The Super League collapses | Everything you need to know | Marcotti, Mitten, Fifield & Auclair

Joe Molloy is joined on the line by Philippe Auclair as we wrap up our coverage of the Super League, the collapse, and what comes next.

Football w/Paddy Power


  1. Music Man

    Music Man

    2 måneder siden

    18:55 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Music Man

    Music Man

    2 måneder siden

    First we had the Gordon Elliott thing, now this ! 😮 It’s feckin’ sporting Armageddon. Gab is correct, (IMO) the whole scheme smacks of amateurishness and desperation. I personally have lost a lot of faith in FSG and their motives/intentions for the club I love.

  3. talk sense

    talk sense

    2 måneder siden

    I thought the European super league was part of the reason why the 6 premier league clubs were taken over by billionaires. who else would spoil the fans with players costing 50/60 up to 100mil 400k a week wages etc etc. sour grapes for what reason

    • Aiden Power

      Aiden Power

      2 måneder siden

      American owners wanted to implement the American football/basketball franchise on a hundred+ yr old game that developed and is loved by the public ever since. Greed and money is all they care about. Monetising every little thing. Gathering commerical "brand" partners for so much tat unrelated to the game itself.

  4. Asad Ashraf

    Asad Ashraf

    2 måneder siden

    Good way for Barcelona and Real Madrid to make a much needed half a billion euros each, out of contract breaches from the English clubs. I think this was a high level stitch up

    • what a boby dazzler

      what a boby dazzler

      Måned siden

      Yeah I have feeling ed Woodward will end up at Madrid

    • talk sense

      talk sense

      2 måneder siden

      they are the Royalty of Spanish football why can't they do what they think is best for them. the ball will still get kicked.

  5. Cian O Donnell

    Cian O Donnell

    2 måneder siden

    Theyll try again if this isnt legislated against.

  6. Apoorv Agarwal

    Apoorv Agarwal

    2 måneder siden

    Why is everyone only blaming Perez for this. English, Italian clubs & Barca have not said not anything about it and behaving like they were forced into it

    • Garrett Sheehan

      Garrett Sheehan

      2 måneder siden

      We United fans blame Joel Glazer and want him and his family of cretins out of our club, but yes Perez was the figurehead of this whole shambles.

  7. Football Is Life

    Football Is Life

    2 måneder siden

    Super proud of fans these businessmen can't get away with it though this only is the beginning we need to stand united and get people like Kronke out of football at Celtic we have Dermot Desmond who would have loved to get into the super league he needs removing all of these morons need to go out of football and us fans are the only ones who can make it happen

  8. Dominick Thomas

    Dominick Thomas

    2 måneder siden

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  9. LittleBaboon


    2 måneder siden

    surprised not a lot of people watched this

  10. Ian Clarke

    Ian Clarke

    2 måneder siden

    Sneaky six can't be trusted now