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In this video I confronted an old clown...
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  1. Santianna Guillen

    Santianna Guillen

    7 minutter siden

    not Bryce saying Austin’s fans are like 4 when his fans are the same.....



    7 minutter siden

    Bryce Is tryna look cool and all but he just looks like teenage tiktoker who just cusses every sentence

  3. Ha Siri

    Ha Siri

    8 minutter siden

    Bryce hall reminds me of that douchebag brother from step brothers

  4. dan hooper

    dan hooper

    8 minutter siden

    This is the first video I've seen of Bryce, and I can quite happily say, even though I don't even watch him, I really hope Austin wins

  5. Reverse


    22 minutter siden

    TEAM BRYCE!!!!!!!

  6. Asmaa N

    Asmaa N

    23 minutter siden

    THE ENDING.. My jaw dropped to the floor!

  7. 15YOUNGR


    28 minutter siden

    The next Jake paul

  8. A Big Rat I Am

    A Big Rat I Am

    30 minutter siden

    Lord Father, both of their audience are young girls or boys-

  9. Dreopg YT

    Dreopg YT

    35 minutter siden

    Floyd maywether fight in june and this lifes great

  10. luvxs


    41 minutt siden

    bryce is honestly so cringe and acts so tough

  11. funny pfp

    funny pfp

    44 minutter siden

    as much as i hate both of them, i hope bryce wins

  12. FamousPanda


    50 minutter siden


  13. Fish Nasty

    Fish Nasty

    53 minutter siden

    Damn these guys are super lame 🤣🤣

  14. Ju Lie

    Ju Lie

    54 minutter siden

    And first of all , what your doing on the boat cussing out Austin ain’t right you see your like the kids in middle school where they just act like that to impress the girls and fans like nah that’s just not right 👎🏻

  15. Ju Lie

    Ju Lie

    57 minutter siden

    I don’t know why you gotta add his kids in it like it’s between you two only , why the kids ? What did they ever did to you ?

  16. Xarkye


    Time siden

    He tryna be black so bad😭

  17. Mia Sanchez

    Mia Sanchez

    Time siden

    Austin finna beat dat ass🤣let’s go mcbroom

  18. j. romero

    j. romero

    Time siden

    pls why do i find this so childish 😂😭

  19. Neyshaly Nicole

    Neyshaly Nicole

    Time siden

    did y’all see the vid on tik tok where austin and his crew was trynna jump these dudes with a baton i think

  20. Carterz Wrld

    Carterz Wrld

    Time siden

    Ima ace family fan but sorry Bryce gonna win even tho I’m rooting for Austin

  21. MELLOW


    Time siden

    Woofin for the bitches and ur boyfriends on the boat 🤣 u would not keep tht energy if they wasn’t there

  22. Panda'sRoblox


    Time siden

    bryce musty

  23. Gracie Travis

    Gracie Travis

    Time siden

    I thought they were gonna kiss in the thumbnail BAHAHHAHA

  24. ryan smith

    ryan smith

    2 timer siden

    What n the cringe did I just watch. 😭

  25. P


    2 timer siden

    It’s the tryna bring the kids down for me 🤨😐🤚🏻. He’s a whole grown ass man talm bout lil innocent girls like 🤡

  26. rico Pretorius

    rico Pretorius

    2 timer siden

    Yeah bryce is getting knocked tbe fuck out his tryna act tuff infront lf girls

  27. Joey Blackass

    Joey Blackass

    2 timer siden

    That’s it

  28. TurViper _

    TurViper _

    2 timer siden

    sid better stay true to his words

  29. klucketta


    2 timer siden

    So weird.

  30. Amayah Donaldson

    Amayah Donaldson

    2 timer siden

    Bryce plz stfu

  31. Triggered4Dayz SDBD

    Triggered4Dayz SDBD

    2 timer siden

    when the girls go away and the cam isn’t on yk his tryna beg for mercy

  32. Edwin Rosas

    Edwin Rosas

    2 timer siden

    Bryce don’t worry Austin is going to get dropped

  33. Versatile


    2 timer siden

    Imagine if Bryce gets knocked out after talking all that shit bro like you better win

  34. Brianna Maldonado

    Brianna Maldonado

    2 timer siden

    It would be pretty fucking embarrassing if you got knocked the fuck out...

  35. Triggered4Dayz SDBD

    Triggered4Dayz SDBD

    3 timer siden

    i cant wait to see austin punch the tik tok outa bryce

  36. Triggered4Dayz SDBD

    Triggered4Dayz SDBD

    3 timer siden

    i cant wait to see austin smack the tik tok outa bryce

  37. Edrees Panjshiri

    Edrees Panjshiri

    3 timer siden

    I don’t want bryce to win, but he’s going to win

  38. Brandon Flores

    Brandon Flores

    3 timer siden

    Poor bryce he going to get ko

  39. Arielle Cevallos

    Arielle Cevallos

    3 timer siden

    no need to bring up austin’s kids , they’re adorable

  40. Aayan Adnan

    Aayan Adnan

    3 timer siden

    I hate bryce but unfortunately he is more fit than austin...

  41. gray baby

    gray baby

    3 timer siden

    so whos going to buy the ticket?



    3 timer siden

    The cringe hurts

  43. MoonXdust


    3 timer siden

    Not the night club 😂

  44. Coby Byers

    Coby Byers

    3 timer siden

    Tiktokers gay

  45. Ninster lussier

    Ninster lussier

    3 timer siden

    Why are you talking about his kids its nothing to do with his kids

  46. Jimmey


    4 timer siden

    This video is unfunny

  47. Ana luisa Reis

    Ana luisa Reis

    4 timer siden

    Bryce you have to come to Brazil one day

  48. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Federal Bureau of Investigation

    4 timer siden

    Bryce ain’t lying bout austin kids they ganna be bullied for who they dad is

  49. Sailor Moon

    Sailor Moon

    4 timer siden

    why do I always love drama like this lol

  50. Joshua Ariza

    Joshua Ariza

    4 timer siden

    Bryce hall is knocking out Austin for sure

  51. Siroq _

    Siroq _

    4 timer siden

    Austin gone sleep this fool😂😂😂

  52. Mysterious


    4 timer siden

    Bryce is shit and he can’t even keep a reaction ship he’s getting knocked out and tiktok fans are just shit and all of Austin’s fans are not young like I’m 16 so like your getting knowcked out

  53. Israel Da Plyr

    Israel Da Plyr

    5 timer siden

    Not me watching a 21-year-old TikTok star think he can knock out Austin McBroom

  54. Billy Hughes

    Billy Hughes

    5 timer siden

    Broooo the way he talks bothers me 😒

  55. Addison Rae

    Addison Rae

    5 timer siden

    Do me a want favour for me get James Charles to do your eyebrows

  56. Merlin Quezada

    Merlin Quezada

    5 timer siden

    Bryce hall is going to win💀Austin is going to win 💖

  57. MaKayla Scott

    MaKayla Scott

    5 timer siden

    Pls explain to me why there fighting pls

  58. TotallyNotKaito


    6 timer siden

    Stop starting crap with people if you can’t fight. Easy

  59. TotallyNotKaito


    6 timer siden

    Why did you bring his kids in it. You ain’t gonna scar no one, because you can’t fight like at all. Stop trying to act bad and tough too, because you’re honestly not. Wonder why Addison broke up with you

  60. Krystabell Waringa

    Krystabell Waringa

    6 timer siden

    🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣Americans ....yall really been giving me reality tv .

  61. Shiranai LS01

    Shiranai LS01

    6 timer siden

    I don't give a shit about TikToker vs NOnetr but I don't support Austin for being inappropriate to a child. His disgusting and selfish and rude

  62. The Wizard

    The Wizard

    6 timer siden

    My god. Logan Jake Bryce Taylor guy. All these guys are just melons. The us social media scene is a laughing stock and none of them funny or entertaining.

  63. Talha Hoosen

    Talha Hoosen

    6 timer siden

    Bro you nothing compared to austin look how many subscibers you got then talk about austin

  64. Mike Pius

    Mike Pius

    6 timer siden

    this ain't even boxing no more

  65. Liam Dempsey

    Liam Dempsey

    7 timer siden

    Does Bryce hall have actual fans

  66. Tia


    7 timer siden

    First of all Austin don’t play around when it comes to his kids it’s funny how u give verbal but I bet if you fought his dad you’d get done out here

    • Tia


      7 timer siden

      Chatting bare verbal stfu

  67. Michael Myers

    Michael Myers

    7 timer siden

    Ruining boxing, this whole youtube vs tiktok shit is disrespectful and annoying

  68. Roblox.17


    7 timer siden

    Tik Tok drama is the funny’st freaking crap ever😭

  69. 14th Section Entertainment

    14th Section Entertainment

    8 timer siden

    can we please watch bryce hall vs jake paul😂😂😂

  70. PumpkinSpice Latte

    PumpkinSpice Latte

    9 timer siden

    Bryce only be cursing thinking hes bad😁

  71. Jack Halo

    Jack Halo

    9 timer siden

    Capppppppppp 100000%

  72. Justyte -

    Justyte -

    9 timer siden

    I have a question! XDD then is the fight btw? I forgot and to lazy to look it up xdd

  73. ReaperZ2ero


    9 timer siden

    This kid thinks he'll win against a real adult😂😂

  74. Team Sao

    Team Sao

    9 timer siden

    my g talks to much no action

  75. ACE


    10 timer siden

    is this even allowed 😂 isnt bryce on sarms rn

  76. camryn james

    camryn james

    10 timer siden

    i feel like bryce is all talk and try’s to act hard, but really isn’t

    • A Big Rat I Am

      A Big Rat I Am

      29 minutter siden


    • Silas Bertram

      Silas Bertram

      3 timer siden

      Both are. I thought jake was an embarrassment to boxing but then I heard about this fight

  77. D A

    D A

    10 timer siden

    I want youtubers to win but this is the only fight I want a tik tocker to win

  78. Λerø 失恋

    Λerø 失恋

    11 timer siden

    when are they fighting

  79. Rob Monillas

    Rob Monillas

    11 timer siden

    This the dude Addison Rae left for Jack Harlow 🤧😂

  80. LaLTe


    11 timer siden

    Tiktokers are ladies😪

  81. C G

    C G

    11 timer siden

    bryce is all talk he talks shit yet he stays on his boat😹😹

  82. Manoor Al3nizi

    Manoor Al3nizi

    12 timer siden

    Austin is the Best no hate to anyone

  83. Paul Bauer

    Paul Bauer

    12 timer siden

    NOnetrs, boxing 30yr Olds. Weak ass.

  84. vazraシ


    12 timer siden

    bryce yuhhh think your the shitt bruhh ima be dead laughing when u get chu as knocked out by Astuin

  85. Matthew Stephens

    Matthew Stephens

    12 timer siden

    he drinking 40 days before the fight. he is not taking it seriously. bryce hall will lose.

  86. Tawhio Martin

    Tawhio Martin

    12 timer siden

    This guys gonna catch a mad L after talking all that shit 😹

  87. Big YouTuba

    Big YouTuba

    12 timer siden

    He on a yacht lol this lame in a boat

  88. Tawhio Martin

    Tawhio Martin

    12 timer siden

    Bryce : austins audience are little kids Bryce fans : 👶 👦 👧

  89. its me ha

    its me ha

    12 timer siden

    Bro Austin brought his whole family

  90. Yungg Nick

    Yungg Nick

    12 timer siden

    So we just not gonna talk about ash Kash being there

  91. imthebest_30 11

    imthebest_30 11

    12 timer siden

    It is the next wanna be boxer

  92. Tay2k Qs

    Tay2k Qs

    13 timer siden

    Tik Tok psy u ain't sh

  93. Selocoy


    13 timer siden

    Bro Austin is fuckin u up😂😂