Solar System Scale Stickers

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  1. DRANTIS マ ダ ラ

    DRANTIS マ ダ ラ

    19 minutter siden

    I feel enlightened yet violated

  2. Caleb Carlisle

    Caleb Carlisle

    53 minutter siden

    The end of the video Him: S M O O C H

  3. GET U SUM


    Time siden

    Are we going to disragard the fact that thats a switchblade and is banned in multiple states, the ban was about as effective as a glass bowling ball, cause guess who still kills people with less cool knives, EVERYONE

  4. David Mcneill

    David Mcneill

    Time siden

    The moon isn't that far away

  5. - TeddiesUnite -

    - TeddiesUnite -

    Time siden

    uranus, nice one

  6. moz


    Time siden


  7. Andrew Bailey

    Andrew Bailey

    Time siden

    Who is this living soijack and why is he in my recommended?

  8. blackcorvo


    3 timer siden

    😳 why he kiss me

  9. Rest In Peace Kobe 24

    Rest In Peace Kobe 24

    4 timer siden

    Last part: God- to angels: wait until they figure out all the planets revolving around the sun fits in between the earth and the moon.

  10. Jonas Torres

    Jonas Torres

    4 timer siden

    I don’t think that’s how the moon works, but I trust Mr. Science Man.

  11. Darth Hiraeth

    Darth Hiraeth

    5 timer siden


  12. Chunckles


    6 timer siden

    Thanks for the kiss Micheal :)

  13. Amelia Diaz

    Amelia Diaz

    7 timer siden

    Dude this guy will save you from any Steve Harvey meme.

  14. MaddoX Beats

    MaddoX Beats

    7 timer siden

    Seeing Michael with a switchblade is possible the scariest thing I’ve ever seen

  15. Alec Ladd

    Alec Ladd

    8 timer siden

    Sickest burn to Pluto ever 😂

  16. Dylan Law

    Dylan Law

    10 timer siden

    God Michael you have that CAKE 🥴

  17. Anima


    11 timer siden

    Micheal with a switch blade is a whole different kind of energy that I can't really describe but I know it makes me feel incredibly threatened

  18. ColdasifneveraskedtheMoon


    11 timer siden

    Where is the sun😂😂

  19. ColdasifneveraskedtheMoon


    11 timer siden

    "Pluto" 🤣🤣😂😂

  20. Mark Zuckerburg

    Mark Zuckerburg

    12 timer siden

    Vsauce: “Are you upset by solar system sets that are not to scale?” Me: no….. but go on

  21. Galaxy QZ

    Galaxy QZ

    12 timer siden

    POV: you instantly went straight into the comments once he made the Uranus joke

  22. lil smoothie

    lil smoothie

    12 timer siden

    V sauce anus

  23. OctolockG


    12 timer siden

    The way it jumped from Mars to Jupiter was great.

  24. Random Guy

    Random Guy

    13 timer siden

    The first 10 seconds can and will be used out of context

  25. tapwd


    14 timer siden

    I know some of you need to know That’s a stiletto knife

  26. Etienñe Luies

    Etienñe Luies

    15 timer siden

    I mean if it was really to scale then we would have a second solar system...

  27. Heisenberg


    15 timer siden

    To scale? Come on lol

  28. Kaito


    15 timer siden

    This video is a roller coaster of emotions

  29. Powpowman 18

    Powpowman 18

    16 timer siden

    He got if of the issue “permanently”

  30. Jack Moniker

    Jack Moniker

    16 timer siden

    "the moon orbits a distance from the earth that you can fit every planet in between the earth and the moon" Is this true? My mind is blown

    • No


      15 timer siden

      Yes it is

  31. razein


    16 timer siden

    He killed someone

  32. Wide Cayde-6

    Wide Cayde-6

    17 timer siden

    The “Your anus” joke was super funny

  33. Jaguar7444


    17 timer siden

    The kiss at the end. 😘

  34. Chicken Nuggets

    Chicken Nuggets

    18 timer siden

    God damn straight you through Pluto in there

    • Home -

      Home -

      17 timer siden


  35. Pusheen the Cat

    Pusheen the Cat

    18 timer siden

    Vsauce: Leans forward and kisses the camera Me: *flinches backward*

  36. Goatamatix


    18 timer siden


  37. Jarco


    18 timer siden

    Pluto will forever be a planet to me

    • Home -

      Home -

      17 timer siden

      Not in science though

  38. Punched


    19 timer siden

    That not my my anus that’s Uranus

  39. deimos •

    deimos •

    19 timer siden


  40. kutkuknight


    20 timer siden

    Hey Vsauce, Michael here, today we will shank someone!

  41. Lexi Thomas

    Lexi Thomas

    21 time siden

    Fun Fact without the jokes, you can fit 63 earths inside Uranus!! 64 if you relax a little. *Couldn't Resist*

  42. Halfway Siren

    Halfway Siren

    22 timer siden

    Thanks for the kiss I needed it

  43. Vanessa P

    Vanessa P

    23 timer siden

    Why people just be doing Pluto in? Get off my dawg. He still a planet in my eyes. 🙌🏽

    • Home -

      Home -

      17 timer siden

      Not in science though

  44. Pavle Perišić-Spasić

    Pavle Perišić-Spasić

    Dag siden

    Make Sun sticker

  45. boiled potato13

    boiled potato13

    Dag siden

    Someone make a clip of him saying so I did something about it and pulls the knife and give no context

  46. ツSunFlower


    Dag siden


  47. Fugly Lap

    Fugly Lap

    Dag siden

    There’s no way you could fit every planet between earth and the moon

    • Fugly Lap

      Fugly Lap

      4 timer siden

      @No I’m gonna go commit a mass genocide now. Thanks for the truth.

    • No


      15 timer siden

      Why don’t you do reasearch on it and figure out you are wrong?

    • Home -

      Home -

      17 timer siden

      You can

  48. Varad


    Dag siden

    I am violated by that kiss

  49. ツZEFIX


    Dag siden


  50. Shane Bro

    Shane Bro

    Dag siden

    What? All planets in-between earth and the moon? Cool.

    • No


      15 timer siden


  51. Ruan Ulisses

    Ruan Ulisses

    Dag siden


  52. Soul17


    Dag siden

    Okay. Who else was wondering if he was gonna pull out a really really big sticker for the sun?

    • No


      15 timer siden

      It would be way to big to fit in that book but that would be funny

  53. Funny word Homo sapient

    Funny word Homo sapient

    Dag siden


  54. Nikita Fang

    Nikita Fang

    Dag siden

    What was that kisssss????

  55. Michael Wang

    Michael Wang

    Dag siden

    Why did you put Uranus on the but?

  56. VIANYOGA 02


    Dag siden

    That is uranus, not ur anus XD

  57. Unused


    Dag siden

    How dare you Pluto is a planet do not judge them for being tiny Pluto is little baby planet now do not hurt them

  58. Mister Machiavelli

    Mister Machiavelli

    Dag siden

    Michael, Pluto is a planet.

    • Mister Machiavelli

      Mister Machiavelli

      2 timer siden

      @Home - Your ignorance is the water I steep my tea in. Viva la pluto.

    • Home -

      Home -

      17 timer siden

      No, it isn't

  59. Darkchan


    Dag siden

    ... Uranus seriously LMAO

  60. OOF LORD


    Dag siden

    How is the moon so far away, but we see it perfectly, while we can barely see any other planet?

    • OOF LORD

      OOF LORD

      17 timer siden

      @Home - but every planet can fit in between the moon and the earth, in case you didn’t see the end of the video

    • Home -

      Home -

      17 timer siden

      Because they're a lot further away...

  61. Federal Bureau Of Investigation F.B.I.

    Federal Bureau Of Investigation F.B.I.

    Dag siden

    “Uranus.” -Michale, Vsauce.

  62. Just Speakith

    Just Speakith

    Dag siden

    That kiss was nice ;3

  63. The CheesyMango

    The CheesyMango

    Dag siden

    I got to see the VSass and got a kiss. Great first date NOnet shorts

  64. Ethan Winchester

    Ethan Winchester

    Dag siden

    I thought he was gonna get grains of sand miles apart

  65. John Smith

    John Smith

    Dag siden

    Where pluto

  66. S Air

    S Air

    Dag siden

    I need that tshirt

  67. Polinzge _

    Polinzge _

    Dag siden

    I thought... the moon was like much, much closer😶

  68. Tianrun Li

    Tianrun Li

    Dag siden

    The kiss at the end 💀

  69. Call Me Zack

    Call Me Zack

    Dag siden

    He... just flirted with us... twice...

  70. ぴゃ人何


    Dag siden

    That was one wet kiss

  71. Jrtekk


    Dag siden

    Wait and it takes 3 days to travel from the earth to the moon!?!?

  72. Mika


    Dag siden

    yo did we just get a michael ass pic?

  73. Not Quite Paradise Exploration

    Not Quite Paradise Exploration

    Dag siden

    Hes seriously gonna shove his whole ass and crusty ass lips into the camera like that? Am I the only one that was made super uncomfortable from that?

  74. Killer Brobot

    Killer Brobot

    Dag siden


  75. binccco


    Dag siden

    Uranus looking good

  76. ➊ MistahTeeLecksAhFly Ⓥ

    ➊ MistahTeeLecksAhFly Ⓥ

    Dag siden

    Man I thought you ended all the other planets with that knife, don’t scare me so much next time

  77. Coolborn


    Dag siden

    Bruh that's lit

  78. Badass BobY

    Badass BobY

    Dag siden

    "Are you tired of solar system sets that aren't to scale... *pulls out knife* ... Well I am too..." Meanwhile solar system set manufacturers : 💀💀 "so I did something about it" FBI : 💀💀

  79. NotAsian


    Dag siden

    Not sure how I feel knowing micheal has a stiletto switchblade 😂😂 hey vsauce micheal here CHING!

  80. Trung Maxim

    Trung Maxim

    Dag siden

    Make sense where he put Uranus

  81. Scribble


    Dag siden

    Why do I always feel like he’ll skin me?

  82. fraxb nezl

    fraxb nezl

    Dag siden

    I can watch this 100x satisfying "Uranus"

  83. fraxb nezl

    fraxb nezl

    Dag siden


  84. Nishan Poudel

    Nishan Poudel

    Dag siden

    Wow thanks for the kiss 😘

  85. Ryan Fierro

    Ryan Fierro

    Dag siden

    I want to see the sun on this scale

  86. Neptune


    Dag siden

    hehe uranus nice

  87. shiyadh shareef

    shiyadh shareef

    2 dager siden

    Dang Uranus is thick 😂

  88. ZxTempo MGR

    ZxTempo MGR

    2 dager siden

    leave my boy pluto alone

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      Home -

      17 timer siden

      Not a planet

  89. Trey Folger

    Trey Folger

    2 dager siden

    Vsauce actin a little suspicious this episode 😳

  90. Tyson No chill

    Tyson No chill

    2 dager siden

    I wasn't expecting that spice ass kiss at the end but I ain't disappointed 😳

  91. anthony


    2 dager siden

    *Proceeds to show real life exact replicas that are indeed to scale*

  92. a h

    a h

    2 dager siden

    I will not laugh at a uranus joke! Uranus *W H E E Z E*

  93. Michal


    2 dager siden

    Hey where's my sun

  94. PushyMcPusherson


    2 dager siden


  95. UngusBungusFilms


    2 dager siden

    My first kiss

  96. dipnaut 20

    dipnaut 20

    2 dager siden

    *pulls out knife, micheal from vscauce "so i did something about it" what? What did you do micheal? Did you find the manufacturer of solar system sets made not to scale and make them produce them to scale?.