We Moved Across The Country

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Hello friends and welcome to another video! So, late last year we decided to take the plunge and move across the country for a fresh start in a new place. After doing some serious decluttering, we packed up our house, grabbed our cat, and hit the road (and vlogged our whole cross-country road trip in our minivan!) It's been a couple of months and we are finally set up enough to dive back into making videos, so here is our moving vlog! Hopefully you guys enjoy it, and thank you for being so patient with us while we figure all of this out.
Also, sorry about any smudginess of the windshield! It was tough to keep clean on our drive, but I know sometimes it can look gross, so sorry about that! Lol
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  1. Safiya Nygaard

    Safiya Nygaard

    18 dager siden

    HELLO FRIENDS!! you can check out our new live streaming channel here! nonet.info/heat/iiY0MsUgNihfAZ2ZgC19lg.html i hope you all are doing well, staying healthy, & had a good start to 2021!! thank you so much for your patience as we've moved, settled in, and are ready to get back to making videos again. i hope you guys enjoy our moving vlog :) xoxo, saf

    • LeAndraMae Boggs

      LeAndraMae Boggs

      4 timer siden

      6 Q 5qq⁵⁵

    • reaper 96 Smith

      reaper 96 Smith

      19 timer siden

      Girl there's a new horror bar in Denver omg you need to check it out I think ull love it

    • mawada rashad

      mawada rashad

      Dag siden

      your videos make my day

    • Lemon&Limeade


      2 dager siden

      Oui oui mon ami mi je’mapelle lafayette

    • Lemon&Limeade


      2 dager siden


  2. Ani Zuñiga

    Ani Zuñiga

    Time siden

    Subway truly is the same everywhere. When I go to chile I always get subway as a little taste of home.

  3. OnE oF a KiNd iDiOt

    OnE oF a KiNd iDiOt

    Time siden

    I can't believe I missed this 2 weeks ago

  4. N R

    N R

    Time siden

    December video posted in March lol

  5. joju24


    2 timer siden

    Our wedding cake has been in the freezer for 33 years, every year we say we will take a bite and decide that maybe next year. Best of luck on your move!

  6. Zoha Butterfly Zaidi

    Zoha Butterfly Zaidi

    3 timer siden


  7. Raven Duda

    Raven Duda

    4 timer siden

    omg you guys drove through my city! that's crazy you guys we're in little rock for a bit!

  8. Erica Koenegstein

    Erica Koenegstein

    5 timer siden

    I loved the video! However, I feel as though there was a missed chance for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song...

  9. veena dwaram

    veena dwaram

    7 timer siden

    is it just me or does anyone else think Safiya looks like Noah Cyrus

  10. cathode xuxi nayu

    cathode xuxi nayu

    8 timer siden

    I love how they call each other "Dude" ... It's so cute✨

  11. Boomer Life

    Boomer Life

    8 timer siden

    Can't believe you moved to Raleigh...lol. Wow, surprised me for sure. Lived there over 20+ yrs. Back in my hometown, Asheville. Enjoy, it is a great place to live, but I don't miss the traffic. Eat some traditional Snoopy's Hot Dogs & Chargrill Burgers for me!

  12. Emily Stewart

    Emily Stewart

    8 timer siden

    What you went to Memphis TN and didn’t get BBQ 😅😅😅 lol Memphis native right here for 15 years

  13. Hanney Plays

    Hanney Plays

    9 timer siden

    This video is making me miss the yearly road trips my family and I normally take across half of Canada... I can't wait to be on the road again...

  14. Rachael Magerl

    Rachael Magerl

    9 timer siden

    I love colonial Williamsburg! Been there many many times!

  15. Rachael Magerl

    Rachael Magerl

    9 timer siden

    Whoo hoo! I live in Pittsburgh PA!

  16. JaNick78


    10 timer siden

    This is my FAVORITE video of your ever!!

  17. Adrianne Hubbard

    Adrianne Hubbard

    10 timer siden

    Loves is a truck stop chain. Certain locations have showers, laundromats, mini hair salons etc.

  18. Rachel Elisabeth

    Rachel Elisabeth

    10 timer siden

    can’t believe you came to my home state of Arkansas and were literally 30 mins from me ahhhhh lol

  19. Rae Prite

    Rae Prite

    11 timer siden

    I looked this up once, and for those of you not from the US, Texas is actually a little more than twice the size of Germany for scale - so Texans are pretty justified when they say "Everything is bigger in Texas" 😂

  20. Pamela Truell

    Pamela Truell

    12 timer siden

    Since you’re in NC you should check out Old Salem.

  21. Kristy J

    Kristy J

    12 timer siden

    Is piggly wiggly a thing ? Only the best grocery store ever opened . I'm from Hot Springs Arkansas.

  22. Austin Allbritton

    Austin Allbritton

    13 timer siden

    Chris canipe 1889 weeksville rd Elizabeth city NC

  23. Ms. Rodríguez

    Ms. Rodríguez

    14 timer siden

    You missed the fantastic opportunity to sing Country Roads Take Me Home 😩

  24. Altaay Mattila

    Altaay Mattila

    15 timer siden

    The way Crusty just sleeps wherever is free serotonin. He's just vibing

  25. Patty


    15 timer siden

    Welcome to Philadelphia.

  26. O. K

    O. K

    16 timer siden

    How can you not like this video?!?! It’s an amazing vlog and it’s not boring!!!

  27. Ms. Rodríguez

    Ms. Rodríguez

    16 timer siden

    But like hadn’t they recently moved to the new house? Idk how long ago it was but it feels recent. Anyway, I found it weird that they’re moving again but okay lol. So glad to see them againnnnn!

  28. Soda Frog12

    Soda Frog12

    16 timer siden


  29. Rebecca._. Justine

    Rebecca._. Justine

    17 timer siden

    This is my third time watching this video! ❤️

  30. Sineye


    18 timer siden

    as a European, I am amazed by how long it takes to drive across the US. It literally takes 3 hours to cross my country

  31. Toty Hindy

    Toty Hindy

    18 timer siden

    When i see your vedio i remember how much i missed you guys 💖

  32. Sydney Marie

    Sydney Marie

    19 timer siden

    It’s so funny because I went to the Grand Canyon exactly one week before this was posted!! Lol 😂

  33. ChildDestroyer 57

    ChildDestroyer 57

    19 timer siden

    18:04 why is the ph intro in the back-round 😂😂

  34. aleana h

    aleana h

    20 timer siden

    oh i just realized in the intro you're wearing the necklace cristine gave you! how awesome!!!

  35. Hannah English

    Hannah English

    20 timer siden

    32:57 that’s absolutely a sky skull lol. Where are the death eaters?

  36. Trish Thomas-Mink

    Trish Thomas-Mink

    20 timer siden

    I am older than your normal bunch, but am entering my second adolescence. I have always enjoyed your videos after discovering you about 3 years ago. Please stick with it, and thank you for sharing in your blog. Sharing is a way of bonding, getting and giving support. Done with mothering now, so you are loved and supported on You Tube.

  37. Kayla H

    Kayla H

    21 time siden

    Congratulations, Safiya and Tyler.

  38. Hanah McConahay

    Hanah McConahay

    21 time siden

    Hi I live 20 minutes from you now let’s be friends okay bye

  39. Diane Weird

    Diane Weird

    21 time siden

    What about the Oklahoma cup?

  40. Hanah McConahay

    Hanah McConahay

    21 time siden

    Me watching and freaking out because I haven’t seen her Oklahoma Starbucks mug

    • Hanah McConahay

      Hanah McConahay

      21 time siden

      Okay I saw it HAHAHA

  41. Sierra Cervantes

    Sierra Cervantes

    22 timer siden

    welcome to the East Coast! sending love from South Carolina 💙🌴 i’d love to watch an East Coast/West Coast comparison video sometime!

  42. lex Bronkowski

    lex Bronkowski

    22 timer siden

    Curstys face when you guys ate subway😂

  43. Morgan


    22 timer siden

    Crusty is the whole mood of this video 😂 he's such a good boy

  44. Julia Harowitz

    Julia Harowitz

    23 timer siden

    Omg my fave NOnetr now lives only 30 minutes away!!! Ahhhhh

  45. xxbearyourlocalteddy teddy

    xxbearyourlocalteddy teddy

    23 timer siden

    your moving to mexico?! texas is by the mexico! i live in texas

  46. Laura Boesgaard

    Laura Boesgaard

    23 timer siden

    I'm Danish too

  47. riley pingree

    riley pingree

    Dag siden

    OMG! I live 30 minutes away in Chapel Hill!

  48. Vanessa Small

    Vanessa Small

    Dag siden

    Never hide your feelings!!!

  49. Vanessa Small

    Vanessa Small

    Dag siden

    I seriously enjoyed this so much!!!! You all are the best!!!!!!

  50. Kitty Cat gaming

    Kitty Cat gaming

    Dag siden

    Omg wut if she did a video about her mixing all the toothpaste and trying it like brushing her teeth with it lol 😂

  51. jennifer arlene

    jennifer arlene

    Dag siden

    Even though I'm in Chattanooga, it was cool as hell to see you roll through and explore Knoxville. Cheers!

  52. Jim Pook

    Jim Pook

    Dag siden

    OK, I was curious about the Tokyo Vending machines, then had to watch the Japanese Lolita dress-up video (Rin Rin is cute as a button). Saw this video about moving and wanted to check it out to see where you moved from and to... 40 minutes later, I've watched the whole thing. You two have great style & chemistry. Crusty is awesome! I was so worried about him being that old and traveling for that long, but he was a champ. Really calm for an formerly feral cat. Curious - how did you handle his litter box needs during the trip across country?

  53. Macaballug, Fiona

    Macaballug, Fiona

    Dag siden

    i really want to see safiya's mug collection now

    • Moushumi Bagchi

      Moushumi Bagchi

      Dag siden


  54. John Angry Spirit

    John Angry Spirit

    Dag siden

    Oh no! But most youtubers live in los angels/ California

  55. tanvi shukla

    tanvi shukla

    Dag siden

    Why is nobody talking about the fact that they ate an year old cake. Are they okay after that ? Are their stomachs okay rather ??

  56. Carla Lujan

    Carla Lujan

    Dag siden

    Born and raised in New Mexico. It's true nothing on Santa is open really after 9pm lol. It's nice to see my home state represented.

  57. Alyssa Morales

    Alyssa Morales

    Dag siden

    Williams is such a beautiful town, I live near it

  58. Miss Nez

    Miss Nez

    Dag siden

    this remind me back during my university time. Me and my friends like to travel around different countries across Europe. and all the travels I did before covid hit. i miss the good ol time :(

  59. TES250


    Dag siden

    I'm watching this a second time because I can't get enough of crusty.

  60. Anonymously Shinestar

    Anonymously Shinestar

    Dag siden

    What happened to your giant lipstick?

  61. Diana Mejia

    Diana Mejia

    Dag siden

    OMGGGG I live in Charlotte North Carolina sooo welcome to the Carolinas 🤍🤍🤍🤍

  62. Eva Sawyer

    Eva Sawyer

    Dag siden

    You should have stopped in Tucumcari! I saw that you captured our mountain, but you would have LOVED the vibe here in town!

  63. Ato Koomson

    Ato Koomson

    Dag siden

    Saf, start posting videos again. OR else youre going to go broke! Plus I like watching youre videos, and I miss them.

  64. Michelle Smith

    Michelle Smith

    Dag siden

    🤭🤭 gateways arches to the wests.

  65. Dandi Ré

    Dandi Ré

    Dag siden

    I lived in NC for a number of years. Make sure you check out New Bern sometime (the library is really cool!) and the Outer Banks! Beautiful, quaint places. Emerald Isle is a stunning and clean beach for summer days without too many crowds.

  66. Kara Thompson

    Kara Thompson

    Dag siden

    i was in that ice storm in okc (: i cried

    • Kara Thompson

      Kara Thompson

      Dag siden

      also that bird thing is a scissor tail flycatcher! it's our state bird!!!

  67. Mariah Goodwyn

    Mariah Goodwyn

    Dag siden

    exucsme Safiya what ur skincare rutineeeeee

  68. hayashitheninja


    Dag siden

    it's so great to hear from u guys again! love ur channel. stay safe and best wishes!

  69. Aryn Heath

    Aryn Heath

    Dag siden

    That footage at 17:16 is my hometown and now I'm crying. I could almost see my parent's house from there! ❤️

  70. Dandi Ré

    Dandi Ré

    Dag siden

    Nice Oklahoma City moment!

  71. allison naomy

    allison naomy

    Dag siden

    YOURE super close ,There’s so much to see in VA

  72. what do you want from me

    what do you want from me

    Dag siden

    North carolina ftw!!! Also why wasn't the West Virginia song at least hummed. You even said Shenandoah xD

  73. allison naomy

    allison naomy

    Dag siden

    Ok but did anyone catch that skull looking cloud at 32:56 ?! Dope af!!!

  74. Snake And bone

    Snake And bone

    Dag siden

    My name is Sedona and I’m doing a school project on Arizona. Also my mom is a sales manager for all those hotels. I was screaming at the screen wondering why they weren’t answering

  75. Tash Holly

    Tash Holly

    Dag siden

    But, where does the cat poop in the car???

  76. Space Themed Dreams

    Space Themed Dreams

    Dag siden

    As an Arizonan willams is such a cute tourist trap I love it

  77. Micah Elliott

    Micah Elliott

    Dag siden

    YO ITS MY WAWA!!!! I've legit gone to that wawa throughout my whole childhood because of soccer tournaments, so its so awesome to see you there! If you and tyler ever come up a bit north again, come on over to Delaware where I am and stop by the Well coffee house and market place for some awesome bbq:)

  78. Kavitha Mohan

    Kavitha Mohan

    Dag siden

    That's a lot of stuff for two people!!!

  79. chelsangelo


    Dag siden

    Aw I loved watching this! I’m from Knoxville and used to live in Nashville. The drive through the Cumberland Gap is a fun one!

  80. Former_discrepancies


    Dag siden

    im sorry but hearing someone call the panhandle the "tophat part of texas" made me laugh so hard

  81. Sarah Ahlert

    Sarah Ahlert

    Dag siden

    I hadn’t known about you going to Oklahoma at all SADDENS more like across the country and the Devon tower looks cool

  82. iimidnightxsp0tlight


    Dag siden


  83. Megan Barnes

    Megan Barnes

    Dag siden

    the arch thing in Oklahoma is a sculpture of a scissortail flycatcher which is our state bird.

  84. Neetza Makes

    Neetza Makes

    Dag siden

    Been watching this while packing. It helps. Thanks Saf and Tyler!

  85. Asian Angel M.

    Asian Angel M.

    Dag siden

    Congrats on your safe travels.

  86. Allison Herrick

    Allison Herrick

    Dag siden

    Dude, I used to live in Raleigh, NC when I first started watching this channel! Then I moved to MN and then my fiancé and I just moved back across the country from MN to NC right before you did!!! This is such an insane coincidence! I wonder if I’ll ever see you in Raleigh! I’d be to scared to say hi anyway 🥰🥺♥️

  87. Joshua Games

    Joshua Games

    Dag siden

    Change your you tube channel name if yall married then you be safiya williams

  88. Hannah Salvato

    Hannah Salvato

    Dag siden

    I just moved to raleigh as well!!!!

  89. Mary Catherine

    Mary Catherine

    Dag siden

    That’s so interesting!! The 40 is also the main transCanadian highway!!! 🤯

  90. Silver Ascension

    Silver Ascension

    Dag siden

    Crusty and my oldest cat Tigger are almost twins if Crusty had dark blue eyes., and they are almost the same age Tigger is 18.Welcome to NC from Charlotte NC.

  91. Marjorie Mobley

    Marjorie Mobley

    Dag siden

    you live in the same State ar mr beast

  92. Eldergeek


    Dag siden

    Sorry I missed you guys when you drove through Maryland.

  93. alessandro papazzoni

    alessandro papazzoni

    Dag siden

    The fact you have almost 10 million subscribers but do videos with the energy of one with 200 is one of the main reasons everyone loves your videos!

  94. Mkoch99


    Dag siden

    Love how Crusty is just vibing.

  95. Surya Prasad-

    Surya Prasad-

    Dag siden

    if i didn't know Tyler's name id think it was Aaron for some reason

  96. Surabhi S

    Surabhi S

    Dag siden

    I've never seen anyone describe Arizona as a winter wonderland, but here we are.

  97. Nicole Bookish

    Nicole Bookish

    Dag siden

    Welcome to the south! NC is pretty cool, my friends & family in the area love it!

  98. Javier Gomez-Martinez

    Javier Gomez-Martinez

    Dag siden

    Krusty is OLD

  99. savannaxoxo


    Dag siden

    Can someone be amazing and put the time stamp for illinois and iowa?

  100. Erika Sandstrom

    Erika Sandstrom

    Dag siden

    Fuck masks.

    • Grzegorz


      Dag siden

      Muck Fasks.