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  1. Jon Hess

    Jon Hess

    11 minutter siden

    As a child I would have been amazed, as an adult I'm just sickened, perspective makes all the difference.

  2. Zumey Bear

    Zumey Bear

    13 minutter siden

    And those of us in America have the audacity to complain...

  3. fio tai

    fio tai

    15 minutter siden

    The HongKong protest is funded by the CIA.. be more transparent too

  4. S W

    S W

    15 minutter siden

    The landscape at 17:58 is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, it is almost unreal. I pray for peace and prosperity all over Africa ❤🙏🏾

  5. AJ Ashish Raj Joshi

    AJ Ashish Raj Joshi

    16 minutter siden

    this is sad :( ZEWIS people killing the MULSIMs.

  6. Sebastiaan Hols

    Sebastiaan Hols

    19 minutter siden

    This is way cool

  7. Mohammed Says Rashid

    Mohammed Says Rashid

    19 minutter siden

    too nice channel and its bravery video which showed its one drop of Darkness truth among ocean of Darkness situations ...in communism authorities Practical treating Human being rights absent in highly ranges in best situation only Living creatures looking ...every where every times communist authorities prefers collected execution of peoples in stead of taking authority responsibility to wards peoples ...execution is simplest ,fastest & cheapest process ..Chinese authority responsible for Covid-19 & other mutants published on the planet

  8. Amy Zheng

    Amy Zheng

    19 minutter siden


  9. The brotherhood

    The brotherhood

    20 minutter siden

    im now afraid of Going outside

  10. A K

    A K

    20 minutter siden

    Waiting for this video to be taken down by NOnet for some arbitrary reason.

  11. iCauseStress


    21 minutt siden

    How embarrassing for Germans. Nobody likes you.

  12. Colors 66

    Colors 66

    22 minutter siden

    5:38 Wat dat?😂

  13. Erick Bii

    Erick Bii

    22 minutter siden

    money used wisely into power.please have mercy on mother nature.🌎🌎

  14. westly


    22 minutter siden

    that dude should stop showing off it is an insult

  15. Beshir Yunus

    Beshir Yunus

    22 minutter siden

    @22:14 , there is no togetherness when you kick someone from their home and you came from American and Germany now to claim that Jerusalem is your capital and kill the Palestinian people, this is called unjust.

  16. vikram chavan

    vikram chavan

    24 minutter siden

    Bangladesh people must adopt progressive islam which they have been in past after independence dont allow the extremists rot your mind Because if you do you might have an islamic country but wont have any own culture left

  17. Normal Human

    Normal Human

    24 minutter siden

    Wait until China hears about this

  18. X D

    X D

    25 minutter siden

    lot of devils advocate in the comment section

  19. S B

    S B

    26 minutter siden

    6:30 "grows naturally, without any kind of fertilizer" that's insulting

  20. Kim Kirby

    Kim Kirby

    26 minutter siden

    Why is the school open that his mother teaches at but not the school that he attends?

  21. Silver Fox

    Silver Fox

    29 minutter siden

    Yeah, so they need to keep building these. Since they improve the environment.

  22. Марат Марданов

    Марат Марданов

    30 minutter siden

    As russians would say;dolboyoby; So many dolboyobs in this world.

  23. Rolando A

    Rolando A

    30 minutter siden

    Do you have any idea how ignorant religious people are?

  24. rebecca rosten

    rebecca rosten

    33 minutter siden

    if its safe for me, I will go there and clean their beaches!

  25. Chaos Stone

    Chaos Stone

    34 minutter siden

    Simple things that is free internet and freedom of speech is a crime in CCP China. WTF wrong with CCP! Chines people are not like manufactory collector. Chines people individual are important,.. freedom from the elite CCP party and CCP elite family. Collector is more important than individual, it sick. Collector is a medieval background Society where small groups of people Control collector peoples. The king, noble and emperor see people as collector not individual. Old Europe and old China are a collector Society where small groups of people Control large groups of people. Individual is a advanced Society where large groups of people had voiced and speech. Free will, no Control by small groups of people as collector. Chines people individual are more important than collector.

  26. Alex Martin

    Alex Martin

    36 minutter siden

    Obviously this was usa's fault directly and indirectly because for almost 40 years, Usa taught chinese ppl to make technologies through laboral exploîîtation and chinese ppl learnt from that, so that's why they know everything about technology and right now china are more advanced than usa in terms of 5g/6g technology

  27. Keith Mayhew Hammond

    Keith Mayhew Hammond

    36 minutter siden

    I'm disgusted that this documentary tried to subtly imply abortion as a valid option near the end of the film. How disturbing. You spent an entire film trying to gain compassion for these poor children, and then you blatantly suggest that they wouldn't need help if they had never been born. That is false compassion.

  28. 小肉肉


    37 minutter siden

    China is always as mysterious as the Mother Nature.

  29. Da Booty Hole Lover

    Da Booty Hole Lover

    38 minutter siden

    This is heartbreaking

  30. Jimmy Jin

    Jimmy Jin

    40 minutter siden

    It’s like a Chinese fried rice. Fried it again when it gets cold.......

  31. high艾迈德


    41 minutt siden

    Nice try DW 😉

  32. Joseph Årrr

    Joseph Årrr

    42 minutter siden

    Not only china. Vietnam, russia, belarus, north korea, turkmenistan, egypt suffer abuse of human rights.

    • Z Justin

      Z Justin

      37 minutter siden

      what about India and other beatifual democracies

  33. Beshir Yunus

    Beshir Yunus

    42 minutter siden

    It belongs to Palestinian people and no question asked.

  34. Jason Schick

    Jason Schick

    43 minutter siden

    28:50 is that a soundtrack of- the social network movie? or resembles lol

  35. Izzy So

    Izzy So

    43 minutter siden

    Short answer ....whoever has the biggest gun.🤷‍♂️

  36. Etienne Bisset

    Etienne Bisset

    44 minutter siden

    The Wall was built to prevent people, with strapped dynamites in their body and blew-up Jerusalem. Innocent civilians were being killed. You know who these people are.

  37. Troy Parfitt

    Troy Parfitt

    48 minutter siden

    It's not just China. Hong Kong and Taiwan also have serious problems with authoritarianism that have nothing to do with Communism. It's part of the culture. It's been like this for thousands of years, and it will likely be like this for thousands of years. Nearly everyone lies and pretends. They must lie and pretend. It's an ancient tradition. The only Chinese people who have ever been even remotely free are ones like Ai Wei Wei who escape to the West. The last thing anyone wants to hear in the Chinese world is the truth.



    50 minutter siden

    Way to go dw👌

  39. Jahmina Befree

    Jahmina Befree

    51 minutt siden

    Love this man he is the best

  40. Rhodybimmers


    52 minutter siden

    When Germany surrendered during WW2 it was "Unconditional Surrender"

  41. LucKie


    52 minutter siden

    What if we use CRISPR-CAS9 technology and modify the HIV genes in the sperm cells and then transfuse using IVF? Will that not be safe?

  42. Daniel Minnich

    Daniel Minnich

    54 minutter siden

    The computer should be able to handle instantaneous!

  43. MR JB

    MR JB

    54 minutter siden

    26:18 copy paste as always

  44. Niketan Munde

    Niketan Munde

    54 minutter siden

    May be you forget to mention killing and conversion of sikhs, Christian and hindus in pakistan..

  45. Paul Dexter Capiral

    Paul Dexter Capiral

    55 minutter siden

    Science is the Study of Know-How. It is just a study. Man is still the action of that discovery.

  46. Lydia Wheeler

    Lydia Wheeler

    55 minutter siden

    Bones stuck in the ground in a semi circle against a wall. . . Stalactites stuck in the ground in a circle. . . Dude that’s a playpen for the babies

  47. Tony Mack

    Tony Mack

    56 minutter siden

    DNA tell the truth, thy didn't disappear, there call the white man now. DNA does not lie, search Neanderthal Dna for the truth

  48. Sebastian


    56 minutter siden

    So much for googles "AI"

  49. Silver Bombey

    Silver Bombey

    56 minutter siden

    A country with the heart of 3 top religions, having more conflicts than all the pagan countries put together. Oh dear

  50. Alper Numan Genc

    Alper Numan Genc

    57 minutter siden


  51. Daniel Minnich

    Daniel Minnich

    57 minutter siden

    I have made their decision Blow the horn flash the lights high beams on high is how you get the old woman's attention and hopefully she'll move out of the way and maybe the impact won't be so severe! & Make attempt to slow down if at all possible!

  52. Gary Warren

    Gary Warren

    58 minutter siden

    This sounds more like the Amish

  53. Bashir Ahmed

    Bashir Ahmed

    59 minutter siden

    Netanyahu’s survival rests on Palestinian blood 🩸. He is a criminal.

  54. SJ DoubleU

    SJ DoubleU

    59 minutter siden

    Ultimately the far right's solution is more likely than not to be more unfettered capitalism, not less. They seem to me to be the defenders of the ruling class and its money.

  55. kuttappan robo

    kuttappan robo

    Time siden

    Due to this chinese virus still all are in trouble, and these guys are making more troubles are like, uncontrolled rocket, artificial sun etc,. And the sad reality is that first ever made in china product is running after 6 months and still is the only cortina virus

  56. Ms J

    Ms J

    Time siden

    People perish for lack of knowledge 😒😒.... What a useless prophet

  57. Bashir Ahmed

    Bashir Ahmed

    Time siden

    Western Media is blindly biased. No need watching them.

  58. Enrique Alex

    Enrique Alex

    Time siden


  59. A a

    A a

    Time siden


  60. Ghost B

    Ghost B

    Time siden

    in my place, parents and the education system are the source of limit of the kids

  61. Tidwell Bo

    Tidwell Bo

    Time siden

    Jack is having a midlife crisis

  62. Mr. Mittir

    Mr. Mittir

    Time siden

    Really well documented geo political issue.we really need to stop China

  63. Rebecca Mullins

    Rebecca Mullins

    Time siden

    In the summary, you can very easily replace the word "China" with "U.S.". 🤣🤣🤣

  64. mena marie

    mena marie

    Time siden

    The more I listen to the more make me to feel hipe is such abnormal man .but I can understand because he got busted from his sickness father. That is why come out the guy

  65. jasayehan


    Time siden

    That militia felt like they belong on The Handmaid's Tale! WTF!

  66. Edel Mirco Mirco

    Edel Mirco Mirco

    Time siden


  67. rastislav potancok

    rastislav potancok

    Time siden

    She forgived in order to move on...and that bitter old lady should just stfu

  68. mena marie

    mena marie

    Time siden

    The liars from western are much more terrible than any others in the world!

  69. BLEO


    Time siden

    Destroy company!!! all go attaack pages! all facebook pages! youtube pages!! destroy them right now!!!

  70. The Somberlain

    The Somberlain

    Time siden

    in 2021 looks are the only thing thats important to both men and women and not all are attractive i am ugly guy both inside and out so these i will save money to.

  71. rebecca rosten

    rebecca rosten

    Time siden

    so sad. I favor solar , wind power, and regenerative farming. Their land is so beautiful. No jobs, displacement of native people, sad sad sad!

  72. Alex Makundi

    Alex Makundi

    Time siden

    If they keep on complicating about history/origin it will never end. I hope one day in both side they will realize in this world we are just passing and the best solution is to live by embracing the little they have from faith to properties without claiming something else from somewhere should be mine. Israel & Palestinian can live together

  73. mena marie

    mena marie

    Time siden

    Another dog who betrayed his own blood people!

  74. VNYC


    Time siden

    Stadler === Steiner, Hitlers right man...

  75. The Somberlain

    The Somberlain

    Time siden

    this will be the future of many men

  76. Chhandama Chhangte

    Chhandama Chhangte

    Time siden

    I carry my phone everytime i go to the toilet... Am i a Toilet nomad! 😅🤔

  77. victor ye

    victor ye

    Time siden

    Ai weiwei is a radical left.

  78. For the Love of Farah

    For the Love of Farah

    Time siden

    This is why governments can’t be religious based they cannot be one in the same.

  79. Alex Wu

    Alex Wu

    Time siden

    China, the perpetual liar.