Welcome to the Internet - Bo Burnham (from "Inside" -- ALBUM OUT NOW)

listen to album here: boburnham.lnk.to/INSIDE

inside now streaming on netflix. hope you enjoy.


  1. Daft Squiddy

    Daft Squiddy

    4 timer siden

    The internet is a parody of the human condition, capable of amazingly great, and erendously horrible things 😢

  2. NYTXboy123096


    4 timer siden

    I watched the special the other day and it was one of the most strange and amazing things I’ve ever watched

  3. legendofgame 83

    legendofgame 83

    5 timer siden

    Does anyone else think that he looks like heisenberg from resident evil 8?

  4. Dino Gaming

    Dino Gaming

    5 timer siden

    count olaf vibes

  5. eddievangraham


    5 timer siden

    This dude is a GENIUS who deserves way more exposure. His social commentary is a well-balanced mixture of hilarity and depression simultaneously 😂

  6. strongy


    5 timer siden

    Can some upload my song it would be a hit

  7. kokichis hat

    kokichis hat

    5 timer siden

    Why is this exactly how the internet is

  8. Reggie Duke

    Reggie Duke

    5 timer siden

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  9. SpecialTimeWithDaniel


    5 timer siden

    Could I interest you in bo's music, all of the time?

  10. Handsome Rat

    Handsome Rat

    5 timer siden


  11. υωυ८คƿ८คƿ८คқ૯


    5 timer siden

    This is the Internet describe in in one song

  12. Hotchquz


    5 timer siden

    We laugh and have fun at the song but we forget that the truth in it. The internet is a plague and should never have been created.

  13. Holly Loree

    Holly Loree

    5 timer siden

    god it's just so good

  14. Anwesha B

    Anwesha B

    5 timer siden

    I have been listening to this on the repeat for days now. Its catchy as fuck. Its just that I would appreciate not falling into an existential crisis everytime I listen to it-

  15. Graham Hill

    Graham Hill

    5 timer siden

    Fine I’ll watch it

  16. J Molina

    J Molina

    5 timer siden

    i dont know if it was a coincidence but did he sample markipliers outro

  17. Diva bagus Nughroho

    Diva bagus Nughroho

    5 timer siden


  18. Noface


    5 timer siden

    I like how it gets faster and harder to sing (not for him tho)

  19. Yoav Elem

    Yoav Elem

    5 timer siden

    Ever since watching inside my soul hurts

  20. clint morris

    clint morris

    5 timer siden

    No one person has any business being this creative.

  21. Zeflaro


    6 timer siden

    Why is this catchy?!

  22. Cryptic_Dog


    6 timer siden

    I'm convinced we're watching this from the point of view of somebody tied up on a metal rack

  23. Infurness Fire

    Infurness Fire

    6 timer siden

    If bruh was a song and a person or 2020s were a song and a person

  24. Slycol


    6 timer siden

    ily bo

  25. Jacob


    6 timer siden

    wait hol up. just occurred to me it would take zero effort just to set a 4 minute animation for the lighting. why did he choose to manually trigger the lights and stuff himself? goddammit im so curious

  26. Neebs McNeebs

    Neebs McNeebs

    6 timer siden

    Bo, thank you, I love you, there is no way I deserve to experience this. So I thank my knowledge of the three poisons, and how to understand them. Hopefully overstand them one day. All love to I and I, Namo Amida Butsu. But the beauty of this song is immeasurable. Perfect.

  27. Nikole Domchekova

    Nikole Domchekova

    6 timer siden

    dat laugh

  28. Efcon


    6 timer siden

    Bo, I listened to you a lot when I was a 13 up until I was 15. I'm 19 now, and it seems like you adapted about in the most perfect way. Thanks for being you. Also, I play piano, I'm dirty asf, anxious, a bit of a slacker at times but I get down to business when I want to, and I am an introvert. So, haha, it's nice having someone to relate too I guess. I don't know you at all though, just the sliver I have seen I can relate to.

  29. Matthew Talford

    Matthew Talford

    6 timer siden

    Nice to see Heisenberg survived res8 and is doing what he loves best.

  30. bad bye

    bad bye

    6 timer siden

    this song stuck in my head 24/7 rent free

  31. fireking 05

    fireking 05

    6 timer siden

    0:34 i was sold already and on the 100 somethings listen i heard the "ba" from dog of wisdom and now im over sold, how can i give you all my money?

  32. Keres Maxwell

    Keres Maxwell

    6 timer siden

    Two of the tree of my friends are just singing this while I play it because I wanted to see if it was Bo who wrote it

  33. Brenton McCoullough

    Brenton McCoullough

    6 timer siden

    You enter a room. It's dark, but you can see. There is a man, with dark round glasses. Perhaps he is blind, or just hiding his eyes. But you move forward, slowly, curious, as he sings about the wonders he offers. He plays, like a circus advertising the funnest time you've ever had. Stars surround him; perhaps this mysterious man is a god, hidden in the shadows, offering you the secrets of the universe, but in hiding, only to you. You're special. He offers everything, anything you could imagine, but the closer you get to him, the more he starts to slip in red flags. But you're stuck, you're drawn in. You're face to face with him; he's deranged. You try to escape, slowly creeping out of the room. But there's nowhere to go. You're trapped. The stars break, the man's power seems to fade away. He slows down. A human side... maybe. He starts to sing about the past. About the regret. He offers you something simpler; it didn't mean it, he just wants to empower you. You move in, but this time far more cautiously. He compliments you, the true power he possesses reveals itself. Colours swirl as he reveals what really matters: you. It's not his power, it's yours. He stops. And you realise the truth. The REAL truth, behind the manipulation. By accepting his power, he has power over you. You know it. He knows it. You're stuck inside, and he owns everything. It's too late. He cackles. He repeats the sales pitch, the simple, easy, convinient offer that drew you in more than once. You're still tempted. You're trying to escape, but he has won. He gets faster and faster, and you realise. It's over. You're never getting out. And you'll keep taking the deal, because you're you. And that's all he needs.

  34. ray ɞ

    ray ɞ

    6 timer siden


  35. jasonn


    6 timer siden

    bo you are so incredibly attractive

  36. Sky Hunter

    Sky Hunter

    6 timer siden

    This special truly was remarkable.

  37. Barrett Velker

    Barrett Velker

    6 timer siden

    He's not actually playing the piano

    • Zachary Clark

      Zachary Clark

      6 timer siden

      yes he is

  38. Cody Lewis

    Cody Lewis

    6 timer siden

    Vanity fair.

  39. Lazey Anon

    Lazey Anon

    6 timer siden

    This is a masterpiece.

  40. Madelyn H

    Madelyn H

    6 timer siden

    This is technical boy’s theme song

  41. Will Ording

    Will Ording

    6 timer siden

    This is an intro song to an Alice in Wonderland musical remake about the internet.

  42. K Urro

    K Urro

    6 timer siden

    Bo Burnham is rocking that Heisenberg RE Village look

  43. Louis


    6 timer siden

    Song: Social media and the internet as a whole is insane and ultimately has a negative affect on young people who are growing up with it. Comments: Bro this is such a good villain song

  44. Brendan Schoen

    Brendan Schoen

    6 timer siden

    I'm just glad this channel is getting use ☝

  45. Blue rose Koro

    Blue rose Koro

    6 timer siden

    Degenerates: Are you sure your not here kill me cause I’m feeling very attacked…

  46. Alanis Fajardo

    Alanis Fajardo

    6 timer siden

    Technology is the greatest yet the worst thing that happened to humanity. :/

  47. TheFlaminFist


    7 timer siden

    While I really didn’t like this special, this song is good

  48. Atto


    7 timer siden

    Why did I think 'Dr.Egg man' when I saw him

  49. Badge O'Shame

    Badge O'Shame

    7 timer siden

    A dichotomy between the internet's humble beginnings and intentions that led to a twisted and battle torn landscape, fighting for our money and attention. It's the villain within. And catchy as fuck.

  50. 23mezz


    7 timer siden

    The demon eyes from the reflection in his glasses, at the end, just adds that much more to the song. I'm sure Bo doesn't always (maybe ever) think his creations are anything special, but I think his songs and humor are quite insightful and I'll forever be a fan.

  51. call_me_moss_plz


    7 timer siden

    This is now one of my favorite songs

  52. meme master #1 #1

    meme master #1 #1

    7 timer siden

    Anyone else sees Heisenberg revll

  53. Orc Archer

    Orc Archer

    7 timer siden

    This is like Robotnik plus that bit Jake Gyllenhaal did in John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch, plus some Banjo-Kazooie-esque tunes thrown in As someone who also turned 30 last year... yeah

  54. edher Velazquez

    edher Velazquez

    7 timer siden

    "hope you enjoy" Please, this man knows he did an excellent job.

  55. Elizabeth Lee

    Elizabeth Lee

    7 timer siden

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  56. José José

    José José

    7 timer siden


  57. Jacob Neal

    Jacob Neal

    7 timer siden

    Uh oh. The NOnet algorithm got us again bois. No sleep for us tonight.

  58. Gwen S

    Gwen S

    7 timer siden

    If they ever do a freakazoid reboot I vote this guy voices freakazoid.

  59. ccapwell


    7 timer siden

    He's definitely from the same mold as Tom Lehrer. Any of you youngsters that haven't heard of him, should look up his videos. Some might be a bit more dated than others, but some hold up amazingly well for being 50-60 years old.

  60. Plainz X

    Plainz X

    7 timer siden

    Gave me chills, pure talent.

  61. Gage Pendergast

    Gage Pendergast

    7 timer siden

    Wow Bo stands out like a sore thumb in trending right now. A light in the fog.

  62. _meantyylie_


    7 timer siden

    Я понятия не имею как, но я поняла каждое ёбаное слово :') Лучше бы я так химию понимала- Россия 😎🤟

  63. zack conroy

    zack conroy

    7 timer siden

    i wonder if anyone realizes this is just a perfect explanation of how dystopian th einternet is and its contents

  64. Chad Scott

    Chad Scott

    7 timer siden

    4:21 When Bo's eyes go red due to the reflection....its quite disturbing.

  65. MH2O_FTW


    7 timer siden

    petition for bo burnham to be a voice actor for a disney villan

  66. Trinrogers007


    7 timer siden

    My question is... How the hell does he come up with some of the weird ass internet content?! Thats freaking impressive 😂

  67. Orion h

    Orion h

    7 timer siden

    This song made me want to step away from the internet... Ok im over it, give me a meme.

  68. Guadalupe González

    Guadalupe González

    8 timer siden

    when he said "now look at you" CHILLS

  69. moongofish ??

    moongofish ??

    8 timer siden


  70. Heybella


    8 timer siden

    I love diabolical Bo

  71. Mariah Gallimore

    Mariah Gallimore

    8 timer siden

    Honestly I only like the first part and the chorus. The chorus “could I interest you in Everything All of the time” is unsettling true

  72. Dyverge


    8 timer siden

    Everything and nothing all of the time.

  73. moongofish ??

    moongofish ??

    8 timer siden

    my drug is this song, i am a addict, i could get paid to indulge in this habit

  74. Robert Pemberton

    Robert Pemberton

    8 timer siden

    Views are absolutely sky rocketing

  75. MiserableChimp


    8 timer siden

    what words words words make happy inside

  76. Postal268


    8 timer siden

    This is actually a masterpiece

  77. RealKingBacon


    8 timer siden

    “obama sent the immigrants to vaccinate your kids” anti-vaxxers are shivering this very moment

  78. Boof Man

    Boof Man

    8 timer siden

    ya mutha

  79. Keso __

    Keso __

    8 timer siden

    Feet where?

  80. e


    8 timer siden

    Why yes, actually, since I’m watching this online.

  81. Purple Coloured Pencil

    Purple Coloured Pencil

    8 timer siden

    This song gives me "I've got friends on the other side" (From Disney's the princess and the frog) vibes. And I love it.

    • Alex yo

      Alex yo

      7 timer siden

      YESS that’s what i thought of too

  82. Robin Lace

    Robin Lace

    8 timer siden

    It's so jarring how there isn't a final note. You know how so many other songs end with that final note after the final lyrics just to cap it off, to make the whole song feel complete? This doesn't. It just stops, and that's kind of beautiful

  83. Trenton Sheffer

    Trenton Sheffer

    8 timer siden

    Now this is a comeback

  84. Kayotime


    8 timer siden

    My OC: *basically an old-school musical villain* This song: *exists* Me: "SEVERUS! I FOUND YOUR THEME SONG!"

  85. Declan


    8 timer siden

    Willy wonka vibes anyone

  86. Joey22guns Zero

    Joey22guns Zero

    8 timer siden

    When you download Vrchat:

  87. alucientes


    8 timer siden


  88. Paradox Proxy

    Paradox Proxy

    8 timer siden

    I remember growing with the song, "I'm Bo yo." This man is amazing and every song is platinum.

  89. F r o g

    F r o g

    8 timer siden

    *"How to build a bomb"* How did you know what I was watching?-

  90. Izzy _

    Izzy _

    8 timer siden

    This is iconic

  91. F r o g

    F r o g

    8 timer siden

    We all know the 9 year old who died part was meant for Tommy

  92. Ben Prince

    Ben Prince

    9 timer siden

    I cant stop rewatching this... its just so good

  93. Jaylyn Novak

    Jaylyn Novak

    9 timer siden

    This should be in a Disney movie or something!

  94. Sylus Shroom

    Sylus Shroom

    9 timer siden

    Bo bro I’m high this song smacks like my blunt keep it up man I loved ur old songs ur rlly making a good come back

  95. TheJetEye


    9 timer siden

    The beginning reminds me of that song that was playing in the game “who killed Alice” or something like that

  96. Murdoch Tashe

    Murdoch Tashe

    9 timer siden

    This is POG

  97. Spitfire


    9 timer siden

    He speaking straight facts tho!!

  98. Spitfire


    9 timer siden

    This is banger!!

  99. Spitfire


    9 timer siden

    Hes the type of guy in animated movies that is bad but takes everything as a joke and comedy