makes me rethink this whole world!

  89. Deine Mutter

    Deine Mutter

    9 dager siden

    Ohhhh man, his girlfriend 🥲

  90. Moonchild


    9 dager siden

    3:05 he orders Big Smoke's order for real.

  91. Moonchild


    9 dager siden

    7' 1" he's wh...??????????



    9 dager siden

    It must be hard using a airplane bath room.

  93. Danny Rao

    Danny Rao

    9 dager siden

    He could literally just twist someone's head with ease! 😅

  94. Aiden Dolan

    Aiden Dolan

    9 dager siden

    1:43 "this is the world smallest violin playing the words saddest song"



    9 dager siden

    2:38 the pressure on verne's head would hurt a lot

  96. 32:9 Gaming

    32:9 Gaming

    9 dager siden

    0:45 Me trying to look professional for the summer job interview as a teenager

  97. Mary Fifita

    Mary Fifita

    9 dager siden

    Shaq is the man and such a humble giant

  98. O Z

    O Z

    10 dager siden

    Why does ever body who is above 7 foot taller has bold voice



    10 dager siden

    One of the coolest humans to have been!!